15 Essential Homebrews that run on Half Byte Loader


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384 Responses

  1. oxmudxo says:

    Thanks Wololo, this is much needed. :)

  2. Souf says:

    Daedalus r14 beta works with: super mario 64 (neutral) and mario kart 64 (full speed) and it doesnt crash… For the rest still testing…

  3. Metroid_III says:

    wololo, could you add NesterJ v1.13 BETA 2 to this list? It has been working for me consistently from rev79 to now. You know there’s always someone who will ask for a good NES emulator, this is the best :)

  4. ~Fred~ says:

    Hi wololo,
    do we still need a gba BIOS for gpsp kai? I know where to get one, i just would like to know if I still need it.

  5. rafael707 says:

    good work HBL team, nice to see new revisions still comming, i thought once 6.30 ofw came out, HBL would die off, i guess i was way wrong

    anyways good job, and good luck to you all.

  6. Asok says:

    Excellent post, it should be added to the main HBL page.

  7. thurderon says:

    Hello, good selection wololo.

    Thanks :)

  8. the finisher says:

    amazing… hbl team is the best thank you for this list of homebrews i was searching for homebrews that work on hbl wagic is awsome i love card games.
    quake also works on hbl

  9. ToonsFtw? says:

    can someone tell me if Picodrive 1.35 needs a bios and if it does can someone tell where u can get it because i searched eveyrwhere

  10. sagat says:

    where do i put the doom and wagic homebrews??? in order to play them

  11. ApolloC says:

    Thank you very much to all the team.

    Keep the good work!

  12. Toonlink97 says:

    THANKS! I was trying to run Homer’s Rin with no success, but now I can run Gameboy games! Thank you!

  13. Tomas says:

    Great Article Im using most of the homebrews mentioned here… HBL gave us great advantage

  14. Swordfish815508 says:

    OMG thank you so much for this i cant wait to play CSPSP and Zombie Crisis!!!! “time to pick the psp back up again”

  15. lukas says:

    la verdad , sos un groso loco todo esto que haces tan rapido , tan bien , GRACIAS MAESTRO!

  16. =/P$P/= says:

    Does nester work : / ?????

    hope this is like r85 i got 37 homebrews to work with r85

    enyway great work like always.

    BTw you should put quake in :)
    it works just fine

  17. CMPNIX says:

    great wololo!!!

  18. TLR says:

    Oh my goodness! I’ve been trying to find something that’s even a modicum of Left 4 Dead’s awesomeness to play on my PSP.

    Zombie Crisis is AMAZING! I love it, and I love R95.

    Guessing that mp3 load errors on PicoDrive games are just something we’ll have to live with for the moment? I can’t complain… being able to play Sword of Thor at full speed with sound has made my day, same goes for 0.4.2 and the awesome Final Fantasy killer “Treasure of the Rudras”… can’t wait ’til I get off campus so I can test out PSPKVM and see if snesTYL MECM will work.

  19. Krozoa says:

    im with Metroid_III, nestter is one heck of a homebrew that must be in the list

  20. Asok says:

    @=/P$P/= – yeah, NesterJ works perfectly well. Definitely a must-have.

    Also anyone who hasn’t been using Snes9xTYL should grab it, a big upgrade from the previous working SNES emu! I’ve had many games work quite well without having to turn on frameskip.

  21. Rick says:

    HBL is working great! But…

    Iam trying to find a better way to start my LUA script with HBL, right now I use PSPaint’s eboot by bombe-h.

    How should I do this, write my own eboot? How?

  22. shooter says:

    where can i download quake the hombrew guys.

  23. cobaltex says:

    hey guys i was wondering, i’m using bookr 8.1 currently but, but whats the newest working version available, P.S., i find this page is very useful for finding what homebrews work for HBL: http://advancedpsp.tk/foro_es/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=425&sid=9ca34af2246f0e3a324e9256656b0edb

  24. =/P$P/= says:

    AND most fings you cant close : / meh you did hard work here but why r85 was so full of epic even cavestory does not close sometimes enyway

    so is there enyway to run zombie crisis quake pico drive with sound in hbl r85 ?

  25. wololo says:

    =/P$P/= :
    I’ve said it and I say it again: if you have too many problems exiting a game, just set return_to_xmb_on_exit=1 in hbl/hbl_config.txt.
    Yes, r85 seems more stable than newer releases. That’s because r85 is not able to load more than one homebrew at a time, which was way easier to do than what we do now.

  26. =/P$P/= says:

    ty for the help dude

    yup i r85 was full of epic i got 39 homebrews to work with it hope this will go that way enyway good luck with hbl u are working fast ^_^ the first time i saw was hbl85 i wanted to update psp then i checked youtube psp 3000 6.20 ofw hack ware was hbl :0

    Cya P_P/

  27. =/P$P/= says:

    3Dfps that work on hbl r95

    duke 3d
    wolf 3d

    nesterJ 1.1

    jelly car

    more to come soon check

    go from the last page :)

  28. cobaltex says:

    ok, i’ve tested PIMPStreamer 1.00 ( http://www.pimpware.org/ ), it, works perfectly until it tries to connect to the server and then it gets stuck in an “connecting to the net” loop, wololo, i was wondering if you could try to add support for this homebrew

  29. 007 says:

    You gotta add this to your list.

    PSP community does not know this works yet

    HOLY! Wololo you rock! holy compatible. Im really playing PCE for PSP v0.83 D6 on my 3001 ofw 6.20 HBL 95 and it runs PERFECT! I set the emu to 333 mhz and gpu gfx , xpce core and it runs every rom i throw at it perfect! hugo could not emulate sound on alot of games this one works PERFECT!

    download link!



  30. wololo says:

    @FutureProducer: I assume you’re the same who posted on QJ. I investigated but couldn’t find the cause for the issue this time. Nevertheless, I’m working on this, check:

  31. WalangAlam says:

    thanks wololo and team now I’m happy. Picodrive with sound finally 😀

  32. Dex says:

    Actually Daedalus R-14 is the one that works. Works at full speed too. Mario Kart 64 and Super Mario run full speed if you have the sound off. Here’s a download link:


  33. bobthecow says:

    i downloaded the daedalus from your link and it works and all but it says it is r13 on the about section. Is that because its an unofficial daedalus?

  34. cobaltex says:

    ok, i’ve tested PIMPStreamer 1.00 ( http://www.pimpware.org/ ), it, works perfectly until it tries to connect to the server and then it gets stuck in an “connecting to the net” loop, wololo, i was wondering if you could try to add support for this homebrew

  35. flaherty07 says:

    I’m having trouble with savestates or saving in general with all emualtors and roms. Do I need to make another folder somewhere or do something special to fix this issue?

  36. Seanc994 says:

    @flaherty07 which revision are you using if you’re using r94 you’ll need to apply a fix if you’re using r95 then I’m not quite sure what your issue is with the saving.

  37. oct says:

    does anyone knows if there is a ps one emulator to work on HBL? thanks.

  38. bobthecow says:



  39. Dex says:

    @bobthe cow Actually, Daedalusx64 is the unofficial one. Daedalus R-14 was made by the original creators but they abandoned it and it was later taken up by the current team doing the latest revisions (504, 544 etc). So old the old revisions that do work on HBL are no longer updated by the current Daedalusx64 team are working on making a version for HBL.

  40. jim says:

    I download a homebrew with the name and it worked perfectly

  41. jim says:

    I download Learn Japanese v0.6 and it worked

  42. Baptista says:

    Hi Wololo. Couldn´t make scummv cspsp and zombie crisis run on hbl 95. Can you help me with that?

  43. Baptista says:

    Man no need for help now, I was being a noob. I made them work. Thanks again. You guys rock!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Abhijit says:

    Hi Wololo. I played around with PicoDrive 1.51, using HBL r95, for sometime on my PSP 3004 6.20. It works flawlessly. I could play Sega Genesis Roms as well as SegaCDs. I tried the Sonic CD, worked 100% well. In fact, it works faster than v1.35. So, may be you can update the recommended version of PicoDrive to 1.51. Thanks a lot for your work. Now my PSP is many times more useful!

  45. am4x says:

    Sonic CD on PicoDrive 1.51 has MP3 Loading issues on my PSP. Is it just me? I haven’t read about such problems yet. All the other sounds works tough for me.

  46. Sony Corp. says:

    well congrats to HBL, it has taken *** by some people
    but now not just 15 but more homebrews and emulators
    can be played on it.

    what can we expect on rev 96?

  47. intermax says:

    I’ll add PSP Maps to this list.
    It works perfectly.

    Only you can’t exit from it without restarting PSP

  48. intermax says:

    Also starting from r95 working Audio Mechanica – for sound recording by PSP

  49. the champ says:

    i sure hope that we will be able to play iso’s soon

  50. 007 says:

    people just dont get it….

  51. toBsucht says:

    Hi hbl-crew i use also @3000.
    games: simpelturn, How Fast are you, MAHJONGG, pacuman, Cube3D, battlegrounds3, PSPAiO3, PSPMulti.. ctorrentpsp and some french stuff 24072_MyWindowsV1.01.2, MyWindows_PSP_Demo_v0.1, IvErPSPV5.00(VersionAnglaise), 23968_luakalenderv9 and this music pro.: pxdrum_release2, pspdaftpunk, QMixer v1.2, PSParticlePlayer, and this hbl emu

  52. toBsucht says:

    vice-2.1.1-1.0 (c64)
    psp2600 (Atari 2600)
    uo_Snes9x for PSP 0032

    find me @ teeworlds (ctf5) or better port teeworld in lua 😉

  53. Sony Corp. says:

    007@ who knows, perhaps wololo is against ISO’s but some other
    dude may use hbl for it, just saying…

  54. darren says:

    there is a major graphical glitch in the newes wolf 3d
    its the 5.0 version……


    it has a .prx but it seems to load the main screen :/
    so idk if its the .prx or not….

  55. 007 says:

    @Sony corp

    Who knows who cares its a working e-loader that does its job well. Very well

  56. P$P says:


  57. Joel says:


    The best way to get the sound to work for Sega CD games is to have them in ISO/CUE format.

  58. jemina0514 says:

    Keep up the good work wololord

  59. areilly111 says:

    @the champ why do you wana play iso’s

  60. dub king says:

    srry im kinda new to hbl n i was just woundering how often do revisions 4 hbl comeout? it seem pretty often wen r92-r95 came out

  61. wololo says:

    @dub king: there is no rule for the releases, depends on my free time

  62. dub king says:

    oh okay thanx for your hardwork its much appriciated idk what id do w/ out you 😀

  63. pspivan says:

    wololo could create compatibility with prx files

  64. shadyblue says:

    did u get my pm?

  65. am4x says:

    @ Joel
    >The best way to get the sound to work for Sega CD games is to have them in ISO/CUE format.

    Okay. May Game is in .BIN, so should that be a problem with HBL because it works perfectly on my other psp with CFW.

  66. 007 says:

    Picodrive 1.51b runs much faster… Also less to configure and last but not least does not need the config file for hbl….

  67. Taizoken777 says:

    Hey Wololo Ive been testing Homebrew for a while now and was wandering,
    What program did you use to make Wagic?I plan on creating a Yu-gi-oh homebrew soon and i need help.

  68. shadyblue says:

    0_0 oh!!! I love Yu-Gi-Oh! My favorite ones were the old ones… I hate the new gx ones… They suck!

  69. Taizoken777 says:

    (T_T) I know what you mean..
    Ive seen GX AND 5ds and neither made me want to “Get my game on” or “Rev it up. This project will be based on “Elements” of the original Yu-Gi-oh.

  70. shadyblue says:

    kool… I love blast from the past games

  71. wololo says:

    @Taizoken777: Wagic is coded in C++ with the JGE++ library (check the wagic SVN). I mostly use Visual Studio Express (it’s a free editor from Microsoft).
    I suggest to check this page to get started: http://wololo.net/miki/index.php/Wagic/Compiling

  72. Dex says:

    For thse wondering about Wololo making a ISO loader for HBL, it wont happen. But there are other teams working on it. Search iLoader and Koens Loader. Koen is getting closer every week actually. Hopefully they will be able to run PSX games too.

  73. cobaltex says:

    i was wondering if theres a swf player that works with HBL yet?

  74. jemina0514 says:

    what the heck is this.. check this out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHHyTsUMVCI&feature=sub

  75. Luis says:

    I can’t get sound to work on picodrive. I tested some diferent versions and I get the same error (sound failed to initiate – and give me a error that I can’t see because is too fast. The games work great but no sound. I tested sonic cd also, with the bios files and mp3 and no sound. My psp is 3004 with OFW 6.20

  76. wololo says:

    @jemina0514: this video is a fake. It is technically impossible to cold reboot a PSP and still be in a “Hacked” mode without a CFW. And if this guy had really coded a CFW, he wouldn’t be calling it a “ISO Enabler that runs on HBL”.
    That’s a poorly made fake.

    @Luis: be sure to use the latest version of HBL: revision 95. Sound in picodrive doesn’t work below these revisions.

  77. jemina0514 says:

    @wololo thanks

  78. natz says:

    are you working on ofw 5.50 to be hack wololo??? just asking hope you can make it. . . thanks in advance guyz r3 is the answer for these. . . hope wololo and company will make it. . .

  79. wololo says:

    @natz : HBL works fine on 5.50, what exactly is your question?

  80. natz says:

    just wanna ask if you are still working on hacking v5.50. . . hbl, some applications makes my psp 3001 hang. . .

  81. wololo says:

    @natz: please report your test results on advancedpsp.tk. I don’t have firmware 5.50 so I rarely test on it. 6.20 is my major concern, but HBL should work on 5.50 as well without problems.

  82. SpliffnHaze says:

    SNES Emu doesnt find the roms. I dont know why. I did everything perfectly and i downloaded this version. What are the specific folders i need? Do i need a BIN file?

  83. toBsucht says:

    @SpliffnHaze try/ uo_Snes9x for PSP 0032/save..there i placed the roms(smc), works perfect @psp3000 ofw 6.00 hbl95 and you don`t need a bin.

  84. MasterFeb says:

    Just so you all know, UMDumper seems to boot but wants to dump the Patapon 2 demo, I’ll try with an actual UMD in on startup.

  85. MasterFen says:

    It still seems to want to dump the demo, ah well.

    At least it exits properly!

  86. pipitheloco says:

    mr wololo I would add on your list ( http://www.mediafire.com/?x5hzgl2p1klsk6p ) emulates neogeo ( http://www.mediafire.com/?420puj7i0363p1c ) emulates CPS2 not forget to create cache … hbl works perfectly

  87. pipitheloco says:

    To he me forgets neogeo (mame) create folderr cache … my english low

  88. kenshin says:

    at least make fate unlimited codes(NPUH10009/ULJM05451) iso work on HBL
    OR make good anime psp games work in HBL

  89. salaheddine says:

    im an idiot i ‘v updated to 6.31 because i have psp go and i need to updgard to have access to ps store so is there any hbl working with this version ?? 6.31 ?? :)

  90. cobaltex says:

    does anyone know of an x68000 emulator that works on hbl

  91. MasterFen says:


    Half-Byte loader for 6.30 does work with 6.31 but it’s a GAME based exploit so you’ll have to buy the game.

    If you want to get demos from PSN use Media Go

  92. svz235 says:

    wololo can you please try to make a ds emulator work with hbl that would be lovely and this can cause a major progress in the project by what I’ve read on youtube.

  93. Vann says:

    Hey Man, I really apreciate your hard work on HBL ,and well Can you tell me if its possible that HBL will be able to play psx iso’s games in the future?

    sorry for the bad english, Iam a brazilian XP

  94. toBsucht says:

    @svz235 … DSONPSPBETA6kayliaheditionSource run in rev96 ofw6.00. And i couldn´t run DSONPSP_Beta_7_WIP.
    By the way THANKS wololo 4 u r fast releases. I think ms could learn much of your work out 😡 and i hope we get a well working videoplayer or isoloader or maybe a decrpt program (till rev100:)

  95. 1HandPlay says:

    add SUPERTUX– Looking for more games to add in your homebrew archive? Well here’s one courtesy of our resident former mootjeuh. The dev has released a PSP port of SuperTux, a classic 2D jump’n run sidescroller similar in style to the original Super Mario series. works great on any hbl download link– http://www.qj.net/qjnet/psp/psp-homebrew-game-supertux-v1.html

  96. Valentine says:

    When it work with PSX?

    I will be wait

  97. NsAnE says:

    This is amazing. Thank you so much. I didn’t even know about most of these until now. Keep up the great work. :)

  98. reverze says:

    where the heck word is quake???(and dice and psp rythm)

  99. pan4dany says:

    in the rev 97 on psp 6.20 mod 3010 when open homebrew for example bookr the bottons puch alone and do it all time my ingles isnt perfect sorry

  100. apple(ringo) says:

    Oh, thank you wololo. (^^)
    But, Wagic0.12.1 doesn’t run my PSP-3000(FW6.20 HBLr97) (*o*)

  101. ruisu4 says:

    Hi, I will like to know if the GPSP KAI issue have being fixed. I really like this emulator, but always crashes when I want to return to HBL.

    I’m using the HBL rev 97 in PSP 3000 6.20

  102. 0M9H4X says:

    Cave Story is great!!
    does anyone knows how to get jellyfish-juice from the jellys in grasstown, for that guy letting me through his fireplace??

  103. NsAnE says:

    just go back a little and you’ll find a bunch of jellyfish flying around.
    then at one point you’ll find a giant tumor on the ceiling, kill it b4 it kills u and it’ll drop a chest, open it and you got *JELLYFISH JUICE*!
    Lol, i love Cave story.

  104. draptac says:

    How to put the sonic homebreaws I do I take the eboot. Pbp sonic rename a folder and I put it in psp / game with psp 3000 rev97

  105. draptac says:

    I need a PicoDrive 1.35 and I do not have PicoDrive 1.35

  106. draptac says:

    c’est bon j’ai compris merci wololo

  107. draptac says:

    my psp says it needs the bios for the Nintendo image GPSP

  108. NsAnE says:


    You might want to check this out before doing anything that might hurt somebody.
    This will tell you what to do to stop that random button clicking.
    Happened to me too.

  109. toBsucht says:

    @draptac load gba_bios.bin /size is 16kb/ put it in mh gpspkai floder.

  110. draptac says:

    I have a Daedalus r13 and I want to mario but I need a Romani but I can not find roms in the file of mario so I thought that you could give me a link to his will homebreaws friendly from you psp 3000 ofw 6.20 rev97

  111. draptac says:

    give me juste a link of the homebreaws super mario world

  112. Kobe says:

    Yo wololo man ur a beast, I don’t know what I would do with my psp 3000 at 6.20 fw, thanks to hbl I can play kingdom hearts chain of memories on my psp
    great work keep the updates commin, hopefully soon we’ll be able to play ps1 games also :-)

  113. toBsucht says:

    @draptac r u friendly pls stop 2 xx u want mario try the essential snes and http://www.n-roms.com — oder de

  114. draptac says:

    I need the hombreaws for me to take des roms of the homebreaws and put the roms in the deadalus for the deadalus to load please juste the homebreaws link anything please help

  115. oscar64 says:

    hey has anyone ever tried to run grand theft auto advance on Gpsp Kai v3.2? kus it never works i tried 3 different roms and they all did the same thing i kno i sound like a noob but please help.

  116. toBsucht says:

    @oscar64 if take a look to the Gpsp game_config.txt i couldn´t find gta theire i do not how importend this would be.

  117. oscar64 says:

    wow ur right it doesent have gta advance well i guess thats why it doesent work

  118. toBsucht says:

    @oscar64 heads up i´m sure i was wrong i could start gta but it crash after load new game .I´ll keep my eyes open 4 u. gpSP_kai_3.20_Test2_mod_by_Deehee3 is hard 2 make it run. Files to replace out of gpSPkai: Bios work but isn´t a regular(if u like replace it). Setting floder update with missing files. Font floder is missing copy it.

  119. Thowersome says:

    JellyCar works pretty good on rev 85 , 90 , 95 , and 97

  120. oscar64 says:

    @toBsucht thanks

  121. moh says:

    how does Snes9xTYL work?please help

  122. nerd says:

    extract uo_Snes9x for PSP 0032(other ver. other floder name) to ms: psp\game. Put one xrom.smc in the save floder of your emu. enjoy!

  123. draptac says:

    in deadalus r 13 the saye I should pute a roms but in super mario world in the folder of roms I can not find roms

  124. wololo says:

    @draptac: wololo.net n’est pas un site spécialisé sur Daedalus ou encore moins sur le piratage de Rom N64. Si tu as des questions sur HBL, je serai ravi d’y répondre, pour tes questions spécifiques à Daedalus, adresse-toi aux créateurs de l’émulateur. Et puis comme je me sens de bonne humeur, tu as gagné un ban. Au plaisir.

  125. NsAnE says:

    Ever since I put half byte loader on my psp along with the homebrews above and some form this site http://www.halfbyteloader-psp.350.com/ , I havn’t touched any of my UMD’s. Keep up the great work!!!

  126. LebaneseMan says:

    Does anyone know if the DS (DSONPSP) emulator runs on HBL r97 or on any? and has anyone ran Ocarina of time on any HBL? it crashes right after the OOT when the game starts after naming link. And if you did any help? thanks

  127. 100:x says:

    @LebaneseMan DSONPSP6beta run but not well may be it depent on wich game u got ready my comment´s here or issues with hbl to make hbl a littel faster. Some hb work only in the game floder(rev97) ..my pspmenu or ruckus.

  128. lolol says:

    lol great homebrews for my psp 1001 with 5.50 gen d final, thanks

  129. toBsucht says:

    @LebaneseMan i forgot to say u need a nds.bios_File in te ndsonpsp!

  130. cancer2leo says:

    I can only follow your instruction as an user. Mine PSP was 2006 Black Piano with 4.10. By mistake up graded to 6.10. The following program ran smoothly- Opera Mini 5.12…, 16207_ WindowsVistaLua, BOLT_Browser_Red_Edition_V0.86-261258, Netfront , UCWEB-, UBantu 7.10 smoothly. But after up-gradation to 6.20, reading the article of Wololo (at that pt. I did not read internet connection problem with PSP 6.20) those programs are operative but due to net connection problem is not operational. Just for information. Later, I shall send the details of other Games/ application are functional with HBL.
    Convey my Gratitude to Wololo & his team member for remarkable effort in the filed of PSP for user to play HB.

  131. toBsucht says:

    @cancer2leo thanks 4 shareing u r working games u´ve found i´d like 2 test the vista maybe u go 2 http://www.halfbyteloader-psp.350.com and tell them what u found.

  132. partoch says:

    is fake and fake this link is fake

  133. blah says:

    The hbl r97 version seems to not work with a lot of working homebrew on previous versions. Just use r96 for now.

  134. HBL GOOD BUT NOT BEST says:

    The same games which are listed we can easily play in sega so that are outclass for psp :-( we need some iso games plz plz plz make run some iso games wololo. Sega prize low=psp prize expensive.Quality same now :-(

  135. Danny says:

    @partoch….the link isnt fake, i just had some problems with the pages while editing them. ( hbl-psp is up and running again )

    @toBsucht….Its ok ive noticed them, it might take a while to add them to the site though cause i have to find all the links.

  136. toBsucht says:

    @oscar64 i found a side wich say u have to change 128k mode to play a few games with Gpsp. Something is also written in the Gpsp game config.txt. Sry pc harddisc crash no link.
    @cancer2leo i couldn´t find a working win vista lua perhaps u´ve got a link.

  137. edua7x says:

    hey wololo when you will fix the gpsp kai exit crash

    sorry for my bad english

  138. fabio says:

    really nice 10/10 it can’t play ps1 games yet

  139. Erwtsnert says:

    Where’s PSPRevolution? 😮

  140. Antonis says:

    Hello and thanks for sharing this list!

    I have a question though, how do I install/run these games/apps/emulators?
    I suppose we don’t need a custom firmware right? I have “Everybody’s golf” and got the hello world patch to work (PSP-3004 firmware 6.31). What do I do from there? I have been trying to find information and a tutorial but so far nothing :\


  141. mrace says:

    can all this game will work on psp 3000 ofw 6.00????

  142. mrace says:

    are all this available downloads work on psp 3k ofw 6.00 using hbl????

  143. Antonis says:

    I put some of the games/apps above to my PSP\GAME\ folder and i got them in the menu on my psp but when I try to run them I get a corrupted file error.. I really hope someone can explain how this homebrew stuff work and what apps are for what versions.. very very confusing stuff :\

  144. antcapp says:

    XMB–>Game–>Patapon 2 demo–>Load Savedata–>Press R–>Run Game

  145. Antonis says:

    anticap I am using the new HBL for 6.30/6.31. so I don’t have patapon 2 demo but “Everybody’s golf” instead. I run the game and the hbl loads. I get the screen with hello world and some matrix-like falling dots and it says press /\ (triangle) to take a screenshot. so far so good it works.. how do I load the apps I’ve downloaded from here? where do I put them and how do I run them??

  146. suly says:

    can u see if pspkvm works on hbl?

  147. suly says:

    oh and antonios putem in psp/game

  148. Antonis says:

    sorry suly but I can’t get it to work :(

  149. masterchief says:

    via boven staande link kun je halo in 3d downloaden hij werkt 100%
    met rev 97 heb hem zelf getest met ofw 6.20 mooi is anders maar het is een begin

    through the top link below you can download halo in 3d it works 100%
    with rev 97’ve tested it myself with OFW 6.20 is pretty ugly, but it’s a start

  150. wobblewobble says:

    Thank you for all your hard work, this rocks

  151. seth says:

    Duke Nukem3d also runs on HBL. Just thought i would let everyone know

  152. george says:

    demo would not play.games say corrupt files. have psp 3000 with ofw6.20 an
    d use hbl97 and hbl99.

  153. mrace says:

    no one answer my question……sad.

  154. harlzvb says:

    hey i just dl the r97 version and EmuMaster V3.GX FF XIII Edition and copyed it just the way its says but when i am in the Patapon bit i press the R button and it turns my psp off any help please

  155. harlzvb says:

    ^^^ to the one above can some one plz send help to my email ^^^^

  156. mm says:

    hi wololo, there is a new release of Daedealus but on your last HBL (for 6.30/6.31) it doesn’t work!

  157. jean says:

    what can i play on my 6.31? nothing seems to work

  158. jean says:

    this is not working my psp freezing please help :(

  159. wololo says:

    @jean, calm down and relax. HBL for 6.31 is work in progress, and with some effort, lots of people have managed to run this. Just read things calmly if you want this to work and/or wait patiently for the next release. We are fixing bugs as we find them.

    First, install the “Dev” version, wait for the crash, then post the resulting “hbl/DBGLOG” file on the forums at advancedpsp.tk. This is the first step for you to get help, instead of whining.

    Other people have had issues running HBL. They asked for help and provided the answers to our questions. Most of them got it to work in the end. It’s just a matter of asking the questions politely instead of just saying “it doesn’t work”.

    Edit: also don’t change your username, thanks

  160. youkill says:

    here what workes on hbl 6.31 that i tested so far

    doodle jump psp(its intertaining
    chipmunk test (demo)
    green day rock band(fun but its EXTREMLY hard)
    ***!ZOMBIES(demo i suggest wait to full game)
    halo 3d(very good graphics)
    zombie crisis(you have to be in the right mood to play it)
    penguin snowboarding(not very intertaining)
    jelly car(very fun game)
    daedalus(runs pretty slow but playeble)
    counter strike(its fun but buggy)
    OU gpsp kai 3.2(havent tested any rom but im sure they work)
    stakker(its fun to play)

    sorry for my english

  161. steve says:

    everything turns wight when i start it then freezes like that!!

  162. youkill says:

    @antonis download the new hbl files and put them in the root of ur psp there should only be 2 one is “HBL” and the othere is “H.BIN” then just load the game again and there :)

  163. zeus says:

    hi sir can you give me some list of compatible games for daedalus r14beta?? for my hbl rev96?? thank you sir..

  164. Trinity says:

    Hi everyone I’ve a psp 3000 with ofw 6.20. When I press the R-button in patapon 2, my whole psp freeze and it shut down itself…I’ve confirmed that I put the hbl folder and h.bin file in my root….where do i go wrong? Help anyone ><

  165. clockdryve says:

    @mrace you can probable run the Patapon2 Demo with your PSP OFW 6.00 and get Homebrews (old school games) to run. You tried that YET?

  166. clockdryve says:

    Do NOT update to 6.31 mrace. Stay at 6.00 firmware and get the modified wololo Patapon2 GAMESAVE and h.bin file and HBL files to run ALL these homebrew on your 3K PSP. Can get the ROMS (games) for the emulators all over the internet (thousands) for free.

  167. Bastilein says:

    Here is a version of DeadalusX64 that works with HBL r99: http://forums.daedalusx64.com/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=2432

  168. Trinity says:

    haha guys about my problem I’ve already solved it by using HBL R100…it really work fine for me =) seriously I have to thank all of you =D

  169. kidcuda says:

    the super nes isnt workin on my 6.30 hbl 100 psp god of war ed. when i try to load the emulator the screen goes white and the psp freezes on . Have to take the battery out to turn it off .and the n64 emulator mario 64 sounds chippy and mario kart has no sound at all even though the settings is on in the menu. Can somebody suggest anything to fix it thank you ;/

  170. Andrew says:

    hey every time i want to load a game my psp goes like ” can’t load file corrupted” what do i do ??

  171. wololo says:

    you need to run the exploit before running the games. Homebrews cannot be run from the XMB unless your psp has a HEN or a CFW.

  172. Misanthrope says:

    hey wololo u know any calculator emulator for ur hbl. i need one plz

  173. m1ndtr0n says:

    what version of GBA-emulator works with HBL100?? tell me please..

    mh_gpspkai don’t start.. i cant find corrct version.. help plz..

    ps sorry for english.. i’m from russia

  174. cave story is the best game ever!

  175. zakexx says:

    Do you support the program in future versions of psp games

  176. Dennis says:

    why don’t they release a custom firmware enabler?

  177. sony corp. says:

    You sucks man,
    Just wait till we discover PSP2.
    PSP2 will be a non hack PSP.

    greet Sony

  178. F4lCoN_UAE says:

    Good work Wololo!! I really enjoyed your loader and hopefully you’ll make an update version that works ISO/CSO & PS1 on the PspGo


  179. aaroncito12345 says:

    ¿¿Quieren más emuladores funcionables??
    Do you want more emulator works?

    8 Emuladores (MVSPSP, CPS 1-2, NES, SNES, GB, GBA, SegaMasterSistem)
    PASS: aaroncito12345

    UO gpSP 3.4 + Roms
    PASS: aaroncito12345

  180. toBsucht says:

    @mrace – Misanthrope & all new hbl members best few abel site
    http://www.halfbyteloader-psp.350.com/ all known games, apps and emus 4 hbl
    to run a calculator u could use a OS mywindows demo or simpley pspcalc http://www.mediafire.com/?jjjzmmgnmmw#1
    If u do not know how 2 run a game with hbl try small games like: simple turn ; how fast u are
    @m1ndtr0n u´ve got the gba bios.bin in u r choosen gba emu floder?

  181. tobsucht says:

    @sony corp.. sony´s no hack psp2 muha dream on.
    hacker´re useful but not always frienldy as u l know hacker find every mistake in a system.So stop u r silly soap post muha and give respect 4 work around the most of u & your team has 2 less brain.

  182. gayfag killer says:

    hey,wolololo i dont understand much of this techno things but when i try to open your exploit,it freezes and then my psp shuts down
    wth can i do?

  183. pspgo6.31 says:

    yo…i have a pspgo6.31 with the hotshots golf exploit and all these emu’s and homebrew work for me….you need to make sure all your files are in the right places and your save files too ppl…learn to read instructions….sheesh.

  184. pspgo6.31 says:


    Thank you very much wololo for your contributions and hard work… =)

  185. Cody says:

    Geometry Wars or Snes9xTYL 0.4.2 dont work on psp go 6.31

  186. Dylan says:

    For a Half Byte Loader Tutorial Check Out: http://www.youtube.com/user/firespikepickle
    I have Links to many useful sites in the description, I even made pre-setup HBL gamepacks with readme’s for noobies.

  187. Chris says:

    When i try geometry wars i get a audio codec error and im using a psp 1001 with 6.31

  188. triek1971 says:

    psp 2004 6.31 ta88 everybodys golf exploit hbl r101
    this is what i got to work
    final burn alpha runs only cps1 games realy great,cps2 and neo geo stuck on loading bios.
    picodrive runs good.
    uo snes9x runs slow.
    deadalus 64 runs slow.
    mh gpspkai runs realy good.
    psp hugo v131 turbografx runs good.
    thanks and greatings from holland

  189. Jack says:

    I have a psp go and mh gpskai runs slow. I keep having to go to the menu and then selecting return to game for it to run pretty smooth. Can anyone help me and tell me why mine is not running well?

  190. Jack says:

    Anyone have a working gpsp emulator that runs on 6.31 with a max rom buffer higher than 15?

  191. axel says:

    wololo hello how are you?/ you speak spanish?

  192. LUISDooMER says:

    Try gpspkai 3.4 Test 3 Build 152, it has a rom buffer of 16 MB and it runs games much better than 3.2.

  193. omega65 says:

    your great man!!!thanks for sharing everything..God Bless You!!!

  194. Jack says:


    I tried it but got “error in load/start homehook module”. Any idea on how to get it to work?

  195. ok hbl i have a psp go ofw 6.31 and i tryedrunning hbl and it says corrupted data i dont see a thing

  196. brandon says:

    hey, when i run patapon demo it says save data not found. what do i do?

  197. Lane says:

    @Brandon. When you run it, it does say save data not found, But when it asks you to create a new save file, choose “No” then choose “Yes” when it says “Continue Playing Anyway?”. Once your in the main menu of the game, select “Continue” Then it will load the save data that you should have in your Save Data file in your psp, If you have only dwnloaded just the Patapon Demo Game, you also need to download Wolo’s Savegame Data for it.

  198. Ranger366 says:

    Many people have troubles with gpspkai, i can help you!
    When it runs too slow, gointo the options menu of gpspkai, and DISABLE frameskip. now it runs faster.

  199. taff daddy says:

    I have a PSP Go with 6.31 and Everybodys Golf.
    My Snes9x runs well at frameskip 3 and 333mhz.
    My gpSP Kai 3.4 runs great for all my roms but i had to turn off the Frameskip.
    Thank you wololo for all the work on the hbl.

  200. green lantern says:

    I have a PSP GO with 6.31 and Hot Shots Golf Open Tee. The hack works but not of the hombrew works. What am I doing wrong?

  201. Rorroconter says:

    Hello everybody, well I have a PSP 3001 6.31 and the hot shots golf open tee . When I try to run Snes9xTYL, my screen becomes white and my PSP freeze. Does someone know why it’s happen? thanks in advance.

  202. jomagasi says:

    final burn alpha there’s no sound with hbl r99 (why?). +99 freezes my psp 3010.

  203. aaroncito12345 says:

    gpSP 3.4 Test 03 + Roms Pokemon (Buffer 16 MB) (Run in HBL r101)
    Pass: aaroncito12345

  204. wololo says:

    @shannon, Friendly piece of advice: you shouldn’t talk about the stuff you don’t understand.
    You didn’t “hack your psp by yourself”, you merely used a tool created by people who understand what they’re doing. The same kind of people wrote Half byte Loader for those who are not lucky as you, and don’t have a hackable motherboard.

  205. vega says:

    can i play unoriginal PSP game using it?

  206. Tirachii says:

    The n64 emulator is running very smoothly with rev107 it can play mario 64 at full speed and can play Zelda oot fairly well.

  207. Tsutla says:

    Anyone know how to use RosettaShard on HBL, or is it just not possible? I’m using a psp 3001 with ofw 5.70. If I could only have one homebrew app, this is the one i want! Thanks in advance!

  208. nightcraver says:

    good news . i have tested deadalus with a few games. the games i tested were guided by the daedalus compatibility page. i have found the following work on a psp 3k ofw 6.2 patapon

    mario kart
    tony hawks 1 and 2
    star soldeier vanishing earth
    quest 64

    wololo i think the entire homebrew community should converge on making the n64 emulator work properly. thats because i think it is the only homebrew worthy of the power of the psp

  209. tongo says:

    hola wololouna pregunta mira el hbl 101 casi ejecuta el pspdisp no cres que sea checarlo y ver si hay oportunidad de ejecutarlo con el hbl una nueva vercion

  210. eddie says:

    anyone know of the latest daedalus version compatible w/hbl

  211. lucas says:

    deadalus N 64 can load a rom.

    PS: for me anyway

  212. eddie says:

    which version and rom

  213. nightcraver says:

    go here:

    download the second emulator of the 2 which are for N64. that is the latest version that is compatible with HBL.

    for a list of compatible roms go here:

  214. nightcraver says:


    a better version of dedalus compatible with hbl

    rom compatibility list

    i have tested this dedalus with the recommeded roms from

    I have found that most of the recommended roms work as expected on cfw
    on a psp 3k ofw 6.2 hbl r107

    btw kudos for 107. it is undoubtedly a remarkable achievements. thx to all contributors incl wololo and everyone involved in testing and programming.
    together we have made a difference to gamers worldwide:) !!!!!!!!!!!!

  215. Roberto1 says:

    If you have a 1000 or a hackable 2000 why not hack and play cso and homebrews or you have psn stuff im guessing you have psn stuff

  216. hola says:

    Hello wololo the final burn works
    In psp 3000 6.20 hbl 109

  217. george says:

    i donot have a comment.iwould like an application /homebrew that can record from internet radio[shoutcast]. have psp 1000 and psp-3001[6.20 ofw].thanks for help.

  218. Pedro says:

    Is there a version of psp Filer or anything like it that work.

  219. Daniel says:

    hey….need some help with running snes9xTYL super mario….where do i find the correct roms to load and play the game?

  220. bazofia37 says:

    alguien k m ayude x fa necesito el 6.31 no c como bajarlo

  221. bazofia37 says:

    den me la pajina para bajarlo x fa

  222. brandon says:

    i got a psp 1001 with ofw 6.31 can u get the HBL without using a computer and if u can then can u post the link 4 it and how your supposed to do it

  223. Mitch says:


    Thanks for the link for the emulator. it works great!!

    One site that is good for gba roms is http://www.coolrom.com/roms/gba/


  224. andrew says:

    whoever developed HBL. long live u guys!!! u don’t know how many people u’ve made happy :)

  225. Mitch says:

    does anyone know how to add cheats and where to get them for the gba emulator?

  226. Hu says:

    To all gpSP users, whether Kai or Original, whether CFW or not: Have you been able to get Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition to work? If yes, what type of FW or gpSP are you using. Please help.

  227. Mitch says:

    does anyone know if there is a higher revision of daedalusx64 that works for the psp? because the one wololo has up is really old.(no offense wololo)

  228. htalira says:

    Hi Wlolo,

    I really thank you for the big work…I appreciated a lot to replay my SNES classics on my PSP OS 6.31…

    Many thanks

  229. Lucia says:

    first … I apologize for my english.
    Well, I would ask if there is any Play1 emulator, like any of these (Daedalus, snes9xTYL, etc), but to “play1″, not occupying the iso format because my psp3000 is 6.20… and I’m still testing with the eploit in patapon2, thanks.


  230. iy12l says:

    the daedalus emulator doesnt work. when i select roms it shuts off. can someone help me?

  231. T0ngan says:

    i know how to fix psp 3000 series which get error when loading hen. just do this and it will work. i tried on 3 psp and it worked.

    1. open patapon and load hen, which will reset your psp.
    2. check HEN is enabled by pressing select and you should see the vsh menu.
    3. remove your mem card.
    4. press select u see the vsh menu and choose restart vsh menu
    5. after psp ram restarts, insert your mem card then go to ur homebrew and click on it and everything should load and it doesent crash and so far works perfectly !!
    6. follow steps 3 & 4 evertime u start a new homebrew.

  232. sony can kiss my ass says:

    yeah!!! this will fix the safe fuction on gpsp kai.

    • sony can kiss my ass says:

      never mind: closing gpsp doesn’t crash HBL but you cant run any homebrew after running gpsp. to fix this remove your memory stick in the HBL menu and put it back in.

      @wololo can you try this out on your psp(‘s) and if it works can you place it here?

  233. sony can kiss my ass says:

    if you run gpsp kai and go back to the HBL menu it doesn’t crash but if you launch an other game the psp will turn off. to fix this remove the memory stick in the HBL menu and put it back in. now you can run everything again without crashes.

  234. spider-monkey says:

    GEOMETRY WARS is fun as heck! 3,200 is my high score :)

  235. kallel says:

    Hi, I´ve been looking a round for a Nintendo DS emulator that works with hbl but with no luck, can anyone help me plz! Im using a PSP 3000 that came with 6.30 fw :(

    Hope to hear from anyone soon



    • kallel says:

      I forgot to Thank you all guys for your help, ive been reading this page for like a week and I have almost everithing running!

      So Big THANKS!!!

      Also I think I know what my problem is for the DS!


  236. Sebas says:

    when i open geometry wars with the minna no sukkiri exploit, it starts runing, but then tells “Fatal error: Unable to load audio codec.”. plz help i really love this game and want to play thnx

  237. Sebas says:

    also, my SNES9X runs slowly i dont know why, cuz i have it with default values

  238. MirroRMimi says:

    Silly question here (I’m just getting started in this homebrew stuff):
    Are this the only games you can play in the hacked-HEN 6.20 PSP?
    I mean, right now can’t I play games like Assasin’s Creed or God of War?

  239. james1552 says:

    Is it just me or does Zombie Crisis only have one level? Because I beat the first one and the second one loaded and just went back to a zombie-less first level with no way out…? Am I missing something?

  240. william says:

    hola probe el daedlus no funciona mario kart, ni mario el snes funciona el el emulador de sega tambien, cambie lo que recomiendas de
    override_scePeekBufferPositive to 0 in the hbl/hbl_config.txt file pero tampoco da. de todos modos estoy muy agradecido conel hbl

  241. I am nautisus and sony fuck!!!! says:

    hola wololo quisiera saber cuando sacaran la 6.31 hen yo tenia la 5.55 pero le empreste la psp a un amigo y el buen idiota me lo atualizo a la 6.31

    hello wololo want to know when I take out the 6.31 hen had the 5.55 but you borrow a friend’s psp and good fool me put it to 6.31

  242. CyberM says:

    Hello. I need an ISO loader for PSP ISOs in my PSPGo 6.35, since Prometheus doesn’t run the game, jumps to HBL and doesn’t open tha games ;| Which ISO loader can work for my psp?

  243. TheDarknessArrives says:

    Is anybody else having trouble running the homebrew game. Cause i installed HBL on my PSP 3000 with OFW 6.35, the games wont run. HBL opens successfully but wheen i click a game it wont run it freezes and the PSP turns off by it self. Plz help me.

  244. blizako says:

    these 15 homebrew were recently updated right?

  245. bryan says:

    Gud Day Mr. wololo .. i really really love your HBL it works for my pspgo just wondering if I can play a neo geo emulator in this HBL? i wish you can help me thank you sir and god bless

  246. darkjedi187 says:

    Whats the most current version cps2 psp that work? Thanks

  247. cyberpunk says:

    Hey it really works… thanks.

  248. Spider-Monkey says:

    My highest score in geometry war: 80,775. I intend to break it again 😀

  249. darkjedi187 says:

    Has anyone been able to get mvc clash of the superheroes working?

  250. Nien says:

    Wololo, thank you for hbl, but how about iso loader for 6.35? is there anything that I can use? another question, if I have an Iso loader in my 6.35, will all versions of ISO and CSO games will work on my psp?

  251. erwtsnert says:


    You would have to wait for the Hen(6.20 only now, dridri said he would port it to 6.35 if the HEN became available), and if you had a iso loader you could play all ISO’s and CSO’s, up ’till firmware 6.35(or whatever your firmware is), you can solve this with the m33 driver but i don’t know how :P.

  252. Xavi says:

    Counter Strike Portable runs OK with Half Byte Loader: PSP 3010 firmware 6.31.

  253. PSPseq and PSP Rhythm work fine as well. PSP Kick and Liveplay crashed on start. HBL(testing version)/Minna No Sukkiri 6.35 PSP Go

  254. Sebas says:

    Pliz, help me!!!!!!!!!! When I start some PDF’s in Bookr it says:”Error in page {page number}: syntaxerror: Page missing MediaBox”. I don’t know why this happens coz it woks with other PDF’s. Pliz help me as fast as anyone can. U can email me to sebas.way@hotmail.com. Thanx

    • nightcraver says:

      bookr has not been updated for a long time, so it does not have the codecs to decode certain image types commonly used in latter day pdf, such as jpeg2000. thus there is no way to make it work. if you must view them, convert the pages to image files, then you can view them on your psp. you will have to use some software and experiment to see which resolution works best

  255. Lawliet156 says:

    I did everything in the readme but when I launch the demo and click continue on my PSP 2000 OFW 6.35, it sends me back to the XMB instead of launching the loader. Help?

  256. kenshin says:

    can NDS EMULATOR work in Minna no Sukkiri Demo exploit?

  257. kenshin says:

    I have just come to this site after a long time
    So, i am confused is Minna no Sukkiri Demo an HEN for 6.31 or just an expliot

  258. wyteblayze says:

    snes9xTYL is REALLLY SLOOOOWWW!! I tried fiddling with the settings but no luck, can someone please halp?

  259. urahara72 says:

    the Minna No Sukkiri demo is just an exploit, but with it u can run the HEN.
    if you are using the sukkiri exploit to run the HEN, it is supposed to return you to the XMB. just check your firmware in the system settings and it should read 6.35 PRO.

  260. andres says:

    disculpa no tengo patapon dos lo q pasa esq formatee a mi psp go y se me ha borrado el juego q hago

  261. Super Mario says:

    I downloaded Snes9xTYL and work very good. But i cannot enter in Super Mario World completed castles, because when i press L + R the menu of the emulator appears… Any solution? D:

    Sorry for my english.

  262. Dave says:

    can som eplzz help me
    i downloaded SNES9XTYL
    when i start the game it asks to choose a file
    help plzzz………

    • toBsucht says:

      dave u should put your X.smc-file (SNESgame) in this floder(psp/game/uo_snes9 for PSP 0032/save/x.smc). i´m not sure if u use the same ver. but something like that.

  263. Dj says:

    Hi, does anyone know any neo geo or mame emus that would work on my psp ofw 6.35 using hbl? I tried Mame4all v4.9r2 but seems to just freeze up when it gets to the main menu screen. I have tried the snes9xtyl which seems ok but a little laggy on some games, is there a better snes emu that would work for me? If not could someone suggest the optimum video settings for the games that do lag? Thanks.

  264. mrx500 says:

    i installed the half byte loader ver 6.35 and the exploit on my psp 3000 but when i hit continue game it freezes my psp and then my psp shuts off. Is there anything I did wrong? i followed the read me exactly.

  265. fr says:

    hi wololo can you make ttutorial for t-o-m-e for the psp

  266. Tarek says:

    does anyone know another gbc emulator that works on PRO HEN psp go 6.35? because homer’s rin doesn’t work and masterboy/emumaster crashes a lot..

    btw thx for the amazing work

  267. John says:

    Every time I run any game it says ” can’t start the game/ File is corrupt. Please help. I have PSP 3004 ver. 6.37. I installed hbl loader

  268. blueyoshi3 says:

    GEOMETRY WARS IS KICKASS!!!! is there any other games besides these 15… if so then please show me cuz i need them too

  269. Mauricio says:

    Hi, is there one homebrew that act like a alarm clock and works on HBL? A good think would be run IRShell on PSPGO… but…


  270. Zack says:

    i downloaded Doom, i was wondering where i put the file in my PSP to play it.

  271. anonymous says:

    running HBL makes my psp swith off wid a noise of a spark or something, i use psp3004 wid 6.37 version, help please

  272. toBsucht says:

    SNES9X v0.02y32 Signed by RikuKH3 http://www.multiupload.com/6E4X0EJPCA 1st ofw snes emulator working NEW
    gpSP 0.9 Signed http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2683 New by Skutarth Download

    Now you can download all files @ http://www.mediafire.com/toBsucht or big files @ http://www.megaupload.com/?f=1NX79UAF

  273. dark fire says:

    how do u install hbl on psp ver 6.37

  274. dark fire says:

    if u have the answer e-mail me at kevinlevin@ymail.com

  275. dark fire says:

    every time i click hbl on my psp it goes back to my psp memory stick can someone help me

  276. 1hand-play says:

    7.2 sec HA!

  277. Andy says:

    So, I’ve managed to get HBL running on my PSP3000 v6.37, and I’m using gpSP to play GBA games I already had the roms of in my computer. So I transferred them to my PSP, and they’re working marvelously. Just one thing though, I want to transfer the save states from my computer to my PSP (to continue with the same game, instead of having to start all over again) but I can’t seem to get it done. I tried giving the “.sav” file from my computer the same extension as a save game saved with gpSP, “slot number + .svs” but it doesn’t work, sicne the kind of file is different. I have a MAC, and according to it, the saved game from gpSP is a “UNIX Executable File”, and my save game is “VisualBoyAdvance Battery Save”.
    Now, I know the UNIX is just what my MAC reads, since it doesn’t know the exact kind of file it is. Is there any way in which I can do this?
    Thank you for your help!

    • toBsucht says:

      u better ask this in a emulator forum (gpSP) sorry i don´t know but i know there is a way to cheat a savegame file. Good luck!

      • Andy says:

        Thank you for the response. I’ll keep googling.

        btw… is there a DS emulator that works with HBL?

      • toBsucht says:

        i used nds ver6 (the special birthday releas + source) with the old hbl(unsigned) it started and load a game but it doesn´t run well other emu. does. A general problem is the second “lcd” if u try nds emulation u better use “games” which only use 1 “lcd”. I try the nds psp emu ver7 it wasn´t as well as the other. Good luck!

  278. Ramsey Wright says:

    could someone make a iso loader/player for psp3000 v.6.37?

  279. NARUTO says:

    Could someone make a ISO loader/Hen for psp3004 v.6.37?

  280. The Turks says:

    counter strike does not work ???

  281. Just ur Ordinary Homebrew says:

    Ok i know of i a good site But!!!!! Some Hombrews will work on HBL But all will work On Cfw Newly Updated =O Here it is Psp.gdteam.net U can even download them directly from psp!

  282. kingofheart says:

    can any say me how to hack psp 3044 and play iso games v .6.37 HELP???????????????????????????????????????

  283. taxik says:

    Oh Noobz.There isn”t ISO Loader for 6.37-Only Half-Byte-Loader-

  284. THE MAN says:

    i found some games that run on hbl they are
    Rubik v3.5
    and more!

  285. Jamie says:

    looking for a DS emulator that can play Pokemon Black/White Rom

    • KevinSevenfold says:

      oh dude,that’s impssible,even the emulator runs slowly with the rest of the ROMS of NDS
      …but i’d kill for play that on my PSP !!

    • TAILS says:

      there exist a nds emu but it runs very slowly.
      I is called dsonpsp.
      I have PSP 3004 6.20 PRO-B5

  286. KevinSevenfold says:

    oh,by the way,someone know a good emulator of N64 ??

  287. Homebrew man says:

    HBL is the ultimate hombrew program. playing The Legend Of Zelda OOT now. this is still working on 6.37. also, to who ever needed the ISO loader, im devoloping one, ISOLord, so just wait.

  288. Homebrew man says:

    hey guys. just an update on ISOLord.
    it’s working so far. i get a few errors with it every now and then. this thing is able to play PSX (or PS1, what ever it is called these days) AND PSP games. i have been building this for 3 years. it’s all coming out nicely.

  289. Oni Akuma says:

    The EMUMASTER/MASTERBOY does not have any roms in the folder why?

    • toBsucht says:

      Becouse it isn´t leagel to share rom in the most countries. Oni Akuma
      is it a april joke. Maybe there are some homebrews(sampels) for the emulator but i don´t know one.

  290. Oni Akuma says:

    Man there was a problem bout the gpsp kai emulator, but i followd the instructions wen i started it, and i downloaded a gba bios and now it works 😀

  291. Oni Akuma says:

    but i cant get my roms to work?

    • toBsucht says:

      ^^i didn´t see that i hope you got it 😉 maybe it was the floder were u place the roms are some games do not run (without a customized setup)

  292. marcos says:

    im a noobie but want to thank wololo for making my psp 3001 interesting(dummy with 6.37)also for those who are interested i found a way to put 100 games from snes on psp 3001 ofw 6.37.first i downloaded snes 9xtyl and put in psp/game.-second i searched games for snes 9xtyl 0.4.2 and found a site that says 150 or 100 games then theres two downloads part1 and part2 but when extracted dont put them n your psp go to the roms file and find that you need to extract each game so you extract each game and put them n the roms file (psp/game/snes 9xtyl/rom)

  293. quiety says:

    im new here and i want to downgrade my psp from 6.37 is it even possible?

    • toBsucht says:

      @quiety maybe befor psp2 is release more likely after release maybe never(really unlikely). You can downgrade a 6.37 ofw or up only if pandora is working with your psp model (datacode/motherboard). Try pspident0.73 or up.

  294. blue49974 says:

    Hi if your on 6.37 this should work ok when 6.20 hen was out and I was on ofw 6.35 I used 6.20 promethis iso loader in the half byte loader and I was actually able to run Iso files you can also try cso files if you want.

  295. Mike says:

    Hey guys I can seem to get a good daedalus emu on my psp 3000, the original one to download here doesnt run well with Zelda OOT and i tried running the beta 3 one with hbl 113r but no luck :/ i have the psp 3003 3004, id appreciate if someone could help me(:


  296. THE MAN says:

    Where can i get a home brew like GTA!! I really want one

  297. toBsucht says:

    @blue49974 i try to start pro-loader with hbl113 and it is starting but i can run a iso.^lucky me, tn-hen user 😛

    @Mike if you downloaded a signed emulator it doesn´t work with signed hbl. Try to use your (most likely signed) n64 emulator with ofw. Also i found just a few minutes ago ^ZeldaT3^ a port for the psp.

    @THE MAN there is a gta homebrew(mini) but it´s no fun to play it try a gba-emulator. Note i can remember some1 here who´s try to run this game with a gba but it doesn´t work, but i´m not sure if there´re differnt gta gba-versions.

  298. azulafanatic says:


  299. joey says:

    demanoid.me and utorrent all day and thay have psp games that are sighned no hacks also have snes roms

  300. Ramsey Wright says:

    the gbakai emulator is ***!!!!!

  301. jacques says:

    Hi guys is there a neo geo emulator for h.b.l

  302. Viki says:

    Hi admin….i m a newbie..pls help me with my psp v.3006 upgrade 6.37…please i want to run iso on it….help me pls…thanks

  303. toBsucht says:

    Hi viki
    i think the best is if you try pro hen(b6) or tn hen (extended) up to 6.39 ofw.
    make sure that u use the correct hen for your firmware. What´s your´s?
    This hens are all signed also you can find a lot of list @www with signed homebrews that doesn´t need a hen to run them.

  304. toto says:

    has anybody got a program to get your psp to work as a controller for emulators on a pc, with hbl, i cant find any?

  305. Mag says:

    Hey, can anyone help me here? I’ve been running HBL since 5.50. I upgraded my PSP to 6.20. HBL and all the emulators work EXCEPT for the GBA emulator. Before I upgraded my PSP the gba emulator worked fine. Now it seems the update has broken the gba emulator. Is there another GBA emulator that will work with 6.20?

  306. toBsucht says:

    @toto: pspdisp 0.6 or wifi contoll 0.4.4 (all @ forum´s signed homebrew list)

    @Mag which hen you are using pro- or tn- hen? Maybe try a signed gba emulator without hbl or search for updates example @ qj.net .. mh gpspkai

  307. poinl says:

    i absalutly love cave story, very entertaining

  308. supanovaboi says:

    does this support psp games if not what hack is out for 6.60 that does thanks

  309. MysticalBlackWolf says:

    Can any one tell me if there is a way to down grade a 6.60 fw and is there a way you can jailbreak a psp as well like to get free games and stuff if there is i would like to hear back from some one please …. And if there is any software that i need to use to jailbreak the psp cause i have been looking all over the place and cant seem to find any thing that has to do with jail breaking the psp …. Well i have found a few stuff on how to jailbreak the psp but you have to do a survey to open up the site to get the software and i am getting sick and tired of trying to do these darn surveys and the page never opens up so i can get the software …. But any ways like i said can any one please help me out please …. Many thanks

  310. marlon says:

    I new with my psvita
    i yes would like to know where i put ther emulator to i can play in the vita

    • alpmaster007 says:

      It is a process you have to vhbl. Im guessing you already di
      But if so you should use OpenCMA on the pc you have to put emulator
      Folders in save file format to install through VHBL. I reccomend
      To use homebrew preparer V2.

  311. Xavier says:

    Hey what’s the name of the game in the pic of Daedulus?

  312. toBsucht says:

    super mario

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