HBL Released for 6.30/6.31


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403 Responses

  1. Moh says:

    Hello i am new to all this stuff and i wanted to ask that i have psp-2000 with 6.31 and how do hack it or something like that??

  2. clockdryve says:

    @Moh, if it’s an earlier version of the PSP 2000 you can purchase a Pandora Battery AND Magic Memory Stick from here http://pandorasales.com/pabaon.html (you shoould get the LED type) can be converted easily between a normal and Pandora battery by push/hold a button on the battery. Now the memory stick http://pandorasales.com/magic-memory-stick-512mb-wit51240133.html I would install the 5.00 M33-6 (there IS an online update to include the 1.50 kernal) *and a small attachment that will allow you to play 6.XX firmware games using the BEST-CFW M33 . **You CAN use a FAT PSP battery (must hold in place) on a slim PSP to hack it…..that way you can ALSO hack a phat PSP (can’t use a slim battery in a phat PSP) So might consider getting a phat (1000) pandora battery. Can actually get a battery at this website PANDORA BATTERY for under $9 but the LED versions are WELL worth the extra :) If you get this KIT and still have problems…..let me know. Should be very easy to do. And you can use this over and over on many PSP’s. So make your money back.

  3. clockdryve says:

    Ooops, with the SLIM you DON’T want to install 1.50 kernal (don’t worry) that would have been a different download anyway ( not on magic memory stick)…..and there is a download for the slim ALSO that allows the 6.XX games to be playable on a 5.00 firmware. So for about $35 you have a toy-box FULL of “FREE” games!!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. travis says:

    i need help i do not know were to place data. the saved file is good but i cant seem to get the came to work it said it is no good. can u plezz help me i really wont this. i downloaded all the files and unziped them. k ok i just put the snes9xTYL in the game file it seems to work. were do i put the eLoader file???? or the SDK file. i think the UCJS10075 file is the game but it wont work. i put the ( h ) file were it said psp video music.can some plezz help me my email is travisgibbs20@yahoo.com

  5. flayer says:

    i downloaded and unzipped all the files and im pretty sure i installed them right but everytime i start the game (hsgot) my psp shuts off. what did i do wrong?

  6. clockdryve says:

    @flayer….get a fresh download http://wololo.net/download.php?f=hsg-poc-wololo.zip now put the “h.bin” folder on ROOT of memory stick, place where you FIRST get connection to pc-psp without opening any folders….THEN take the PSP folder and place in SAME area as original PSP folder (ROOT) now drop and click “ok to all” so that you combine the SAVEDATA folders. Or just open the psp folder on psp and open the savedata folder (same on download) and then drag n drop or COPY that unopened folder UCUS98614 into your savedata on the connection at PC….all is the same *Just that simple to lay the PSP on same area where you have 2 of same folder and click OK to combine. Maybe next time say where and when you goth the download for install, and what PSP you are using AND the installed firmware you have…..you might have ability to run CFW or even HBL right now. Maybe only the “hello world” proof of concept. Don’t know. I’m taking a break….just had back surgery on the 8th. I need to see if the HBL works on 6.31 pspgo because someone said something like that with rev 100 working but his snes9xTYL shutting down. We’ll see…..knowone answered my question so I guess I reach waaaaaay far away with my CRAMPING back to see if the 6.31 has been fully HBL hacked after I install HBL rev 100. Or if I need to continue using my PSP-Go with 6.10 firmware. Woe is me 😉

  7. clockdryve says:

    @flayer….reason I say to get a “fresh download” of the hbl exploit is because the very FIRST download from all over the internet had a MISSING file and needed to be downloaded again from updated locations.

  8. Moh says:

    I dont really want free games but i want to go youtube or have emulators and homebrews.

  9. clockdryve says:

    @Moh you will get that and more with the Pandora install. Otherwise you must continue to wait……because 6.31 firmware is not “fixed” yet to allow homebrew. It will be soon though. There are ways to make a Magic Memory Stick on PC without a HACKED PSP but I dont remember now where the download is available. And a fat PSP battery can be FIXED by taking off the cover and doing some things to the circuit board….but I’m sure thats more involved than you are willing (can ruin the battery if mess up). So just wait it out. I’m sure we’ll all be jumping around within 2 weeks with 6.31 playing emulators. Maybe a lot sooner…………..

  10. clockdryve says:

    @moh, forgot…..you can go to eBay or other places online and purchase “Minna no golf portable” the Japanese UMD golf game and RUN it with the required HBL files from J416’s hack….but as repeated from the previous text made by wololo “the emulators are running slow…..and not all work”. So in the long run Moh>>>>>you would be much happier if you just did the PANDORA to your Slim 2000 version. And then it wont matter WHAT version you install on your PSP, you will be able to downgrade. **All depends on what actual motherboard your PSP 2000 has. Way to much info needed for me to type here to figure out what model you actually have (and you would need to answer questions). You just need to spend a little “quite” time with your computer and psp to find out :) But if you just want to “touch” the surface of what you PSP is capable of doing…..wait a little longer for HBL.

  11. clockdryve says:

    One last thing Moh (and others) I gave a couple links to pandora battery and magic memory stick BEFORE I realized that there is a link to another site on this forum page (top-left side) The PANDORA battery and memory stick are CHEAPER at the link above on this webpage…..the links I gave earlier will cost you MORE.

  12. clockdryve says:

    I am very SURPRISED in how difficult it is to get REAL information on this forum. The HBL is working wth the US version “hot shots golf-open tee” http://wololo.net/wagic/half-byte-loader-for-the-golf-exploit-ofw-6-306-31/ I’ve only asked 2 times…..I found it finally. Boy….all this hassle for a 47 year old guy—->>> FRESH off back surgery on the 8th. Throw me a bone next time guys.

  13. wololo says:

    @clockdryve: to find information, usually wiki or forum formats are better than a blog (which this website is). I never planned to become an official download site for various hacks, it was supposed to be a “once” thing only with the patapon exploit.

    Nevertheless, I believe the “Half Byte Loader” link in the top menu is pretty well organized for people who know what they are looking for: (it’s the main page that links to the page you mentioned) http://wololo.net/wagic/hbl/

    For the rest, I leave it to people on other websites who give their time to make user friendly tutorials and things like this. I personally don’t have (unfortunately) the time to create a 100% user-friendly experience. I expect my readers to use their brain, just like you did, despite your advanced age 😉

  14. clockdryve says:

    Hahaha, got me :) I thought I checked the Half Byte Loader quite a few times. What wasn’t CLEAR is the fact that the HBL download (read me file) *yes….I read those….Had no mention of HSGOT-only the Pantapon2 exploit, AND it says “up to” firmware 6.20 I would think that a simple readme file could be edited to give the basics (considering all the time you guys spent hacking this) **I AM GRATEFUL** but ignorant I suppose :) So when did this come about?? I’ve been hunting (all places) and checking back here since the 24th and ‘today” I find it. WOW :) I read many complaints here…..only read one entry that said IT WAS AVAILABLE, and he was having problems with emulator snes9xTYL (thanks for the link to that also), so I was KINDA thinking he was running 6.20 firmware at best. I really wasn’t directing any of this FLASH towards you wololo. You seem to be a very emotionally stable type. And I wouldn’t DARE bite the hand that feeds me :)

  15. kokoloco says:

    hells yeah damm i was waithing for this a long time finally arrived but it would be hard to get the game since there isno cash now jaja WOLO it could be better if you continue on the patapon demo for the 6.31 then when we recive that the this one is working neatly then we get that and its kool if everyone donates my cousin want to donate and me too so you can continue your excellent work and keeping us away from the boredom jaja

  16. clockdryve says:

    There cannot be a Patapon2 exploit for 6.31 because Sony has FIXED that hole. And $10 isn’t to difficult to get these days. just mow some grass or help someone out…maybe they give you some money, and have enough left over for donate :)

  17. clockdryve says:

    Got a question and don’t EVEN know where to look for the answer (and maybe take a week to find it otherwise) but….I’ve just recently downloaded the “DEV” version of R100 HBL (6.10 PSP Go) and wondering HOW to view this “BUG” mode or what ever…..it seems to be just like the normal version except that it doesn’t use the wallpapers. Any help or a link? Thanks

  18. wololo says:

    @clockdryve: it’s pretty much the same thing as the normal version (except the menu as you said, although the menu itself can be replaced), BUT it generates a file named DBGLOG on your memory stick in the hbl folder. That DBGLOG file can be open with notepad if you’re interested to see what’s inside.

  19. clockdryve says:

    @wololo……sweeeeeet!! Thanks

  20. clockdryve says:

    Hmmmm, not many post here recently…..wololo must have sent everyone to their rooms with an emulator or 2 just “FULL” of Roms!! That’s okay…we’ll forgive him for it 😉

    Question: I tried to replace the xmenu (HBL Pics) back into the Res Folder so that can be enabled again with the DEV Version or R100, but it doesn’t seem to show any of the images. Am I understanding this correctly “although the menu itself can be replaced” as meaning that I can in fact return the background pictures to the HBL menu?? **I am using this on a PSP Go with firmware 6.10** Thanks in advance.

  21. wololo says:

    @clockdryve : you also need to replace the menu’s EBOOT.PBP.
    We basically have 2 menus: the “simple” version (black & white, text only) and “wMenu” which has images.
    The simple menu is just an EBOOT.PBP file.
    wMenu is an EBOOT.PBP + a Res folder.

    Note that wMenu is longer to load, that’s why it is not included in the Dev version of HBL, which is slow.

  22. clockdryve says:

    Thank again for your time wololo.

  23. flayer says:

    Does anyone know whats wrong with the us umd version? I have a psp 3000 with ofw 6.30. i put the h.bin and hbl folders in the root of the memory stick and the save data exploit in the save data folder. at first i thought i just did something wrong but now it doesn’t seem like im the only one having this problem. can anyone help?

  24. clockdryve says:

    @flayer…they are looking into it. In the meantime try to find a copy of the “Greatest Hits” version of Hot Shots Golf Open Tee. There has just been a snag in the plan……US version (old original) has an oddity that is blocking the exploit. Best bet is to get the game from eBay. I purchased another myself yesterday (spare-extra). Or check out your local Gamers or Gamestop that may have one for the going price of about $5 used or $9.95 New.

  25. jeremiah says:

    hey i have a psp 2001 and i want to hack can i

  26. dindo says:

    hello! Wololo!
    Im fr php. Can u help me to downgrade my psp 2000 w/ ta088v3 board and 6.20 version to 5.xx.
    Even u cant fix it, my mind wil never change… As a big fan of ur’s.
    Wololo Go!
    A big cheer 4 a white hacker.

  27. julian says:

    hi i have got a psp 3000 with 6.31
    does a pandora batary work for me?

  28. cody says:

    I have a PSP 2001 with 6.30 and Im not exactly sure what I need to do. I’m still new at this, but if anyone could explain to me what I need and what to do, I would appreciate your help and thnx.

  29. Flames says:

    can someone give me a url that teach me how to hack a my psp!!
    i have a psp 2001 with 6.31 firmware
    i cant buy a pandora battery and i have a 4 gb memory stick
    and do i put games in it and extension do they have to have.

    if i got it brick, how to I revert it back to normal!!

  30. jeff says:

    sr wololo i comment in a wrong point

    sr wololo please dont make it on umd because i am from europe and sr wololo please can you make it to hots shots golf open tee 2 demo begginer please mr wololo you are only that i needed to hack my psp and i have no money sr wololo

    if you see this comment please can you make it sr wololo

    thank you mr wololo

  31. Ikhwan says:


    Im Asian, from Malaysia. It is can work for my psp 3000 version 3.61?. And it is need UMD of this game to exploit version 6.31? someone please help me…

  32. AMARTHYA says:

    Is there any other way to downgrade my psp 3004 firmware version 6.30.
    Help me too….

  33. AMARTHYA says:

    hey ikhwan
    I think so we can make a pandora battery
    And we can downgrade our psp 6.30 and 6.31

  34. jean estrada says:

    hey man does this still work for the psp go because i dont want to buy the game and then find out it dont work please reply back ty.

  35. PsP FrEaK says:


    Sorry Dude U cant Downgrade PsP 6.30 If it is 3004 cause Sony Changed the

    MotherBoard If you Try UR Psp Will GEt Bricked

  36. PsP FrEaK says:

    Btw I guess Only HEllo world CAn Be Shown !!

  37. shail says:

    i have psp 2004 of version 6.30 …i wants to crack this…how to run games ..pls tell me

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