Half Byte Loader R99 (by JJS)


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  1. cv says:

    does go have 64mb ram? if it does it prolly caches the game itself being loaded from the flash memory

  2. Nymphaea says:

    @cscash241, Actually thats a good question, I don’t know how the Go uses it’s RAM. And I was talking about for r99 specifically, I obviously know there is internal storage, but I’m curious if the new revision crashes without a memory stick. If not, then Nemo probably didn’t install/update properly.

  3. Vandurol says:

    The best assumption would be that the GO uses that “UMD Cache” for regular full EBOOT.PBP as well.

  4. cobaltex says:

    k guys i took it upon myself to customize the eboot for the patapon 2 demo, i’ve inserted a custom splash screen as well as modified the psar to cut down the size to 48.6mb, i’ve tested it and it fully works still, for those who want to check it out go here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/enm7xc

  5. cv says:

    oh shyt 4 realz? hope it looks nice, n u took off annoyn azz patapon song lol ty imma try it out

  6. cobaltex says:

    thanks, i may add a new version of it once i find more parts of the psar i can safely remove, so far whats left takes me to the loading screen after selecting the hbl save and gets stuck in an infinite load loop when removed, so i have to work on smaller portions of it now.

  7. cv says:

    works great 😀 is it possible to edit like the loading menu that you answer no and yes to and just automatically pass them? i mean you should try to not even make it look like patapon :O. btw can you e-mail me info on how you open up the eboot so you can add/delete imgs. n other things id appreciate it, email – cvb23e@yahoo.com

  8. cobaltex says:

    it’s actually pretty easy, this is my first go at modifying code, all you need is “PBP Unpacker”, “HxD”, and for adding your own audio clip “GoldWave” and atrac3 audio codecs. just unpack my eboot and you should be able to figure out just by looking what the first few things you have to do are (all optional but still…). for the screen that shows after the psp logo, it HAS to be 480×272 or lower in dimension and it HAS to be a text image, it cant be too complex or else it wont display, after you have your image open HxD and open data.psp and the image your going to use. now on data.psp’s tab go to the very end of offset 590 and add:


    it should look like this:


    now in your images tab copy all the code and paste it to the end of what you just added, if done properly it should look something like this:


    now save the new data.psp, the hex editer will atomaticly save a backup of the original file so dont worry about that.

    now open pbp unpacker and select new, and load the files into there respective catagories and save hit save. test it on your psp to make sure it works and then your ready for an audio clip if you want one.

    for audio it can be no longer than 55seconds max and 500kb in size, to get that you’ll probably have to cut a clip from an existing audio file.

    once thats done start up goldwave and open the audio clip, hit save as… and under save as type… select (wave) .wav and under attributes select one of the ATRAC3 options (its best to chose 66kbps) and hit save (if ATRAC3 does’nt show up the codecs haven’t been fully installed) then rename the audio.wav to audio.at3 from there you should be able to figure out the rest.

    and for modifying the psar thats just trial and error with removing pieces of it’s code to cut down on it’s size, if someone wants to try to modify it to skip right to the save select you might be interested to now that at one point i had removed the background image that displays after you load the hbl file and are waiting for it to load, that resulted in an infinite load loop as well, thought it was an interesting none the less

  9. SgT_0pT1C says:

    @cobaltex what files did you romove to make eboot smaller ?
    you did it with pbp unpacker ?
    give me a tut

  10. Wolfdawg says:

    DUDE, just do it for us >.>
    I dont really care what the image is as long as patapon starts faster and theres no music

  11. cv says:

    tyvm cobaltx :D, ima try this out, screw around with it n stuff

  12. cobaltex says:

    here’s a new version of the eboot: http://www.sendspace.com/file/sxyiq3 it is now 46.9mb’s in size

  13. act says:

    hi wololo
    can you fix the problem that some hombrew only read memorystick, not internal memorystick(?) on pspgo?

    I think some hombrew fixed to read “ms0:\”
    this result the problem on pspgo

  14. izz93 says:

    @cobaltex how u edit eboot file?

  15. cv says:

    look @12th comment 😛

  16. izz93 says:

    thanks cobaltex:)

  17. Abhijit says:

    hey wololo,

    You said that in this version of HBL firmware 6.20 users also have access to the sceCtrlPeekBufferPositive syscall and that the override for this is redundant.

    So I commented out the override_sceCtrlPeekBufferPositive line in the hbl_config.txt. But then, many homebrew don’t work. I tried to use = 0 (i.e. estimate syscall) but I don’t think there is any improvement in the N64 (daedalus) emulator. Am I doing something wrong?

  18. Wolfdawg says:

    I dont really like the splash
    I was just hoping for it to start faster and skip to the menu or something

  19. wololo says:

    @Abhijit : That’s weird, what psp model/firmware do you have? In theory, this override is really not needed anymore, but there might be some bug somewhere.

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