Half Byte Loader R79


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  1. wololo says:

    Sorry for the lack of replies, I’m getting lots of emails and stuff these days ๐Ÿ™‚

    @P3N1S: it is impossible to brick your psp with HBL. Don’t intentionally try to do it though. Homebrews are fine, but stay away from downgraders, custom firmwares, etc…

    @Karan: google is your friend for homebrews. I use picodrive 1.51, scummvm 1.0.0, and gpsp Kai 3.2 Test 02. For roms, I can’t help you

    @cixxy, pek, Epzey: no sound on picodrive, same here, I believe the required module cannot be loaded with HBL for now.

    @David: I can’t technically do a CFW, you’re asking the wrong person

    @nero: for specific troubles with a homwebrew such as gpsp, please directly contact the author of the homebrew. As long as we are not 100% sure it is a problem with HBL, we won’t work on the issue

    @Go Owner: these homebrews are for psp 1.50, I’m not sure they can run with HBL since they usually require kernel access but you can try.

    @padke: the HBL should run on all psps between firmware 5.00 and 6.20 included. PSP 1000, 2000, 3000, and psp go

    @Cheeze6661: This is 3Beneath a Steel Sky” running with ScummVM. The game is freeware and can be downloaded on ScummVM’s website. Excellent adventure game by the way

    @delta191: thanks a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. kondzio says:

    can some one tell how to get it work on my psp 3k with of 5.50 because i would like to play gba games xD

  3. kondzio says:

    i fixed my problem, but it say i need more stable bios where can i get it?

  4. oxmudxo says:

    @kondzio, Bios cant be uploaded here but Google it and you might have some luck, The bios should be 16 KB…

    Thanks Wololo grate work, tho I’m dieing for a Wagic update. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Cheeze6661 says:

    Thanks Wololo for your reply. The screen shot was appealing for some reason. Might give it a try.

  6. greasey tim says:

    rock on wololo may you live forever and ever and may your enemies be swiftly crushed

  7. WalangAlam says:

    I can’t make the gPSP to work. I’m on psp go 6.20 and using gpsp Kai 3.2 Test 02. It always crashes when i run it. How do you make it work?
    Do I need to change the folder libs_6xx to libs and imports.config_6xx to imports.config?

  8. WalangAlam says:

    nvm. I got it working

  9. lethal says:

    wololo can sed ever be compactible with hbl?

  10. hey wololo if we could run cfw enabler that would be so….awesome cuz im tired of homebrews

  11. Cheeze6661 says:

    @conkertheking: The HBL does not have kernel access so therefor that is impossible to do. HBL is and will always be just for homebrew apps and emulators. Maybe one day there will be a kernel exploit for 6.XX firmware.

  12. wololo says:

    @lethal: sed requires kernel access for encryption/decryption I believe, so no.

    @conkertheking: please choose your words carefully, I’ve spent the last 3 years of my life developing a homebrew game…
    Also as said many times, HBL does not have kernel access.

  13. MuffinHead Smth says:

    *grabs conkertheking by the top of his face*

    …….*now hurls him into the back of the forum wall. HARD.*

    …………………….*now kicks him. He’s not moving…good.*


    Have a great day!

  14. crisishell says:

    where is Half Byte Loader R80 ?

  15. crisishell says:

    where is Half Byte Loader R80 ? please upload it wololo

  16. wololo says:

    crisishell: Generally I only upload my own changes, Or revisions that I have tested long enough to be confident with them. revision 80 was uploaded yesterday by m0skito, so I didn’t have the time to test it completely yet.

  17. lethal says:

    wololo is there any thing like sed for pc for psp games

  18. wololo says:

    lethal : no. the Encryption process hasn’t been figured out yet, so a psp is required to do an encryption/decryption of a game

  19. Cheeze6661 says:

    With the noob questions aside, I would like to just give you thanks. To have the homebrew scene coming back to life on the 3K OFW/pspGO is truly amazing. Keep up the hard work. ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.S.- Hope to be able to play Wagic on the HBL eventually. I no longer have a CFW psp since decided to go legit but loved Wagic when I did have one. It’s most definitely the best homebrew game to date.

  20. WalangAlam says:

    Keep up the good work guys. I’m addicted again to Mario and Castlevania. GBA emulator works great! Hope the sound for the Picodrive will be fix.

  21. hi says:

    i have a psp 3000 slim and lite and i dont know which hbl i need on i tryed 79 but it didnt work
    help me plz!!!!!!!

  22. hi says:

    Can any1 tell me which hbl i need i have v6.20 psp

  23. msp0800 says:

    you need r79. thats the one i have . can anyone tell me if any gba emulator works on a psp 3k running r79. i have tried the ones suggested but they don’t work
    keep up good work

  24. crisishell says:

    UO gpsp kai 3.4 test 1 build 2 GBA EMULATOR