T.O.M.E. patch for the PSP Go with HBL revision 50


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20 Responses

  1. WalangAlam says:

    SNES emulator FTW!!! Good work guys!

  2. jemina0514 says:

    g0od j0b w0lolo .. walangalam. san ka po sa pilipinas?

  3. MUD says:

    Its doesnt look like it will be long before we all will be playing are favorite Home Brews on higher/ unmoddable firmware. 🙂

    Keep up the grate work!

  4. Bounder says:

    Its very nice to see posts of progress once in a while ^^ I wish i had started to learn programming earlier, then I could be of more help.

  5. c0ward says:

    why is that davee do n0t create the universal h0mebrew enabler again.. d0es it mean he can’t? c0z in w0lolo’s p0st davee is helping him in the devel0pment… so why davee d0nt create his 0wn exploit ..? good m0rnin

  6. wololo says:

    I think Davee is fed up with piracy, he said it many times already. Since an eLoader does not make iso loading possible, I think he’s OK to help with that.
    Team Typhoon already proved that they have a HEN running on most recent firmwares, so it’s not a problem of can/can’t.

  7. c0ward says:

    thanks w0lolo.. but, stealing of 1cent is same sin as stealing a hundred b0x.. meaning to say hacking is same sin as piracy.. hehe…

  8. wololo says:

    c0ward: then we should agree to disagree on that point. If you think piracy and hacking are the same, good for you but I clearly disagree.
    I help hacking PSPs to have my own homebrew running on more devices. I don’t see how that’s even remotely close to pirating games.

  9. c0ward says:

    waht i mean is.. both are the same in denominator.. sin.. hehe.. but without the hackers i wouldnt buy my psp ^^.. thanks alot wololord

  10. c0ward says:

    can u give some link that davee can make hb in higher firmware a video proof.. please.. thanks

  11. wololo says:

    team typhoon’s youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lVCV1LGHiA

  12. MUD says:

    Say I eat a apple and leave the core, you take the seeds from the core and grow a apple tree and now you have many apples and can feed many friends..
    Its the same thing.

    You rule Wololo!
    Thanks for the apples, they yummy.:)

  13. c0ward says:

    i h0pe s0meday, davee will share his sweetest apple.. yumyumyumyum.. delici0uso.

  14. Lampworker says:

    I believe you all are missing the point. It’s not about what you agree to disagree on, it’s about some level of respect for the developers wishes themselves. Davee didn’t want to see his last hen release used to piracy ends, it was quickly used for that purpose.

    If you agree or not on what ‘piracy’ stands for in terms of use, that’s fine. You are totally entitled to your option. However, when it comes to the terms the developers are working with, their wishes should be put first.

    Just friendly advise. The psp scene has lost a lot of good developers because the ‘average user’ couldn’t think beyond their own wants.

    Thank you again wololo for the efforts and patience with people.

  15. Bounder says:

    I have to agree that everytime they release a HEN, people use it to play games for free…in the other hand, hen is very useful, but yeah, it has its pros and cons.

  16. fc says:

    it’s normal the it take 10 minutes to load?

  17. fc says:

    (i mean the hbl…)

  18. wololo says:

    @fc: just comment the macro DEBUG in debug.h before you compile.

  19. fc says:

    I tried to do it and i was near (i’m not a programmer) but after i downloaded r63 and it is very fast and a lot of errors have been fixed, really great work, i’ve only another question, resolving own missing stubs can be avoided?

  20. Saftur says:

    Is there a pc version of this? Because when I search for “T.O.m.E” or “Tales of Middle Earth”, it gives me other things.