HBL Released for 6.30/6.31


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408 Responses

  1. Vandurol says:

    Well done, Wololo.

    But $53 is a little too much for me.
    But I also have a phat :)

  2. Math says:

    Hi !
    I already have the european version of the game. Don’t know anything about programming, but is there anything I can do to help ?

  3. Rapier838 says:


    When the files come out, test them?

  4. Math says:

    Ok, but I can’t test a US file with the European version UMD can I ?

  5. Rapier838 says:

    Oh, good point…

  6. alex says:

    please take more attention on HEN of v6.20.

  7. Vandurol says:


    That is where you can download it. (From J416’s blog)

  8. TiPi says:

    Bought it for 10 bucks. I’ll test the EU version right now!

  9. max says:

    Hot Shots Golf 2 PS1 version or Hot Shots Golf 2: OT2 ?

  10. Math says:

    Ok so of course the us files don’t work on the european version (even by putting them in the right folder – corrupted data). I know it must sound obvious for some of you but nevermind. Tell me if I can do anything to help.

  11. Vandurol says:


    I have made a mirror to J416’s Minna no golf (JP UMD) exploit with HBL

    Here is the link:


  12. Rapier838 says:

    Could somebody please mirror it? I can’t download it from the blog.

  13. wololo says:

    @Vandurol: thanks a LOT! I was going crazy :)
    @Max: That’s the portable (open tee) versions. I updated my article

  14. Rapier838 says:

    @Vandurol Your timing is awesome.

  15. Vandurol says:

    You’re welcome, wololo 😉

  16. xXSEEEKERXx says:

    just to let u know the us store is under maintenance cause when i try to add funds i get error 80023102. THERE ON TO US!!!!!

  17. Rapier838 says:

    I just connected and it wasn’t. I think it was just an error you had.

  18. jeerum says:

    i have exploited EVERYBODY’s GOLF
    now i must release it 😀 and looks like all everybody’s series are hackable 😀

  19. Rapier838 says:

    So, can anybody confirm if the PSN version works with the exploit?

  20. wololo says:

    @jeerum: great news, feel free to release your version as well, it will make the list more complete. (Of course Sony will patch all versions, they always do)

  21. xXSEEEKERXx says:

    i would IF I COULD BUY IT

  22. bryansosa says:

    @wololo or everybody:
    Does it works with the demo http://pspdemocenter.org/page.php?id=747 or http://pspdemocenter.org/page.php?id=746??????????

  23. xXSEEEKERXx says:

    @Rapier838 well i searched the error code and allthat came up was store maintenance

  24. zero says:

    which is better to get hot shot golf or hot shot golf 2 does it matter.

  25. Rapier838 says:

    @zero Probably Hot Shot Golf 1

  26. NEHAshu says:

    thanks a lot….

  27. wololo says:

    @bryansosa: wow, I didn’t realize there was a demo… I’m gonna assume that you can’t save in that demo, but I’ll have a look…

  28. Vandurol says:


    Demos made in 4.00 or before had no save capability. So I am learning towards no. Besides if it was available for the demo, it would have been announced.

    Plus its only 8MB. So its a no.

  29. xXSEEEKERXx says:

    very cool that its cheap on psn 9.99

  30. bryansosa says:


    ok…. there are two demos in pspdemocenter.org

  31. Vandurol says:

    Both are about 9MB.

    Its just a waste…

  32. question says:

    Is there a download link for the hello world by mamosuke?
    now your link sends me to a forum…

  33. bryansosa says:

    Where you have to put the files of the exploit??

  34. Vandurol says:


    Its not that hard to look through a forum…


    There is an attachment on that post called “exploit.zip”

    Heck, I don’t even know Japanese and I found it. 😛

  35. xXSEEEKERXx says:

    i think you just save target or as is

  36. Vandurol says:


    You put the stuff INSIDE of the SAVADATA folder inside of your PSP SAVADATA folder.

    Then put the h.bin and hbl.bin of the eLoader folder onto your ROOT of your memory stick.

    Finally drag only all the folders of the eLoader folder onto your root of your memory.

  37. Vandurol says:

    Oh then I forgot to mention that you have to go into the game and load the exploit.

    Then view your status / name / etc to trigger it 😛

  38. question says:

    isn’t that the one from J416?

  39. xXSEEEKERXx says:

    is anyone else having truble download ing from a ps3………… us not uk…..or jp

  40. bryansosa says:

    Could it be the posibility to load the exploit with this???


  41. question says:


    try it,
    that demo is for free…

  42. jerome127 says:

    i just bought us open tee off psn used the file from wololo and my psp froze then shut off can anyone help

  43. question says:


    that file is for the umd

  44. jerome127 says:

    dose the hbl631-j416.zip have the game file aswell i have a psp go

  45. Vandurol says:


    No, you cannot transfer copyrighted PSN game files or the full game.

  46. question says:



  47. filly says:

    He’s mentioning something about PSN on his Twitter. I debating to download it from my Hong Kong account but I dont have 6.20/6.30 firmware.

  48. jerome127 says:

    why does j416 mention patapon 2 in the read me text

  49. Scott says:

    I already had the US version of HSG: OT from PSN on my Go, and it’s not working. Just freezes then shuts off like someone else said already. So…. dono about HSG: OT2, but seems like buying the psn version of HSG: OT will only be a waste of money unless you like the game.

  50. Prodigio says:

    if anyone has the EU version of the game can tell if it works?

  51. Scott says:

    oh, also that’s on 6.31, shouldn’t matter though.

  52. filly says:

    No go with the demos since there is no “Save Game” option.

  53. jerome127 says:

    dont they take the game off of the umd to put it on psn how long do you think we have to wait to see if the psn copy works to

  54. Rapier838 says:


    Try using the stuff from J416’s port but the savedata from Wololo’s HelloWorld.

  55. wakero says:

    i hope it can run it demos games….

  56. Scott says:

    @jerome127: I tried it on the US psn version of HSG: OT (first game) and it didn’t work, someone else posted a little before me that it didn’t work for them either, I think they said the EU version, but can’t remember…. reading comments = ftw.

  57. jerome127 says:

    im not very good at this stuff but i dont think you can mix versions

  58. jerome127 says:

    at 6.20 i really liked my psp go now not so much. stupid psn

  59. rcdash says:

    Can anybody help me to install HBL on my PSP 6.30

  60. wakero says:

    do you really need to buy psn games for the hbl?….

  61. jerome127 says:

    is there any way to get back to 6.20 from 6.30

  62. jlo138 says:

    I have HSG: OT from PSN (U.S Version) for my PSP Go. It freezes and shuts off my PSP. I have OFW 6.20. I wanted to see the “Hello World” for testing purposes though I have the Patapon 2 Demo working. I’ve had the game for some time already just so you know I didn’t go and buy it for this. Also using HBL R97 if that matters.

    @Wololo, does this only work on OFW 6.30/31? Does the HBL Revision Matter for this? And if both answers are NO, then the PSN game (HSG: OT) does not work then. I removed the Save Data and the Game runs like normal.
    Just tryin’ to help. = )

  63. Matt says:

    PSPgo, 6.31, HSG:OT.

    Load game, screen to black and shuts off.

  64. xXSEEEKERXx says:

    well buy now i think the us psn version has not been working on psp gos

  65. Dave says:

    I have a PSP 3000 with 6.31, so I just bought the JP version of the game “Minna no Golf Portable”
    now I’m waiting for a package to arrive 😛

    Thanks J416, Mamosuke and the community!

  66. I just went to download the demo online and it got removed from online. O_O
    THEY KNOW!!!!!

  67. Beavis says:

    How do you install this, normally i would have no problem but there are too many folders and a poor readme. I have psp go fw 6.20 and psn version of hots shots golf open tee 2. I can test this if someone wants to give me clearer instructions, right now not worth my time, i have hbl rev 97 on my go already.

  68. hi every boby so a i want to know if that explit can be able in 6.20 version the other thing is if j416 use the same emulators or we can play psp´s game ?????? please i need the answers….

  69. NEHAshu says:

    i request J416 & Mamosuke to upload the game on torrent

  70. Rapier838 says:


    You can’t play a torrented PSP game without CFW, and if you had CFW, HBL would be useless for you.

  71. DarXPloit_$a1 says:

    @wololo : Did you inject the hello world in the savedata ? How can I do this?

  72. jlo138 says:

    @Beavis, I have the same setup as you do and it didn’t work for me. U.S version BTW. Maybe it’s the PSN version that doesn’t work.

  73. Wolfdawg says:

    OMG!!, this game cost too much for me :c
    a whole dolla!? SH*T!!

  74. Prodigio says:

    bought the game used Eveybody’s EU course 2 hours waiting for wololo savedata

  75. Prodigio says:

    bought the game used Eveybody’s golf 2 UE , waiting for wololo savedata

  76. jerome127 says:

    is anyone working on the psn version of open tee 1

  77. shadowhaw says:

    hola a todos yo ya tengo los archivos para el exploi de FW 6.30 y 6.31 yo tengo el 6.20 ya vere si selos puedo sebir por q la verdad noce como meterlos en un psp 6.30 o 31 por q noce cuales archivos van primero por q trae un gran monton aaaaaa ya trae la partida guardada para el exploi

  78. shadowhaw says:

    bayan a este link http://j416.dip.jp/blog/ ay esta el exploi de j416

  79. hola shadowhaw quiero saber este exploit es solo para el 6.30 y 6.31? el otro asunto es q si solo es las emuladores igual que los hbl de wololo? sabes si hay la posibilidad de jugar juegos de psp en la version 6.20?

  80. terminator157 says:

    im happy i have a psp 1001 with 5.00 M33-6, but i feel bad for you users with 6.30/6.31 need to even pay for homebrew, that must suck…

  81. jerome127 says:

    10 bucks is not bad for all the homebrews IF THEY GET IT TO WORK

  82. Louis says:


  83. Hey-man says:

    Hey Wolol i got the game i tried to get the Hello world but my PSP 6.3

    Load game, screen to black and shuts off.

  84. Vettacossx says:

    OK so i just now ( 4:09 est) got the HOT SHOTS GOLF OPEN TEE PSN download via my 6.31 slim blue psp :) …I tried the US exploit posted “Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee (US UMD): Exploitable, Hello World by wololo”

    IM UNDER THE IMPRESSION IT WORKS! because as soon as i started the game the lil UMD ICON shows up in the bottom right then a few seconds later MY PSP WILL CRASH AND BOOT ITSELF OFF! (sign of a backdoor if im not mistaken the exploit works on US PSN version as well just need the proper file structure and a BETTER READ ME so that we have a folder called ROOT and all we need for each title is in said rar with the ROOT folder… KUDOS AND WELL DONE happiest ive been about my psp crashing in a long time! lol good chance that if you got the PSN DL version there will be a half byte loader for it in the comings days GR8 WORK!

  85. jerome127 says:

    thanks for that post Vettacossx got the PSN version this morning there is hope for my PSPgo ill be keeping my eyes open

  86. guilecool says:

    @wololo We hope you will soon come to an agreement to sell psp hack solution, or wait a bit for months? as was to exploit for PS3 after you have sold produce memory solution for USB. On reversing the team need money for all. We hope that once we sell the solution is not too expensive ..

    Once there was an Ethics of reversing hours seems like they’ve just speculation. DO PAY YOUR GOOD WORK FROM REVERSER it fails!

    see my old work search my name on the net! Before judging.

  87. Rapier838 says:



    Try using the stuff from J416’s port but the savedata from Wololo’s HelloWorld.”

    Anybody try this?

  88. wololo says:

    @guilecool: I don’t sell my work, why do you keep coming back here with the same insults?

  89. wololo says:

    @Rapier838: yes, that’s obviously the goal

  90. Flippy125 says:

    @guilecool I have never seen wololo sell anything. All His work has been free since he started. And I looked you up, all that came up was some DoS tool :/

  91. Flippy125 says:

    And why does my avatar look like it’s going to puke? XD

  92. Flippy125 says:

    and I wanted to confirm that THIS WORKS ON A 6.20 PSP GO WITH HSG1

  93. Maunderer says:

    Updated zip file (with the binary) works for the PSN version of Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee.

    I currently have a PSP Go w/6.31.

  94. Jake says:

    i have a psp 3000 black on 6.31 and i start the game and it goes to a black screen and shuts off help do i have the exploit file in the wrong place???

  95. Jake says:

    where do i place the exploit file

  96. Matt says:

    New file works on PSPgo, 6.31, HSG:OT PSN Store

    Thanks for the update wololo

  97. wakero says:

    this sucks… i really need to buy the game before using the hbl…

    are you going to import the savedata hack to the patapon 2 demo?

  98. Hey-Man says:

    Working! on PSP 6.3 HOT SHOT 1


  99. Vettacossx says:

    WELL DONE TRIED THIS NEW ZIP and using the hotshots downloaded from the psn store on psp slim that was updated to 6.31 yesterday..EARLIER THIS CRASHED however i tried again and got hello world TY SO MUCH I CAN CONFIRM THIS EXPLOIT FOR that blue slims yay emulators on my psp again! gr8 work to the team of awesome brewers behind this exploit awesomeness so we got hello world runnin on PSN version of hotshots golf (love the colorful snowing effect) thanks for fixing this so fast feel free to google my credentials not first time doing these (but the first time my blue slim has been graced with brew so for that!…THANK YOU! :) cant wait to see this eloader run :)

  100. JuNyA8971 says:

    This exploit works on PSPgo with 6.31. Just tested it. It took a few tries but it works even with Wololo`s wMenu. I took the risk since I can play all homebrew on my slim. Great work J416!

  101. Vettacossx says:

    ONE QUESTION WHEN I HIT TRIANGLE IN HELLO WORLD AND THE MEM CARD INDICATOR FLASHED was this for test pourposes and if so what does it do can we execute a homebrew if hello world 6.31 ran or is that something i should be patient for and think about more in the days to come? thanks in advanced for anyone who can provide that information excited to see hbl runnin on this now th@ i have hello world running :)

  102. LNMIII says:

    hehe, i got minna no golf portable 2 as a free download when i bought my pspgo (out of 11 games it was the most interesting one i thought)

  103. bmakk205 says:

    i just downloaded it off psn us version it works on pspgo 6.20. (no patch yet) its 7:15 central time hot golf 1

  104. jerome127 says:

    thank you Wololo for the update but how do i run homebrews from that screen

  105. slowsky says:

    helloworld works perfectly with psp go fw6.30 @ 9pm eastern :)

  106. I’m seeing rumors that you have the HBL working with the US version, wololo. This isn’t true is it? All I see is the hello world and the Japan version of HBL.

    Also, should the hello world be causing my PSP 2001, 5.50 firmware to crash?

    And can the hacked SAVEDATA be converted to the US version using this? http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=417631

    Or is the modification too touchy to be converted using that method? I only have the US UMD, not the Japan version. I don’t like to pirate games so I can’t get the JAP version that way.

  107. PsYchoTikDose says:

    Hey This May Be A Huge Step But is there A Way To make “Like” a Portal
    to The PSN Network with HBL…A patch (or anything)

    cause it says that i need to upgrade to use it…and im not gonna do that
    Reason is so i can play multiplayer online :or: download demos

    if there is one mind pointing the way there 😀

  108. LNMIII says:

    importing the game is not pirating, getting the japanese version is not illegal by ANY MEANS, if you Buy it anyways

  109. jerome127 says:

    does hello world run emulator does it work like hbl and how

  110. LNMIII says:

    you have to go online with either your computer or ps3 and download it from there then transfer it

  111. LNMIII says:

    @wololo if you want i will give you access to the PSN account that i got my minnna no golf 2 from so you can work it for free (all psn FF games are on it too, except for tactics)

    you cant log on via a ps3, but you can via psp (at least for now)

  112. LNMIII says:

    if you want access than email me at yukihabitch@yahoo.co.jp

  113. xXSEEEKERXx says:

    anyone else having truble adding funds FROM PS3

  114. LNMIII says:

    sorry for the triple post since it was a pspgo promotional game it only works on go (so it said when i downloaded it)

  115. LNMIII says:

    the minna no golf portable 2 savedata hello world freezes my pspgo from memory stick or internal memory, according to mamosuke’s blog this doesnt work on psp go yet

  116. slowsky says:

    i just bought hot shot golf 1 and ran hello world with no issues on psp go fw6.30

  117. jerome127 says:

    how does hello world work is all it does is change colors

  118. @ jerome127

    That’s the point… it’s just a hello world. That means it’s a Proof of Concept. The fact that it does that much means we will be able to do more advanced stuff. It’s like taking a small taste food while you’re cooking it to make sure it’s starting to taste the way it should or to see if you’ve really messed up somewhere.

  119. wakero says:


    can you share your minnna no golf 2 to me? i have the hot shot umd but i have psp go so it’s useless to i need the psn game…

  120. LNMIII says:

    im sorry, but i cant do that, at least wololo would be able to make use of it for advancing the hack, but other than that i will not give any other people access to my account, i think i can only get one or 2 other people on it from psp so i am being picky, sorry

  121. wakero says:


    oh ok tnx for the reply i understand it’s for security purposes ^_^

  122. LNMIII says:

    not security, sony only allows a certain number of ps3s on an account, and im thinking psps are limited too

  123. Gabrielzomg says:

    When will you get to the EU games i have everybody’s golf 2 umd

  124. Vettacossx says:

    @ organized chaos “rumors comment” both US PSN version and US UMD version are confirmed and while hello world the proof of concept for 6.X fw psp’s of seemingly all models HAS BEEN CONFIRMED if you read his post it says

    “I haven’t tested HBL through this exploit yet, as I wanted the news out of the door asap, but I’ll be working on merging this port into the HBL SVN codebase in the days to come”


  125. NEHAshu says:

    Exploit for PSP Firmware 6.31, on “Hot Shots Golf” (US Version)

    How to run:
    1) Copy the contents of this archive to the root of your psp. You should end with a “UCUS…” folder in your PSP/SAVEDATA folder
    2) Insert the Hot Shots golf UMD and run the game
    3) That’s it, the Hello World should appear

  126. NEHAshu says:

    can any1 will get the game for free???

  127. NEHAshu says:

    & is it possible to upload the psn version game on torrents??

  128. LNMIII says:

    without having the psn account it wouldnt even work on your psp

  129. mmmmmm says:

    @NEHAshu: Yes, but it is useless to everyone except the uploader

  130. schizo says:

    Could You try to make hack to EU version ? I can test if it is working.


  131. LNMIII says:

    they are making a version that uses all 3 (6 if they can get the sequels working) work

  132. debiru says:

    Thanks for the POC, wololo.
    I can’t wait for the HBL!

    I Hope we’ll be hearing news from you soon about that. :)

  133. Mantinis says:

    we need eu version! Thanx

  134. debiru says:

    Oops. Sorry forgot to mention my test.

    PSPGo 6.31 with Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee (US PSN) displays “Hello World” just fine. J416’s HBL version renders a black screen though (same test config).

  135. Prodigio says:

    Hi Wololo,
    still nothing on SAVEDATA for everybody’s Golf 2 EU version?

  136. Xulu says:

    Where did you guys get the us poc helloworld can ya post a link please

  137. Rob says:

    Hey, I’m interested in the scene , i have a basic kowledge about programming apps and i’ve been studied the source code of the hbl, but i was wondering how devs manage to find exloits?, and how do you know what kind of exploit it is when found?

  138. Rob says:

    P.D. Sorry for my bad english

  139. wololo says:

    @Xulu: the download link is in the article…
    @Rob: http://wololo.net/wagic/hacking-portal/
    @Mantinis: please be patient, these things take time and I am extremely busy with real life as well.

  140. Reayn says:

    Wololo you ROCK!!! Thanks for all your hard work!

  141. daveyboy says:

    Hi All,

    I’m complete new to this, but following instructions is very easy for me

    btw got the hello world working on psp go 6.30 w/ Hot Shots Golf Open Tee off of PSN

    But I wanted to ask, what do i have to do now to run HBLs, do we have to wait now for an HBL that can run off this exploit, anyone can answer this is just a general question for someone who’s never done this before.

    thanks ahead of time :)

  142. Reayn says:

    @daveyboy – As per the article above, Wololo is working on an HBL adapted to this savegame exploit through Hot Shots Golf. If you have the hello world working then now is the time to wait for the appropriate HBL to come out –

  143. daveyboy says:

    @Reayn Ahhh ok thanks, I will be patiently waiting then :)

  144. cv says:

    well imma stay n good old 6.20 i dont wanna update cuz
    1. i missed it
    2. i h8 hot shot golf
    3. im tooo cheap XD
    well ne ways good work J416 n wololo (cuz its ur hbl he ported :O)

  145. Rob says:

    Wow, thanks Wololo that’s a very useful information, i didin’t think you’d answer so quickly, thanks again, you’re awesome.

  146. malcolm says:

    can anyone tell me if this works for the EU version please? i have a psp go, should i buy the game? (again its the EU version)

  147. Wolfdawg says:

    Its still not pulled from PSN or patched?

  148. God of says:

    @wolfdawg it still work for the PSN version of the US one just redownloaded around 1 oclock US time still there and the hello world works

  149. Reayn says:

    Now that the exploit on 6.31 is public, I wonder how long Sony will take to update the PSP’s OFW to something higher…. Instead of focusing on bettering their gaming system and making more people happy with better compatibility etc. they focus on blocking any attempts at allowing Homebrews (while I do agree with the CFW Iso-Cso issues, this shouldn’t be the case for homebrews that aren’t at a kernel level) …….Sony sucks but the PSP rocks lol

  150. Codezero says:

    @Wololo be possible exploits technique “DLL hijacking exploits” on the PSP to have administrative rights?

  151. cardsofhearts says:

    Can anyone give me the game? I want to test which versions work. Or send me an invite if you wanw to play something. My PSN ID is cardsofhearts

  152. Vandurol says:


    I’m sorry but I lol’d. The PSP doesn’t have remotely anything close to real operating files. So there is no such thing as .dll files in the PSP 😛

    • wololo says:

      @Vandurol and @Codezero: Actually, the PSP Firmware is almost entirely made of DLLs (except they are called prx), and all known kernel exploits so far rely on such “DLL Hijacking” as mentioned by CodeZero

  153. Edgar says:

    The psn version of hotshots golf works works with the exploit and I bought mine at 11 p.m. hours after the store was updated.

  154. Flippy125 says:

    This is annoying seeing how HSG is still in the store… I woke up at 6AM just to get the stupid game as soon as it was announced =(. Oh well, now to wait for HBL

  155. zorak_torok says:

    just bought hot shots golf us for psp from psn.. I gots a go running 6.20 so i have no problems now… but within the weeks coming if the 6.31 version is as good as the 6.2… I’m going to upgrade… its worth 10 bucks to me to never here pata pata pata pon again!!!! Thankyou for the efforts to keep the stares down when bystanders stare at a 28 yr old wondering *** hes playin!

  156. Reayn says:

    hmm the Media GO software just received an update…. This shouldn’t be related though (I think lol) –

  157. Darkness134 says:

    @LMNIII you can only have 5 psps AND 5 ps3s on one account incase you were still wondering

  158. daniel says:


  159. zorak_torok says:

    hello world is just a basic peice of software that shows that more complicated programs can be shoved through the psps security. start with compiling a brick befor you try to build a house.

  160. cscash241 says:

    yes the hotshots golf us version works

  161. zorak_torok says:

    @ VETTACOSSX…. im on my pspgo or i would have mentioned the 900 nes , 70 segacd, 900 gb/gbc, ahemm, kinda a few 64 games(Atleast as many as cfw has) umpteen atari/collecovision/amiga… torrent downloading…. but i couldnt… limited text entry is allowed on these things… also, thanks wololo for making the dl section compatible with psp… till a couple weeks ago the links wouldnt appear.

  162. fanyongjian says:


  163. fanyongjian says:


  164. hi says:

    if i knew that this wasnt actually a homebrew loader, i wouldnt have spent the $10 for hot shots……this sucks

  165. Willz says:

    Wait a few days and you’ll have a homebrew loader… You’ll see that when this turns out to be a homebrew loader, Sony would have fixed the game at PSN. I bought the game by MediaGo immediatly after I read the topic XD The savedata didn’t work, but then, on PSP-Hacks I saw it had a missing file, then when I saw “Hello World” at my PSP Go screen, I almost cried XD

  166. Vettacossx says:

    heck yeah the fact that go users will be advantageous is all the sweeter these guys did a gr8 job and if you bought or buy the UMD or PSN version of hotshots open tee AND CAN SEE HELLO WORLD then YOU CAN RUN THE HALF BYTE LOADER WHEN ITS RELEASED what everyone needs to understand is that this is to SHOW THE END USERS HOMEBREW UNSIGNED OPEN SOURCED CODE CAN BE AND HAS BEEN RAN ON A 6.X FW…IN THE COMING DAYS YOU WILL GET A HOMEBREW LOADER FOR YOUR CONSOLE IF HELLO WORLD RAN THEN SO TO CAN HBL WHEN THE CODE IS OPTIMISED TO DO SO

    however that takes time so just be happy that we have the POC running i ran HELLO WORLD and grinned a good 30 times last night LOL this is sweet and the ps3 being exploited via PSJAILBREAK makes it all the sweeter its been one heck of a gr8 month for sony hackers 😀 hasnt it?!

  167. zorak_torok says:

    umm… the psp hacks zip archive is a little …. well, its in jap… makes sense given the source, but when everythings set i would like to try the loader and check compatibility befor upgrading… no going back after that. I’m overly excited about being able to upgrade and keep my homebrew especially since it dosnt matter yet, but im a dork, so be it :->

  168. zorak_torok says:

    @vettacossix my question about jailbreak is that do you know if ext hd are supported? 30 gb files will eat up even the 250 gb ps3’s…..and take atleast 40 mins to upload given its slow transfer/ read rate…. sorry guys….. off subject but msrp is 140 and i have a yellowdog ps3 as it is…..

  169. Josh says:

    Awesome, US version of Hot Shots still isn’t patched. Just finished downloading it a few minutes ago and the hello world runs smoothly. Now just to wait a few days of the HBL to work.

  170. cscash241 says:

    if you have a psp go buy the us version there is likely to be something there is already a hello world exploit here is a screenshot http://i33.tinypic.com/2exroxt.jpg if u have the eu version i would wait until you at least have a heck word unless you are filthy rich or don’t mind possibly wasting like 10 bucks

  171. fanyongjian says:


  172. fanyongjian says:

    I PSP6.20. Can play simulator… refueling?I was China’s shandong province. To our guest

  173. fanyongjian says:

    We are now at 9 o ‘clock in the morning

  174. GAmergirl says:

    can someone please send a link of minna no golf demo. please cause i cant find any.

    again linkk of minna no golf thank you, GAmergirl

    email: crdm96@hotmail.com

  175. GAmergirl says:

    demos DEMOS

  176. zorak_torok says:

    @cscash …… im sorry… i have to…… my heck word is necromonicon. forgive me :->

  177. zorak_torok says:

    i can give you a link girl…. but it wont help…. gonna have to spend 10 on a go or 7 on umd….. unless already inflated on ebay.

  178. Vettacossx says:

    @GAmergirl THE DEMO WILL DO YOU NO GOOD further more READ THE FIRST POST omg its hard being Irish with you sheople around…LOL

    prey tell where do you see DEMO? in this…

    * Minna no golf portable (JP UMD): Exploitable, runs HBL (J416’s port)
    * Minna no golf portable (JP PSN): Probably Exploitable, untested
    * Minna no golf portable 2 (JP UMD): Exploitable, Hello World by Mamosuke
    * Minna no golf portable 2 (JP PSN): Probably Exploitable, untested
    * Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee (US UMD and PSN Version): Exploitable, Hello World by wololo
    * Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 (US UMD): probably exploitable
    * Everybody’s golf (EU UMD): probably exploitable
    * Everybody’s golf (EU PSN): probably exploitable
    * Eveybody’s golf 2 (EU UMD): probably exploitable
    * Everybody’s golf 2 (EU PSN): probably exploitable

    @Zorak with the offtopicness lets bring up a PSP DEVELOPER WE ALL KNOW OF ill leave with this to think about bro..

    A nice little twitter update from Mathieulh has arrived and it looks like progress towards having a workable copy of the PSjailbreak dongle is accelerating rapidly. “The exact chip for the psjailbreak dongle has been identified, looks like dumping it will be easy.”.

    So there you have it – Keep that money in your pockets as something good may be on the horizon.

    news source: maxconsole

  179. Vettacossx says:

    or go out and buy hot shots open tee for your psp and give a shout out to wololo and J416,mamosuke and tyrinid 2 :) cuz hes awesome and so is psplink! lol

  180. Xeon® says:

    Dont forget users with OFW 6.20 etc etc, wating for HBL rev 98 :)

  181. clockdryve says:

    Aaaah, I got a damn question. I fcked up and got “Hot shots golf open tee 2″ for $29.95 then tried to “smug” an upload of this enabler/handler stuff………..wher’d the heck does it go?? I’m 47 and don’t have ALL the time in the world…so help a “pimp in distress” out :) Ps…..I have Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee (original) downloading now cost of $9.99 I was PRESSURED into a quick purchase the first time (understandable right) ?? Before Sony snapped these PSN games up for the PATCH. Now what works for sure……where do you put it (thats what she said)….hehe :) AND how to I enable (start it) and what can I now do with it???? ThnX OH—people NEED to get there fax straight about what games are actually used here. I see lots of mention of “Hot Shot Golf” and That Is An Actual GAME Title too, so lets not forget that when we talk about this. That is ONE reason why I spent that $30 for the other game version 2 because of all the LOOSE naming of the exploitable game. Peace to your Mother

  182. clockdryve says:

    Ummmm, I had 6.30 then PSN required update 6.31 (saw that was okay and did it) *Found awhile ago I could have just downloaded to pc without the needed (required) update when I used the PSP-Go for the download :) By using the “Media Go” application. I have hacked about 9 or 10 of the phat/slims so not totally neubie.

  183. LNMIII says:

    ^ this also works the same way if you download via ps3

  184. bigicedog says:

    i downloaded the exploit but i dont know where to put the folders(e loader,golf2,no_debug_binsavedata,sbk) can someone help me please?

  185. bigicedog says:

    sorry for the double post,but i got it to work i just downloaded the wrong files once i got the right ones on my go i got hello world.

  186. ken says:

    guys i nid elp im new to this hbl…i want to see the hello world on my go..

  187. Vandurol says:


    I have been proven wrong :(


    My apologies 😛

  188. daniel says:

    Does anyone have any idea when or if the eloader for hello world will be realesed cause im so excited that i will finally be able to run homebrew
    thanks wololo

  189. jerome127 says:

    everyone just needs to relax im sure these guys dont dedicate there life’s to hacking. People need money and real jobs we would all hate if they just stopped giving out the information and keped it to themselves. Just keep you eyes on this site or ones like it and what you need will be out soon enough. Thanks again to all the people involved on this new hack

  190. cscash241 says:

    i was just wondering is there going to be a separate Google code page for the hot shots golf exploit keep up the good work wololo, mamosuke , and j416 it works !!!!! http://i33.tinypic.com/2exroxt.jpg

  191. LNMIII says:

    they are merging it into the regular code as we speak

  192. bigicedog says:

    im figuring within the next week or 2 we should have a full running hbl

  193. cscash241 says:

    @wololo can you plz give the sdk for hot shots golf open tee ?????? thanx

  194. william says:

    @ wololo first of all thank you very much for your good work but it would be very nice if hbl could work with a demo! anyways thank you again.

  195. cscash241 says:

    @william it works with patapon 2 demo

  196. question says:

    there is an update for it, you can read it on j416 his blog

    yes, but not for firmware 6.30 or higher…

  197. william says:

    i talk for 6.31

  198. william says:

    @question, do you have any information about this, i do not understand japanese

  199. william says:

    srr for my bad english

  200. cscash241 says:

    i wan’t an sdk or the source for the hello world plz wololo

  201. william says:

    no dont because sony will see the source code and they will fix the exploi

  202. DTR says:

    dunno if anyone had this issue, but I bought hot shots golf open tee, installed hbl and when i run the game my psp turns off..?

  203. cscash241 says:

    you are supposed to download wololo’s hello world for now hbl has not been ported yet

  204. wololo says:

    @cscash241 : sent it to you by email, don’t hesitate to share it, I just don’t have the time for now

    @DTR: the HBL is not ported for the US version yet

  205. clockdryve says:

    People suck…….and I want FREE games!!!! 😉
    I’m tired of my phaty and slimmies. LOL

  206. wololo says:

    @clockdryve: I messed up the file initially, so if you downloaded the US hello world from my article the day it was posted, you need to re-download it.
    There’s a README included in the file, that explains precisely how to install the files. It’s a RTU pack, meaning that if you unzip the file at the root of your memory stick, everything will be in the right place.

    The fact that you get a crash shows that:
    – Your version of the game is not patched (otherwise, it would display an error message)
    – you installed the savegame at the correct place (otherwise the game would start normally)
    – you probably downloaded my incorrect archive. Redownload it and install it again. The only difference is an additional (but extremely necessary) “h.bin” file that needs to be copied at the root of your memstick.

    I think you did the things correctly, you just downloaded a bad version because of my initial mistake :)

  207. clockdryve says:

    FOUND IT. Plain english….go top of this page, see where they are talking about “Hot Shots Golf Open Tee”, there you will notice is a link that says “Hello World by wololo” in blue color. Here is the link after copy-paste———> http://wololo.net/download.php?f=hsg-poc-wololo.zip After download install the PSP folder in same area as PSP (drag/drop) and allow overwrite. Take the single file “h”and drop it at the Root of memory stick…..that is area when you first open the PC to PSP connection. Then disconnect PC-PSP connect, RUN and BINGO (snow/hello world) !!! Happy-happy, Joy-joy :)

  208. clockdryve says:

    One more thing. I got this game LATE last night from PSN and I also Had to UPDATE my Media Go on PC to download to computer (faster) and was no patch at that time. Central time USA. after 10pm for sure. I DON’t no if Sony will take down the game or let the SALES work for them :) Question…..do they have the legal option to PATCH my game I have download and on my storage at there site? Is there a way to back up my game and liscense (and it work after manual loaded back on)??

  209. clockdryve says:

    Thanks wololo. I now see your post. THANKS BIG GUY :) You explained that very clearly. Good Deal. Thank you very much!!!!!!

  210. zorak_torok says:

    with all i have access to now i only have one gripe…. why the heck are m2 cards for the go so expensive? transfer rate ? durability? new technoligy? because the go’ s are so popular? ….. oh, i know…. sony….. thats it…. just sony. here is to hoping sandisk joins up.

  211. Josh says:


    Sandisk already has M2 memory cards for the Go. You can purchase them from Amazon’s website for dirt cheap. You can purchase a 16GB M2 Sandisk memory stick from Amazon for $34 shipped. I paid $36 2 months ago, so prices are still coming down. $34 for a 16GB M2 stick is hardly expensive. The Sandisk stick works great too, I highly recommend it.

  212. LNMIII says:

    you realize sandisk and sony worked together to make memorysticks, right?

  213. LNMIII says:

    like a southern family reuinion, they’re all relative (sorry to anyone who isnt inbred, if you are inbred, do us all a favor and just keep to yourselves like the were-panthers in bon tompes )

  214. frank says:

    i dont think sony will patch the game cause their earning so much money anyway. all they have to do is make a FW update and done. sony gets money + no homebrew for stupid who update

  215. H2Otter says:

    I did what the read me said and it still crashed can u e-mail me updated one pls. 😀

  216. H2Otter says:

    i withdraw what i posted i should read comments better before i post sorry :( hope you get port out soon much appreciated 😀

  217. tigerchitpile says:

    hey im completely new to this homebrew thing but i have been reading up. i was wondering if it will take as long as j416 did to put hbl on to HSOT to get hbl on US version or will it be shorter because id think theyd be done in similar ways. dont get me wrong im grateful 4 what i get im just curious

  218. wololo says:

    @tigerchitpile: it should be “relatively easy” to interpolate J416’s work into other regions, but I don’t want to give any dates because my schedule is quite packed. It will at least take a few weeks, unless other devs start looking into it.

  219. tigerchitpile says:

    ok thanks cant wait. homebrew sounds so awesome

  220. Vancelot says:

    can it play cso games? or only with the eboot?

  221. LNMIII says:

    it cant play csos or isos, there are a few teams trying to fix that (make an iso loader for hbl) but as of now no

  222. Vandurol says:


    Please stop asking, its 1) rude and 2) annoying.

  223. TiPi says:

    Works on EU version!

  224. question says:


    yes, that is a hello world!

    ps. are you the TiPi from PSM?

  225. TiPi says:

    I know that’s a hello world.
    And, yeah.

  226. Prodigio says:

    Yes this is: http://www.multiupload.com/MU_O0O4DWCHT2 download savedata for game everybody golf, but i have version 2, so i can not test the actual operation exploit

  227. Robinhood-ita says:

    Works on EU version! (see Prodigio’s link) in my Everybody golf 1 version PSN!!!!
    Thank Wololo and FrEdDy

  228. Robinhood-ita says:

    aahhh…I forgot….I have 6.00 OFW PSP 3004

  229. jlo138 says:

    @clockdryve, Yes you can back up your games an license to either a blank dvd or any hard drive. You copy the game with folder and then the license with it’s folder also. do not re title the folders or they will not work when you copy them back. The game and license folders have the same titles so you know which is which and so you know what license goes to what game. To know what game it is you go into the license folder and you will have a picture file. View it to see what game it is. I do this myself because PSN will not be up forever.

  230. beelzebubba says:

    @LNMIII i almost peed myself reading your post… i love me some inbreed river-folk were-panthers… she is HOT lol… the rest of them can go back to sister lovin tho…
    anyhoo thanks to all in the scene who are actually DOING something and not just EXPECTING something… i have been trying for the last few days to knock of the programming rust (haven’t done this *** in years) and i remembered that i have machine code aka assembly language… trying to jump everything to where i want it is a pain in the a$$…
    thanks wololo mastuki and j416 for the work… just gotta either get this working myself or wait till you release the american version of the exploit (the one that runs HBL not hello world 😀 )

  231. beelzebubba says:

    hate assembly not have… srry i are inbreed river folk…

  232. H2Otter says:

    ok just to make sure i understand i have the psp 3000 and downloaded the psn version of hot shot golf i did what the read me said and it still crashes should it be doin that or do i need to get the UMD??? help please 😀

  233. Vettacossx says:

    OK game is no longer dl via PSN in US i can confirm you get an error code (got a 4 gig to put it on today and tried to redl it and got a 8 digit network error) lucky for me i also downloaded it to my ps3 hdd and so i just copied it from there but the game used to be 442 mb and said 441 😉 when i just tried it ITS GETTING PATCHED 😉 ON PSN US VERSION OF HOT SHOTS OPEN T ;)6:25 pm EST so start lookin for the UMD used at your local EB or GAMESTOP 😛

  234. clockdryve says:

    jlo138 THANK you for the INFO about Go Backups (game and license) I tried before but it spit at me….I must have renamed a folder or maybe mixed up the license from my other game. Good to know……..

  235. jingletit says:

    i made a video showing the psp go hello world eu (uk)

  236. God of says:

    @Vetacossx I had Hot Shot Golf on my PSP for the past year it has always said it was 441 mb and I wanted to test what you said I just re-downloaded it as of 9:18 PM EST to a spare PSP 300 and my spare PSP Go 6.31 and the exploit work fine for me got the HELLO work thing to show maybe you have bad internet.

  237. H2Otter says:

    does the PSN version work on the psp3001 i download both of wololo’s files and when i try and start hello world it crash on me help anyone please

  238. astyanax says:

    Hi, so I got the ‘hello world’ / snow screen going and all.

    Now my understanding is I can use emulators/homebrew, once I have downloaded a emulator, how exactly do I enable it?

    Do I have to do this hello world thing everytime?


  239. LNMIII says:

    hello world is just a thing to show it is possible to run homebrew, it doesnt acually run homebrew, just wait a little longer

  240. joeldude says:

    @astyanax u can’t yet they have to port hbl to the exploit so u’ll have to wait sry im waiting to i really want it

  241. Vancelot says:

    Hot Shots Open Tee (US Version) is still available in PSN store. I just bought today (27 august 2010) around 8:30pm (chicago time).

    Hot Shots Open Tee (US Version)
    File size: 441mb
    Price: $9.99

    buy it now and download it into your Media go..

    Hello world…

  242. salahe says:

    bonjour , i just want to know why the hbl is done for i cant’s buy games so a plays hombrews free hombrews and now you tell us to buy a game if we can buy a game we want wait for the cfw we will buy theme !!!!!

  243. Vancelot says:

    by the way, where to put the “SDK_hotshotsgolf1″ folder ???

    im still noob on this…

  244. LNMIII says:

    ask your question in french, the english is kinda hard to understand, wololo is french so he can read it

    the fault isnt with HBL, the only way to access the game from 6.30 and 6.31 through that game, if he could find a free way he would do it free (and he and every other hacker is trying to find free ways anyways)

  245. LNMIII says:

    sdk is software DEVELOPMENT kit, its not for the psp or for newbs

  246. LNMIII says:

    you know, i want to gibbs slap anyone who asks about stupid stuff without reading all the info first, i learned in school that there are no stupid people, just stupid questions, i learned on this thread that both do exist side by side


    preemptive gibbs slap


  247. Vettacossx says:

    Yes exactly right..There is no kernal access this is in USER MODE and im with LMN same goes for CFW were not seeing it till theres a kernal exloit and were not seeing the kernal exploit till the devs are good and well ready 😉
    im much more interested in snes nes genisis emulations to be honest because thats the logical next step getting half byte loader eloader or something of the like compiled and running via this exploit :)

    also in regard to my 8 digit dilly yes indeed i had a network error i was able to dl via psp again after a reset 😀 hope the GO users get that psn version of open tee b4 it is killed by the powers that be

  248. Vettacossx says:

    I miss fanjita :( lol

  249. Suomalainen says:

    would not going to buy poor PSP game of hacker’s because of. Why this HBL, which works with 6.30/6.31 so not made to work on any demo?

  250. jlo138 says:

    Okay people. I believe that Sony or PSN is not going to patch the games at all. They know of the exploit and considering that ISO’s are slowing down game sales a bit they are just going to let you download an unpatched version. They aren’t going to put more money into fixing a game when they are making quite a bit more money off of it. If it was known to be patched, everyone else would know and nobody would buy it. They will just stop the exploit on the next OFW. Either people update because they are unknowing, or they are forced to update because they just purchased a NEW game that requires the update in order to play it. Luckily for some of you HSGOT is only $9.99 U.S. Plus they have been advertising that HSGOT and another game are only $9.99 on PSN in a commercial which I even seen today.

  251. tigerchitpile says:

    yeah they do have the game on a commercial which i find funny. didnt know if anyone else noticed

  252. toasty_hoodie says:

    Ok, I’ve downloaded the Hello World, and Have HSG:OT the 1st version.

    Everytime I try to run it (after installing wololo’s Hello World) it crashes.

    How can I get the hello world to show?

    If it makes any difference, I’m on 5.50 D3 using a 2001 series, but I don’t think that should matter

  253. mdceas78 says:

    I have a psp go 6.30 plus HSGOT US psn version and the hello world by wololo and when i run it i get the hello world screen but that’s it how do i get the hBl to let me start up my emulators

  254. LNMIII says:

    gibbs slap

  255. Guillaume says:

    Bonjour, wololo j’aimerais pouvoir apprendre le C++ pour pouvoir aider la cause (jai déjà les notions de base) mais je n’ai pas réussi à trouver un siteweb qui parle du sujet.

  256. Vancelot says:

    slap them all LNMIII…hahahhahaha

  257. joeldude says:

    @toasty_hoodie u can just run the patapon exploit that works much better

  258. clockdryve says:

    mdceas78 ….the hbl is ONLY for the japanese version of the Golf game. It is very confusing around on all web pages I do agree. We are all still waiting for the HBL to be ported for the US and UK version of the game. This exploit was discoverd first in the Japanese version of the game….so they got FIXED first :)

    toasty_hoodie …..you are okay.
    I had the same problem. I had received an earlier version of the download myself. It was missing an important file. Just download again and install as before in folder on the gamesave area and one file (new) dropped on the ROOt of memory location (without opening any folders at your first memery location popup). http://wololo.net/download.php?f=hsg-poc-wololo.zip That is the file from THIS WEB PAGE…as pasted from the above link.

    Remove anything you installed in your first attempt to do the hello world exploit, then with this new settup you should be okay. There is NO hbl (homebrew loader) out yet remember. Just the snowfall and words of hello world :)

  259. clockdryve says:

    And as for you guys saying “slap them” sshhhhhhe’s. You are NOT deserving!! You were in there place once before long ago maybe. Sux’s to be you for sure :) If you have nothing here to help us….then stay out. We have nothing for you either. See Ya…..wouldn’t wanna Be Ya”>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  260. clockdryve says:

    toasty_hoodie really doesnt have a problem. He has custom firmware already. Just looking for the effect of the exploite to see the “bump” I suppose :) Yea you right though….he COULD get the Patapon DEMO and run, with full HBL for his emulators…………….but DO NOT EVER “upgrade to higher firmware. Or you will NOT ever be able to run your ISO (PSP game copies) again unless the impossible DREAM happens.

  261. mdceas78 says:

    clockdryve….. thanx, i knew that what it was but, just wanted to make sure

  262. daniel says:

    I cant wait till the hbl loader is done!!!

  263. LNMIII says:

    @clockdryve – i READ the previous post prior to asking any questions, I NEVER asked those dumb questions, so as for you be quiet, i said to READ before posting, wololo is very clear that he will not make an iso loader and he also has a FAQ up for people to read

    they dont need to ask, they can simply READ it first before asking stupid questions

    as i said before there are BOTH stupid people and stupid questions, if you dont READ the answer before asking the question then you deserve a gibbs slap

  264. clockdryve says:

    @LNMIII, I don’t care about your sissy crying. Who wants to look through 6+ pages of text to find a simple answer. Thats all he or we ask….some don’t like to read or CAN’T read our certain language WITHOUT running everything through a translator….so why can’t people just answer a mans SIMPLE question without the BUZZARDS clamping down around his neck? That is why we can type here…..to ASK questions. If you don’t want to ANSWER…..tooot-da-loo. And another thing about “reading every single page until something clicks”…..what if we don’t even know what to look for? Yea, that happens too. I’ve see many sloppy mouthed “Internet Rambo’s” in my day…..why can’t we all just get along. You people that want to put others down for little reasons…..try and feed on me :) I think you are little men with fat fingers.

  265. clockdryve says:

    And I don’t know why you got to drag another mans name into this discussion (ahhh…..the royal a$$ chewing that’s been set before you). I said nothing about an ISO loader. Most know that is a near IMPOSSIBLE dream. heck……we be lucky if we get a homebrew loader that runs 30% of whats available. LNMIII, don’t try and be a MINI MODERATOR….you don’t qualify. I doubt if you can even spell it.

  266. LNMIII says:

    all the things he needs to know are on the FIRST page, he doesnt have to surf through everything

  267. Streetking says:

    I have one question:
    I will get a psn-card tomorrow and will buy the EU version from PSN to my PSP-Go. My question is if i can get Hello World on it or is it patched now?
    Sry for my english 😀

  268. LNMIII says:

    not patched yet, i think, nothing mentioned as of yet

  269. Streetking says:

    Thanks, i will see it tomorrow :-)

  270. salahe says:

    please can someone tell me that a hbl working with a demo is coming ???

  271. LNMIII says:

    there is a demo, for UP TO 6.20

    there is no demo for 6.3X yet, everyone is trying to find one though

  272. jingletit says:

    i cant wait for hbl on my psp go 6.30 eu

    wololo do hello world work on 6.31 eu (uk)

  273. clockdryve says:

    Oh look out….”Playstation Store” is DOWN on PSP-Go!! Error code 80550F17 maybe it’s normal maintance or….hurry, grab your girlfriends and hide your PSP’s (act natural)….I think there on to us 😉 Down on my computer (Media Go) has the same error code. Anyone else??

  274. kingdaddy says:

    I have Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 (US UMD) version. Im just waiting for a confirmed of this version too 😉

  275. clockdryve says:

    Ooops, Playstation back up again :) On PC and PSP-Go…..I must have scared them off :) kingdaddy…..there is no gurantee that HSGOT 2 will work. There is an exploit for Original HSGOT. Might want to get that one (if not to late) It is possible that game is patched now.

  276. clockdryve says:

    Myself….I purchased the HSGOT-2 First on the 25th then I found out it was the Original that was confirmed. I was in such a hurry :) And these things take FOREVER to download :) (waste of $30). Then I got the $9.99 version original. Good Luck

  277. clockdryve says:

    @kingdaddy….I see, you have the earlier psp version (UMB capability) not a problem :) Since you can pick up a HSGOT original first version about anywhere :) I went out to gamers couple days ago and got a used version for about $5 (just for others that might need around here). I have 2 old phat’s and a Slim that are at 3.71-M33 and 5.50 Gen I might just play around and update one of the phats to try out the 2 exploits. Then CRACK it back open with Pandora later :-B

  278. kingdaddy says:

    @clockdryve Yeah, there is no guarantee that HSGOT 2 will work but since there is an exploit confirmed in Minna no golf portable 2 (JP UMD), HSGOT 2 (US UMD) might be exploitable too 😀

  279. clockdryve says:

    Yep.yep….I realized that after I sent the message. I would think that the only differace between the games is the language. And that the Japanese use the O instead of the X button. Remember……they DRIVE on the wrong side of the road too :)

  280. Redirr says:


    I believe you guys!
    DO your best

    I’m waiting to play Pico at my psp!

  281. Prodigio says:

    for “Everybody’s Golf 2″ anything yet?

  282. granada says:

    This HBl works only with the full game or its also works on the demo version. i mean the hot shot golf ?????????????


  283. yos says:

    can we run it on demo also or original umd of some other game like prince of persia relevations

  284. Storm8873 says:

    Hello World works on the EU version of Everbody Golf from PSN on my PSP Go!

  285. loveyou says:


  286. evil_iori says:

    i was so happy to hear that exploit for 6.30 and 31 is out but only to my dismay…
    i waited for it hoping that it would be like in 6.20 wich only requires the patapon demo + save game data to run HBL
    but to think that i have to purchase a UMD game is not the type of deal..
    i am not saying that this exploit is useless,but being practical…i would rather try to change my MOBO

  287. jlo138 says:

    @evil_iori Considering the HSGOT Game is only $10 U.S it’s worth being able to play old console games without hacking your psp or risking bricking it. Wololo is doing this for free, but Sony is not. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to play homebrew if you want it bad enough.

  288. 1312 says:

    What can i do if i have pspgo 6.31`?

  289. clockdryve says:

    1312 Just wait. They are working on it :) If you has psp go there is a game Hot Shots Golf Open Tee (not the version 2) that is exploitable for sure. The 2 version more than likely will be exploitable. That means they WILL be able to play homebrews (emulators) of old school games. I don’t know if the PSN store (downloadable) game is still good to download….they might have patched it by now. Has been a week since the news has been out. If you have a fat or slim 2000 (you can downgrade to earlier firmware and do EVERYTHING including backing up yours (or friends) psp FULL games and play off memory stick…..some later 2000 psp’s and 3000 version have othe rissues. Can do a chickhen IF firmware isn’t to high (6.31 to high) But this HSGOT (hotshotsgolfopentee) exploit will help you soon. ***I download NesterJ on my Psp Go with 6.10 PLAYING roms now!!!

  290. clockdryve says:

    The emulators given in the “list of 15″ worked. I had to chase down my GBA Bios though :) I have the Black screen of death with the GBA emulator when I try to shut it down. Just as mentioned in wololo’s post. I was glad to accidently find out HOW to reset the ermulator (for new game) or to start another emulator entirely :) I was doing a complete manual shutdown before….then needing to start patapon again. Sloooooow :) Can’t wait for 6.31 to break loose.

  291. clockdryve says:

    1312 I really don’t know what to tell you. Running 6.31 will require you to get “hot shots golf open tee” from the psn store. The game will cost you $9.99 usa. But I don’t know if it has been PATCHED yet. If it gets patched that means it will be FIXED by Sony so that it will not work to allow homebrew and old school “emulators” (nes,snes,sega,gba,neo geo,n64) So…..it’s up to you if you want to try it now. Has been about a week and as of a couple days ago it hadn’t been patched yet. But if you don’t get it could be a long time (if ever) that another exploit for this firmware (6.31) or ANY becomes available. When (if) you get it….and IF it still exploits the game….you will need to wait till the HBL (homebrew loader) is completed to run on the USA game. They are working on the EUR game also. The exploit was first found in the Japanese version of the same game. It is running under HBL now. So the change over to the other 2 styles will not take to much time. So you could say “it WILL happen”.

  292. tigerchitpile says:

    Anything new yet? I ‘m not being impatient I’m just asking because I havent checked this website in a few days. Last thing i heard was Hello World on EU version

  293. wololo says:

    @tigerchitpile: I’m (slowly) working on the US port. I think J416 released HBL for minna no golf 2 (JP), and I think JJS will start working on porting the EU version.

  294. Daniel says:

    @wololo: I was wondering when you think the hbl us port will be done also a good estimate would be great! THANKS!!!

  295. evil_iori says:

    i get it man…
    he (wololo) is doing it for free
    but i can already play sorts of old console games even new ones in my mobile phone,GBA,GBC,NES,PICODRIVE and even ps1 emulated games,that is also for free man…
    even my internet connection is free thanks to opera

    like i said…having something free is very good but the thing that you ar buying is not

    i also thank wololo for this..
    it is not that easy to crack this stuff
    keep it up man….

  296. yoshiFail says:

    thanks wololo

  297. tigerchitpile says:

    @wololo alrite cool. thanks for the quick response

  298. lolarri says:

    Oh, just FYI guys, Hot Shots Golf: OT US version is selling used at gamestop for only $4.99…….just got back from my local mall and they had 5 used copies right there. 😀

  299. joeldude says:

    @wololo yeah can u please give me a good estimate of when the us version will come out

  300. Hypermephiles says:

    why can’t you make the exploit download to your psp directly

  301. Hypermephiles says:

    does anyone have a psn version. if so I’ll share 3 ps1 classics with you

  302. Hypermephiles says:

    Please someone share the jp psn version of hot shots golf- Portable

  303. joeldude says:

    @hypermephiles i do have a psn version share those ps1 classics with me and i will give u it

  304. Hypermephiles says:

    whats ur email mine is hypermephiles@aol.com

  305. Hypermephiles says:

    send me the password and user name to me then I’ll give them to you joel dude

  306. Hypermephiles says:

    you know psn share

  307. Hypermephiles says:

    email me and tell me joeldude

  308. Hypermephiles says:

    and I’ll email you as soon as I Can

  309. Hypermephiles says:

    Can’t wait Till I get Hot Shots golf
    I get to play homebrew again 😀

  310. Hypermephiles says:

    …And Also If a Kernel exploit is Found In a month or So wololo beter make custom Firmware
    Speaking of Which What do you think wololo would call it 😀 😀 😛

  311. Willz says:

    6.31 WOL XD
    6.31 HBL
    6.31 OMG

  312. lSpankyyl says:

    I can do if I have a psp 6.30 and I go running emulators

  313. PimpMeng says:

    Does anyone know if hot shots golf open tee has been patched by psn?

  314. pancho260 says:

    hello! Does it work with everybody’s golf 2 demo? Because that one is available to download from the psp store..

  315. clockdryve says:

    Well it’s been about 10 days so the chance is getting very slim if HSGOT isn’t patched yet. Hey guys….will my “download” sitting at PSN storage EVER be patched? Or will it forever remain AS I PURCHASED IT before the patch?? (HSGOT and HSGOT2) I would think is illegal for them to transfer any other code to something I own the rights too….or what ever they call it.

  316. clockdryve says:

    @pancho260, give it a try to see what you come up with. Let us know….it’s free right?

  317. pancho260 says:

    yes, it’s free, im about to try it

  318. pancho260 says:

    i couldn’t make it work… seems the demo doesn’t create any save file, so it doesn’t load it..

  319. ben says:

    hello hye there maybe this question has ever been posted (and sorry for the repeat) but is everybody’s golf 2 work on a psp 3004

  320. jlo138 says:

    @clockdryve, actually buying a game doesn’t mean we own the rights to it. We own the right to play it whenever we want is really what it is. Yes, they can patch it just sitting there because when you buy the game from psn you are just downloading a copy with a purchased license. Basically you are making a copy of the game from there servers and they hand over a license for you to play it. When you log in to your account to see your purchased games, all your seeing is a link to download it from their servers. If using Media Go, then your downloads will stay on your HDD temporarily (up to 60 days) so you won’t have to re download it from the servers. So make backups of your downloads to HDD or Blank DVD’s from your PSP/Go. I doubt they will ever do such things but this is Sony we are talking about…

  321. joeldude says:

    @Hypermephiles mine is questions1997@aol.com now send it i won’t give u the game till u give me the ps1 classics

  322. dctravis says:

    Alright I purchased the japanese copy of ????GOLF, Minna no Golf from the psn using my ps3, a japanese psn account and a 3000 yen psn card. My only question to anyone out there is whether or not anyone else can view the readme with j416’s hbl port… i see the first line of text as “Half Byte Loader R95 for 6.30/6.31 v1″ but then the rest seems to be pure gibberish. I seriously doubt that this is another language as I am currently studying japanese and this is not japanese or any recorded language…

    ‚È‚¨A‚Ü‚¾“®ì•sˆÀ’è‚Å‚·B‚ ‚Ü‚èŠú‘Ò‚µ‚È‚¢‚Å‚­‚¾‚³‚¢B

    Eno debug”Å‚ÌŽg‚¢•û

    ‰½‚©‚ ‚é‚È‚ç‚΃[ƒ‹‚âƒuƒƒO‚̃Rƒƒ“ƒg‚È‚Ç‚Å‚Ç‚¤‚¼B

    ‚ ‚肪‚Æ‚¤‚²‚´‚¢‚Ü‚µ‚½B


    I have tried downloading from other sources to make sure itsnot a corrupted readme but all others look like this… I am unsure of where to place the files on my pspgo internal memory and how to set it all up… any help is much appreciated.

  323. wololo says:

    @dctravis: you might need to change your local language to japanese, maybe the readme is not saved as utf8, but shift-jis. Otherwise, just follow the install instructions from the regular HBL, but using the files from j416.

  324. Flammable camel says:

    would this work on the hot shot golf demos on PSPdemocenter there are 2 diff ones
    demo 1:http://www.pspdemocenter.com/page.php?id=747
    demo 2: http://www.pspdemocenter.com/page.php?id=746

  325. grrrr says:

    okay someone help me
    @dctravis I am having the same problem as you
    i have gone through much trial and error, attempting to do all of this by myself but now i give up
    I have put the current available files from the us versiion link and have put the h.bin file in the root of my psp go ofw 6.31
    I then put the save data included into the savedata of my PSP GO OFW 6.31
    i then start the game that i downloaded from the psn store for 9.99 and when it starts it crashes
    pleases someone help me
    again i have a black psp go ofw 6.31

  326. nikhil says:

    how can i use the hbl on my psp 3004 6.31

  327. nikhil says:

    i have psp 3004 6.31

    how can i use the HBL

    i am not able to read the read me file in the zip folder of the HBL

  328. clockdryve says:

    @grrr, maybe your HSGOT game is patched. When did you purchase? You did not open the UCUS98614 folder did you? Just drop that UNOPENED folder into your opened (or drag and drop onto) SAVEDATA folder. Then put the “h” folder (unopened) onto your ROOT of memory stick (location at first connect to PSP)…..NO folders opened. You should then get the “Hello World” exploit (with falling snow) when you start the game. No emulators or homebrew yet. You could also just Drag the PSP folder (unopened) and Drop it onto the SAME location as the other PSP folder (on root of memory stick) THEN click “YES TO ALL” so that it puts the savedata folder together by it’s self. Then set that “h” folder into correct location (ROOT).

  329. wololo says:

    I got hotshots US for my pspgo less than 12hrs ago (thanks npt!) and it was still not patched.

  330. clockdryve says:

    You CANNOT put the same name folder into it’s SAME name folder on the PSP. I think that’s what you are saying about the SAVEDATA folder. And to clear it up where I say you can drop the PSP folder in same LOCATION as PSP folder……I mean to just drop it ONTO the ROOT, near or anywhere on that same unopened location. Same folders names cannot be dropped inside same. Would be like locking that folder that was put inside.

  331. clockdryve says:

    K, thanks wololo.
    That clears it up some. When he said it crashes after he starts it, it is like when I first tried….and was because I download the wrong file. But my psn game was good. I’m sure it’s just a folder inside a folder problem…..or the savedata (all 6 seperate file’s) where put into savedata folder instead of leaving unopened.

  332. Google.bee says:

    He Has HBL Running On The Psp Go With The Hotshots Expliot No Lie Check It Out http://wololo.net/wagic/category/hbl

    At First I Was Like Naw But Then I Saw Him Playing DOOOM, *** i cant wait i cant wait

  333. kirby1997 says:

    hows hbl for eu going?

  334. Bryce burse says:

    Both hbl for the US And EU are going well they both should be out sometime this month

  335. clockdryve says:

    Aaaaahahahaha, Sony is pi$$ing in their shoes about now (DOOM) Hehehe :) Thanks Wololo……………………………………………………………

  336. clockdryve says:

    Naaaah, they should be used to it by now :) But seriously…..Thanks “Sony” for a GREAT Game System!!

  337. Daniel says:

    @wololo: I was wondering if you might be able to realease what you have so far as a BETA so people have somethign to do while there waiting and if you dont want to then thats fine with me THANKS WOLOLO!!!!!!!!!

  338. alex says:

    hey wolo, could you covert this to an old american umd such as god of war or crisis core. just curious thanks.

  339. wololo says:

    @alex: it doesn’t work like that. Find an exploit in those games first, and then you can discuss with us regarding portability of HBL.

  340. Brandon says:

    I want to upgrade to 6.31 from 6.20 but I am not sure if it will be as good, I know syscall estimation is cracked for 6.20 but how bout 6.31? I really love HBL and I don’t want to know if I could live without it. I would stay back in 6.2 because hbl is stable and there is the possibility of cfw right? I heard mars is working with you if so, how and when do they plan on releasing (I saw them say they were looking for ways to write to flash and I thought it was fake but at the same time I want to think it is real, so what do you think, is online multiplayer (Because psn linked games) worth the upgrade to 6.31 with the beta release? Willl there be cfw? Thanks and keep up the awesome work, anybody who gives u *** is jealous.

  341. Urahara72 says:

    @clockdryve- ty so much for the plain english, wouldn’t have figured out where to put the h.bin file otherwise.

    @wololo- is there anyway to subscribe via email to your progress so as to get an instant update when u post hbl for hsg:ot?

  342. wololo says:

    @Urahara72: that’s a nice idea but I don’t have the infrastructure to support that yet. What you can do is subscribe to the rss feed of my blog, which will give you the information probably less than 1h after the release.

    @Brandon: I don’t have an answer to all your questions, but for now, homebrew compatibility is better with the Patapon exploit. How far we will improve it for the hot shots exploit will depend on users requests.
    I have never worked with team Mars and I will probably never work with them, last time I checked they were just a group of fakers.
    As far as I know, no serious team is planning on releasing a CFW for the new models of PSP anytime soon. But don’t quote me on this, lots of teams like to keep their secrets.
    Regarding online multiplayer, that’s your decision to make. I personally rarely play online, but I know lots of people like this feature, so…

  343. Urahara72 says:

    @wololo well thanks for all your hard work then :)

  344. jean says:

    can somebody please upload a tutorial or something i cant do this with my psp3000 6.31 when i starting everybodys golf umd its shutting down my psp its not work what can it be please help?:(

  345. nick says:

    yah som1 needs to make a tutorial for this…

  346. Prodigio says:

    @wololo, @JJS
    None of you are working on exploit Everybody’s Gold 2 EU?

  347. wololo says:

    @Prodigio: not yet, but we will probably have a look too. Feel free to donate UMDs or PSN coupons so that we can access the game.

  348. NEHAshu says:

    @wololo i request to discover something like we can play isoz n csoz on PSP GO

  349. clockdryve says:

    @jean here is freddy’s link from above (save me time explaining where it is). use something like WINRAR to open this “odd” compressed file format. Now connect your PSP to computer and open up FIRST area of “Open To View Files” at your PC’s popup when you make the USB Data connection (this is the ROOT of your PSP’s memory). Now take the folder in your freddy download http://wololo.net/download.php?f=eur_poc.tar.gz called PSP and DRAG and DROP it in SAME area you see a PSP folder on your popup at Your PC connection. Do NOT drop it inside the other PSP folder…..just anywhere so it looks like there is gonna be 2 of the same folders. NOW click “yes to all” in the popup that will appear…you are combining any like folders now. (this will put the savedata FOLDER were it belongs completely automatic. You COULD open the SAVEDATA folder inside the psp folder on your download and just drag-n-drop (or copy) the UCES00012 folder (UNOPENED) into the SAVEDATA folder on your PSP connection…………..anyway, now then take the “h” file (people call it h.bin) and drop that single (unopened) file on the ROOT of your memory stick. Where ROOT is the area when you first connect your PSP to PC and open the connection to see ALL the folders. DO not put it inside anything….just drag and drop and it will fill it in. Now disconnect and start your UMD game. You wont have emulators or homebrew to play yet. You will see the snow fall and “Hello World” and some peoples names. Soon will be more.

  350. clockdryve says:

    Thank you “wololo and friends” I see you have *new* HBL rev 100 out for download now. I can definatly see an improvement in speed :) Can back down on frameskip with my nes9XTYL now.

  351. JT says:

    Just so all are aware, I downloaded the US version of Hot Shots Open Tee off of PSN just today and HBL rev 100 works on my PSPGo OFW 6.31. Can’t imagine it’ll be up unpatched much longer, HOP TO IT!!!

    As a side note : SNESx9TYL is not working with this rev. Has anyone got a decent SNES emulator to run at good speeds?

  352. clockdryve says:

    I think wololo has a 15 CHOICE link and the snes9XTYL of his version works. How you getting US version of HSGOT to work on 6.31 (?) am I missing something?? I’m running 6.10 pspgo and waithing for my 6.31 pspgo to get the HBL it AINT out yet…..correct? I have the new rev 100 running on my 6.10 as of about 2 hours ago. Just checked again to be sure-YEP, my snesxTYL works.

  353. clockdryve says:

    This is the link you want http://wololo.net/files/hb/snes9xTYL.zip giddie-up :)

  354. clockdryve says:

    I need a DGEN emulator for HBL rev 100 or rev 99 my sega-genesis is suffering.

  355. clockdryve says:

    My B.A.D PicoDrive is the sega-genesis. I read something on it awhile back and thought it was something I couldn’t use. It works fine in HBL rev 100

  356. Moh says:

    Hello i am new to all this stuff and i wanted to ask that i have psp-2000 with 6.31 and how do hack it or something like that??

  357. clockdryve says:

    @Moh, if it’s an earlier version of the PSP 2000 you can purchase a Pandora Battery AND Magic Memory Stick from here http://pandorasales.com/pabaon.html (you shoould get the LED type) can be converted easily between a normal and Pandora battery by push/hold a button on the battery. Now the memory stick http://pandorasales.com/magic-memory-stick-512mb-wit51240133.html I would install the 5.00 M33-6 (there IS an online update to include the 1.50 kernal) *and a small attachment that will allow you to play 6.XX firmware games using the BEST-CFW M33 . **You CAN use a FAT PSP battery (must hold in place) on a slim PSP to hack it…..that way you can ALSO hack a phat PSP (can’t use a slim battery in a phat PSP) So might consider getting a phat (1000) pandora battery. Can actually get a battery at this website PANDORA BATTERY for under $9 but the LED versions are WELL worth the extra :) If you get this KIT and still have problems…..let me know. Should be very easy to do. And you can use this over and over on many PSP’s. So make your money back.

  358. clockdryve says:

    Ooops, with the SLIM you DON’T want to install 1.50 kernal (don’t worry) that would have been a different download anyway ( not on magic memory stick)…..and there is a download for the slim ALSO that allows the 6.XX games to be playable on a 5.00 firmware. So for about $35 you have a toy-box FULL of “FREE” games!!!!!!!!!! :)

  359. travis says:

    i need help i do not know were to place data. the saved file is good but i cant seem to get the came to work it said it is no good. can u plezz help me i really wont this. i downloaded all the files and unziped them. k ok i just put the snes9xTYL in the game file it seems to work. were do i put the eLoader file???? or the SDK file. i think the UCJS10075 file is the game but it wont work. i put the ( h ) file were it said psp video music.can some plezz help me my email is travisgibbs20@yahoo.com

  360. flayer says:

    i downloaded and unzipped all the files and im pretty sure i installed them right but everytime i start the game (hsgot) my psp shuts off. what did i do wrong?

  361. clockdryve says:

    @flayer….get a fresh download http://wololo.net/download.php?f=hsg-poc-wololo.zip now put the “h.bin” folder on ROOT of memory stick, place where you FIRST get connection to pc-psp without opening any folders….THEN take the PSP folder and place in SAME area as original PSP folder (ROOT) now drop and click “ok to all” so that you combine the SAVEDATA folders. Or just open the psp folder on psp and open the savedata folder (same on download) and then drag n drop or COPY that unopened folder UCUS98614 into your savedata on the connection at PC….all is the same *Just that simple to lay the PSP on same area where you have 2 of same folder and click OK to combine. Maybe next time say where and when you goth the download for install, and what PSP you are using AND the installed firmware you have…..you might have ability to run CFW or even HBL right now. Maybe only the “hello world” proof of concept. Don’t know. I’m taking a break….just had back surgery on the 8th. I need to see if the HBL works on 6.31 pspgo because someone said something like that with rev 100 working but his snes9xTYL shutting down. We’ll see…..knowone answered my question so I guess I reach waaaaaay far away with my CRAMPING back to see if the 6.31 has been fully HBL hacked after I install HBL rev 100. Or if I need to continue using my PSP-Go with 6.10 firmware. Woe is me 😉

  362. clockdryve says:

    @flayer….reason I say to get a “fresh download” of the hbl exploit is because the very FIRST download from all over the internet had a MISSING file and needed to be downloaded again from updated locations.

  363. Moh says:

    I dont really want free games but i want to go youtube or have emulators and homebrews.

  364. clockdryve says:

    @Moh you will get that and more with the Pandora install. Otherwise you must continue to wait……because 6.31 firmware is not “fixed” yet to allow homebrew. It will be soon though. There are ways to make a Magic Memory Stick on PC without a HACKED PSP but I dont remember now where the download is available. And a fat PSP battery can be FIXED by taking off the cover and doing some things to the circuit board….but I’m sure thats more involved than you are willing (can ruin the battery if mess up). So just wait it out. I’m sure we’ll all be jumping around within 2 weeks with 6.31 playing emulators. Maybe a lot sooner…………..

  365. clockdryve says:

    @moh, forgot…..you can go to eBay or other places online and purchase “Minna no golf portable” the Japanese UMD golf game and RUN it with the required HBL files from J416’s hack….but as repeated from the previous text made by wololo “the emulators are running slow…..and not all work”. So in the long run Moh>>>>>you would be much happier if you just did the PANDORA to your Slim 2000 version. And then it wont matter WHAT version you install on your PSP, you will be able to downgrade. **All depends on what actual motherboard your PSP 2000 has. Way to much info needed for me to type here to figure out what model you actually have (and you would need to answer questions). You just need to spend a little “quite” time with your computer and psp to find out :) But if you just want to “touch” the surface of what you PSP is capable of doing…..wait a little longer for HBL.

  366. clockdryve says:

    One last thing Moh (and others) I gave a couple links to pandora battery and magic memory stick BEFORE I realized that there is a link to another site on this forum page (top-left side) The PANDORA battery and memory stick are CHEAPER at the link above on this webpage…..the links I gave earlier will cost you MORE.

  367. clockdryve says:

    I am very SURPRISED in how difficult it is to get REAL information on this forum. The HBL is working wth the US version “hot shots golf-open tee” http://wololo.net/wagic/half-byte-loader-for-the-golf-exploit-ofw-6-306-31/ I’ve only asked 2 times…..I found it finally. Boy….all this hassle for a 47 year old guy—->>> FRESH off back surgery on the 8th. Throw me a bone next time guys.

  368. wololo says:

    @clockdryve: to find information, usually wiki or forum formats are better than a blog (which this website is). I never planned to become an official download site for various hacks, it was supposed to be a “once” thing only with the patapon exploit.

    Nevertheless, I believe the “Half Byte Loader” link in the top menu is pretty well organized for people who know what they are looking for: (it’s the main page that links to the page you mentioned) http://wololo.net/wagic/hbl/

    For the rest, I leave it to people on other websites who give their time to make user friendly tutorials and things like this. I personally don’t have (unfortunately) the time to create a 100% user-friendly experience. I expect my readers to use their brain, just like you did, despite your advanced age 😉

  369. clockdryve says:

    Hahaha, got me :) I thought I checked the Half Byte Loader quite a few times. What wasn’t CLEAR is the fact that the HBL download (read me file) *yes….I read those….Had no mention of HSGOT-only the Pantapon2 exploit, AND it says “up to” firmware 6.20 I would think that a simple readme file could be edited to give the basics (considering all the time you guys spent hacking this) **I AM GRATEFUL** but ignorant I suppose :) So when did this come about?? I’ve been hunting (all places) and checking back here since the 24th and ‘today” I find it. WOW :) I read many complaints here…..only read one entry that said IT WAS AVAILABLE, and he was having problems with emulator snes9xTYL (thanks for the link to that also), so I was KINDA thinking he was running 6.20 firmware at best. I really wasn’t directing any of this FLASH towards you wololo. You seem to be a very emotionally stable type. And I wouldn’t DARE bite the hand that feeds me :)

  370. kokoloco says:

    hells yeah damm i was waithing for this a long time finally arrived but it would be hard to get the game since there isno cash now jaja WOLO it could be better if you continue on the patapon demo for the 6.31 then when we recive that the this one is working neatly then we get that and its kool if everyone donates my cousin want to donate and me too so you can continue your excellent work and keeping us away from the boredom jaja

  371. clockdryve says:

    There cannot be a Patapon2 exploit for 6.31 because Sony has FIXED that hole. And $10 isn’t to difficult to get these days. just mow some grass or help someone out…maybe they give you some money, and have enough left over for donate :)

  372. clockdryve says:

    Got a question and don’t EVEN know where to look for the answer (and maybe take a week to find it otherwise) but….I’ve just recently downloaded the “DEV” version of R100 HBL (6.10 PSP Go) and wondering HOW to view this “BUG” mode or what ever…..it seems to be just like the normal version except that it doesn’t use the wallpapers. Any help or a link? Thanks

  373. wololo says:

    @clockdryve: it’s pretty much the same thing as the normal version (except the menu as you said, although the menu itself can be replaced), BUT it generates a file named DBGLOG on your memory stick in the hbl folder. That DBGLOG file can be open with notepad if you’re interested to see what’s inside.

  374. clockdryve says:

    @wololo……sweeeeeet!! Thanks

  375. clockdryve says:

    Hmmmm, not many post here recently…..wololo must have sent everyone to their rooms with an emulator or 2 just “FULL” of Roms!! That’s okay…we’ll forgive him for it 😉

    Question: I tried to replace the xmenu (HBL Pics) back into the Res Folder so that can be enabled again with the DEV Version or R100, but it doesn’t seem to show any of the images. Am I understanding this correctly “although the menu itself can be replaced” as meaning that I can in fact return the background pictures to the HBL menu?? **I am using this on a PSP Go with firmware 6.10** Thanks in advance.

  376. wololo says:

    @clockdryve : you also need to replace the menu’s EBOOT.PBP.
    We basically have 2 menus: the “simple” version (black & white, text only) and “wMenu” which has images.
    The simple menu is just an EBOOT.PBP file.
    wMenu is an EBOOT.PBP + a Res folder.

    Note that wMenu is longer to load, that’s why it is not included in the Dev version of HBL, which is slow.

  377. clockdryve says:

    Thank again for your time wololo.

  378. flayer says:

    Does anyone know whats wrong with the us umd version? I have a psp 3000 with ofw 6.30. i put the h.bin and hbl folders in the root of the memory stick and the save data exploit in the save data folder. at first i thought i just did something wrong but now it doesn’t seem like im the only one having this problem. can anyone help?

  379. clockdryve says:

    @flayer…they are looking into it. In the meantime try to find a copy of the “Greatest Hits” version of Hot Shots Golf Open Tee. There has just been a snag in the plan……US version (old original) has an oddity that is blocking the exploit. Best bet is to get the game from eBay. I purchased another myself yesterday (spare-extra). Or check out your local Gamers or Gamestop that may have one for the going price of about $5 used or $9.95 New.

  380. jeremiah says:

    hey i have a psp 2001 and i want to hack can i

  381. dindo says:

    hello! Wololo!
    Im fr php. Can u help me to downgrade my psp 2000 w/ ta088v3 board and 6.20 version to 5.xx.
    Even u cant fix it, my mind wil never change… As a big fan of ur’s.
    Wololo Go!
    A big cheer 4 a white hacker.

  382. julian says:

    hi i have got a psp 3000 with 6.31
    does a pandora batary work for me?

  383. cody says:

    I have a PSP 2001 with 6.30 and Im not exactly sure what I need to do. I’m still new at this, but if anyone could explain to me what I need and what to do, I would appreciate your help and thnx.

  384. Flames says:

    can someone give me a url that teach me how to hack a my psp!!
    i have a psp 2001 with 6.31 firmware
    i cant buy a pandora battery and i have a 4 gb memory stick
    and do i put games in it and extension do they have to have.

    if i got it brick, how to I revert it back to normal!!

  385. jeff says:

    sr wololo i comment in a wrong point

    sr wololo please dont make it on umd because i am from europe and sr wololo please can you make it to hots shots golf open tee 2 demo begginer please mr wololo you are only that i needed to hack my psp and i have no money sr wololo

    if you see this comment please can you make it sr wololo

    thank you mr wololo

  386. Ikhwan says:


    Im Asian, from Malaysia. It is can work for my psp 3000 version 3.61?. And it is need UMD of this game to exploit version 6.31? someone please help me…

  387. AMARTHYA says:

    Is there any other way to downgrade my psp 3004 firmware version 6.30.
    Help me too….

  388. AMARTHYA says:

    hey ikhwan
    I think so we can make a pandora battery
    And we can downgrade our psp 6.30 and 6.31

  389. jean estrada says:

    hey man does this still work for the psp go because i dont want to buy the game and then find out it dont work please reply back ty.

  390. PsP FrEaK says:


    Sorry Dude U cant Downgrade PsP 6.30 If it is 3004 cause Sony Changed the

    MotherBoard If you Try UR Psp Will GEt Bricked

  391. PsP FrEaK says:

    Btw I guess Only HEllo world CAn Be Shown !!

  392. shail says:

    i have psp 2004 of version 6.30 …i wants to crack this…how to run games ..pls tell me

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