Half Byte Loader R96 a.k.a. JJS rocks

If you haven’t noticed, the latest cool updates to HBL are thanks to our genius fellow coder JJS. JJS recently found a way to perfectly estimate most syscalls on most models of the PSP. What this means to the end user is that for example your favorite emulators will now run at full speed without the need for a configuration file, and without sacrificing stability. It also means that some homebrews will now work better (JJS mentions that Opera mini on the Java VM now works perfectly fine without stopping during the install process).

There’s a small drawback though. This update doesn’t improve HBL on firmware 6.20 for the PSP 2000 and PSP3000. JJS found a way to have it work on the PSPGo 6.20, but unfortunately it relies on a trick that works only for this model. I know I said a few weeks ago that it was fine to update to 6.20, and people will probably hate me for that, but hopefully we’ll make progress on these models and this firmware one day too.

For the models on which this change works (that is, all models and firmwares, except PSP2000 on 6.20 and PSP3000 on 6.20), emulators run at their native speed without a need to use any specific configuration overrides (actually, configuration overrides – a.k.a. syscall hooks – will not work anymore for models that have this perfect syscall estimation, because by definition, they are not needed anymore)

Here’s an example with Daedalus R13 running Mario64 on a psp go. both R95 and R96 are run “out of the box” with no specific configuration.

to make it clearer, this change improves HBL on the following machines: PSP1000/2000/3000 for all firmwares except 6.20. PSP Go for all firmwares, including 6.20. Of course, HBL is still compatible with all psp models up to firmware 6.20 included, and no, this change doesn’t magically bring compatibility with firmware 6.30 or 6.31, so don’t ask.

Once again a huge improvement to HBL, download here and enjoy :)

  1. Death Fish’s avatar

    Hii Wololo!! Your work is amazing! But I have a question.. What HBL could do in the end of your work? Do you think that HBL will ever run games from PSOne? thx 8-)


  2. SgT_R4Z0r!’s avatar

    lol 2-3 min mine 10s or 15 it starts fast maybe its time to reformat ur mem stick ?


  3. shadyblue’s avatar

    i think i over exagerated when i counted it takes 35-45 sec but still not as fast as urs which takes seconds wololo


  4. JJS’s avatar

    Looks like you are using the debug version. The release build is much faster.


  5. shadyblue’s avatar

    no i downloaded the non debug version of r96 and it works the same as r95


  6. Dex’s avatar

    @Death Fish

    Well you could give one or two games a try. A while back i had Driver 2 converted (from my own purchased copy of the game) to an EBOOT for my PSP 3000 and tried loading it in HBL. Didnt work of course but i’d say it could work at some point. For now, keep trying. I cant eight now as i seem to have misplaced my collection of PSone games :P


  7. dub king’s avatar

    what makes homebrew’s programming different from demos n other eboots? i mean what gives demos the ability to start up but homebrews cant?


  8. wololo’s avatar

    @dub king: signature/encryption.


  9. pop’s avatar

    @Jimjim i didn’t misread it -.-’ my psp isn’t a psp GO its a 3000….AND now it’s on 6.20 :’(


  10. Wolfdawg’s avatar



  11. dub king’s avatar

    den cant we use sumthing like patapon 2 demo and while keeping same encryption and signiture just rewrite the contents?


  12. JJS’s avatar

    @dub king: No, because:
    1. We are not (and never will be) able to encrypt an Eboot because we know neither the key nor the exact encryption method.
    2. If it would be easy (or at all possible) to find two files that produce the same signature, then what would be the point of having the signature in the first place?


  13. vandurol123’s avatar

    If it were that easy, it would have been done by now…


  14. BoNeZz’s avatar

    plz wolol dont worry about 2000 and 1000 psp they have pandora work on our 6.20 problem plzzz….. much oblaged…i cant spell


  15. Monster’s avatar

    Wol, I love your program! I bought a used PSP when I learned about your loader and I’ve been enjoying it ever since with the help of HBL. I think I’ve played an actual PSP game for a mere 30 m total. Keep up the great work.


  16. dick’s avatar

    make a release compatible with Defense Station Portable


  17. titane2000’s avatar

    Hi Wololo! Can tell me why daedalus don’t work on my psp with the hblR97 and daedalusR13. I’ve a psp 3004 with OFW 5.55. Can you also make compatible de HBL with a popsloader to play my old PSONE game i’ve purchased and now if i want to play with it i’ve to pay another time to sony that’s not just.
    Thank for your answer


  18. Caio’s avatar

    Is it still worth updating from 6.10 to 6.20 just to install HEN, even though I will lose perfect syscall estimation?


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