Half Byte Loader R96 a.k.a. JJS rocks


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119 Responses

  1. shadyblue says:

    :( y do u hate me so much hbl… So why doesnt it affect 2000/3000 with 6.20? And how soon will it if so?

    P.s. JJS… Are u god?

  2. Unborn says:

    Hey Wololo!
    is that true?
    hbl doesnt work on psp 2000 6.20 anymore??
    What the F***!!!
    think about us!
    when u disable hbl in psp 2000/3000 6.20 many people will be disapointed in you!
    this is why u created hbl right? for psp 6.20?
    so please! dont!

  3. JJS says:

    Before this is getting out of hand: HBL R96 is still working THE SAME as R95 on 6.20 on a 1000/2000/3000.

  4. wololo says:

    @Unborn: you misunderstood. HBL still works on 6.20 for the PSP 2000. It’s just that this change will probably not bring much to people who have a 2000/3000 on 6.20.
    Please read the article again, in a quiet room, I specifically said: “Of course, HBL is still compatible with all psp models up to firmware 6.20 included”

  5. Unborn says:

    Ohh yeah!
    im verry srry dude!
    btw thumbs up!
    great work!
    anyway its r96 ^^

  6. Krozoa says:

    great release, thanks wololo and team and also JJS, i dont know how HBL can be better than it is now, but i know you will surprise me guys

  7. rafael707 says:

    To wololo and all other members of the HBL project, thank you for your freeware, i appreciate it, loving the snes + super mario right now.

    Keep up the success, good luck to you

  8. kode says:

    keep up the gud work!

  9. Diego2712 says:

    WWWWTTTFFFF.,.,????? the people who has a psp 2000/3000 can’t enjoy full speed on mario 64 T_T whhyy?? buut are you going to try to fix a solution?? please T_T

  10. wololo says:

    @Diego2712: ask yourself: what was the firmware of your PSP when you bought it, when did you upgrade, and why? You then get a somewhat accurate answer as to “why you can’t enjoy full speed on Mario 64″

    We are of course looking for solutions, but with a psp 2000, you could probably be enjoying the chikHen right now, so you probably are the answer to your own question 😀

  11. bobthecow says:

    Damn, no improvements over hbl r95 on slim.

  12. Zanbat says:

    Darn… why did I ever upgraded to 6.20 when I already have 6.10… Wololo and devs be sure to not forget about those who upgrade to 6.20 in the next version.

  13. sonyfanboy says:


  14. Krozoa says:

    guys wololo already told you that is gonna be a fix in the near future dont continue asking why

  15. hiv says:

    Thanks and keep up great work.

  16. Krozoa says:

    i forgot to mention something that got my attention, in the other HBL revisions the battery life percent of lifetime wanst working properly and now with this it is, not to important but is something :)

  17. Jimjim says:

    @pop – You misread. This update mainly increases performance for PSPGo’s with 6.20.

  18. wololo says:

    @Jimjim : everything that’s not a psp2000 on 6.20 or 3000 on 6.20, actually.

  19. nickxab says:

    Good job guys. 😀

  20. kondzio says:

    Can someone please put here link to Deadlus which will work on hbl r96?

  21. Razorbacktrack says:

    Thanks a lot wololo!

  22. kalte says:

    What a good news! Thank you guys for your hard work!!

    PS: luckily for me I didn’t listened when you said to update to 6.20, I’m still in 5.50.

  23. Wolfdawg says:

    Awwwww :(
    Well ill just have to wait even longer
    Stupid FW 6.20

  24. Danny says:

    @ kondzio….. Daedalus R14 beta woeks with hbl, you can download it from the page i have linked to below, all things listed at that site work with r96.


  25. cheeze6661 says:

    Well…. I acquired my psp 3000 already in firmware 6.20 so…. Nothing I can do there. All I can do for now is wait and see if you guys will be able to add this fix to these models in the future. Thanks for all the hard work guys. :)

  26. Allan says:

    Thank Wololo JJ and the work you are doing, thank you very much even

  27. kondzio says:

    @Danny thanks man i’ll check it xD

  28. kondzio says:

    it works but i can’t run any game

  29. BoNeZz says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww why did u insist on doing the 1000 hbl isnt that illegal “or however you spell it” plz keep

  30. Danny says:

    @ kondzio…… what games did you try ro run

    also make sure you didnt download the Daedalus highlighted in red.

    Daedalus R14 runs great for me on rev. 96 but it has got a very limited compatibility list. do the games show up on the daedalus menu?

  31. jonat434 says:

    good work…. but can you make sega cd games, like ¨sonic cd¨, run with mp3?

  32. kondzio says:

    I have tried Paper Mario and Mario Kart. Can you post here games that working on Daedlus for you? I would be gratefull.

  33. jelite says:

    @wololo: Im thought the problems in wifi was for syscall estimation…… but not. Im have a psp 3000 with 5.50.(i think,JJ`s method estimate all fuctions)

    wololo in the next revision please fix the adhoc problems in mvspsp emulator.

  34. jemina0514 says:

    Great work.. Hope this revision will fix the kai’s crash after the exit..

  35. wololo says:

    @jemina0514: unfortunately, not that I’m aware of :(

  36. John says:

    Keep up the good work. But will I notice a difference of hbl 95 vs 96 on my PSP-1000 ?

  37. Dex says:

    Im stuck with a slow running Daedalus on my 3000? :( Can we expect to see a fix so that 2000 and 3000 users like me can enjoy this speed up too? I love N64 and thats probably the main reason that i bought a PSP

  38. Norml says:

    Updated my 3k to 6.20 from 6.10 to be able to play some bluray rips, F*CK!, thanks alot though and keep the GREAT work going. For now, GBA and Genesis(some NES) is all I enjoy with my 3k., tons of fun still.

  39. Thank god for my psp 1001 now i can enjoy n64 roms!

  40. dark2123 says:

    @wololo can you make in yor next rev of HBL in PicoDrive run Sega CD ISOS with mp3 sound please???

  41. Cynthia says:

    Wololo and team, thank all so very very much! Like someone above said the battery percentage works in emulators now (no longer just displaying 50%). There are many small fixes, but it’s always the small things that make the big picture 😉

    Just a quick question, would you still suggest setting the “override_sceCtrlPeekBufferPositive” to 0 or does this revision render any speedups this would have caused obsolete? i only ask because I did this on r96 and saw almost no speedup in frame rate using Mario kart 64 sound enabled, sound disabled though is a whole other story…
    (using a PSPGo 6.20, just in case this info is helpful)

    You guys must love what you do, because it shows in your work. Your wMenu now takes up my pause game slot 24/7. Don’t let these little punks get to you guys, you’re monsters amongst the meek! Thank you all so very very much!

  42. wololo says:

    @Cynthia : on a 6.20 PSP Go, the override_sceCtrlPeekBufferPositive setting will not have any impact at all anymore. As you said yourself, it’s become obsolete for this model, and is now useful only for 6.20 3000 or 6.20 2000.

    And thanks a lot :)

  43. DjNeo says:

    ***?!!! well, my psp was 6.10 a week ago, then read the article sayin “update, HBL is more stable on 6.20″… really a don’t hate you @wololo, you can say thank to Peace Walker!!! great game but needs 6.20

  44. bobthecow says:

    Well its even worse for me cause i updated from version 5.03 which i could be enjoying chickhen! instead of this, but this is still great

  45. mike says:

    <3 fast release cycles. gives me hope that hbl will become perfect soon enough. (i'm having lots of crashes switching between cave story and snes9x, but if i play only one or the other i don't get a single problem.. it's weird.)

  46. John says:

    Great work Wololo and to the others who have been working on HBL. GBA emulator still crashes on exit though , not too much trouble though.

  47. Wolfdawg says:

    How do I install opera mini?
    Iv heard a lot of good about it

  48. jemina0514 says:

    @dog use pspkvm and the .Jar format of opera mini

  49. Mitmakis says:

    Well, Im glad I didn’t listen you guys (lol)

    I stayed in 6.10 PSP 3000, thinking that maybe, 6.10CFW might come before 6.20 in the future and Ill enjoy some of the epic homebrew out there (Geometry Wars is one).

    Good work on HBL so far, really annoying to have to go through the Patapon Demo everytime I wanna play a homebrew, but its definitely better than nothing.

    Guess till 6.xx CFW (Which will probably never come..) is released, Ill be buying PS1 games off the PSN store and playing homebrew.

  50. Danny says:

    @kondzio….visit the HBL-PSP forum section on this here:


    above is a list of compatible games

  51. LeO says:

    guess what the day this comes out ma psp BRICKED DUE TO UPDATE FAIL WITH 6.20 danm battery :< i'll just cry in the corner

  52. Xeology says:

    Well I am hoping you respond to this and clear up your article a bit. Here is the contradiction you have written.

    “This update doesn’t improve HBL on firmware 6.20 for the PSP 2000 and PSP3000.”

    “to make it clearer, this change improves HBL on the following machines: PSP1000/2000/3000 for all firmwares except 6.20.”

    Just clarify for me, does this indeed improve speed on a psp 1000 running 6.20 or not? Thank you, good work regardless, just picking on your contradiction not your work 😉

  53. n00b81 says:

    Well the vuln that’s used in HBL in order to improve syscall estimation, does not exist on any other model other than GO, so I’m guessing that this does not improve “speed” on a psp 1000.

  54. mtgrares says:

    This is about a previous post.

    By the way, Wagic’s “Brother’s War” campaign looks very interesting and creative. I’m going to post a link to it in the Forge forum. Keep up the good work. :!)

  55. wololo says:

    @xeology, noob81: true, I didn’t mention the psp1000, because I don’t think many people with a psp1000 have a reason to use HBL :)

    @mtgrares: thanks, nice to see some Wagic related comment once in a while :)

  56. n00b81 says:

    @wololo: yeah I figured 😉 I directed that more at others to clear things up..

  57. @wololo Of courwse we do us 1000 users use hbl all the time to hack our psps

  58. jemina0514 says:

    If i have 1000, ill use cfw instead of hbl to enable all homebrews and to play back ups..

  59. Xeology says:

    Ahh, well I fried my battery and am waiting on my pandora to arrive so I’m all sad here using HBL to play n64 lol. Thanks for the clarification though.

  60. Dex says:

    So X64 now works on 3000? Which make od X64?

  61. Dex says:

    Btw, just had a look at the list of working N64 roms on Daedalus R14. The games iv tested (and work) are:

    MRC Racing
    Mario Kart 64
    Super Mario
    Banjo Kazooie (really slow. i suggest frameskip 5)

    and a few others. I dont have my PSP on hand but i’ll update the list. Once again, i tested these my self using Rev95 on a 6.20 PSP 3000.

  62. DjNick says:

    Thanx wollo. i updated to 6.20 ..

  63. Wolfdawg says:

    Has anybody got Pokemon stadium to work?
    or at least Pokemon stadium 2?

    what daedalus?, be sure it doesn’t crash before starting battle and it would help if you tested with the new HBL R96

  64. Danny says:

    @Brandonheat8………You dont have to post a link to us, just tell us what beta of daedalusx64 works.

  65. Brandonheat8 says:

    Well its a special version of daedalus x64 specifically made to work on hbl, go to google type in “Daedalus x64 hbl” and look for “Daedalusx64 for HBL [Updated]” link, there you will find a forum post with the version, when you launch it a blue screen will come up, just press Square to bypass it. Hope this helps people.

  66. fLaSh says:


  67. So your telling me that a psp 1001 is cfw hackeble without a pandora and with 6.20?

  68. utkarsh says:

    i am using psp 3004 ofw 6.00, when i use hbl to play any homebrew,after sum time it starts flashing “do you want to quit the game” ( that appears on pressing PSbutton)….i am on rev 96…plz help…

  69. wololo says:

    @Noneofyourbuisness: you need a pandora. But I don’t see any good reason to use HBL over a CFW on a PSP 1000. Don’t get me wrong, I’m honored that even psp 1000 users use HBL, but I think it’s kinda pointless.

  70. MR. :) says:

    i use hbl on psp 1000
    and psp 3000
    i have hacked psp 2000 but sometimes it wont turn on and sometimes it does its kinda old :)

    enyway nice to see hbl go so far

    btw is there a way to make homebrews works on hbl that dont work on it ?
    i mean convert it or patch it :/

  71. JulzDiesel says:

    What is the diagnostic for the 2000, 3000 users stuck in 6.20? Do you think it will take too much time before a vulnerability such as the one found in the Go pops out? Is getting the OFW 6.20 dump the only problem or am I missing something?
    Rev 95 is already dandy hot, but it kinda bugs me to know that HBL probably won’t improve too much for 3000 6.20 users.

  72. EnviraXII says:

    dear wololo
    the work which u have done in the HBL project is simply awesome and faboulous.I am ur fan and love u very much for your works……..
    I wan to let u know that unlike some end users who always ask for more;your work in our community is appriciated more than anything else…….
    I am sure one day somebody will find a kernel exploit…….
    thanks 4 all ur works and plz continue what u and your team is up with.
    god bless u……..
    I am a psp 3004 user with firmware 6.20

  73. SephitorPL says:

    Will works on newest half byte loader go!tube answer fast

  74. slayerdoctany says:

    wololo is possible to launch metal slug 2/3 on hbl??

  75. MaX_SLayeR says:

    There must be some possible way to get syscall estimation to be better on 6.20 2000/3000, right? I mean, I have no problems with HBL right now but it sucks to know that not much more can be done with my 6.20 3000.

  76. LeO says:

    yay i just bought psp 1000 and a pandora battery whoohoo!! i will still use hbl for some reason after i install cfw!!

  77. dub king says:

    wololo is it possible to rewrite all 6.10 files/nids as 6.20 like just have the hbl read 6.10 files as 6.20 because if da syscall thingy works on 6.10 and not much could have changed between 6.10 and 6.20 wouldnt it technically be able to function the same? plz reply

  78. JulzDiesel says:

    @dub king No. Syscalls cannot be estimated in 6.20 because there are some “Gaps” in between the numbers which didn’t exist in 6.10 and lower.

  79. Abe says:

    I’m having a problem with running roms on daedalus (psp go 6.20 rev96). Every time I use a rom for the first time, it runs quite well, but when I shut it off and start the rom again, it reverts back to pre 96 speed which I seem to be able to fix by deleting the file “missing_mux.txt” in the folder dump/*rom name*. however everytime I delete this and play the game, it autocreates another file so that the next time i play, I will once again encounter slow down. Even saving the missing_mux.txt file as a blank txt file will not prevent this. Can anyone help me with this problem???

  80. dub king says:

    @Abe try using a different verison of daedalus maybe a older or more recent version will work better just use google idk but i think there are 14revisions of daedalus

  81. dub king says:

    @JulzDiesel what if they programed the syscall thingy in for a few popular homebrews instead of estimating them? could that work alot better for the few homebrews they do it for, or is that not even possible? AND you said there was a “gap” in the numbers, so if that gap was identified could they have hbl read it as though the gap didnt exsist and just run like it does on other versions?

  82. jemina0514 says:

    If you dont have a pandora batt. Go to the philippines .. It cost only 3us dollars to downgrade your unit.. Plus a lot of games :)

  83. VV says:

    Great job. One question though ,for Java VM?is PSPKVM the one that you guys using?) How about it ? which version?

    Another question might out of topic, but anyone know that team has any plan to update their PSPKVM? They are way behind the roadmap.

  84. dub king says:

    @VV google pspkvm it should be the first link then when you get to the main pspkvm site you should see a link to sourceforge somewhere at the top of the page, at sorceforge you can download pspkvm v0.5.4 i have it n it works great.

    Something to keep in mind tho, when you start it up you get a black screen for 15secs then it switches to an hbl screen for 10secs then it starts up so dont get all jumpy to turn off ur psp thinking it froze (I have PSP-3004 thats how it works for me)

  85. carlos says:

    @Wolfdawg pokemon stadio2 en dedalux rev14 ok hbl 96

  86. grewolf says:

    so this is what JJS is talking about, well another breakthrough for team HBL again and again and again, nice work guys. just a question, wololo does 6.20 supports lua coz ive read in compatibility list that someone posted battle fantasy, Ive tried it and failed. Ive got . btw.

  87. grewolf says:

    I mean 5.51 sorry for double posting.

  88. JulzDiesel says:

    @dub king I’m not sure about programming syscalls to work for specific homebrews but I believe they have been doing that already since Wololo proposed a list of homebrew that they had to keep working with HBL (Daedalus, gpsp Kai, Wagic) in order to keep us users happy. Doing that of course breaks compatibility with other homebrews, even with a perfect syscall estimation I believe.
    As for the gap I mentioned. Unfortunately it CAN’T be predicted, it has a very “random” pattern (although they said the same for the Go, but JJS found a way to estimate it in the end) but the problem is that they can’t estimate the gap because they cannot make a kmemdump for the 2k or 3k as they did with the Go.
    Don’t take my word for granted, but I believe COYOTEBEAN himself helped the team with the kmemdump for the Go.
    God knows how much time it will take for 6.20 in 2k or 3k to get the kernel dump.

    • wololo says:

      @JulzDiesel : you’re basically right except the one who provided the trick for the kernel dump was freeplay, not coyotebean.
      Additionally, it is true that we try very hard to keep compatibility with a dozen selected homebrews (including popular emulators). It doesn’t mean doing that “breaks” other homebrews, but it means we don’t check all homebrews everytime we do a release. We can just guarantee those 10-12 homebrews. R96 made it more difficult because now we need to test it on a “non psp go” with firmware 6.20 as well…

  89. Roxaxis says:

    No, coyotobean is nothing to do with it.


    Read and learn.

  90. dub king says:

    so right now you guys dont have the kmemdump for psp 3000/2000/1000 6.20? but i thought that if you downloaded the eboot.pbp for ofw 6.20 its still the same code for either system, only when you install it is the code different depending on each system (oh i was reading your great tutorials on finding exploits, crafted images n other stuff wololo i just got one question (i hope im using the right terms) the 1000 has a 32mb MIPS chip and the 2000 and 3000 have the 64mb MIPS chip so what does the Go have?)

  91. JulzDiesel says:

    @dub king Someone asked something similar about having the same code in all models and here is what JJS said:

    “The syscalls on 6.20 on the GO work exactly the same as on every other model. The same method of obfuscating the syscalls is applied on all of them.

    There is just an oversight in a driver for the GO that allows read access to the kernel memory which allows the syscalls to be estimated again. For non-GO models the obfuscation works as intended and it is not easy to break. In fact I doubt that syscall estimation can be brought to the same level as on the other firmwares, but I see room for improvements.”

    Thanks for making things clearer Wololo. And, well, I think I have already talked to much in this thread so I’ll stop now. Sorry to have disturbed you. I do like HBL alot BTW.

  92. jemina0514 says:

    Great work..

  93. shadyblue says:

    hey wololo im just wondering why on ur psp go it starts the game really fast on r95 when on my psp 2000 with r95 it loads for 2-3 min then starts… Am i doing anything wrong?

  94. Death Fish says:

    Hii Wololo!! Your work is amazing! But I have a question.. What HBL could do in the end of your work? Do you think that HBL will ever run games from PSOne? thx 😎

  95. SgT_R4Z0r! says:

    lol 2-3 min mine 10s or 15 it starts fast maybe its time to reformat ur mem stick ?

  96. shadyblue says:

    i think i over exagerated when i counted it takes 35-45 sec but still not as fast as urs which takes seconds wololo

  97. JJS says:

    Looks like you are using the debug version. The release build is much faster.

  98. shadyblue says:

    no i downloaded the non debug version of r96 and it works the same as r95

  99. Dex says:

    @Death Fish

    Well you could give one or two games a try. A while back i had Driver 2 converted (from my own purchased copy of the game) to an EBOOT for my PSP 3000 and tried loading it in HBL. Didnt work of course but i’d say it could work at some point. For now, keep trying. I cant eight now as i seem to have misplaced my collection of PSone games 😛

  100. dub king says:

    what makes homebrew’s programming different from demos n other eboots? i mean what gives demos the ability to start up but homebrews cant?

  101. wololo says:

    @dub king: signature/encryption.

  102. pop says:

    @Jimjim i didn’t misread it -.-‘ my psp isn’t a psp GO its a 3000….AND now it’s on 6.20 :'(

  103. Wolfdawg says:


  104. dub king says:

    den cant we use sumthing like patapon 2 demo and while keeping same encryption and signiture just rewrite the contents?

  105. JJS says:

    @dub king: No, because:
    1. We are not (and never will be) able to encrypt an Eboot because we know neither the key nor the exact encryption method.
    2. If it would be easy (or at all possible) to find two files that produce the same signature, then what would be the point of having the signature in the first place?

  106. vandurol123 says:

    If it were that easy, it would have been done by now…

  107. BoNeZz says:

    plz wolol dont worry about 2000 and 1000 psp they have pandora work on our 6.20 problem plzzz….. much oblaged…i cant spell

  108. Monster says:

    Wol, I love your program! I bought a used PSP when I learned about your loader and I’ve been enjoying it ever since with the help of HBL. I think I’ve played an actual PSP game for a mere 30 m total. Keep up the great work.

  109. dick says:

    make a release compatible with Defense Station Portable

  110. titane2000 says:

    Hi Wololo! Can tell me why daedalus don’t work on my psp with the hblR97 and daedalusR13. I’ve a psp 3004 with OFW 5.55. Can you also make compatible de HBL with a popsloader to play my old PSONE game i’ve purchased and now if i want to play with it i’ve to pay another time to sony that’s not just.
    Thank for your answer

  111. Caio says:

    Is it still worth updating from 6.10 to 6.20 just to install HEN, even though I will lose perfect syscall estimation?

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