15 Essential Homebrews that run on Half Byte Loader


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  1. marcos says:

    im a noobie but want to thank wololo for making my psp 3001 interesting(dummy with 6.37)also for those who are interested i found a way to put 100 games from snes on psp 3001 ofw 6.37.first i downloaded snes 9xtyl and put in psp/game.-second i searched games for snes 9xtyl 0.4.2 and found a site that says 150 or 100 games then theres two downloads part1 and part2 but when extracted dont put them n your psp go to the roms file and find that you need to extract each game so you extract each game and put them n the roms file (psp/game/snes 9xtyl/rom)

  2. quiety says:

    im new here and i want to downgrade my psp from 6.37 is it even possible?

    • toBsucht says:

      @quiety maybe befor psp2 is release more likely after release maybe never(really unlikely). You can downgrade a 6.37 ofw or up only if pandora is working with your psp model (datacode/motherboard). Try pspident0.73 or up.

  3. blue49974 says:

    Hi if your on 6.37 this should work ok when 6.20 hen was out and I was on ofw 6.35 I used 6.20 promethis iso loader in the half byte loader and I was actually able to run Iso files you can also try cso files if you want.

  4. Mike says:

    Hey guys I can seem to get a good daedalus emu on my psp 3000, the original one to download here doesnt run well with Zelda OOT and i tried running the beta 3 one with hbl 113r but no luck :/ i have the psp 3003 3004, id appreciate if someone could help me(:


  5. THE MAN says:

    Where can i get a home brew like GTA!! I really want one

  6. toBsucht says:

    @blue49974 i try to start pro-loader with hbl113 and it is starting but i can run a iso.^lucky me, tn-hen user 😛

    @Mike if you downloaded a signed emulator it doesn´t work with signed hbl. Try to use your (most likely signed) n64 emulator with ofw. Also i found just a few minutes ago ^ZeldaT3^ a port for the psp.

    @THE MAN there is a gta homebrew(mini) but it´s no fun to play it try a gba-emulator. Note i can remember some1 here who´s try to run this game with a gba but it doesn´t work, but i´m not sure if there´re differnt gta gba-versions.

  7. azulafanatic says:


  8. joey says:

    demanoid.me and utorrent all day and thay have psp games that are sighned no hacks also have snes roms

  9. Ramsey Wright says:

    the gbakai emulator is ***!!!!!

  10. jacques says:

    Hi guys is there a neo geo emulator for h.b.l

  11. Viki says:

    Hi admin….i m a newbie..pls help me with my psp v.3006 upgrade 6.37…please i want to run iso on it….help me pls…thanks

  12. toBsucht says:

    Hi viki
    i think the best is if you try pro hen(b6) or tn hen (extended) up to 6.39 ofw.
    make sure that u use the correct hen for your firmware. What´s your´s?
    This hens are all signed also you can find a lot of list @www with signed homebrews that doesn´t need a hen to run them.

  13. toto says:

    has anybody got a program to get your psp to work as a controller for emulators on a pc, with hbl, i cant find any?

  14. Mag says:

    Hey, can anyone help me here? I’ve been running HBL since 5.50. I upgraded my PSP to 6.20. HBL and all the emulators work EXCEPT for the GBA emulator. Before I upgraded my PSP the gba emulator worked fine. Now it seems the update has broken the gba emulator. Is there another GBA emulator that will work with 6.20?

  15. toBsucht says:

    @toto: pspdisp 0.6 or wifi contoll 0.4.4 (all @ forum´s signed homebrew list)

    @Mag which hen you are using pro- or tn- hen? Maybe try a signed gba emulator without hbl or search for updates example @ qj.net .. mh gpspkai

  16. poinl says:

    i absalutly love cave story, very entertaining

  17. supanovaboi says:

    does this support psp games if not what hack is out for 6.60 that does thanks

  18. MysticalBlackWolf says:

    Can any one tell me if there is a way to down grade a 6.60 fw and is there a way you can jailbreak a psp as well like to get free games and stuff if there is i would like to hear back from some one please …. And if there is any software that i need to use to jailbreak the psp cause i have been looking all over the place and cant seem to find any thing that has to do with jail breaking the psp …. Well i have found a few stuff on how to jailbreak the psp but you have to do a survey to open up the site to get the software and i am getting sick and tired of trying to do these darn surveys and the page never opens up so i can get the software …. But any ways like i said can any one please help me out please …. Many thanks

  19. marlon says:

    I new with my psvita
    i yes would like to know where i put ther emulator to i can play in the vita

    • alpmaster007 says:

      It is a process you have to vhbl. Im guessing you already di
      But if so you should use OpenCMA on the pc you have to put emulator
      Folders in save file format to install through VHBL. I reccomend
      To use homebrew preparer V2.

  20. Xavier says:

    Hey what’s the name of the game in the pic of Daedulus?

  21. toBsucht says:

    super mario

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