Half Byte Loader revision 85


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95 Responses

  1. oliver230791 says:


    I think you take the right decision of returning to p2, but it is also good idea to see how you can get extra ram from p5.

    You are great guys! ;D

  2. HBL4President says:

    First of all congratulations for this fantastic homebrew loader.

    I want to inform (surely you’re working on this) that hbl does not work in PSP Go 5.70. The only version that loaded was the R51.

    HBL crashes at “test sceIodopen” and PSP shutdown.

    Best wishes. I’m very grateful :)

  3. Triompf says:

    I just want to say to all of you!!!

    Thanks, keep te great work going! And of course good luck with your horse race:D

    Greatz Triompf

  4. JunkWarrior says:

    Merci Beaucoup. Thanks alot.

  5. yoshiFail says:

    I love the hbl!!! Thank you all for this great stuff!

  6. Davy Jones says:

    Hey wololo, great release as ever. On the Daedalus forums, Salve posted a modified version of hbl here: http://forums.daedalusx64.com/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=2432 saying that he removed the override of sceCtrlPeekBufferPositive, which made daedalus as fast as it is on custom firmware. Has / will this be implemented in the main release of HBL?
    Thanks again for this awesome piece of software!

  7. popstar00x says:

    Half Byte Loader revision 85
    Chinese Edition:(for chinese visiters)
    ????????85 79 +??????????80 83 +????

  8. Cheeze6661 says:

    @Davy Jones: I’ve tried that build. The roms run fast at launch but then it always freezes in less than 5 minutes time. :( I think we should wait until the official HBL can run Daedalus out of the box. Plus that build reintroduces the exiting with home key and sleep mode bug.(its built using r83) I’ve tested it several times with my psp 3001 ofw6.20 and I can’t play any roms without hard-booting my psp every 5 mins. Mario64 froze after entering the castle and again while crossing the bridge to the castle, Mario Party 3 froze as soon as I hit my first mini game on the board. So… with my tests, I consider Daedalus still to be unplayable on HBL.

    @wololo: r85 is great and I’ll be sticking with that. Hoping for a revision that can play Daedalus(newest revisions) out of the box. :)

  9. wololo says:

    @Davy Jones: I’ll make this peekBufferPositive thing an override in next version, so that daedalus players can play at full speed if they want, with a hbl config file (like I did for picodrive). Note that there is a drawback, it means this function needs to be estimated, so that’s one additional risk for the game not to run correctly.

  10. Wolfdawg says:

    Ok DSonPSP .01 came out a few days ago can you get it to work on hbl?

    Also daedalus x64 alpha revision 502 came out can you get that to work to?

  11. ScrappyBoy says:

    That’s a very hard work for u man, keep it up , we enjoy your appreciation..
    and your Discovery in Matrix. East or west Wololo and its team is the best..!

  12. adam says:

    wlolo is it possible for someone to come out with a kernal exploit so we can use recovery flasher to downgrade our firmware?

  13. Eldoka says:

    Hello wololo

    I have a question???

    My PSP 3004 ofw 6.20 and your HBL rev. 85.

    Can I play Wagic??? And if like???

    If it has tried out already once, however, then simply goes out the PSP.

    I thank you and your team for the really work you have made. I love your HBL and the emulators I on it can use.

    Excuse for my horrific English allowed to translate it about a programme.

    Love greets from Germany

  14. carlos says:

    to play in HBL WAGIC in 85 only removes Rev mp3, and exception.prx

    (works with me)

  15. revolver says:

    great work bro can you made it compatible with psx emulator?I don`t wanna pay two times my old games

  16. Nick says:

    AHHHHHHHHH!! THIS BRICKED MY PSP!!! I was trying to run homers rin (Which worked) and pressed the playstation button to return to the menu, it said “Loading” for a long time and after i while i used manual shut off, when I turned it back on, im stuck on a grey screen. Ive tried all the buttons, removing mem card, inserting UMD and nothing… ugh…. well at least i think its still insured…

  17. Nick says:

    NVM i removed the battery and put it back in. I guess this made the psp load the menu directly instead of continuing from the last time i shut down.

  18. Minus says:

    dude, I know you said about this question, but will you try to get your patapon exploit go into kernel mode?
    By the way, great work

  19. Cheeze6661 says:

    Anyone asking about kernel access or iso loading, your questions have already been answered several times over. It’s simply “no”! :) The Patapon 2 exploit is strictly user mode and will never gain kernel access. Here is Wololo’s own write up on the issue: http://wololo.net/wagic/2010/05/25/can-half-byte-loader-run-isos/

    Stop asking for the impossible. Technically it can’t be done given the exploit we have now.

  20. Wolfdawg says:

    Im not demanding that he do this Im ASKING and why not ask him to get an emulator to work? Thats what hes trying to do

  21. wololo says:

    @Nick: you can’t brick your psp with the eLoader because it is a user mode exploit. Don’t be afraid.

    @revolver: you can’t run psx games with the eLoader directly because it is a user mode exploit. There is a PSX emulator but I believe it is quite slow.

    @eldoka: See carlos’s answer :)

  22. majikal says:

    Great job! I love that I can run homebrew on my 3000 finally!

    One question: Is it possible to get snes9x Euphoria to work with hbl? I’ve tried several times and it gets as far as the HBL loop message before hard powering down my system. No rush or anything, I’m very happy with it regardless.

    Keep up the excellent work!

  23. svenn says:

    Great job Wololo, keep homebrew up and not piracy!

  24. ExisteRcz says:

    Please bring up the HBL FuSaGaMePaD

  25. Nickolas says:

    Wololo you are the best.You are even better than Dark Alex.He hacked a simple-to-hack psp but you hacked what Sony considered unhackable!You are
    the BEST man!Goooooooood work.But I have some questions.First what is kernel and user mode?Second how old are you?(Just out of curiosity).Third how long were you working on HBL?Fourth how did Malloxis gain access to your exploit since you did not want it to leak?Was he a tester?A developer maybe?

    Greetings from Greece,
    We all love you here! 😉

  26. great job!!!

    running on psp 2001 firmware 5.50

  27. Roxaxis says:

    You’re the BEST Wololo.:)

  28. Xianten says:

    good luck with that horse race… im never playing that game again… a random cougar killed my good horse >.<

  29. oxmudxo says:

    Am I the only one that is misses the Wagic updates.?
    This is a awesome project wololo but I’m dieing for some new Wagic.

    You’re the $#!t….!

    Thank You, for everything you do. :)

  30. Westwood college says:

    Tighten up the graphics on level 3

  31. Nickolas says:

    wololo i have a question i completely understand the reasons not to reveal a user mode exploit i may have found but what about a kernel mode exploit?

    p.s. i have found nothing but am curious
    pspGo owners don’t get happy :)

  32. adam says:

    wololo why dont you team up with team ELD and team projectxx, if you put all your ideas together you can make alot of progress and three heads are better than 1

  33. hmm says:

    Tried all the versions available here, none of them work. :(
    PSP crashes/shuts down every time after pressing”R”. PSP 3004, OFW 5.70. Any ideas?

  34. wololo says:

    1) For the difference between kernel and user, use google or wikipedia.
    2) I’m 28
    3) The first version of HBL was released in november 2009. ( see http://wololo.net/wagic/2009/11/29/mooh-exploit-m0skit0s-eloader-alpha-release-devs-only/ ). I myself joined the project in february when the patapon exploit was discovered, so I’ve been personally working on it for 4 months, but m0skit0 and ab5000 have been working on this project for roughly 9 months I’d say
    4) Malloxis is the guy who found the crash in patapon 2 and let N00b81 and myself know (sort of, he never told us the name of the game and we had to figure out by ourself since he didn’t want us to steal his “fame”). Since he basically found the crash (although he didn’t know how to exploit it, and didn’t realize the exploit was also in the demo), we included him in the early works on hack. Since we were afraid he would leak the name of the game, and to show we trusted him, I sent him an early version of the hello world. That’s how the leak happened, I shouldn’t have trusted him, and I learnt it the hard way…

    @adam: There are already 4 “heads” working on HBL. If people want to join us they are welcome to do so since the project is open source. Regarding these “teams” you mention, I have never heard of them and they have never approached us with offers for help. Other than that I won’t work with people I don’t trust, and that list is quite restricted :)

  35. Nickolas says:

    @Wololo wow 28!thats why you have such skills;)I am 14 and i have coded minor programms for pc but at psp programming i totalu suck

  36. oxmudxo says:

    lol, I’m 31 and I can only dream of having his skills.:)

  37. Eldoka says:

    I have a question again.

    I have ScummVM 1.1.1 and it does not go with my PSP.

    What must I make with it it goes???

    Excuse for my horrific English allowed to translate it about a programme.

    Love greets from Germany

  38. wololo says:

    The version of scummvm I’m using is apparently a bit old, I think it is version 0.10.0 (not entirely sure, and no access to my psp for a few days). So try older versions.

  39. Eldoka says:

    ScummVM version 1.0.0rc1 goes without problems, still thank you for the fast answer always. ^^

    …..you are the best wololo

    Love greets from Germany

  40. Wolfdawg says:

    Sorry to repost but I forgot to do the @ thing idk if that works though :/
    or if wolo read my comment
    Ok DSonPSP .01 came out a few days ago can you get it to work on hbl?

    Also daedalus x64 alpha revision 502 came out can you get that to work to?

  41. ctr says:

    hbl works with game categories?

  42. ctr says:

    hbl works with Game Categories v12?

  43. Cory says:

    You said there was a PSX emulator that ran realy slow? can you please tell me what it is called? plz???

  44. oxmudxo says:

    lol, you have less than a 25% chance there sense its used to play illegal PS1 ISO’s….
    But on the other hand there may be some PS1 home brew games/ apps and he may tell you then if that is what you attend to use it for.. 😉

    Good Luck

  45. zinc says:

    is there any avi player that can run using hbl…?????
    please help

  46. Davy Jones says:

    ndFFmpeg sort of works… Try google

  47. Nickolas says:

    please give me a link to mosquito’s blog

  48. Nickolas says:

    Umm It is a bit irrelevant but how can i choose my own picture?(if that is possible)

  49. ajay says:

    hey wololo i like this exploit but wen i try to load the homebrew, the list comes up, but wen i click on 1 of them the psp just reboots??

  50. oxmudxo says:

    I have the same problem..
    Unfortunately this is still in early development and you need the right version of Homebrew or emulation for it to work and even then it might not load, like in or case.

    But just wait Wololo is working hard on this project and updates are coming quick. :)

    I just hope hes sparing some time to work on Wagic, I love my Wagic. :)

    lol, Wololo rules!!

  51. snail says:

    hey wololo, can you check out my thread in the forums about the weird hbl looping thread. and i also want to know if it would be possible to get devhook working in a future release….? if we can, i wonder if we could emulate firmware 5.03, run chickHEN, and load gen firmware….. just wondering if this would be possible….. thanks for your effort. i look up to you more than i ever did to dark alex…..

  52. Retar says:

    PSPGO with 5.7 firmware crashes on all rev except HBL REV 51 I was able to load nester.

  53. Dark Neko says:

    Here I have found that the hbl works better when the language of the psp is set to english. I was trying and trying to get gpsp to work with no success, until it came to my mind that maybe it was the language, since I was seeing the Patapon demo in spanish. Changed the psp to english an voila, no more crashes or errors loading homebrews. Before that, only fceultra worked.

    Just a little tip.

    Dark Neko

  54. xXSEEKERXx says:

    sony should thank you guys as for convincing me to get a go

  55. Wolfdawg says:

    You mean theres an ps1 emulator for hbl 85?
    I thought wolo said he wasnt working on that
    and Team eld has iso working on 6.20 but is buggy so they wont release it untill they have full cfw

  56. DarXPloit_$a1 says:

    err… wololo, do you have e-mail?
    i have some questions about you.

  57. Wolfdawg says:

    You want to email the mighty Wolo!!!????

  58. wololo says:

    @DarXPloit_$a1 : It’s in the “contact” section of this site. wagic dot the dot homebrew at gmail dot com

  59. Cory says:


    What is the emulator called? I dont care if it is slow, If HBL can run it, please tell me what it is!!! PLEASE!!!

  60. @cory: i dont know ive heard things, and besides it crashes alot ..
    P.S. Typo on the terminator!%&(had caps lock)

  61. Cory says:


    Oh well, I hope HBL will soon run ISO’s or an iso loader or something comes out.

    Yes I know about kernal access and all, but I think it will be possible.

  62. sb says:

    hey…. i was able to launch 5.03 gen a thru hbl ….. but i didnt try to flash it …bcoz i was afraid that it would brick my psp
    psp 3004 v5.55

  63. Warlike says:

    it’s true TERMINATOR!%&?

    link it, i wanna test ‘nd post results;

  64. An0nym0us c0ward says:

    @sb try to b0rr0w psp phat.. And submit a result.

  65. BALANCE says:

    I think what you are doing is great, emulator games is like movies or music. There are thousands of good movies billions of people can enjoy or it just sits in inventory wasted, such as iso wasting too. Wasted knowledge and harder work. Forced balance between profit and usage of working. Sorry for bad english.

  66. Ransom says:

    does 5.03 gen work on pspgo?

  67. Cory says:


    You have CFW installed on your psp?!?!?

  68. wololo says:

    I deleted dangerous posts from user “Hope”.
    I’m for freedom of speech, but don’t post lies about flashing unhackable mobos, this is dangerous.

  69. DarXPloit_$a1 says:

    @wololo, did u get my e-mail ? =)

  70. Sony Corp. says:


    Yes wololo, i heard of my employee making fake
    hacks & its very sad that is has come to this but…….

    The user “Hope” has been fired from the company.

  71. Jemina0514 says:


  72. Sony Corp. says:

    i just found out with my amazing skills that

    “H0pe” & “Jemina0514”

    is the same user, i mean take a closer look,

    the same post at the same time……..

    Truly im a genius.

  73. wololoMyASS says:


  74. H0pe says:

    Coincidence.. Is it possible to use double user in one pc.

  75. jemina0514 says:

    Dont use my name.. Who ever you are! Im a good follower of wololo.. He know that.. Im am excited for every update of wololord in his blog..

  76. THE ENFORCER says:

    *Grabs the false user ‘H0pe & Jemina0514’ from the back of his shirt collar.*

    *now spins false user around, knees him in the groin….hard!*

    *now…..grabs the back of this phailure’s bent over head, and in one swift and powerful motion, knees him in the face hard enough to send bone fragments from his nose shooting to his anemic and troubled little brain.*

    *…….urinates on the now motionless user………kicks him again!*

    The REAL jemina0514 is now vindicated. And, his/her honor is restored.


  77. Cory says:

    Wow…..wololo should see some of these comments.

    @H0pe & Jemina0514, ROFLMAO

  78. Sony Corp. says:


    Dude i appreciate all ur help but the fact is that jemina is H0pe,
    do u need any more prof? the guy posted the same thing
    at the same minute, coincidence?

    As i said before the user has been fired from my company
    and YOU just killed him.

    Poor guy……………..oh well

  79. Sony Corp. says:

    oh and that was greatest FATALITY ever!!!

  80. Hunter says:

    I just have some questions about running Wagic, sorry to bother you but Im a nub at this HBL, ChickHEN was easier until I updated my PSP, anyway I found out from the comments above that to play Wagic you need to remove two files, exception.prx and Rev mp3, I removed exception.prx but I cant find Rev mp3 anywhere in the WTH folder, I would also like to know if you can run Wagic with new user made content (new card pics) using HBL, hope someone will have time to deal with a nub.

  81. carlos says:

    is to remove the mp3 files that are only three (in the new rev 90 (just removed from excepcion.prx) accepts Hoye mp3 but wrong)

  82. ChickenChaser says:

    theres a rev90?

  83. wololo says:

    Yes. There’s a rev 90, but I haven’t published it yet because I believe it doesn’t bring much compared to rev 85. I haven’t found any games that work “better” with revision 90 than revision 85. If I’m wrong please let me know.

  84. THAT SAME GUY says:

    hey sony corp….you blow….how about allow us to play homebrew…..or ill drown you..then do cpr…..then break that neck…yea thats right…bow down to wololo he is saving your p.o.s of a system by allowing homebrew…=)

  85. ChickenChaser says:

    rev 85 works great and i dont think there’s any need to
    improve it.

    Well maybe just a compatible version that can run daedalu
    with out all the crashing will be nice.

    But rev85 is still awesome!

  86. Nickolas says:

    @wololo so there are no improvments on rev 90??none at all??then why did you develop it?? lol nice work anyways!!!

  87. wololo says:

    @Nickolas: there are improvements, but none that you can see as a end-user. Consider it as the base work for further improvements.

  88. Sari says:

    Sorry if I sound redundant but did soebody say that there was a working (barely) ps1 brew? I’d love to try it even if it is slow

  89. akarome says:

    wololo why was no one surpose to know about the loop in the game? because i have found one more but not sure if to tell any one

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