Should you update to 6.20?


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  1. popstar00x says:

    Chinese Version.
    For Chinese Visiters:
    translation myself:
    Not the F**king google translate.
    ?? By ?????




    ??…?????6.30??????…??????????.???????????????????????????????????,????????.??,??????????????6.20???????????????,??MEDIA GO????.??????????.

  2. oliver230791 says:

    One fix to your suggestion wololo ;D

    Actually, you CANT get the games that you have bought by the media go to the psp, if this is not updated.


  3. Jimjim says:

    @oliver230791 Incorrect. You can, indeed stay at 6.20 and still buy games via Media Go and PS3 store and transfer them onto your PSP with no hassle. Recently bought P3P via Media Go and transferred it to my PSP Go with no problems.

  4. joanthan says:


    haha, i cant read simplified Chinese =P
    here’s the TRADITIONAL Chinese =)


    ????,HBL?6.20????????????,??.??????????6.20???????????????,.???????????.??.???,???????HBL??5.00M33? 6.20???,???????????.

    ????????????:”???????6.20 ??????X.XX????”????????.??????,”????.??????????????????????????!”??????, ?????.??????????5.50?6.20???PSP.???????.?????????6.20 .HBL???????6.20?.????????????????5.XX??????????????.????????????????6.20?6.30???.??????5.xx???????????.[????PSP???5.03.??????(ChiekHEN) ????????????.]

    ????????????,6.30?????????????.???????????(????.???????.),??.???????, ???6.20,????.??????.

    ??…?????6.30??????…??????????.???????????????????????????????????,????????.??,??????????????6.20???????????????,??MEDIA GO????.??????????.

  5. lukas says:

    Ey wololo , but in this time , if you have a 6.10 firm , if you update its install the 6.30 Firm , NOT the 6.20 , or not?

  6. monkey64cow says:

    @terminator157, buy a PSP 2000, they’re way better and you can still hack some of them, and if not it’ll probably be below 5.03 so you can always use chickhen

  7. sagat says:

    damn i got 6.10 ofw so how do i update to 6.20 ofw without getting 630 ofw???

  8. sagat says:

    i got 610 ofw how do i upgrade to 620ofw without going over to 630 ofw???

  9. Fabien says:

    sagat, stop being a noob, you can download a specified OFW you need everywhere on the web and put them on your memory card 😀

    wololo, bon travail, tu es un vrai chef 🙂

  10. G3kk0 says:

    you can download the official 6.20 firmware update from here

  11. INEEDHELP says:

    Can I buy FF9 from the PSstore and sync it into my PSP 3000 with FW 6.20?

    Will it run?

  12. sagat says:

    @G3kkO thanks man 🙂

  13. DarXPloit_$a1 says:

    what means : “exception – syscall” as a result of a vsh crash ?
    code jumps to $ra
    plz answer 😀

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