Half Byte Loader R95


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  1. JamperTheHat says:

    Hey-hey-hey, a new release. 😀

    .cheers muchly guys, you rock HBL f.t.w!!!

  2. Roberto says:

    Thanks Wololo.

    Finally i can play Mega drive classics with sound, but i can’t run any snes emulator. Please, somebody tell me the exactly snes emulator for this Hbl 95 version compatible ?

    Keep the great work Wololo.

  3. oxmudxo says:

    heck yeah,
    That was quick!
    Sound on the Pico is a good thing.

  4. SeanC994 says:

    @Roberto SNES9X TYL works on r95 you can download it here and I think on wololo’s blog above this post.

    Download: http://www.psp-hacks.com/file/1261

  5. Allan says:

    Still fighting here, I do not know what is happening when I exit the game crashes, i have to take it back to the battery, I would like an opinion?

  6. wololo says:

    @Allan: some games crash on exit, this is a known issue (gpsp is the major one I believe). If too many games do that for you, you can force the game to return to the xmb on exit by editing hbl/hbl_config.txt.

    Additionally, the “home” button doesn’t seem to work correctly anymore (unless you set return_to_xmb_on_exit to 1 in the hbl config file)., so don’t use it Instead, use the “exit” button provided by the homebrew. Good homebrews always provide an alternate way to quit the game 😉

  7. Allan says:

    The emulators, snes, PicoDrive, are not picking up correct, but the R85 version, the snes, fuciona perfectly, but the R95 is not opening, I’d like to know what you would do in my place?

  8. wololo says:

    Picodrive: be sure to have the “hbl_config.txt” file for picodrive in the picodrive folder. Try with the one I posted here: http://wololo.net/wagic/2010/07/18/15-essential-homebrews-that-run-on-half-byte-loader/

    I think it’s just a problem with your parameters, you probably haven’t mastered the “hbl_config.txt” file yet 😉

    The snes emulator Snes9xTYL works fine for me, although I’ve seen it refusing to start once in a while. But nothing serious. Again, http://wololo.net/wagic/2010/07/18/15-essential-homebrews-that-run-on-half-byte-loader/

  9. Allan says:

    Beauty, vo try here.

  10. Metroid_III says:

    Excellent work wololo. With this rev, you’ve successfully done 3 things:

    1. Silence the doubters who say HBL is only losing compatability.
    2. Silence those who complain every rev because picodrive sound isn’t working

    Which leads to 3:

    Happiness for the end user. Thank you once again, I use my PSP all the time because of HBL 🙂

    note to end-users: Make sure you manually create the folders for picodrive before you start it so you can save correctly. Same applies for creating the Save folder in Roms GBC and Roms SMS for EmuMaster to save correctly.

  11. Allan says:

    Got it, now everything functioned perfectly, sorry for my english aê, I’m from Brazil and to using the translator.

  12. 007 says:

    THANK YOU Wololo

  13. Krozoa says:

    good rev, thanks wololo and the team, you should get a rest once in a while 😉

  14. Teti says:

    What folders do you have to manually create for picodrive?

  15. Cixxy says:

    Thanks so much !!! You rock

  16. Teti says:

    I have confirmed that Picodrive 1.51 works on R95, with sound settings at 44khz (a note about the sound, sometimes the pitch is a bit off, but that is very minimal and in my opinion unimportant :p ). I do not know about save states yet. I did not have to create any folders manually…..yet, maybe I have to do that for the save states? I did notice something odd, the first time I loaded R95 it crashed, I’m on a 3001 psp. I haven’t had any problems since then though.

  17. sagat says:

    yea what folders do we have to manually create for picodrive???
    someone plz respond.

  18. Asok says:

    Sound in PicoDrive! Streets of Rage just isn’t as fun without it. And it works perfectly! Excellent work!

  19. 007 says:

    now i have to go buy a bigger memory stick lol.

    Thanks again. HBL is an amazing piece of code

  20. iSWORD says:

    GREAT reversion !! No comment !!

  21. Metroid_III says:

    picodrive folders:

    roms (optional)

  22. Predatorshoe says:

    awesome revision, the option to return to the HBL menu from a homebrew now works on my 6.20 3004 dont know why it didnt b4 great stuff man

  23. Cynthia says:

    Wololo thank you so very much, I love you guys for all your hard work and dedication to your craft. Majority of homebrews and emus exit back to the wMenu perfectly. This reminds me of the old eLoader, only 1,000 times better!

    once again gents thanks for eveything, I will always be grateful to you guys, you’ve done so much for all of us. thank you 😀

  24. 007 says:

    Sound issues with PSP HUGO 1.3.1 Minor ones seems synth sound doesnt work but other than that its also a great emu for use with this build.

    Lol to be honest if r95 was final build ide still be super satisfied.


  25. ovverlord says:

    As I understand HLB r.95 works normally only on an insertion 6.20. An insertion 5.55 and some homebrew do not work For me (GPSP KAI, GEOMETRY WARS, EMUMASTER/MASTERBOY) whether the Question in that that work HLB on 5.?? insertions will be improved?

  26. Sab says:

    awesume effort. <3

  27. 007 says:

    anyone try sega cd on pico yet? gonna try tonight when i get home.

  28. 007 says:

    anyone get a Atari Lynx emu to work? tried two dunno if others exist

  29. 007 says:

    OMG OMG OMG PLYNX 0.9 for firmware 1.0 working perfect on my psp 3001 ofw 6.20 with hbl 95!

    Perfect atari lynx emulation!!!!!!!!

  30. 007 says:

    HOLY! Wololo you rock! holy compatible. Im really playing PCE for PSP v0.83 D6 on my 3001 ofw 6.20 and it runs PERFECT! I set the emu to 333 mhz and gpu gfx and it runs every rom i throw at it perfect! hugo could not emulate sound on alot of games this one works PERFECT!

  31. nicky says:

    I RUN TO THE 15 homebrews released in version 6.20 psp 3000 HBL REV. 85 No problem creaer Request a hbl have the compatibility and stability that gives the rev hbl. 85 and the progress of the hbl. rev. 95, but without freezing? Hello Wololo congratulate you on the progress achieved is mainly aesthetic and sound in the PicoDrive but look I’ve tried your new versions and I have to go back to hbl hbl rev.85 the new rev. 95 I run all my homebrew I mark errors and freezes my screen every thing I have to remove battery-kai GPSP GBA emulator runs but it freezes my psp hexen freezes my example does not run the portable homebrew beer nor run the psp comics , star guitar solo deadelus also freezes could create a hbl mahjongg with the progress of rev. 95 and the compatibility of rev. 85? VERY MANY CONGRATULATIONS GREETINGS GOOD WORK

  32. wololo says:

    set “return_to_xmb_on_exit=1” in hbl/hbl_config.txt

  33. 007 says:

    Tested as many roms as I could (HU-Card) did not try CD yet and all run amazing on PCE for PSP v0.83 D6 using HBL 95….

  34. Pspdrew says:

    tres hurra por wololo

  35. Sony Corp. says:

    007 please stop posting nonsence

  36. Yagami says:

    How can I play the NES games with this? I can playin with previous version to NESterJ but I cant play with this? And is there any compatibility list about 0,95. Thanks

  37. 007 says:

    NesterJ 1.13 Beta 2

  38. Abhijit says:

    @007: I tried a SegaCD named “4 in 1 Sega Arcade Classics”. The ISO was ~20-21 MB and there were additionally around 10 MP3 files. It loaded and played very well. In fact at about 60 fps, though sometimes it dipped to ~35 fps. However, it was very very playable. Also, I played a Sega Genesis game “Sonic 3D Blast” and it too worked well. Actually, I tested both the 1.35 version and the latest 1.51 and it played at a higher framerate on the 1.51 version. It plays at a steady 60 fps all the time. No, I’m not lying. Try out the games that I mentioned for yourself!

    @ The entire HBL development team: THANK YOU. VERY MUCH! I’m now able to enjoy playing many of these classics on my PSP and frankly many of these old games are just as fun as retail games for PSP. So, thanks a million 😀 Awesome!