Half Byte Loader R99 (by JJS)


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124 Responses

  1. DarXPloit_$a1 says:

    nice release πŸ˜€

  2. xbox360slim says:

    Wololo Hello I am back and buy a PSP with firmware 5.03 and if it is hackable to run iso, games Prometeus ChickHEN and games with firmware 6.20.

    Greetings and thanks for the suggestion you gave me. :-)

  3. Reayn says:

    awesome! Thanks to all for your hard work!! SWEET RELEASE!

  4. Danny says:

    thx JJS, thx Wololo, perfect sycalls on 6.20 ( well almost ), yeah!

  5. popstar00x says:

    Chinese Verison:
    For chinese visiters:
    Translate By popstar00x ?????
    ” sceCtrlPeekBufferPositive (????????????”
    ???”override_sceCtrlPeekBufferPositive” ??.
    ??,??HBL?????PSP GO? M2??????.

  6. Wolfdawg says:

    WOOOOO!!!! >:C

  7. darknidja says:

    thanks man.
    Nintendo 64 :)

  8. cscash241 says:

    hot shots golf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Dan says:

    maybe i wont get an answer but . . . . . .

    witch is the best N64 out there?

    daedalus r14 is not working for me.

  10. Wolfdawg says:

    ***!!!!!!!, daedalus still crashes after 5 minutes just like before!!! :c
    any body have a revision that doesnt crash and get 30FPS?

  11. Sony Corp. says:

    hbl its not the problem, its the daedalus team that are not doing anything.
    they even close the topic of “Daedalus on HBL”, now i ask why?

    They suck and Nintendo 64 will never be playable on HBL.

    And dont give the old s**t of do it yourself.

  12. JamperTheHat says:

    Yeah, daedalus r14 still lags in terms of fps and x64 Beta 1 crashes after a few minutes. Just thought I’d bring this to your attention, I’ve only tried it with Mario64 though so maybe other games work at full speed or without crashes.

    I’m not going to moan incessantly about it guys, just letting you know..peace out. πŸ˜‰

  13. Toxicone says:

    Nice work guys…Thanks… :)

  14. psp-3010 says:

    Gracias jjs y Wololo…. πŸ˜‰ XD

  15. psp-3010 says:

    extraordinario trabajo, XD , el pspcomic ya no se traba y EXEN corre perfecto….muchas gracias

    extraordinary work, XD, pspcomic and EXEN runs perfect …. thank you very much

  16. iSWORD says:

    Hey ! It’s good to remember us (we 3000 with version 6.20 owners)
    Thank you, Wololo and JJS πŸ˜€

  17. iSWORD says:

    Sorry for double posting but I don’t like my avatar :@ He looks dump !

  18. Rapier838 says:

    Does it work with the 6.30 exploit?

  19. Rapier838 says:

    Answered myself: Nope.

  20. reaff says:

    awesome thanks!!

  21. LUISDooMER says:

    nice release wololo!!! congratulations!!! and thank you for your hard work!!!!
    ive tested picodrive with the umkt (umk3 hack) and works sweet at fskip 0 and fast renderer at 270mhz on psp 3001 6.20 without the “sceCtrlPeekBufferPositive” option!!!
    pd: its my imagination or the battery meter now shows the real battery level?
    because in pico said “88%” and returning to xmb the battery level was 88%!!!

  22. SgT_0pT1C says:

    1.battery meter works on 6.20 psp3k
    2.the hbl will not crash at start
    3.if hbl gets stuck you can still exit
    4.most homebrews work from older hbl revs
    5.emulators are faster
    6. JJS rocks

    enyway JJS did some good work here he should make hbl revs πŸ˜€

  23. Norml says:

    Thanks abunch! Keep up the great work, emulation on the 3k is SOOOOOOO sweet. Gives all my old school games that extra freshness my 1k lacks. Give it time young padawans, the force is strong with this one!

  24. tibotoms says:

    Thx you JJS for this rev ! Thx you Wololo (and other HBL team members) for your work ! Are you the only people working on a real PSP hacking project ?^^ Good luck guys !

  25. JulzDiesel says:

    Man I love you so much!
    You are awesome, this was just what many people needed.
    IΒ΄m just patiently waiting for the 100 release, which surely will be just as awesome.

  26. Dex says:

    So do people with 6.20 2000/3000’s benifet from this? Or is the full emu speed only for Go and 6.10?

  27. Dex says:

    Just played Super Mario on 6.20 3000 and its full speed! No audio lag! Thanks so much Wololo and JJS πŸ˜€ I’ll try out a few more games later.

  28. lee says:

    I was wondering, does anyone know when the version that works with psp go 6.30 is coming out?


  29. cscash241 says:


  30. Teti says:

    I can’t get PSplayer mt to work or v2.0, the first one there are two folders and niether loads it (takes it back to the XMB) and v2.0 says ‘support module fail…’

  31. BurningFlame says:

    Amazing! JJS rocks!
    By the day, did anyone tested whether gpsp still crash upon exiting?

  32. MitMakis says:


    Been waiting for a new revision for forever now…
    Gonna try it out now

  33. hambi says:

    wow, thx for this release.
    can you have a plans for EU version Everybody’s Golf of HBL on 6.30?

    sorry for my bad english :)

  34. Lorz says:

    @BurninFlame yeah gpsp still crashes on exit(atleast for me)….. and the sound quality is still kindy scratchy, but that probably has more to do with the EMU

    Masterboy still crashes on exit, some Game gear games run a bit slow, but GBC and master system games seem to work flawlessly.

    SNES9Xtyl still randomly crashes sometimes just after launching, but otherwise works flawlessly.

    Picodrive seems to work perfectly for me, with the random exits to menu when i was running HBL 97 seemingly fixed

    NesterJ works flawlessy

    PSP2600 works flawlessly.

    This with a PSP 3001 with 6.20 ofw

  35. NsAnE says:

    “It finally allows to run HBL from the memstick on a pspgo,”

    what exactly does this mean???
    I thought it meant one thing, but I didn’t want to get too excited.

  36. Lorz says:

    @NsAnE…… not 100% sure, but maybe it means that previous releases of HBL could only be launched from the PSPGO’s 16GB built-in flash ram

  37. NsAnE says:

    Oh, that makes more sense, I thought it meant you can launch hbl without having to go into the patapon demo. He he he. Thanks for the clarification!

  38. wololo says:

    @NsAnE: on the pspGo, people had problem when they copied HBL on their memory stick, it would only run from the internal storage.

  39. NsAnE says:

    He he, thanks guys for clearing that up. I have a psp 3k 6.2fw, so I didn’t know about that issue. Thanks again.
    IDEA: We should do something when rev100 comes out. Like throw a party or something!!! JK everybody. Good work. Rev99 is epic. No button issues and I’m able to exit any homebrew, well there are some exceptions, without a problem. Picodrive is flawless. Keep up the great work.

  40. cscash241 says:

    is there a Google code page or a way to check the status of the US VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of the hot shots golf exploit for 6.31 thanx for at least finding a hello world and an sdk i made a merry Christmas thing with it you can download it here : http://cashisgood.co.cc/Downloads/h.bin plz check my blog cscash241.blogspot.com

  41. cv says:

    somethn must be wrong for me, i have psp 3001 ofw 6.20 and my n64 emu still runs slow as constipated sh*t :/

  42. BurningFlame says:

    Thanks for your information.
    It’s very useful.

  43. Lorz says:

    @cv, I think it’ll be a while yet before we get good N64 emulation…. right now daedalus isn’t even at a stable release… still very much in the devolopment phase….. and they seem to be concentrating more on getting the bugs worked out to run better with CFW than they do on getting it to work right with HBL.

  44. ULiT says:

    hi guys,does any of you played star ocean on snes9xtyl?i got this problem,when i tried to run pressing b button to run the sprite character doesn’t run.i hope someone of you can help me out,im dying to play star ocean classic on my psp using snes9xtyl.

  45. ark55555 says:

    Hey, it’s against the law to carry an iso loader for psp but it would be against the law to port the emulator psx4all?? GP2X can be to just to play, somebody can tell me?

  46. Rapier838 says:


    If you’re able to port it, go ahead. Emulators aren’t illegal. Just don’t include the BIOS.

  47. cscash241 says:

    the roms are also illegal unless you already own the game

  48. Vandurol says:

    ROMS and system BIOS are illegal in the emulation world. Only the emulators itself is legal. All ISOs/CSOs/ROMs/BIOS are illegal πŸ˜› (unless you legally own the game and have permission to make it a backup.)

  49. cv says:

    i mean yea emulation is illegal but for old games that arent even sold, or even created anymore is it really wrong to get roms of them? i mean the producers arent gunna lose money over it. but i do agree with current game isos being illegal. instead of 75year copy right on games it should be more like 5years

  50. SgT_0pT1C says:

    roms are legal if you own the game but bios are illegal in all ways

  51. SgT_0pT1C says:

    yes like dreamcast is now doesnt get eny games you can download and play them
    sega saturn roms are legal
    sega cd is to sega doesnt care about emulation.

    emulation is legal remembar people can make ware own games and run them on emulators :)

  52. cscash241 says:

    @SgT_0pT1C not if you have the console and dump the bios like you can do the ps2 some how i think it has to be modded with a modchip

  53. MitMakis says:

    ROMs are technically illegal (Unless you physically own the game, and I think if you delete the file within 24 hours)

    BIOs are illegal, its basically just like stealing the actual console, unless you own the actual game console

    The Emulators themselves are legal, unless they include the BIOs or any ROMs (Or any copyrighted content of that matter) in the download.

    Well, anyway, is there a way to make the HOME button to exit to HBL?

  54. I just wanna play mario golf 64 on my psp… And also the Tempest arcade game on PSP. It seems I might be able to soon…. Thanks Wololo!

  55. npissoawsome says:

    Stop complaining about roms/bios being illegal, you won’t really get in any trouble what so ever for downloading them, but ISO’s and CSO’s are illegal and you will get introuble

  56. Lorz says:

    @cv, Don’t confuse legal/illegal with right and wrong….. just because something is illegal doesn’t make it wrong, just because something is legal doesn’t make it right……. you have to decide for yourself what is right or wrong, and decide what level of risk you are willing to take.

  57. SgT_0pT1C says:

    Lorz is right

    i download pc games xbox 360 games and burn them i have modded psp i download movies and stuff preaty much you dint rip that file download as much as you want :)

  58. MitMakis says:

    @Fred, It’ll be long before it’ll happen

  59. cv says:

    just curious how much availible ram is left after hbl starts up? is it really like 4mb of free memory left?

  60. cscash241 says:

    how dose 1 change this stupid avatar!!!!!

  61. cscash241 says:

    never mind i figured it out you have you sign up for gravatar

  62. 007 says:

    What versions of gpsp other than kai 3.2 and kai 3.4 has anyone used with this?

  63. Lorz says:

    @cv I run full registered Ultimate doom using the doom engine you can dl from this site, full registered Duke3D using the Zombie Crisis engine you can dl from this site and full registered Quake(including cd audio tracks) using the quake engine you can dl from pspslimhacks.

    All are the PC versions(i ripped them directly from my stack of old PC cd games), and they required alot more than 4MB of ram to run on PC…. and all run just as smooth as they did on the PC,… with quake running even better than i’ve ever seen it run on a PC, lol.

    So to answer your question….. idk, but I really haven’t noticed too many limitations in HBL tbh, this thing rocks!

  64. LUISDooMER says:

    from what wololo said, hbl has 24mb of ram like a cfw (on user mode obviously…)

  65. neckogamery says:

    thanks now i have more games for mi psp 3010..
    FBA have sound!! Neogeo goes great … im so happ

  66. neckogamer says:

    thanks WOLOLO now i have more games for mi psp 3010..
    FBA have sound!! Neogeo goes great … im so happy

  67. Nick says:

    Hey everyone just stopped in to give you some thanks. I absolutely love the work you guys do and wish I could help more.

  68. MasterFen says:

    Some problems have appeared in the new revision, the good new is the PSP Maps application can quit properly through it’s own menu entry AND through the PS/Home button.

    The bad news is the GPSP Kai GBA emulator doesn’t load, it makes it through 1 third of the progress bar at the beginning but gets no further, I can still exit via the PS/Home button so I think that was a very nice addition (thanks very much Nymphaea, that wine bottle and chocolates you wanted are in the post! :D)

  69. MasterFen says:

    Forget my last it was a fluke about it now loading, it still doesn’t exit via it’s own menu entry.

  70. MasterFen says:

    Also DaedalusX64 seems to just hang with a black screen. I’m using a PSP-3000 running 6.20 firmware if it helps!

  71. cv says:

    24mb , theres alota free ram to do stuff, wonder what processes takes up the other 40mb?

  72. Oaky180 says:

    Hey, What emulators would you all recommend? I’m not talking about emulators, but I’m asking for the best homebrews that work on HBL. Jsut curious to see if I missed any good ones πŸ˜›

  73. Lorz says:


    well there’s the 15 mentioned on this site, some have minor bugs but are still very playable…… with the possible exception of deadalusX64

    I can add a few to the list… all of these can be DL’d from pspslimhacks

    PSP2600 – Atari 2600 emulator, works flawlessly
    NesterJ – NES emulator, also works flawlessly, but some games are a little picky and appear scrambled
    PSP Quake – Works flawlessly, and runs extremely smooth.

  74. wyatt says:

    omg i cant wait to play gba on my psp

  75. Nymphaea says:

    You’re welcome to the people who thanked me πŸ˜›

    @MitMakis, unfortunately not. While working on the home button I learned you can disable the home menu in user mode, but if you do then you can’t detect the home button anymore. And disabling the menu while it is open doesn’t close it, so kind of a dead end. Atleast the button works pretty well now πŸ˜›

    @cv, 8MB of the first 32 belongs to the kernel, hence being stuck at 24. The other 32MB in OFW is reserved as a UMD cache when in user mode, so only CFW can access it for homebrew.

  76. Wolfdawg says:

    Team Mars made something cool, Its an update that starts from the XMB and makes it to update screen, then getting an error SGT90000001

    So I found that somebody fixed that error by formating, but that didn’t work for me

    @wololo how did they do this? when booting it did show the psp splash screen, but the update screen looked real and had the same back ground as my psp (pink)

  77. cv says:

    32mb for a “umd” cache huh? so is it possible to make use of it on this new exploit on umd versions of hot shot golf?

  78. giovanni says:

    ola el hbl no me corre en una psp 6.20 3010 x kp?

  79. Nymphaea says:

    @Wolfdawg, Pretty much anything from Team Mars is ***, lol. They modified the psar(the section of the update that contains the OFW) of the update, and left the actual code alone. Error code SGT90000001 is complaining that the update file has been tampered with.

    @cv, No, like I said, only CFW can use it because it is controled by the FW. By UMD cache, I mean that the PSP uses it to speed up loading from the UMD, by putting pieces of it into the RAM since loading from RAM is faster than loading from UMD.

  80. cv says:

    oh, i didnt know how it worked ^_^” ty 4 da info

  81. fLaSh says:


  82. Oaky180 says:

    After this, what really more is there to do?
    Hbl is as good as it really can be, I mean, there will be no Iso loader, and emulators rum great. (Daedulus doesn’t but if the daedulus team tried to they could create a new revision that works better for HBL)
    They should have waited to release R99 for R100. I expect some sort of big deal for R100, but they have done so much, what else is there?

  83. cscash241 says:

    @Oaky180 there are still a lot of homebrews that don;t run on hbl like roaddog but then again i haven’t use hbl in a while

  84. cscash241 says:

    hxxp://psphaxx.co.cc get everyone to visit this website we need to get the counter at the bottom of the page to 800 and i will add a chat room i have the html ready

  85. cv says:

    i mean most homebrews were never built for hbl and im sure many of them will never work, but there is still the wMenu, which is already good but backgrounds that actually moved would be nice, tho not nesscessary. i really cant think of any thing the devs could do besides more compatibilty tbh. hbl is gr8 πŸ˜€

  86. wololo says:

    @cscash241 : please do not advertise too much for your website here. You already posted the link numerous times. When your site has actual content, it will naturally get visits, no need to spam my blog.
    I edited your post, I’m not a big fan of free advertising.

    Nothing personal, I just don’t like people posting links that are unrelated to the topic.

  87. Vandurol says:

    @wololo : VISIT http://WWW.WOLOLO.NET/WAGIC/ haha just kidding ^^;

    anyways keep up the great work, hope you make HBL more portable and soon unleash HBL to its near-full capabilities.


  88. Robert says:

    Hey Great Work!!! Except GPSP doesn’t load anymore?!?!

  89. Nemo says:

    My PSPGO 6.20 just shts itself down :(

    I did what the read me said :(

    I don’t understand

  90. Nemo says:

    or doesn;t it work if you don’t have a mem stick just your HD ?

  91. Kobe says:

    Great revision guys thanks to wololo and everybody else working on this ,
    P.S : is it even possible to have cfw on psp 3001 6.20
    just wondering , otherwise great work again

  92. Nymphaea says:

    @Kobe, No, not yet. For that we need a kernel exploit, and the only person with one that I know of right now is holding onto it until Sony finds it and patches it themselves, so that it is on more firmware versions. It wouldn’t be a permanent CFW anyways, just a temporary one(just like on 5.03)

    @Nemo, that is wierd, it could be that while fixing the memory stick thing it broke not using one. Try r97, and r99 again. If 97 works and 99 doesn’t, then post about that on the advancedpsp.tk forums or on the Google Code issues so that people know to fix it, though I haven’t heard anyone else have that problem. Could other people with PSP Go’s try pulling out their memory stick and run HBL?

    @Oaky180, There is lots to do still. If you look at the Google Code issues page there are things being worked on right now. Also, technically a usermode ISO loader is possible, but very complex and difficult. I’m sure eventually someone will pick up the idea and work on it.

  93. cscash241 says:

    @Nymphaea the psp go has an internal system storage of 16gb but u only get 14 gb the other 2gb is “the system’s partition”. there is not much need for a ms untill you fillit up like me with movies music games bla bla bla (i have like a gb left) but i haz 6.31 sorry and if anyone wants to know the psp slight kernel venerability is still in 6.31 but i think it’s only on the psp i only have a psp go and can confirm for that model http://advancedpsp.tk/foro_es/viewtopic.php?f=42&p=17927#p17927

  94. cscash241 says:

    “8MB of the first 32 belongs to the kernel, hence being stuck at 24. The other 32MB in OFW is reserved as a UMD cache when in user mode, so only CFW can access it for homebrew.” what about on the psp go there is no umd

  95. Holly says:

    One day it probably will, but HBL project has no intention of creating cfw. They need access to the kernal if I understand right, and that’s what the pandora battery was used for, but it doesn’t work with the 3000 models.

    Temporary firmware has been created but only works on ofw 5.03 and lower, so I’m afraid we’ll be waiting a while.

  96. cv says:

    does go have 64mb ram? if it does it prolly caches the game itself being loaded from the flash memory

  97. Nymphaea says:

    @cscash241, Actually thats a good question, I don’t know how the Go uses it’s RAM. And I was talking about for r99 specifically, I obviously know there is internal storage, but I’m curious if the new revision crashes without a memory stick. If not, then Nemo probably didn’t install/update properly.

  98. Vandurol says:

    The best assumption would be that the GO uses that “UMD Cache” for regular full EBOOT.PBP as well.

  99. cobaltex says:

    k guys i took it upon myself to customize the eboot for the patapon 2 demo, i’ve inserted a custom splash screen as well as modified the psar to cut down the size to 48.6mb, i’ve tested it and it fully works still, for those who want to check it out go here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/enm7xc

  100. cv says:

    oh shyt 4 realz? hope it looks nice, n u took off annoyn azz patapon song lol ty imma try it out

  101. cobaltex says:

    thanks, i may add a new version of it once i find more parts of the psar i can safely remove, so far whats left takes me to the loading screen after selecting the hbl save and gets stuck in an infinite load loop when removed, so i have to work on smaller portions of it now.

  102. cv says:

    works great πŸ˜€ is it possible to edit like the loading menu that you answer no and yes to and just automatically pass them? i mean you should try to not even make it look like patapon :O. btw can you e-mail me info on how you open up the eboot so you can add/delete imgs. n other things id appreciate it, email – cvb23e@yahoo.com

  103. cobaltex says:

    it’s actually pretty easy, this is my first go at modifying code, all you need is “PBP Unpacker”, “HxD”, and for adding your own audio clip “GoldWave” and atrac3 audio codecs. just unpack my eboot and you should be able to figure out just by looking what the first few things you have to do are (all optional but still…). for the screen that shows after the psp logo, it HAS to be 480×272 or lower in dimension and it HAS to be a text image, it cant be too complex or else it wont display, after you have your image open HxD and open data.psp and the image your going to use. now on data.psp’s tab go to the very end of offset 590 and add:


    it should look like this:


    now in your images tab copy all the code and paste it to the end of what you just added, if done properly it should look something like this:


    now save the new data.psp, the hex editer will atomaticly save a backup of the original file so dont worry about that.

    now open pbp unpacker and select new, and load the files into there respective catagories and save hit save. test it on your psp to make sure it works and then your ready for an audio clip if you want one.

    for audio it can be no longer than 55seconds max and 500kb in size, to get that you’ll probably have to cut a clip from an existing audio file.

    once thats done start up goldwave and open the audio clip, hit save as… and under save as type… select (wave) .wav and under attributes select one of the ATRAC3 options (its best to chose 66kbps) and hit save (if ATRAC3 does’nt show up the codecs haven’t been fully installed) then rename the audio.wav to audio.at3 from there you should be able to figure out the rest.

    and for modifying the psar thats just trial and error with removing pieces of it’s code to cut down on it’s size, if someone wants to try to modify it to skip right to the save select you might be interested to now that at one point i had removed the background image that displays after you load the hbl file and are waiting for it to load, that resulted in an infinite load loop as well, thought it was an interesting none the less

  104. SgT_0pT1C says:

    @cobaltex what files did you romove to make eboot smaller ?
    you did it with pbp unpacker ?
    give me a tut

  105. Wolfdawg says:

    DUDE, just do it for us >.>
    I dont really care what the image is as long as patapon starts faster and theres no music

  106. cv says:

    tyvm cobaltx :D, ima try this out, screw around with it n stuff

  107. cobaltex says:

    here’s a new version of the eboot: http://www.sendspace.com/file/sxyiq3 it is now 46.9mb’s in size

  108. act says:

    hi wololo
    can you fix the problem that some hombrew only read memorystick, not internal memorystick(?) on pspgo?

    I think some hombrew fixed to read “ms0:\”
    this result the problem on pspgo

  109. izz93 says:

    @cobaltex how u edit eboot file?

  110. cv says:

    look @12th comment πŸ˜›

  111. izz93 says:

    thanks cobaltex:)

  112. Abhijit says:

    hey wololo,

    You said that in this version of HBL firmware 6.20 users also have access to the sceCtrlPeekBufferPositive syscall and that the override for this is redundant.

    So I commented out the override_sceCtrlPeekBufferPositive line in the hbl_config.txt. But then, many homebrew don’t work. I tried to use = 0 (i.e. estimate syscall) but I don’t think there is any improvement in the N64 (daedalus) emulator. Am I doing something wrong?

  113. Wolfdawg says:

    I dont really like the splash
    I was just hoping for it to start faster and skip to the menu or something

  114. wololo says:

    @Abhijit : That’s weird, what psp model/firmware do you have? In theory, this override is really not needed anymore, but there might be some bug somewhere.

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  2. August 30, 2010

    Half Byte Loader Revision 99…

    The new revision 99 of HBL was released today, shortly after revision 98. A small mistake was made in fixing memory cards for PSP Go, that killed HBL on the Go completely, hence the quick new version…….

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