Announcing wMenu (and HBL rev92)

Just when you thought the weekend couldn’t get any better, here’s a new revision of HBL. It only fixes a few minor issues (mainly, a memory leak in some cases), but I wanted those fixes to be in before I announced my side project for HBL: wMenu.

We, the dev team of HBL decided to not accept bug reports for the menu as part of bugs of the HBL. This is why we moved the menu as a separate application, to allow the HBL project to be free of any user interface. This should allow several menus to appear in time, and this will allow users to choose the interface they like. wMenu is my humble contribution to this, and hopefully you’ll like it. From now on, I’ll include it in my “distrib” compiled versions of HBL. I will not include it in the dev version, because it is currently slower than the default menu.

Tell me what you think :)

Download HBL R92 and wMenu on the HBL download page, as usual.

wMenu is compatible with HBL 91 although HBL92 (or above, if you read this in the future) is recommended.

  1. wololo’s avatar

    @~Fred~ : we are still actively working on the HBL.


  2. ~Fred~’s avatar

    Hey again,
    Ok thanks for the info, I’m excited for the next release.
    Thanks again,


  3. PSPGo-user’s avatar

    Great work, unfortunately it won’t run om my PSP Go with fw 6.20, i followed every step, but it crashes as soon as i hit the R button, what can i do to get this running? (i also tried r85 same results) :(


  4. ~Fred~’s avatar

    Hi PSPGo-user,
    theres a new rev out (93) maybe you should give that a try


  5. PSPGo-user’s avatar

    Thanx gonna try it right away …


  6. Josue’s avatar

    wololo hello see you’re talented for this .. I worked well with the previous version …. this new version of hbl not grab me super snes emulator … I also wanted to ask when we will be able to play games for psp??


  7. Bounder’s avatar

    Correct Translation to iSWORD: (Google translate = bad for spanish, too mucfh slang)

    Thank you man, your work is getting awesome.
    Keep up with this MASTER MIND, we all here admire your work.

    Greetings from Guatemala.


  8. iSWORD’s avatar

    Thanx for correcting :)


  9. iSWORD’s avatar

    Sorry for double posting…
    This PS1 emulator only supports 28 games on CFW ( I mean when it’s running with full free memory in kernel mode).. HBL runs in the user mode, There won’t be enough memory to run any game.. ( I mean that the emulator supports only 28 games because others need more memory, so the number will be zero when it comes to user mode !!)
    PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong..


  10. alejandro’s avatar

    gracias po el hbt espero hagas otro menu


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