Half-Byte Loader R91

This new revision brings 2 major changes for the user: First, the menu is now a standard eboot. It means that if you are a homebrew coder, you can create your own menu with the usual SDK tools, and are not limited to the Patapon SDK anymore. Second, HBL is now able to come back to the menu once you quit a homebrew. This function is highly experimental for now, so don’t cry if the second homebrew you run doesn’t work as expected… This feature can be disabled by setting return_to_xmb_on_exit=1 in the file hbl/hbl_config.txt. I still recommend revision 85 for now if you are looking for maximum compatibility and performance, but revision 91 sure has some benefits :)

For those who haven’t seen it yet, here is a video of what it looks like (stay till the end of the video to see the “go back to menu” coolness :) )

I especially want to thank Noobz and Fanjita, as most of this new code is a ripoff of their eLoader. (If you have never heard of the noobz eLoader, you missed the PSP’s golden era :))

download here

  1. oliver230791’s avatar

    awesome! ;D


  2. JamperTheHat’s avatar

    Woohoo!!…new release!! :D

    …thanks wololo, your are a GOD!!


  3. TiPi’s avatar

    Doesn’t work for me ;(
    It crashes every time when I try to return back to the loader. Also, the names of the homebrew are weird, I see only the half of their names for some of them. I already tried to delete all files.


  4. crisishell’s avatar

    thanks wololo :)
    i really wanted “go back to menu” feature thanks ;)))))))))))))))))))))


  5. Warlike’s avatar

    man, you’re great;

    saw your topic in st.


  6. iSWORD’s avatar

    Nothing describes your work :)

    Unbelievable !! Thanx !!

    Keep up the good work..


  7. Eldoka’s avatar

    I love Wagic, i love HBL and i love you.^^


  8. JamperTheHat’s avatar

    iSWORD I think you described it pretty well…outstanding/stupendous/fantastic!! :P

    Yes, wololo you and thy team shall rule this ****ing land!!…or, at least help us hack our PSPs. :L


  9. Dan’s avatar

    So the major updated on rev91 is that i can now exit the emulator
    and go back to the HBL menu right?


  10. Wolfdawg’s avatar

    What is it?


  11. Sony Corp.’s avatar

    Its a virus!!, seems awesomejosh is mad because
    i fire his ass from the company and now he seeks revenge.

    Be carefull everyone.


  12. Wolfdawg’s avatar

    @Sony Corp.



  13. Wolfdawg’s avatar

    I downloaded it fine


  14. darkriku2000’s avatar

    So… what does it do exactly? What is a prx file and how wold this load it? Aren’t prx files plugins?

    Sorry, don’t know much about this


  15. Kier’s avatar

    yeah what exactly is this prx loader useful for on a PSP Go! ?


  16. Sony Corp.’s avatar

    They wont give any information because is a VIRUS!,


  17. Kier’s avatar

    video looks legit tho :S


  18. Kier’s avatar


    does your ISO loader enable ISO’s to run via HBL on a PSP Go! ?


  19. rafael707’s avatar

    HBL FTW, good job


  20. shadowla05’s avatar

    PSPGO PRXLoader works to a point but it does nothing here is a video test,

    ISO Loader does not work at all


  21. Kier’s avatar


    thanks a lot, i now your a respected member on certain sites so im trusting you over anyone here ;) thanks for testing :)


  22. lukas’s avatar

    thanks ,, you are a really master on this things.

    But , y understand for what the team typhoon post a video of a hacked PSP GO and says ” This never be released” . they are stupids or what?

    Sory for the bad english., y am from argentina and talk only spanish


  23. Darkriku2000’s avatar


    Do you think that it could work with some modification. It’d probably be best if somebody with somebody with custom firmware could try it to see if it works.


  24. wololo’s avatar

    @lukas: when team typhoon released the chikHEN, they specifically said that it should never be used to load ISOS. They got so many insults after this, that this video is there way of replying to all the stupid kids. PSP Go owners now pay for the stupidity of 95% of the psp “community”


  25. shadowla05’s avatar


    yes of course its possible everything is possible it just takes time and patients and sum one with the time to figure out how to get it to works.


  26. darkriku2000’s avatar

    Well, I mean, does it seem legit or is it just like a menu that shows some file names than shuts off when you select something?


  27. Kier’s avatar

    wololo is correct, we are suffering because of the majority of people within the PSP community, and Team Typhoon has bad experience with the community from the past especilly regarding their chikHEN so why should they ever release something like that again ? id love to play ISO/CSO’s on my PSP Go! but you gotta have patience especially when a Kernal exploit has not yet been discovered ;)


  28. Nickolas’s avatar

    @wololo pretty dumb question —->what are the prx files which are mentioned above?


  29. wololo’s avatar

    I removed spam from user awesomejosh.

    @awesomejosh: if you are working on new things for the PSP, good for you, but don’t post your links dozen times on all psp sites you know about. Finally, your files have been verified and happen to be mostly fakes, so I’ve decided to remove your messages. When you have real things to show, contact me in private and I’ll unban you after verifying your “work”.


  30. Kier’s avatar


    thank god you have banned him, just been nosying around numerous PSP sites and all i see is his links and they are fakes etc


  31. lukas’s avatar


    ok ,, its incredible , but , with the chickHEN you are enabled to install a CFW or no?

    and with the CFW you are enabled to play isos i think..

    well. Is no way to sory the theam thypoon? there isno way for they releasing the kernExploit?


  32. Shoron’s avatar

    Dude plz make an iso loader for psp 6.20 HBL. PLz!!!


  33. Shogun’s avatar

    shadowla05 your the MAN unlike wololo.

    I stomp on wololo pathetic face, HBL is garbage and they just
    recycle the same old garbage and call it rev92!.
    WE WANT ISO loaders cuz HBL fail to load good emulators
    like N64 and GENESIS.


  34. akarome’s avatar

    shogun don’t call hbl garbage because i dont thing u can do better and if you want ISO louders, n64 and Genesis emulators to work on hbl why not do it yourself if you think its that easy


  35. ALaddin’s avatar

    typical, when wannabe hackers can do something right
    they start shouting DO IT YOURSELF!, pathetic.


  36. wololo’s avatar

    @lukas : I am not team typhoon, ask them directly


  37. lukas’s avatar

    @wololo , that is the problem , its no way to contact him..

    another question , why you not ban the matherfuckesbighassholes of shogun and the other stupid with poo-faced


  38. wololo’s avatar

    @lukas :
    regarding davee that you cannot contact: well, yeah… I don’t know what to say. Team typhoon have got very valid reasons to not release their work anymore, so if you desperately want a hacked psp, start to learn how it’s done, or buy a used psp 2000.



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