J416′s exploit will be revealed in 24h

J416 announced in his blog that he will reveal the name of the game in his exploit on the 24th at 10PM, I assume Japan time. That’s in 24h. I won’t spoil the fun, but be sure that I’ll announce it here as soon as possible.

I’ve received a bunch of questions regarding this release, so let me answer a few of them quickly: I am not directly related to this release therefore I don’t control the release date. Regarding the port itself, I assume that j416 adapted HBL R85 to his exploit (that’s the revision he was working on when he started). Neverheless, once his sources are released, we will do whatever we can to merge j416′s code into our SVN, so that both the Patapon version and this new version get synchronized to the latest revision.

Currently the HBL has only be adapted to the Japanese version of the game as far as I know. But the US version is vulnerable too (and, most likely, the EU version as well) so I believe porting it to this version will be doable in a reasonable amount of time.

This version of HBL will probably have performances similar to the HBL on PSP 3000/2000 on 6.20. The PSPGo on 6.20 had a “perfect syscall” mechanism (thanks mostly to JJS’ work), but it relied on a small kernel vulnerability which has apparently been patched.

Remember, this is an exploit in a UMD game, and HBL will only allow you to play homebrews. Don’t buy the game for an insane price.

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    how 2 play game iso or cso???


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