Half Byte Loader R95

With this new revision of Half Byte Loader, I’m happy to announce that picodrive finally has sound. Be sure to select 44kHz in your settings though, because the 22kHz mode might sound funky…

Additionally, I fixed a regression introduced in R94, which prevented some homebrews (such as PSP KVM or GoEar) to run. For those who want the technical bits, there was a problem with the way I violently decided to unload all libraries between each homebrew :D

This revision also fixes saving issues with Snes9xTYL (and maybe other homebrews). Thanks to JJS and Sean994!

Finally, the distrib version of Half Byte Loader 95 ships with wMenu 0.2. Check this article for details on wMenu 0.2, but basically the major improvement here is that you can add as many wallpapers as you want in the “Res” folder.

Enjoy this new revision!

Download here

  1. beefybaconboy’s avatar

    will you ever be able to get kernel access by the way rev95 rocks!


  2. Stargazer’s avatar

    I don’t know how to return to Hbl menu..


  3. wololo’s avatar

    @iPSad : you still don’t have control of $t1, so for now this is just another useless crash… but keep looking, you might have something :)


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