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Can Half-byte loader run isos?


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  1. Unknown

    New question: If I can find a Kernel exploit for you, can you code it in the exploit?

  2. wololo

    @Unknown: Your post is extremely egotistic and I believe you are joking, but I’ll reply anyways.

    It is a fact that iso loaders are a vector for piracy. It is also a fact that piracy hurts sales, and financially hurts video games developers. I love video games, and I myself am a developer, so why would I want to hurt these guys?
    Well, there are several answers to that: Fame, money, personal challenge.
    I already get lots of challenge working on the HBL, so I don’t need more. I’m not looking for fame, at least not if I become “that guy who enabled piracy on the PSP”, that’s not what I’m looking for (but I don’t care if others do). And I don’t think people would use my iso loader if I charged money for it, would they? Well maybe they would, but that’s not the kind of thing I would do anyways, lol. In other words, if I worked on an ISO Loader now, I’d have nothing to gain…

    I also have a life you know. I code stuff because I think it’s fun, but it takes all my free time. It’s not like I can say: hey, let’s quit my job to work on an iso loader so that all kids in the world can play games for free. I don’t have any interest in ISOs for now, and all the stuff I know can be found for free on the internet. If you want to code an iso loader, you only need a brain, a PSP, and a computer.

    I think it’s pathetic that you believe I’m the “last hope”. People who think like that are the ones who will never do anything useful in their life.
    You want ISOs? You want to hack PSPs? Then move your a## and start to learn how it’s done. It’s not like PSP Hackers were born with the knowledge. It’s not like it costs money to hack a psp with software.

    “Why did you release the exploit knowing some people would want ISOS if you weren’t going to fix it?”
    –> This one is the worst question I ever read. By releasing the exploit we enabled homebrews on the new models of the PSP. This was our ultimate goal and we achieved it. People who want more than that are people who don’t understand where they should stop. And it’s fine to push the limits, but just do it yourself, don’t wait for other people to do all the work for you.

  3. wololo

    @Unknown: in reply to your other question: if you can find a kernel exploit, trust me, you’ll know how to code an ISO Loader and you won’t need me.

  4. Unknown

    Thanks for responding!

  5. Unknown

    I understand dude, so you are a developer…… and to tell the truth I am not wasting my life, I am only ten years old. I have to find something to do this summer while parents are working and avoiding extremely annoying sister. You can relate to that from when you were a kid, right? Point is, I’m very bored. Now that I’ve told you that it seems pretty selfish of me to ask you a question like that just because I am bored. But I am pretty sure other people want to play ISOS……

  6. Unknown

    I am very smart for 10 though and I think I can code it– I will send it to you if I can.

  7. Unknown

    And again– sorry if I was asking to much, but I’ll take the job of making the ISO loader and releasing it. I can probably search google for about twenty minutes and figure it out but can you make a video of how or send me a link for how to do it? I know you said you don’t want all the publicity, so I am not going to mention your name. Does that sound cool? Do we have a deal?

  8. Unknown

    Wololo! I have found a way to put ISOS on!

  9. Unknown

    Where can I tell you in PM?

  10. wololo

    I’ve seen brilliant hackers who were 13 or 14 years old, but I think at the age of 10 you are probably lacking some technical background about programming and computers to be able to code an iso loader or find a kernel exploit.

    I can’t make a video because there’s not much to show… to find a kernel exploit, you need a hacked psp, psardumper, and prxtools. if you google for these tools you will find them easily, they are free and open source. But you will probably need to install Linux (or cygwin) on your computer first.

    Public information on how to find kernel exploits is quite impossible to find, but it relies on the same tricks as other hacks. Look in google or wikipedia for “buffer overflow”, “fuzzing” and related links. This will give you some general knowledge on hacking, which is necessary to start digging in the PSP kernel.

    You also need to know the MIPS assembly language, and some C.

  11. Unknown

    I’ll do that, but I have found the simplest way. I can’t tell you here though, everyone will be waiting for it. I need only a small bit of help from you though. If you are currently at work right now, reply after.

  12. Unknown

    But, here is a fast question, how do I get the sound to work in Picodrive?

  13. Unknown


  14. 1HandPlay

    What’s the point of isos when the hbl can do more things besides the isos, sure it has some disadvantages but it mostly depend on the way the player uses it JUST take advantage of everything

  15. 1HandPlay

    PS3 fanboys suck xbox rules all the way

    • Smelly Dog

      As much as I love xbox, PS3 users have the right to use their system without being insulted, stop making a bad name for yourself.
      Also, when did anyone make a comment about a PS3?

  16. 1HandPlay

    there are less options on games due to not as many buttons.

  17. 1HandPlay

    is better to trade a phat black psp with slim star wars white PSP

  18. Unknown

    Hmm… I wonder where Wololo went.

  19. Unknown

    ……. Almost done coding ……..

  20. Stealth-

    Wololo, I feel for you, I really do.
    I don’t know how you manage put up with these types of comments.

  21. KillMannPsP

    hi do not know if at all possible ISO games on PSP?? If he had something to do??

  22. Amarildo

    Hello people of Wololo,
    I am Brazilian, I am very happy with the HALF BYTE LOADER, what a shame we will not have an iso loader, I understand your side, i do not know over here in Brazil the UMDs are very expensive, not everyone can buy, I’m totally against piracy , and also to absurd values of UMDs.

    Sorry, my English is not very good lol.

  23. jaju2u

    My hidden ver. of the Koen Loader works!

  24. Raptros

    Is it possible to create a pandora with half bite-loader?

  25. aishu

    hay i am also againesd the pirecy
    but the games for psp are tooo coasly
    so to play a game for 4 days(tym to finnish it)
    1 dont lyk to spend that money so we have to care abt isos
    plz work on it
    because all on the other syde of the screene r not hackers
    plzzz work on it its aishwary from india

  26. Prayant

    hey wololo i wanted to know how we can get those XMB themes in my psp 3K
    and how to load plugins please do tell…..

  27. killersmod

    i just baked popcorn 😀 with a mobile phone powering my microwave 😀

  28. TobeyDemon

    my 3001 psp with ofw 6.60, hbl, lvfw pro b10 6.60 has a kernel.prx plugin file kernel exploit & i have an iso loader i signed myself & it works. no crashes & it plyas most games. i ran promethius iso loader before i signed it & hbl & pro b10 both work & perform the iso loader very well.

  29. TobeyDemon

    wow, bust a move iso (that i legally own the disc to! got it to test this) works with promethius iso loader on lcfw, lcfw iso loader, signed, & with hbl. amazing.

  30. Srsly

    seriously? no ISO loader because its against piracy??downloading emulator is already part of piracy, i’m not against anyone here but lol buy expensive gadget to play old games ~_~

  31. zed

    @wololo: damn i always envy you guys. you hackers. you’re like heroes in a huge city. city of gamers. gamers ruled by the sony anarchy and you guys come to save the day. iso pirates want you to work for them and sony’s got their defenses. a never ending super hero movie. lemme know if you need a sidekick. anytime man.

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