Some answers to your questions about HBL


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  1. PSPatapon says:

    Thanks For The Answers!

  2. Mud says:

    Cool, FYI.. 🙂
    lol, will there be a Wagic update soon?

    Love your work wololo.
    Keep them coming. 🙂

  3. Dazman says:

    Great work.

    Thanks for bring all my old favs 80’s games back to my PSP Go.

    You made it worth buying.

  4. ElPenguino says:

    Excuse me…but you want to make a HBL Wikia???
    If so,than I can help 😀
    I have some experience with it 😛

  5. PSPFan says:

    Thanks, Wololo. I know you and the team are working really hard on this in your spare time. Some many noob questions isn’t help your cause. Posted on PSPSlimHacks, maybe we can convert a few noobz that post “Doesn’t work on HBL” to help for once.


  6. PSPFan says:

    Thanks, Wololo. I know you and the team are working really hard on this in your spare time. So many noob questions isn’t helping your cause. Maybe we can convert a few noobz that post “Doesn’t work on HBL” to help for once.


  7. perfect says:

    Casi todo mundo espera un custom firmware 6.xx y me gustaria que lo tomaran en cuenta ya que todo mundo se los pregunta.

    Esperamos correr iso y mas iso.

    Ya que desde que se fue dark alex nadie puede igualar su trabajo.

  8. perfect says:

    Almost everyone expects a custom firmware 6.xx and I would like it taken into account and that everyone’s questions.

    We hope to run iso and more iso.

    Because since she went dark alex no one can match their work.
    Leer fonéticamente

  9. soma says:

    hi everyone, wololo where do you plan to post the news about the new vsh exploit? and are you working in this exploit right now?

    thanks for reply

  10. youkill says:

    @wololo i tryed the fontmod 6.31 and it WORKED!

  11. pspivan says:

    @wololo: that could be done with this new exploit of vsh could load homebrew from the xmb or another chicken could create an exploit kernel combining it with hope and answer me greetings. Sorry for my bad English I’m from mexico use google translator

  12. nickxab says:

    Hmmm i agree about the ISOs.
    What about to load external modules ?

  13. Nickolas says:

    what is the vsh exploit?? sb please explain!!! kernel or user mode? and if kernel on what ofw??

  14. Vandurol says:

    VSH exploits are usermode but compared to gamesaves, it loads more modules which can lead to a HEN. But its in its early stages of developing.

  15. pspivan says:

    @ Wololo: it is true that if you combine this with the potential exploit vsh coyotebeam exploit that was found in 6.20 and 6.31 will continue to exist could create something identical to ChickHEN and thus could use the cfenabler Sheetl you can create something similar would be the better than you could create

  16. midnightexpress says:

    Guys let him work on it and finish it, we don’t want him under stress too rush it and have it come out as a hello world or a crashing bricking mess, so untell then don’t big him about VHS its upto him too say if he is doing somthing with it or not. I suggest that they do what they planned with hbl and let it finish without a leech!

  17. DarXPloit_$a1 says:

    @pspivan: Sorry to disappoint you , a VSH exploit , is a exploit which is found in the XMB (the menu with photos, music , videos , internet).
    You probably mean a kernel exploit, right?
    Well, you could port a kernel exploit to a savegame exploit, but for that you would need the right imports (stubs).
    I don´t know what imports Hot shot golf has, so I can´t tell you 🙁
    Well just wait, the time will bring awesome things 🙂

  18. midnightexpress says:

    @dark what are you on about? A VHS explote dose have more access becose its actuly on the system, not on a game. This let’s it have more access and let’s it do more than a normal usermode ever well. Here is a lil table for you guys

    Usermode < VHS < kmode

    Usermode = usermode
    VHS + kmode (a kmode explote someone got like davee so I heard) = kmode (too cfw?)
    Kmode = kmode

    Usermode: 20% power
    VHS: 50% power
    Kmode: 100% power
    Top is from lowest too best. Second is what it can lead too. (notice usermode is a dead end often) and the bottem is (in users point of view) the control or power over system.

  19. kadu says:

    muito bom, muito bom, muito bom
    tenho um psp slim 3010 fw 6.30 das 20 vezes que entrei na hbl apenas 4 desligou o psp
    testei emuladores de mega drive 100%, GBA 100%, CPS1 100%, Wagic 0.21.1 100%
    o emulador de snes fica com slow e o de CPS2 e neo geo não esta nem entrando
    mais ja tenho diversão para muitas horas
    valeu wololo

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  21. SsL says:

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