15 Essential Homebrews that run on Half Byte Loader


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  1. toto

    has anybody got a program to get your psp to work as a controller for emulators on a pc, with hbl, i cant find any?

  2. Mag

    Hey, can anyone help me here? I’ve been running HBL since 5.50. I upgraded my PSP to 6.20. HBL and all the emulators work EXCEPT for the GBA emulator. Before I upgraded my PSP the gba emulator worked fine. Now it seems the update has broken the gba emulator. Is there another GBA emulator that will work with 6.20?

  3. toBsucht

    @toto: pspdisp 0.6 or wifi contoll 0.4.4 (all @ forum´s signed homebrew list)

    @Mag which hen you are using pro- or tn- hen? Maybe try a signed gba emulator without hbl or search for updates example @ qj.net .. mh gpspkai

  4. poinl

    i absalutly love cave story, very entertaining

  5. supanovaboi

    does this support psp games if not what hack is out for 6.60 that does thanks

  6. MysticalBlackWolf

    Can any one tell me if there is a way to down grade a 6.60 fw and is there a way you can jailbreak a psp as well like to get free games and stuff if there is i would like to hear back from some one please …. And if there is any software that i need to use to jailbreak the psp cause i have been looking all over the place and cant seem to find any thing that has to do with jail breaking the psp …. Well i have found a few stuff on how to jailbreak the psp but you have to do a survey to open up the site to get the software and i am getting sick and tired of trying to do these darn surveys and the page never opens up so i can get the software …. But any ways like i said can any one please help me out please …. Many thanks

  7. marlon

    I new with my psvita
    i yes would like to know where i put ther emulator to i can play in the vita

    • alpmaster007

      It is a process you have to vhbl. Im guessing you already di
      But if so you should use OpenCMA on the pc you have to put emulator
      Folders in save file format to install through VHBL. I reccomend
      To use homebrew preparer V2.

  8. Xavier

    Hey what’s the name of the game in the pic of Daedulus?

  9. toBsucht

    super mario