Half Byte Loader R96 a.k.a. JJS rocks


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119 Responses

  1. Dex says:

    @Death Fish

    Well you could give one or two games a try. A while back i had Driver 2 converted (from my own purchased copy of the game) to an EBOOT for my PSP 3000 and tried loading it in HBL. Didnt work of course but i’d say it could work at some point. For now, keep trying. I cant eight now as i seem to have misplaced my collection of PSone games 😛

  2. dub king says:

    what makes homebrew’s programming different from demos n other eboots? i mean what gives demos the ability to start up but homebrews cant?

  3. wololo says:

    @dub king: signature/encryption.

  4. pop says:

    @Jimjim i didn’t misread it -.-‘ my psp isn’t a psp GO its a 3000….AND now it’s on 6.20 :'(

  5. Wolfdawg says:


  6. dub king says:

    den cant we use sumthing like patapon 2 demo and while keeping same encryption and signiture just rewrite the contents?

  7. JJS says:

    @dub king: No, because:
    1. We are not (and never will be) able to encrypt an Eboot because we know neither the key nor the exact encryption method.
    2. If it would be easy (or at all possible) to find two files that produce the same signature, then what would be the point of having the signature in the first place?

  8. vandurol123 says:

    If it were that easy, it would have been done by now…

  9. BoNeZz says:

    plz wolol dont worry about 2000 and 1000 psp they have pandora work on our 6.20 problem plzzz….. much oblaged…i cant spell

  10. Monster says:

    Wol, I love your program! I bought a used PSP when I learned about your loader and I’ve been enjoying it ever since with the help of HBL. I think I’ve played an actual PSP game for a mere 30 m total. Keep up the great work.

  11. dick says:

    make a release compatible with Defense Station Portable

  12. titane2000 says:

    Hi Wololo! Can tell me why daedalus don’t work on my psp with the hblR97 and daedalusR13. I’ve a psp 3004 with OFW 5.55. Can you also make compatible de HBL with a popsloader to play my old PSONE game i’ve purchased and now if i want to play with it i’ve to pay another time to sony that’s not just.
    Thank for your answer

  13. Caio says:

    Is it still worth updating from 6.10 to 6.20 just to install HEN, even though I will lose perfect syscall estimation?

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