New Save Game for HBL revision 34


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22 Responses

  1. Krozoa says:

    good to read that you are still working hard on this, thanks for your time and good luck

  2. MUD says:

    This is looking like a grate project, but dont get to busy I love them Wagic updates and I cant wait for the next one/ hope to see muti kickers soon. lol

    You the man Wololo and team. 🙂

  3. yo tengo el psp slim 3001 con version 6.20 puedo usar ese hombrew pero que mas necesito, tengo el demo de patapon 2 y el save ahora que hago?

  4. JOon says:

    not working, it’s freezing upon loading the exploit. In many respects i worship you fine people working on the half byte loader project now!!

  5. WalangAlam says:

    what’s the advantage of using this over the old one?

  6. wololo says:

    New revisions of HBL will not work on the old one. Basically the old one loaded h.bin at a very bad position in Ram, which overwrote some important code.

  7. WalangAlam says:

    thanks wololo. keep up the good work

  8. jemina0514 says:

    walang alam san ka sa pilipinas?

  9. VV says:

    It seems promising and good job!

  10. wololo says:

    @ALX 654789: send me a patch, I’ll add it to the svn…

  11. jemina0514 says:

    helolo w0lolord is w0rkin f0r me n0 freezin at all.. h0w c0uld i test s0me h0mebrew.. master, can u p0st a link f0r s0me basic h0mebrew that is l0ading with this hbl. thanks

  12. ticoso says:

    First I would like to congratulate the work. I’m from Brazil and all the users of PSP 6.2 has hope that you make a CFW to run isos. Do you think this is very hard to do? In HBL if we put a game in EBOOT.PBP format it will work? Sorry for English! Still I’m still learning!

  13. jemina0514 says:

    tama ka w0lolo galingan mo pa

  14. FrEdDy says:

    wololo: I want to contribute with this,so I’m working on a new implementation to free memory and unload modules.
    Ps:you have a pm on LAN.ST about my exploit 😉

  15. D0nk3yPunch3r says:

    well thanks to the 5% and devs like you its keeping the homebrew community going

  16. BlabbeRMoutH8X says:

    please can somebody tell me how do i use this HBL on my psp\????
    please name some CFW’s that might work on the hbl rev 79
    thanks alot!

  17. parry says:

    @wololo: hope ull also try to fully hack psp 3000 ver 6.20 or even downgrade it

  18. yeyo says:

    como downgradeo la psp 6.31 sin brick

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