J416’s exploit will be revealed in 24h


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101 Responses

  1. brandonheat8 says:

    i’m pretty good at guessing stuff so i am going to guess what game it is, also i get 3 guesses :) ok i guess persona (any of them) mgs peace walker, and finally monster hunter (any of them) i hope im wrong for i have none of those games :) can’t wait to find out if i was right.

  2. Rapier838 says:

    Could you please say how much the game costs on PSN and Amazon?

  3. Hypermephiles says:

    one question for people why can’t Someone download the Japan version from PSN and post it as a torrent for everyone

  4. saul says:

    will it even work for PSN copy?

  5. ka0zx3 says:

    amm so it gonna be at 10 am?? because u said in 24h but how the heck we know at what time u post this!!?

  6. rool says:

    The HBL for 6.31 release at 10:00 p.m. of the Japanese time.

    So…please check the time of your country.


    Sorry for my bad English.

    Thank you.

  7. It will be at 22:00 Japan time. That’s 10pm. In the United States that will be 9am on the East cost, 8 am in the Central timezone, 7am in the mountain timezone, and 6am on the West cost.

    And PSN games can’t be pirated without CFW. This is due to the license required to run the game.

  8. Danny says:

    released at 22:00 tuesday ( 2:00pm UK Time )

  9. jlo138 says:

    @Organized_Chaos, “And PSN games can’t be pirated without CFW. This is due to the license required to run the game.”

    True, but with multiple PSP’s on one account (up to 5) it can be shared with the other PSP’s on the same account when only purchasing the game once.

  10. alexa says:

    a lot of drama in order to run emulators and homebrew.

    What is important is to run isos.

    If you really are check out a custom firmware hackers.

    The real hackers are those of the xbox scene

  11. Mud says:

    lol, the anticipation is killing me.. :)

  12. Hypermephiles says:

    i relize that but licence is in a file so put the liscence file in the torrent as well

  13. Saul says:

    So will iy work if i buy it off PSN becuse i hve psp go.

  14. Hypermephiles says:

    yeah because you can’t play umds on th GO

  15. Vandurol123 says:

    Okay guys, you can’t torrent the damn thing because:
    1) If it is a UMD, it rips into a ISO (unless you burn it onto a blank UMD). And you cannot play ISOs on a non-hacked PSP even with HBL

    2)If it is a PSN copy, it has a license file with a PSN account info attached to it. It is encrypted and cannot be edited. So even if you put it up for torrent. You MUST have the account information of which it was bought. (Which I don’t think anyone is willing to give it up, PLUS only 5 PSP’s can have the save PSN account ).

    So its a no-go… (don’t complain, don’t argue, go waste your time attempting it and ultimately fail.)

    @Saul, Yes but you have to buy it VERY QUICK else they will take it down and patch it. (But I don’t think its possible to buy it quick since Sony will be on this blog like glue. They will remove it virtually instantaneously!

  16. terminator157 (lololol) or (cameraguy256) says:

    yay, this is great , it is also my birthday today, it just keeps getting better and better!!! :)

  17. DarXPloit_$a1 says:

    and what if sony´s server would be down 1 minute before 10 pm. Then the exploit would be revealed at 10 pm and no go user had the chance…
    In my opinion this is waste…

  18. Vandurol123 says:


    I did not think about that… OWNED PSP GO USERS LOL!

  19. CARAKETO says:

    something is better than nothing but it is better to work on a custom in the HBL fireware

  20. wololo says:

    @JJ : I believe sony have better systems than that, such as a way to monitor their own sales. When they see that a game sells much more than predicted, it probably triggers an alarm on their side. Most big companies have such systems.
    It is foolish to believe that they won’t react quickly, whatever way this thing gets announced. Also, even if they take days to patch the thing, at some point they will release a firmware update which will prevent people from accessing the PSN again. So, as always, this is only temporary.

    @DarXPloit_$a1: yes, but this is how it is now with game exploits… no luck for psp Go owners. Also, remember that the exploit has NOT been tested on a psp go so far. We don’t know if it works on the PSN version. At least I don’t.

  21. JJ says:

    @wololo yes of course..and they may have even better systems than that..or not … we are just speculating at the end of the day.

    But you certainly are doing the work of figuring out the time when the exploit will be revealed for them..that allows for sure quicker reaction than the best monitoring system you can think of and reduces the window of opportunity….just a thought

  22. Saul says:

    @wololo what i have the game already? Oh BTW Hey people working for playstation! how are you?

  23. Yosafat says:

    hbl rev 98 was launched simultaneously with the version of j416?

  24. xXSEEEKERXx says:

    But but psp go is still a psp with same vulnerbilities right? (freaking out when wololo said psp go not tested)

  25. MR.IMSOL0L says:

    psp go sucks why did you buy it eh ?

    the screen will go off
    no umd
    smaller screen
    meny fings dont work on psp go

    buy psp 1001 eny ofw put in pandora ur done :)
    like i just did yesterday before buying go got 2 psp psp 2000 from a friend and psp 1001 from gamestop,

  26. saul says:

    so i could buy m rated games

  27. wololo says:

    @JJ: true. Let me emphasize the fact that I’m not related to this release. J416 decided to do it like this, and since it his exploit, it’s good to let him do it his way. Anyways, there’s never a good way to announce a game exploit.

    @xXSEEEKERXx: most likely, the exploit exists in the PSN version of the game, but don’t quote me on this, I haven’t tried it.

  28. Darkness134 says:

    ***, so no one even got a psn copy from torrent. I dont think you guys get this (i am messed a lot with this sort of thing). Heres what COULD of happened, Someone download the game, put it out for download, I/WE could of have bought the game, then all you do is download THAT game from you account and just replace the eboot with the torrent eboot. idk how many times i have to say this THE EBOOT IS NOT SPECIFICALLY TIED TO THAT PARTICULAR LICENSE, JUST TO ANY LICENSE FOR THAT GAME. NO MATTER THE VERSION OF THE GAME.

  29. xXSEEEKERXx says:

    a liittle light was britghtend with your post wololo i miss the hombrew scene very much.

  30. Oh nooooo says:

    Okay that a little bad for psp go users..For must part most of us will be in school. Im pretty sure sony is going to get working as soon as the game is reveled xD

  31. wololo says:

    @Darkness134: yes, I believe you are right.

  32. shura says:

    i didnt anderstand one thing:
    you cannot share the game because you need the account of the person who downloaded the game? but the game is signed so i thing anyone can play it. correct me if im wrong.
    last question, is there any demo of that game?

    sorry for my bad english… thanks

  33. mamosuke says:

    I think you don’t have to buy exploitable games if your psp is 6.20 because you can use patapon2 exploit.

    His exploit is useful only for 6.30/6.31 users. When someone would find VSH exploit, you could update your PSP and be glad to enjoy it.

  34. DarXPloit_$a1 says:

    @mamosuke: Yep, a vsh exploit would be awesome ^^

  35. UNBORN says:

    hey guys!
    if u gonna buy the umd for insane price?why dont u just buy a pandora battery?? umd cost up to 50 bucks while the pandora cost 6 bucks?use ur brain ok!! this exploit ONLY runs basic homebrew! so dont waste ur money to that *** umd!!

  36. wololo says:

    @UNBORN: Pandora batteries don’t work on new PSP models

  37. UNBORN says:

    @wololo: datel creates a new pandora battery for psp 3000,its like a jigkick battery that u can switch to pandora mode to normal battery mode.

  38. JJ says:

    @Darkness134: ..then again thats a lot of speculation..could work but if I were Sony I would sign the build for the user..just like apple signs the builds of their apps for the specific user that bought it. Then is impossible to transfer it in any way

    @wololo: absolutely…I am just doing some out loud thinking..may be we will find a good way some day 😉

    And as you say it is this japenes’ guy work he can share it in any way he wants

    Good job with HBL btw Im finally having lots of fun developing for my PSP I got back in the december, thanks to you

  39. UNBORN says:

    @wololo: anyway men.im not pushing u to release this but when will u gonna release the new version of hbl? just asking 😀


  40. JJ says:

    * when I was talking about apple signing apps for the users I meant the iphone

  41. UNBORN says:

    anyway guys!
    i`ve found a crash in a movie! just asking if it will gonna be an exploit?

  42. TiPi says:

    @Unborn: test it with psp link and post the result on advancedpsp.tk. If it’s interesting. What’s not interesting? Breakpoints!

  43. sony says:

    im watching…

  44. Freddy says:

    This will be a waste…

  45. TiPi says:

    15 minutes left..

  46. NEHAshu says:

    m updated

  47. ?? says:

    Oh God ?he is Japanese.I don’t know what does he write in his bolg.
    what a Beiju~Can him translate his bolg to english or chinese~please

  48. Hypermephiles says:

    just use google translate btw i hope the game is crisis core

  49. NEHAshu says:

    any one is there over here???

  50. NEHAshu says:

    last 10 minutes

  51. Afkey says:

    8 Dudes! :)))

  52. ?? says:


  53. NEHAshu says:

    LAST 1 MINUTE…count down….

  54. wicko says:

    and the game is………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  55. ?? says:

    haha it is about time

  56. ?? says:

    then~ what is going on?

  57. Hypermephiles says:

    Come on Post it You made me update because the button issue in Rev 97

  58. TiPi says:

    The website is down.. probably too much users trying to connect..

  59. NEHAshu says:

    is it really going to release 2day or some other day????

  60. Erik says:

    His blog was DDosed. Read his twitter http://twitter.com/j416dy

  61. wololo says:

    Don’t be too angry guys, it’s not like I have the files, I’m waiting like everybody else :)

  62. Streetking says:

    Now what is the GAME????

  63. ?? says:

    oh god ?twitter is not permitted in china….damn

  64. TiPi says:


  65. SeanC994 says:

    Read his twitter you’ll see the game name. It looks to be a Golf game.

  66. Vandurol says:

    But you have the game name right wololo? 😉

    (Not implying that you should say it).

  67. Streetking says:

    Mina no Golf Portable [Japan] ***?

  68. Hypermephiles says:

    SAY It IVe been Waiting to log

  69. NEHAshu says:

    think they will need 1 more week

  70. ?? says:

    who can tell me what the game is?i can not open twitter in china

  71. Vandurol says:

    Everybody’s GOLF 9

    Translated from his twitter.

  72. TiPi says:

    Eveybodys golf, Hot Shot gold in usa

  73. ?? says:

    IT IS THE EVEYBODY’S GOLF PSP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. wicko says:

    ????GOLF ?????

  75. Hypermephiles says:

    Look wololo Caused the button issue which made me think I was being controlled by a virus so I updated If He doesn’t Say it I will be pisssed

  76. filly says:

    Such an old game. I wonder if that’s got anything to do with the exploit…

  77. K says:

    He doesn’t named it yet. It’s only a user gessing the title that said Everybody Love Golf (UCJS10001)

  78. ?? says:

    “?????????GOLF ???????” j416dy says

  79. NEHAshu says:

    & the game is Everybody’s title is a portable GOLF

  80. Hypermephiles says:

    PORTABLE 2 or 1

  81. Streetking says:

    Is it the PSone one or the other one?

  82. Hypermephiles says:

    for some friggin reason i knew it was going to be a golf game idk why

  83. Hypermephiles says:

    if it’s umd its not psone

  84. Vandurol says:

    Go to wololo’s front page. He updated.

  85. Dude says:

    Hot Shot Golf huh? Now we’ll just have to waith and see if the exploit works in the western versions.

  86. TiPi says:

    Just bought it, will test the exploit on the EU version! 😉

  87. Samy says:

    Ganz ehrlich
    Ich check grad garnichts mehr
    bidde schreibt hier irgendjemand einfach nur den Namen des spiels
    und den download link
    bidde !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Samy says:

    Ganz ehrlich
    Ich check grad garnichts mehr
    bidde schreibt hier irgendjemand einfach nur den Namen des spiels
    und den download link
    bidde !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. NEHAshu says:

    will any1 tell me the procedure…rply

  90. PSPlovaa says:

    @TiPi does the EU version work??!!

  91. ask'er says:

    EU= Everybody’s Golf 1 or 2
    But does everyone uses savegame: UCJS10001 ??

  92. iz_rx says:

    how 2 play game iso or cso???

  1. August 25, 2010

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