Release: HBL R100 for PSPs up to OFW 6.31!


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115 Responses

  1. cscash241 says:

    there seams to be a compatibility issue with the debug version of the hotshots golf exploit sorry for spaming this every ware but i thought everyone should know about it so it can get fixed

  2. -Sp>>d- says:

    List of homebrew i have that works on R100…

    -[BattleGrounds 3] AWESOME GAME- crashes when you quit

    -[Doodle Jump PSP 1.3] the game is ok… sort of slow… game crashes on exit

    -[CSPortable 0.75] AWESOME game… the could make the bots buy ammo though… the run out and jump around with a knife…. Has multiplayer…
    This is maybe my best game

    -[Cave Story] AWESOME GAME

    -[Deadulus R14 beta] AWESOME… runs slow… you might have to google how to make deadulus run faster.

    -[Kitten Cannon]Not the best game… but it runs on R100 (no quit button :O

    -[Mh GPSPkai] awesome GBA emu works well… the 2 times speed doesn’t work very well…

    -[Rag doll Cannon] Its really good but the cannon has to charge up half wrecking the point of it… still fun though…

    -[Wagic] Works perfect… been trying to learn how to play…

  3. H2Otter says:

    can someone be kind and link a version of a N64 emulator that works for this HBL much appriciated plz 😀 if not then thats ok too i guess :(

  4. cameraguy256 says:

    audio is f’d on emulators, choppy on picodrive and high pitch and choppy in masterboy

  5. Omar says:

    hi I have OFW 6.31 on my psp. And for some reason i can’t load the patapon but on the game menu I click continue then I click the game but it says loading failed data copparat sorry about my spelling errors

  6. rcdash says:

    Thanks for reply wololo

  7. Tim says:

    Heyy i have a PSP with OFW 6.31… i didnt knew i ever wanted to go to the wrong (but easy cheap and lil bit more fun) side :P. (downloading games etc.) So i installed it…
    Email me if u need a OFW 6.31 tester. I bet i have to wait till never or till i can downgrade 6.31

  8. joozet says:

    tengo una psp 3010 OFW 6.31, UMD minna no golf Hot Shots Golf Open Teen, me funciona exelente, lo unico malo es que no me reconoce los juegos ISO, ¿tienen algun formato en especial?, ¿se crea una carpeta aparte?, por favor denme una solucion, de antemano muchas gracias y disculpen mi ortografia.

    Saludos !! :)

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