Half Byte Loader R93

I’m happy to announce a new revision of our Homebrew Loader for all PSP models (well, except the unlucky people who upgraded to 6.30).

Revision 93 is mostly JJS’s work (thanks man!), with a few minor corrections from me. It improves module loading and makes HBL closer to getting network support. For you as users, it mostly means that we improved the compatibility, and some games now work with HBL, such as Counter Strike PSP 1.56 (more recent versions don’t work because they need kernel access)

HBL has never been any better!

Download and enjoy

By the way, remember the first time we announced Half Byte Loader for Patapon? That was “only” 3 months ago…we’ve gone a long way :)

  1. RathalosSlayer438’s avatar

    not 2 be pushy but does any1 know when r94 is comin out


  2. wololo’s avatar

    @RathalosSlayer438 : errr…. yesterday actually…


  3. pipo831’s avatar

    uhh does anybody know if any version of Xplora works on any version of HBL?


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