A HEN/CFW for new models of PSP soon?


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54 Responses

  1. Krozoa

    hope someones at least says that is working on hen or cfw and that will released it when its done, at least we can wait knowing that someday it will be released :)

  2. Fenrir

    I don’t know, if they are doing this purely for personal satisfaction then they should stop flaunting their finds. All it does is get the community in an uproar. Sometimes I think some dev’s are bigger s**t disturbers than the people in the community that think the dev’s owe them something.

    If I had a dime for every time I heard “We have an exploit but we aren’t going to release it” I would be rich lol If the worry was really about Sony updating then don’t update, plain and simple or are they waiting for the UBER Firmware release from Sony. If it’s simply a d**k measuring contest then the scene really is dead. Especially when there are those out there that supposedly have “solutions” to the newer firmware but have no intentions of actually sharing their finds. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

    I am happy with the HBL, they can keep their precious kernel exploits, all I ask is they shut up about the damned things unless they DO intend on releasing them.

  3. Wolfdawg

    Team eld is doing good with 6.20
    They claim to be able to do it by September or later
    They have a nice website but they took it down right now because of people complaining when there main Dev got hit by a car and couldn’t work for a month. but there still working

  4. Wolfdawg

    Oh nevermind, It came up yesterday :/

  5. m0skit0

    Hm I think you’re missing a strong point on all this, wololo: user-mode exploits can be found by almost anyone, and coding a binary loader is not that much work (as you surely know xD), but it’s a whole new story with kernel exploits. These require a much more advanced knowledge and are usually found by top PSP hackers (not you or me, mate xD), and usually this people keep its secrets safe, and they look far ahead.

    So I don’t know if that kxploit is actually the same, or differents, but I’m sure 6.XX has a lot of vulns, it’s just a matter of time to find them. There’s no such thing as a 100% secure FW, and it will never be, no matter how much cleaning Sony does or will do.

    So now it’s wait-and-see showtime.

  6. wololo

    @atv’ : thanks, nice link

    @m0skit0: that’s a very good point! But these hackers are still human…there have been many fights about kernel exploits in the past. The scene has clearly learnt lots of stuff and become more mature in the meantime, but we’re still humans :)

  7. popstar00x

    Chinese Edition(For chinese visiters):
    Translation By Myself.
    not the F**king google translate:
    ?? coyotebean ??????update for the PSARDumper ??????,??????????????????????PSP?????.



    ?????? ?? ???????????????(???,????????HEN????????PSP???.)
    ??.????? coyotebean ??????????.??????????????????????????”??”?.????????PSP???,??PSP GO (??????(????),???????????????)



    ???????????:???????????????????,????????????????.?????HBL?????.????????????????.??????:”????????HELLO WORLD!??????????????!!”(??.??????.????????????…)



    ????????????????????????…????????????(??????????.???????????. )

  8. wololo

    thanks popstar00x :)

  9. JamperTheHat

    Mwahaha!!..I bet Sony are brickin’ in their pants now!!

    …HBL/6.xxCFW-HEN/3000-GO?…ah, the mighty homebrew prevails. 😀

  10. Jemina0514

    I h0pe that c0yotebean will share his fruits to us.. Nice w0rk w0lolord.. Cant wait to see wagic again.. Its been a quarter of a year when i last saw wagic..

  11. Tetris999

    I don’t know what coyotebean will do, but he DID release the decryption for the keys no?

    He’ll -probably- release it, so everyone just needs to calm down for now till it comes imo

  12. npt

    Here’s hoping that we do get a 6.20 kmode for a hen out of this. And, Wololo is right you never know WHO just may have a kmode sitting in their hot little hands thinking… “man, what if so and so finds the same one” and then boom, hen or kmode releaase, which would lead to a hen.

    We shall see. Bwahahahahahahahaha.


  13. K3vinPwnz

    I think they should release the expliot after E3 just in case they release a new psp firmware since they havent in a really long time,Besides psp community is dieng and psp2 is soon to be anounced by this year?So why not realease it b4 psp goes to DOOM.

  14. dyonfix

    traductor de google!

    wololo ey mira que ya encontre Una Cuantas paginas Que revelan la forma de ENTRAR al psp en forma del núcleo párr flash Modificar la MEDIANTE El xploit de patapon en si demuestran Que es poscible En El Momento Modificar fuentes de no se si ver Estoy Que Tenga CON EL TEMA Atento estare si NECESITAS enlaces o si NECESITA Los Archivos En Su Caso o Dejar asi

  15. An0nym0us c0ward

    @wololo if ever that there is a released hen. Please post it to your site thanks mighty wololord

  16. Techni

    “if they are doing this purely for personal satisfaction then they should stop flaunting their finds. ”

    Agreed. Its not fair to everyone who wants to use it but cant. It’s just teasing us all. And as you said, we’ve had so many fakes that it’s just not trustworthy till it’s released

  17. Bounder

    -Traduction to dyonfix comment- (Native)

    Hey wololo look, I found some pages that reveal the way to enter the psp in core “párr flash” to modify sources of — I dont know if this has to do with the topic but Ill be here if you need links or if you need files in case, or leave it like that.

    //Yes, he actually said sources of i dont know

  18. Bounder

    Correction: Translation not traduction…doubt that word exists

  19. iSWORD

    Hey Wololo!
    I hope you answer my question. Can a HEN be made ONLY through flash1 ? I mean if we can access flash1 can we change some files to ignore security check (for the homebrews) ? And then we can make a custom firmware loader for the HEN!!
    If not. Then can we change something in flash1 to make the PSP crashes when booting (or loading something) to run an unsigned code for a HEN?!
    Sorry for my bad English!

  20. DarXPloit_$a1

    Do you mean the patapon 2 demo exploit with the psp filer homebrew?

  21. iSWORD

    Yeah !

  22. wololo

    @iSWORD: no, flash1 is not interesting for a HEN. For a HEN, what needs to be patched is the Kernel RAM.
    a CFW on the other hand would involve patching the flash (not flash1, anyways), but CFWs cannot be coded for recent motherboards (the pre IPL hack has been fixed a while ago with ta 88v3)

  23. JamperTheHat

    @wololo I hate to ask, what does this mean in terms of a CFW/HEN for the newer models if a CFW cannot be coded for the 3000/Go?

    ..I thought all the fuss was because a CFW/HEN COULD be coded out this kernel exploit. :O

  24. JamperTheHat

    Ah, is the Go fully hackable but not the 3000 series..that will need a HEN won’t it?…please don’t flame me if I’m wrong. P

  25. KevinCross

    Sounds like a good time too hack. I read you can get to flash 0 & 1 thoue HBL, I wonder if HBL is the road too a load and play cfw aka L&PFW. HBL is almost thare. If the lack of enternet. and looping problem is solved. We just need too sit and pray.

  26. MaxMouseDLL

    I’m wondering if the various kxploits are the same one, will we ever find out? no idea…

  27. DarXPloit_$a1


    you got my file?
    plz sav if i get on your nerves^^

  28. Nin

    Wololo, it was because of your hbl that the kernal was found. Without it their would be no possible way to exploit, so shouldn’t you be entitled to it?

  29. wololo

    I don’t think the kernel exploit is related to HBL. Maybe coyotebean ran his kernel exploit through the Patapon user exploit, but that’s another story.

  30. Cory


    I agree, wololo should have most if not all fame if a kernal exploit comes out.

  31. Nickolas

    @wololo a guy on youtube accesses kernel (flash 1 and 3) via the patapon exploit please check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frUNpLMJgMc it may be a scam but who knows……..

  32. Wolfdawg

    Thats nice but probably not a 3000

  33. Nickolas

    wow too bad………… i lost all my hopes…….

  34. iSWORD

    Coyotebean said there won’t be an enabler for his kernel exploit.. But he didn’t talk about any releasing date!! Did anybody read about releasing date for coyotebean’s kernel exploit?? I read something about releasing it when Sony stops making new software updates!!! Everybody knows this is NOT possible!! I read somewhere else that he will release it when Sony releases PSP2!!!

    I want to go on a holiday to Slunfeh (I know nobody knows that place), but I just don’t want to go with an official firmware :) !! We go there one or two times per summer!! Last time we went there was before buying my PSP!!

    I’m soooo SAD :(:(

    Great Wololo.. Please help us.. Just try to find that kernel thing.. 😛

  35. iSWORD

    If you decrypt PRXs in the 6.20 update, can’t you find something which is not corrected (I’m a C# programmer), I mean like (eg. in Motion JPEG videos there’s nothing that prevents running videos with a data rate of 12kbps (example))

    Please help..

    Can anyone give me a decrypted 6.20 update.. Because I have one PSP with 6.20 OFW.. Please upload it on MediaFire.com

  36. JusticePanda

    iSWORD, programming in C# is much different from the C++ kernel of the psp. Trying to mess around with any decrypted data (which might not even be usable if you don’t fully understand how the process works; I know I don’t) will probably prove to be quite difficult. I think it’s best we just wait around and hope for the best.

  37. DarXPloit_$a1

    it seems someone found an interesting vsh crash on lan.st,
    v0 and v1 is fully overwritten OO”

  38. Comicity

    Hi wololo, i find a crash in a ptf theme. Can this be an exploit?
    Sorry my english

  39. Thiago

    any news about a possible hen/cfw, guys?

  40. Bartnes

    Hi all i have problem with dumper hi say me error 0x80020001 loading/starting libpsardumper.prx

    please help


  41. MaxMouseDLL

    Well… Prisoners Dilemma or not… nothing has materialised yet Wololo…

  42. wololo

    Yeah :(

  43. hellboyhrh

    check on this if you have time wololo forums.pspslimhacks.com/psp-3000/7355-psp-3000-ofm-6-2-finally-hacked-sri-lankans.html

  44. shadow16

    ?????????? ??? ?? ??????? ????

  45. chipmunk

    ????? ?? ?????

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