Announcing wMenu (and HBL rev92)


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60 Responses

  1. crisishell says:

    cool, wonderful and faster than rev91 😉

  2. mud says:

    Cool, I haven’t tried some of the older versions but I’ll give this one a go.
    Keep up the good work guys!
    Love the last Wagic update. :)

    Thanks you Wololo.

  3. Azrael^^ says:

    Very nice menu!

    Hope you could solve the memory leak problem very soon!!

    Thank you for this!!

  4. iSWORD says:

    Thanx wololo !!

    Great release !!

    Keep it up !!

  5. Krozoa says:

    cool, thanks for the effort, wololo and the rest of the team

  6. Justin says:

    can you change the background image to some other one?

  7. wololo says:

    @Justin: yes

  8. cheeze6661 says:

    Thank you Wololo for returning back to homebrew directory read out. It makes the menu so much neater. THANKS!!

    Side note: it seems to be working great on my 3K1 6.20. :)

  9. sandesh says:

    How do i create my own font file for the menu? is it possible? pls reply…

  10. ExisteRcz says:

    how do you do a screenshot of the screen psp?

  11. Krozoa says:

    the background looks better if you put the black screen with the HBL logo, only my opinion :)

  12. sonic says:

    c’mon you can do better than that its awful hbl team step ur game up.

  13. iSWORD says:

    Hey wololo, Can’t you make it loads like the XMB screen ?!
    I mean to load ICON0.PNG and PIC1.PNG (and PIC0.PNG) from the EBOOT.PBP file and display them as they are displayed in XMB Game menu ??!
    Also the ICON1.PMF as a video when a homebrew is highlighted ??! SND0.AT3 sound when it’s highlighted too ?!
    I know it requires alot of free memory which is unavailable in user mode .. But what if HBL frees memory each time a homebrew is loaded ?! And each time it’s unloaded (exited) ?!!
    It can be much nicer if these things are applied :)
    Thank you all developers of HBL..

  14. Haze says:

    Hey just wondering what version of daedalus is that on the menu. I heard beta 3 works but im unable to although I only tried once back in 85. And I know about salvee edit for hbl that crashs into gameplay. Im using rev 14

  15. Haze says:

    Let me clear that up im using rev 14 of daedalus and im talking about beta 3 of daedalusx64

  16. nickxab says:

    Good job as always. 😀

  17. noobie says:

    ok sorry to ask this again but i know the hbl can run hellcats recovery flasher. it goes to the menu and everything is fine. i know if u try do downgrade with it your psp will brick but there isan option to make your battery to pandora using hellcat. if i do that will my psp brick. and does making your psp to pandora require kernel access. i have a 1000 but im stuck with the unhackable 110 battery

  18. wololo says:

    @sonic: constructive criticism is welcome. For basic insults like yours, I think you can go to facebook or other cool places kids go these days. I’m the kind of guy who listens to his users’ feedback, but I hate gratuitous insults. Be constructive or get lost.

  19. Norml says:

    Sweet menu! Thanks bunch.

  20. Renous says:

    Gracias hermano todo te esta quedando de lujo.

    Sigue adelante MENTE MAESTRA que todos aqui admiramos tu trabajo.

    Saludos desde Guatemala.

  21. iSWORD says:

    it’s Spanish, Google translate translated it to :

    Thank you brother all the remaining luxury.

    Go ahead MASTER MIND all admire your work here.

    Greetings from Guatemala.

    (all the remaining luxury) ????!!! GOOGLE TRANSLATE 😀

    Please read my last comment :

  22. iSWORD says:

    By the way.. Each time a reversion is released, I try to run WTH.. R92 is the FIRST one that could load WTH on my PSP300 with Version 6.20..

  23. Hunter says:

    This is awesome, keep up the good work!

  24. Hunter says:

    Is there a place where ppl can send requests of homebrew games that they would like to see working with hbl?

  25. Spock says:

    Neat stuff wololo, but tell us are there any plans for future releases of HBL that might support CFWenabler and/or GEm-B? or is it “Get lost you filthy pirate” jazz all over again?

  26. iSWORD says:

    Wololo said ” I am not especially against iso loaders. I am against piracy but I believe those are two separate things.”
    He also said “it is not “because wololo or m0skit0 or ab5000 are against isos on their exploit” that no iso loader is made available through the Patapon exploit. It is because it is not technically doable.”

    CFW enabler and Homebrew ENabler (HEN) need kernel access (flash0 full access) which needs a kernel exploit ! wololo’s one isn’t (it’s a user mode exploit) .. And I believe wololo’s doing great with his exploit .. I mean that’s the best anyone can ever do..

  27. Dan says:

    Is it too much to ask forpicodrave with sound or a desent Daedalusx?

    Sorry if i sound like a beggar.
    But great job with the updateds on hbl!

  28. Dan says:

    sorry i meant “PICODRIVE”

  29. Sony Corp. says:

    Im working on CFW right now, its not an easy task please be

  30. Wolfdawg says:

    What psp model and firmware?

  31. Sony Corp. says:

    well its not really CFW, its modify version of the official 6.20.

    I like to call it OFW 6.20.2

  32. W0lfgang says:

    Team eld is a j0ke.. I believe

  33. David says:

    What is the problem? Start or circumvent the protection of the flash?

  34. David says:

    But very good menu.Thank you

  35. psplike says:

    how to capture of psp screen?

  36. D!S says:

    Thanks,great menu 😀

    keep it up!

  37. Spock says:

    Thanks wololo & iSWORD for the explanation..but tell me isn’t your HBL similar to Davee’s ChickHEN? I mean iirc when he released ChickHEN Davee said that it was user mode too..if so then there is still a chance right?

    Regardless I really admire your attitude towards piracy. I mean, I’m not a representative of Worldwide Piracy Inc. but I own many PSP as well as PC titles. Those PC titles that do not have an online activation that allows one to play without the DVD inserted, I always use a no-dvd executable. Heck I bought the game and its my fckn decision how I wish to play it, and thats NOT piracy. I just wanted the same option to be available for my PSP games..o well, still hopeful. Keep up the good work.

  38. Dex says:

    Well when it comes to ISO and .BIN loading, it doesnt have to be a UMD game. For example, i have loads of old PS1 games (which were bought from a shop and are not copys) and a great number of them dont and never will have a PSP/Playstation Store release. One game i have is Echo Night and it’s ultra rare (cost me $150 just to get an English version) and i know that it will never get a Playstation Network release for PSP. The only way i can play it on PSP is with a ISO/BIN loader. I saw in the forum that a loader works partially on HBL without the need for kernel access, the compatibility was 5 as it did crash for a reason that i forget. So it seems it is possible, but when and how it will work? I dont know.

  39. ToonsFtw? says:

    wait ive seen this on the website tom 2.3.5 but what does it do exactly i used it but i dont get what is does can someone explain

  40. Dex says:

    @ToonsFtw? Its a homebrew loader. This allows people who upgraded to 6.20 to play eumulators and various other homebrew using the Patapon 2 exploit.

  41. psp3000 says:

    I like this version !
    great menu+
    much homebrew+
    fast loading+

    is it possible to play isos on a later version?

  42. pspcookie says:

    please reply^
    keep it up!

  43. PSP 6.20 says:

    ITS very cool all thanks to wololo again.

  44. carlos says:

    this version is great with everything and I welcome the fund as it may change with wololo

  45. Nickolas says:

    @pspcookie no it is not possible stop asking! @wololo great release i love wMenu keep up the good work

  46. Dex says:

    Somone should give this homebrew a shot:

    It’s a PSX emulator for those who dont know. I’m fairly certain it doesnt require kernel. Maybe PS1 game emulation is closer than we though?

  47. ~Fred~ says:

    Hi Wololo,
    I was just wondering if after the recent 6.30 patch, will you continue to develop and update the hbl?

  48. wololo says:

    @~Fred~ : we are still actively working on the HBL.

  49. ~Fred~ says:

    Hey again,
    Ok thanks for the info, I’m excited for the next release.
    Thanks again,

  50. PSPGo-user says:

    Great work, unfortunately it won’t run om my PSP Go with fw 6.20, i followed every step, but it crashes as soon as i hit the R button, what can i do to get this running? (i also tried r85 same results) :(

  51. ~Fred~ says:

    Hi PSPGo-user,
    theres a new rev out (93) maybe you should give that a try

  52. PSPGo-user says:

    Thanx gonna try it right away …

  53. Josue says:

    wololo hello see you’re talented for this .. I worked well with the previous version …. this new version of hbl not grab me super snes emulator … I also wanted to ask when we will be able to play games for psp??

  54. Bounder says:

    Correct Translation to iSWORD: (Google translate = bad for spanish, too mucfh slang)

    Thank you man, your work is getting awesome.
    Keep up with this MASTER MIND, we all here admire your work.

    Greetings from Guatemala.

  55. iSWORD says:

    Thanx for correcting :)

  56. iSWORD says:

    Sorry for double posting…
    This PS1 emulator only supports 28 games on CFW ( I mean when it’s running with full free memory in kernel mode).. HBL runs in the user mode, There won’t be enough memory to run any game.. ( I mean that the emulator supports only 28 games because others need more memory, so the number will be zero when it comes to user mode !!)
    PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong..

  57. alejandro says:

    gracias po el hbt espero hagas otro menu

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