Half Byte Loader R93


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103 Responses

  1. PSPatapon says:

    Wow GREAT!!!

  2. 0rochi(india) says:

    hey wololo great work
    one day we may be able to play ps0ne game

  3. Norml says:

    Dang only 3 months? It seems like forever…..THANKS ABUNCH!!!! KEEP THE GREAT WORK GOING!

  4. Danny says:

    Great work again wololo and JJS plus credit to the other devs too, so far in just 3 months. im gonna do a few tests with emulators now.

  5. SpykeSIK says:

    Thx.Now I run a Quake on my psp Go.

  6. SpykeSIK says:

    I upload a Quake for you. (http://www.mediafire.com/?22f c d wxzody)

  7. Revolver says:

    Thanks wololo!!!!This REV IS GREATTTTTTTTTTTT!!!NOW EXULT PSP WORK ON MINE 3000 OFW 5.55 god bless u guys

  8. asci says:

    lol… the quake link is funny…zook me a minute
    still, HBl is great…
    and i dont understand sony.
    I still buy games i want to play (which is not often) because i learned from my amiga times.
    But why they dont want unzip, a pdf reader, a filebrowser and emulators on their psp?
    …they schould be happy

    Good Program

  9. ~Fred~ says:

    Hi wololo,
    great release, I was almost thinking of going back to r79 because it seemed to have more compatibility than r92, this release has fixed most of those issues, great release!

  10. Pako says:

    Hey wololo

    It’s me again, I had a snes emulator working on rev 85, Snes9x for PSP Ver.0.03a, but when I upgraded to rev 93 it didn’t work anymore. I don’t know if this is the correct way to let you know this.

    Is there another version that works for rev 93?

  11. Thiago says:

    this rocks =D
    any news about the CFW for 6.xx ?

    keep us informed

  12. GENEROUS NOOB says:

    umm hey wololo

    i am a huge supporter of the hbl and u guys rock but for my b day im gettin more than 300$ and id love to donate some money to u guys to help out

  13. ExisteRcz says:

    @Wololo, Hey can you get any info about FuSaGamePad v3? how to run on HBL r93 it write me
    “Error – driver was not loaded

    THX FOR FIX!!! AND FOR HBL 😛 you are sweet 😛

  14. GENEROUS NOOB says:

    im spending 200 on the mgs big boss psp bundle and 40$ on a pandora kit but is there a place where i can donate sum money to ur team

  15. ~Fred~ says:

    Theres a donate page if you look at all the links at the top of the page

  16. GENEROUS NOOB says:

    im changin my name

  17. RathalosSlayer438 says:

    thats better

  18. RathalosSlayer438 says:

    ok i know this is off topic but are there any halo games that work on hbl

  19. ~Fred~ says:

    I don’t think theres a homebrew halo, but your welcome to program one and share it :)

  20. RathalosSlayer438 says:

    k and 1 last question theres a game called left 4 quake its a clone of left 4 dead (duh) but i wuz wonderin if it works on hbl

  21. ToonsFtw? says:

    test it yourself man download it and try to run it with rev 85 not 93 because some that work with 85 dont work with 93

  22. RathalosSlayer438 says:

    tried it didnt work but ill do sum pokin around in it and try to get it 2 work and if i do ill post it up

  23. lukas says:

    wolo , you are doing all of this for us ,, and nothing benefits to you,,
    y said now , thanks , for your work , your patience , and you sacrifice you are a really good person .
    if is a bad traduction sory i talk only spanish remember ja ja , thanks a lot man ,, you are 1 of 1000

  24. RathalosSlayer438 says:

    lol 1 in 1000

    im sure theres more than 1000 hackers

    more like 1 in 263573.7

    yah thats right .7

  25. RathalosSlayer438 says:

    ok i gots a ? (wow whata suprise right) ok i downloaded psprx launcher 2.2 and 4 sum reason it freezez when i choose a prx and im on the hbl it “works best on” does any1 know why it doesnt work

  26. Pako says:

    Wololo, I found an emu that works with hbl rev 93, this is the name y33Ruka0032.zip. It-s at M0skit0’s forum

  27. tripeiro says:

    Wololo first of all let me thank you a the rest of the guys envolved for creating half byte and wagic. It´s been great playing gba roms in my psp-3004 (which I actually own). Just one thing though, why don´t i see the card images of wagic while playing it???
    Thanks again man (made my psp very usefull)

  28. wololo says:

    @tripeiro: Wagic doesn’t have the images in the default package because they are copyrighted (see: http://wololo.net/wagic/2009/01/09/cease-and-decist/ ). But if you google for it you will find them easily I believe.

  29. iSWORD says:

    Great work !! Today’s my b.day !! And I love to have a newer HBL on my PSP on my b.day 😀

    Keep it up, Great man !

    (I have something that I must tell you.. An idea !! -Maybe useful- Please PM me to PM it to you)

  30. Sony Corp. says:

    yeah yeah, i believe that u own the games and now are downloading
    the roms so u can play them on the psp (sarcasm).

    ISO’s & ROM’s, they are both copyrighted but nobody is gonna hunt u
    down so be honest. heck i got tons of nes, snes and n64 roms!

  31. RathalosSlayer438 says:

    can i use psprxlauncher 2.2 to install ctf themes

  32. RathalosSlayer438 says:

    i think theres 1 that does work but when u select a video it says buffering for a few minuets and crashes

  33. lukas says:

    yea there are one… but i dont find it

  34. P3N1S says:

    QUESTION: I want to play games on the TV via PSP. What is the homebrew that lets me resize the screen to full screen?

    And Great job WOLOLOLO! Keep it UP! Thank You! Donation coming when you hit R100. 😉

  35. Demester says:

    this is great almost seems like it could be compatible with NervOS i tried it and got the menu running but it looked sc*** up//

  36. Wolfdawg says:


    Homers Rin (gb emulator) is not working! ever since R85

    Mind getting it to work again?

  37. RathalosSlayer438 says:


    lol omfg u have got to see this pic of a kid gettin banned i just bout pi$$ed myself

  38. MR. Bananas says:

    some one should check picodrive a give some sound to it

  39. areilly111 says:

    yes yes r93 i still use this on my psp 3000 and i use my psp 2000 for iso’s and cso’s

    but yes yes

    @Sony Corp
    and btw i have 15 cso’s on my psp 2000

  40. Xtra says:

    great work wololo i upgrade my psp 3000 5.50 to 6.20 with blazblue i scared about the 6.30 ofw but no its 6.20 and runs the exploit congratulations for the proyect

  41. PSPGo-user says:

    I still can’t get this to work :(

    I tried the very first exploit and that one does load the hello world screen with the falling dots.

    I’m trying this on a PSP Go with fw 6.20.
    The youtube video shows a psp go running the latest exploit, what are the specs for that device?

    I’m trying this on a 16GB MS and i have some official games already in the GAME folder.

  42. wololo says:

    @PSPGo-user: if the first exploit is still working for you, that’s your problem. We changed the savegame file a few months ago for technical reasons.
    If you had the correct savegame file, anything below revision 34, including the first hello world, shouldn’t work.

    download the NEW savegame file, and everything will work. file available at http://wololo.net/wagic/hbl

  43. psplike says:

    @PSPGo-user – install to on-board memory… NOT memory stick

    Defence Station Portable support plz~

  44. RathalosSlayer438 says:

    wow this revision is awesome it loads more than 90% of all my homebrew i downloaded

    i hope the r100 can load all or at least most homebrew

  45. Sony Corp. says:

    Can any one tell me how to load ISO/CSO’s ?

  46. Nickolas says:

    oh noooooooooooooo another fake Sony Corp. omg how many of them can thiss blog stand?? lol anyways @ Sony Corp. this is not possible…..but if koens iso loder is not fake it will be possible in the future…….

  47. EasyGo says:

    Thanks for all the work on the project. Snes9x doesn’t seem to work with HBL anymore though…

  48. iSWORD says:

    I REALLY like this game (DSP) and want to play it with HBL :)

    NesterJ was working on r85.. But it’s not working anymore on r92 or r93.. Please support it again..

  49. Nicholas says:

    wow thanks alot

  50. Sony Corp. says:

    they are trying to be like me but they cant.

  51. Recca says:

    Hey in this new version, i cant load nesterJ why?

  52. Dex says:

    Just heard that Daedalusx64 alhpa is working. Dont know what revision though. If anyone knows, i’d be very grateful.

  53. ToonsFtw? says:

    @dex the beta one vbecause i use the beta 1 and it works great

  54. Dex says:

    @ToonsFtw? Can that one play Goldeneye?

  55. Sony Corp. says:

    yo Toons, so daedalus beta 1 right?

  56. Dex says:

    @ToonsFtw? Im shocked… It actually works. Playing Goldeneye at decent speed now.

  57. Sony Corp. says:

    Dude theres a huge diference on running the damn game and playing it

  58. PSPGo-user says:

    @psplike & wololo: thanx :) it’s working now. Completely missed that new savegame ….

  59. Dex says:

    @Sony Corp. I just said im PLAYING it a a decent speed.

  60. Alpha2 says:

    r93 does not work on my psp 3004, 620. Only the earlier versions. : (

  61. Revolver says:

    Is there a chance to run Dos box on fw 5.55?

  62. Sony Corp. says:

    Dex@ no crash? care to provide some links?

  63. INEEDHELP says:

    I need help I have a PSP 3000 with FW 6.20 and every time I load up the demo and the save file my PSP crashes after I press “R”

    Yes I’m using the latest everything.

  64. assman says:

    nobody is gonna help u man sorry

  65. wololo says:

    Sony Corp./assman : please stop using various nicknames, stick to one. I’ve been refraining from banning you a few times already, so please behave. I don’t mind you posting stupid comments (as long as they are not offensive) but stop using so many nicknames.

    INEEDHELP: double check your installed files, especially the savegame, make sure you REALLY have the latest version of the patapon savegame (not the HBL only).
    A crash after pressing “R” is because of an old version of the savegame in 99% of the cases.

  66. Harmless Whisper says:

    Wololo thank you and other developers for creating and working on hbl. Keep up the good work currently using psp go with hbl r93. One more thing i would like to say is daedalus r11 is working with hbl r93. Sony learn from wololo and supply your fans with what they want. sony you should hire some hombrew developers so that psp may have better apps, games, and software.

  67. INEEDHELP says:

    wololo: This is the latest version of the savegame right?


    Yeah I checked it and even replaced it, I tired again after I press “R” nothing happens then the PSP powers off by itself.

  68. Wolfdawg says:

    make sure you not using a patched version of patapon 2

  69. ExisteRcz says:

    @Wololo, Hey can you get any info about FuSaGamePad v3? how to run on HBL r93? FuSaGaMePaD writing me all LOADS
    “Error – driver was not loaded
    and Shutdown the HomeBrew and redirect me to XMB!

    THX FOR FIX!!! AND FOR HBL you are sweet

  70. wololo says:

    @INEEDHELP : yes this is the correct one.
    Then all I can say is: make sure you have the h.bin at the root of your memory stick, and the hbl folder as well.
    so your memory stick root should have:


    What firmware do you have by the way?

  71. Nickolas says:

    @wololo is there any new reevision coming this week??not that i have any problems with rev93 :)

  72. Nickolas says:

    sorry for the double comment but i meant “revision”

  73. intermax says:


    Starting R93 I can run PSP-Maps
    My PSP begin looking as needed thing more and more.

    Thanks a lot!!

  74. Xtra says:

    wow uosnes9x run more faster but there an error when load battletoads doble dragon the game freezes or stops and not only the game the psp crash

  75. kondzio says:

    can someone give me link to version to Wagic the gathering with card images compatibile with HBL?

  76. EinhanderSoul says:

    This works great on my newly arrived PSP-3001 with OFW 6.10 already installed w/ it.

    At first, I thought I was sc***, that I could never run homebrew stuff on my PSP, but then I Googled and found this, the best thing ever for a new PSP owner!

    Just one question to the author: Will it ever support Kernel Access?

    I’m not suggesting that you implement Kernel Access so that someone could code a CFW enabler, but I think you should, for some really good homebrew games (Including recent version of CSPSP) needs it.

    But then again, I love this stuff! Keep em’ coming!

  77. The Klu Klan says:

    Can you still buy stuff from the Playstation Store with this mod?

  78. CAPORD says:

    Hey WOLOLO i tried this new revision of the HBL but when i finished to use the Unofficial GPSP 3.2 ( pratically the only homebrew that i use) and i press the Exit, it crash (something that never happened with the HBL rev 85). Well, i guess that the rev 85 still being the best.

  79. ~Fred~ says:

    Hi wololo,
    I was jut wondering, sometimes when I get homebrew games, theres a 1.50 version and a 1.00 version, which should I use? also, when I get certain homebrew, theres two folders, one with a % in front, what do I do with these?

  80. pregnant & 13 says:

    Where can I find a list of the best homebrew for HBL? Right now I am just trying things and some stuff crashes and some stuff is stuff is lame. Can someone make a list of the BEST homebrew for HBL?

    In Soviet Russia the PSP hack you!!!!

  81. Dex says:

    For thse asking about GPSP, alot of sites are saying that it no longer works with HBL.

  82. wololo says:

    GPSP Kai Test 02 DOES work. I test it before every single release. That is, with Wagic, THE homebrew that I can guarantee will always work. I’ll never do a release where it doesn’t work because it is part of my testing pack (Wagic, Doom, GPSP Kai, ScummVM)

  83. LEBRON JAMES says:

    very nice i like this hbl hack

  84. Revolver says:

    and DOSBOX too lol

  85. CAPORD says:

    I havent updated the HBL on my psp because i practically just use the UnOfficial gpSP kai 3.2 and it crashes when you press Exit.

    PD: I have a PSP 3000 with the ofw 6.20, ¿what would be the problem?

  86. Nickolas says:

    @wololo where can i find wagic with pictures??i know it is illegal but i am brave enough lol

  87. psplike says:

    NesterJ 1.13beta2 for HBL

    @wololo defense station portable support plz~

  88. garrei says:

    hey wololo…. you might have seen it but i raised a question on lan.st earlier and i want your thoughts…. do you think that its possible to develop a kernal exploit in a way that when the HEN has run, you can create your own sercurity measures to prevent cfw releases…. this would keep you in complete control of the exploit even when it is released. im not sure if its possible but im sure people would love a k-hen soon. ps. you should pass this idea onto coyotebean and anyone else that has kernal keys.

  89. garrei says:

    ok fair enough. thanks anyway.

  90. CAPORD says:

    Hey wololo could you tell me ¿which rev of the daedalusx64 works in the HBL?

  91. monkey64cow says:

    I have a suggestion for games that require to read flash0, you might be able to make a flash0 folder and put all the files from your PSP’s flash0 folder into that, and redirect those games to the flash0 folder 😀
    It might work, and you could put in different flash0 files for other firmwares for different kernels i.e. 1.50 kernel, 3.XX kernel, I think it would work, but maybe not

  92. INEEDHELP says:

    @wololo: My FW is 6.20 I haven’t updated and left it as 6.20.

  93. LeO says:

    THANKS WOLOLO and does anyone know a GBA emulator that works on rev 93

  94. RathalosSlayer438 says:

    not 2 be pushy but does any1 know when r94 is comin out

  95. wololo says:

    @RathalosSlayer438 : errr…. yesterday actually…

  96. pipo831 says:

    uhh does anybody know if any version of Xplora works on any version of HBL?

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