Hello World + SDK for EU and US versions of Hots Shots golf (Everybody’s golf)


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58 Responses

  1. KenshinX says:

    The exploit on EUR version was released but the HBL not yet. Are two different things. The HBL needs to be ported to works with that exploit. Very, very soon it will be released (the HBL port)

  2. H2Otter says:

    i agree with you cscash241 but apparently wololo is french so EU gets first priority on HBL (if he is and it works that way) US just has to wait it out 🙁

  3. cscash241 says:

    yo lo wololo yololo goto compile-o hbl-o revision-o 98

  4. wololo says:

    @cscash241: R98 doesn’t work fine for me, so for now I’m not uploading it. You can find it on m0skit0’s forums if you desperately want it

  5. need4speedplayer says:

    When Is the HBL being ported to Everybodys Golf EU version? And whats the progress so far? Thanks FrEdDy for the port of the eu hello world and everybody else as well and keep up the good work.

  6. cscash241 says:

    @ wololo idk 99 is out and i have 6.31 and waiting for hbl on hot shots golf US VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jamy says:

    Just wait it out, if the Every body’s golf exploit is as fast as the patapon exploit I’m going to use that, it boots faster :p

  8. j0hniboi. says:

    Wil hbl for 6.30 run all the emulators at ful speed or wil it be sl0w at 1st

  9. Nick says:

    Hey when r u guys coming out with the demo version so people dont have to waste there money i have a psp 3000 on OFW 6.31 so if u guys could do that, that would be awesome 😀

  10. j0hniboi. says:

    They wont be a demo version well at least not for this game

  11. youkill says:

    there wont be a demo version becouse the demo dosent have a way to put a game save!!!

  12. j0hniboi. says:

    Hows the progress going with hbl 6.30 hope u guys can get jjs version working

  13. dcash says:

    i bought the game now when will the U.S version be done

  14. bat-race says:

    i have psp 3000 6.30, everybody’s golf. i launch it : hello world. but and now ? what can i do for launch emulator ???

  15. rcdash says:

    UMD is necesary or not

  16. bat-race says:

    please need heeelp n.n

  17. jean says:

    ok what now than? how can play games with that? please help

  18. ben says:

    i have a psp 3004 with ofw 6.31
    i run the exploit everybody’s golf with hbl r100
    and my console freeze the led of my mms is lighting after that it’s the led of wlan and my console shut down.Please do you have any solution?