HBL Released for 6.30/6.31

Update:Added the US SDK, plus the EU Hello World
J416 finally released his port of the HBL for the firmware 6.30/6.31. The port uses an exploit in the Japanese version of the game Minna no golf portable. People who currently want to enjoy Homebrew on their 6.30/6.31 PSP need an original JP UMD of this game. Compatibility of the exploit with the PSN version of the game has been confirmed, for the US and EU versions of the game.

I haven’t tested HBL through this exploit yet, as I wanted the news out of the door asap, but I’ll be working on merging this port into the HBL SVN codebase in the days to come. Download links below.

HBL Currently only works with the Japanese version of Minna no golf, but Mamosuke confirmed that a similar exploit exists in Minna no golf 2, and I confirmed that the exploit exists in the US Version, “Hot Shots golf”. We will be working hard in the days/weeks to come, to adapt HBL to as many versions of the game as possible, meanwhile, here’s a summary list:

  • Minna no golf portable (JP UMD): Exploitable, runs HBL (J416′s port)
  • Minna no golf portable (JP PSN): Probably Exploitable, untested
  • Minna no golf portable 2 (JP UMD): Exploitable, Hello World by Mamosuke
  • Minna no golf portable 2 (JP PSN): Probably Exploitable, untested
  • Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee (US UMD and PSN Version): Exploitable, Hello World by wololo (SDK)
  • Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 (US UMD): probably exploitable
  • Everybody’s golf (EU UMD and PSN Version): Exploitable, Hello World by FrEdDy
  • Eveybody’s golf 2 (EU UMD): probably exploitable
  • Everybody’s golf 2 (EU PSN): probably exploitable

Do NOT buy the non JP versions of the game just based on hope. As long as nothing’s released, a promise is as good as a fake. Only trust releases. In other words, consider that for now, HBL only works with the JP version of the game!!!
Enjoy :)

  1. AMARTHYA’s avatar

    Is there any other way to downgrade my psp 3004 firmware version 6.30.
    Help me too….


  2. AMARTHYA’s avatar

    hey ikhwan
    I think so we can make a pandora battery
    And we can downgrade our psp 6.30 and 6.31


  3. jean estrada’s avatar

    hey man does this still work for the psp go because i dont want to buy the game and then find out it dont work please reply back ty.


  4. PsP FrEaK’s avatar


    Sorry Dude U cant Downgrade PsP 6.30 If it is 3004 cause Sony Changed the

    MotherBoard If you Try UR Psp Will GEt Bricked


  5. PsP FrEaK’s avatar

    Btw I guess Only HEllo world CAn Be Shown !!


  6. shail’s avatar

    i have psp 2004 of version 6.30 …i wants to crack this…how to run games ..pls tell me


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