wMenu 0.2

wMenu 0.2 brings no functional improvements, but people who like customization will definitely enjoy it. wMenu now supports as many background pictures as you want, and will cycle through them randomly. I also added a nice sound effect in menu navigation and… well actually that’s it.

wMenu 0.2 will be included in my next HBL release, but those who want to enjoy multiple wallpapers can give it a try now. just put your jpg files in the “Res” subfolder of wMenu, and wMenu will automatically load them next time you run it.

Oh, and if you don’t like the sound, just erase or replace the “menu.wav” file :)

Thanks to cole and ?Juanjo18x who provided the additional background images. If you made a background image and want it to be included in next wMenu’s release, don’t hesitate to contact me or post a link here.

Download wMenu 0.2

  1. TiPi’s avatar

    Nice one, Wololo!
    Keep up the good work ;)


  2. THE FINISHER’s avatar

    awsome dude thanks love your work alot


  3. Krozoa’s avatar

    sweet!!! thanx for your work


  4. Metroid_III’s avatar

    Thanks for making the dl link accessible on the PSP :D

    And this menu is epic. I just migrated my entire wallpapers folder to menu/res and I’m loving the changing backgrounds. The sound is also welcome, and I have no intentions of removing it. Thank you to Wololo as usual for your incredible work, so excited for rev95 too :)


  5. gara’s avatar

    just when you think the menu couldn’t get any better, thanks wololo and keep up the good work, we appreciate it a lot


  6. hank manning’s avatar

    does anybody know if mars cfw actually works


  7. Logical’s avatar

    Can you improve dsonPsp? Please watch what you can do with it


  8. Metroid_III’s avatar

    No requests.


  9. Cixxy’s avatar

    Hey wololo, I’ve noticed sometimes it freezes on the wMenu with r94. Will this be fixed?


  10. Wolfdawg’s avatar

    Nice, iv made like 3 different menus anyways :)
    To bad homer’s Rin doesn’t work past R85


  11. FrEdDy’s avatar

    Simply awesome.


  12. Metroid_III’s avatar


    use EmuMaster/MasterBoy…


  13. Pregnant and 13’s avatar

    This is the background I am using. Is it over the top? lol


  14. Sakuryu’s avatar

    awesomeness ask and you will recieve thank you Wololo <3


  15. Monkey64cow’s avatar

    What happened to m0skit0 he hasn’t posted anything on your google code source in about a month I think :(


  16. wololo’s avatar

    M0skit0 was on holiday. I think he’s back but I don’t know if he still plans to work on HBL. I mean, real life and stuff…


  17. Dartz’s avatar

    so wololo, first off thnx once again for HBl. its pwnage.

    secondly, i’ve already changed the wallpaper of thw wMenu 0.1 when i got it. Just got any wallpaper and renamed to “bg”. I was thinking about getting some fonts and adding it there too. :D

    thirdly, here’s the wallpaper i use. matches with the blue of the wMenu.

    also, if you can please tell me whether DSONPSP works on HBL and if not when it’ll be possible. (a rough estimate, thats all)

    and lastly, a short list of other homebrew stuff that work on HBL (apart from the ones already given by wololo):-

    - Learn Japanese v0.6
    - Rubik’s Cube v3.4
    - Beat the casino, Blackjack.
    - PSP Comic (this should be in your top 15 man.)

    And, its very nice to see the progress HBL is making. KIU!!!


  18. iSWORD’s avatar

    Hey ! Wololo ! Please remove Pregnant and 13′s comment !!


  19. jomagasi’s avatar

    hi wololo. i have a dude ¿why my psp 3010 freezes with w menu on rev95? and with dev 95 no dude only. thanks for all the HBL team



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