Half Byte Loader – Status

I’ve received lots of emails, PMs, read lots of forum posts on various websites all over the world. I’m really happy with the overall positive reaction we got, but I’ve seen the same questions asked very often so I think it’s important to give a few general answers. First of all, I apologize, I can’t reply personally to all the PMs and emails I’ve received in the past days, there’s just too many of them. OK, let’s go with a FAQ. This FAQ is valid as I write it, and some parts might become obsolete extremely fast.

What’s Half Byte Loader?

HBL is a Homebrew Loader. A program that can load Homebrew games on an Official Firmware PSP through a game exploit. It currently works with the recently released Patapon2 exploit, but is intended to be easily portable to other game exploits.

Where can I download it?

The “Valentine project” (adaptation of the HBL to the Patapon2 exploit) has been released in a rush after some of our work was leaked. Because of that, it is NOT in a shape that would be useful for the end user. However developers who are interested in helping can get the sources on our SVN at: http://code.google.com/p/valentine-hbl/

I’m a programmer and I want to help

Get the sources, compile them, run the HBL and run a homebrew. From there, try to improve the HBL code and send a patch to me or m0skit0. If your patch is a good improvement, we’ll open a write access to the SVN for you. We recommend a PSP with 5.00 m33 and PSPLink to test for now.

I don’t know how to code but I want to help

Sorry, the HBL is not in a state where non coders can help right now. We have more testers than we can wish for, and they’re currently going way faster than what the devs can handle. Please just be patient.

I’ve seen videos of Homebrews working with it, it means it works, right?

Right now it’s a lot of hit and miss. From a end user perspective, you’d rather consider that it just doesn’t work at all yet. Let’s say that if you’re lucky, you might manage to run a few homebrews, but nothing that I would call a “nice” user experience.

Does it work on Firmware X.YZ?

In theory this works on all firmwares up to 6.20. Practically, we’ve only tested it on 5.00 M33 and we don’t know yet if it will work directly on other firmwares, but we’ll get there. If you’re not a programmer, see my answer above: HBL is not ready for you yet.

Does it work on the PSP GO?

See my answers above. In theory yes, but right now it’s not in a state where PSP Go owners should care

Where can I see a List of Homebrews that work?

See my answer two questions above. Currently the Loader is not in a state where you can consider that anything works.

I read it was more stable on firmware X.YZ, Should I upgrade?

NO. If what you want is homebrews, NEVER upgrade unless you are 100% sure it will be worth it. The HBL in its current state is not worth the risk. Who knows, a better exploit might be discovered on an earlier firmware…

When will a stable version be released to the public?

We don’t know. We all have a real life to deal with, and this will all depend on the help we get. My own experience with Wagic shows that it sometimes depends on only one guy with enough motivation to do stuff.

Will this run ISOs?

No. Don’t ask about that. Not only do we not support piracy, it would be technically difficult to run ISOs with just a user mode exploit. Anyways that’s not the goal of an eLoader

Will this run PSX games?

Most likely not

Will this allow to have a HEN or a Custom Firmware?

No. A Hen requires a kernel exploit. we work in a much more limited environment. And Custom Firmwares are not technically possible on the new PSP models (ta 88v3, PSP 3000, PSP Go)

I hope this answers some of the questions people may have.

  1. DSPSP’s avatar

    Thanks wololo for the information!


  2. Pwned’s avatar

    It’s very easy to compile the source:
    - Install Minimalist PSP SDK
    - Open Command Prompt (with admin rights) and cd /d into directory into downloaded source/eLoader, and type make.
    - It will compile and 2 files will be – h.bin hbl.bin.


  3. Jorgerix’s avatar

    Thanks for the information, first i thougth the exploit can be used for Custon FW, anyway a homebrew loader is enougth for me. Thanks again for all


  4. wal31’s avatar

    hey good job wololo, thanks 4 the info,i thought it was possible to create a HEN based on that, anyway keep going man!


  5. VV’s avatar

    user exploit could possibly run kernel exploit to gain “full”access environment.
    However, definitely piracy would follow up.


  6. D0nk3yPunch3r’s avatar

    i do not talk like i know i am only guessing and would love for some correction. but how from an exploit would gain full access or even go from the type of exploit this is to a kernal. i dont think it’s possible right? i would love to be wrong. As for the piracy it will always be a facter i find it sad that i came into this hole psp scene soo late way after the golden age, but to see cfw on my psp bright would be a sight to see…


  7. wololo’s avatar

    D0nk3yPunch3r: getting kernel access through a user exploit is possible, and actually it’s always the way it happens. Before you can think of calling a function, you need at least user mode access. Once you achieve that, the idea is to call (from user mode) a kernel function that has a vulnerability. (Easier said than done)


  8. jemina0514’s avatar

    keep up the g0od w0rk man.. all i want to play is tekken 6.. but it will never be happen anytime s0on(unless i will buy the effin umd).. my psp is 2004 v3.. fw 5.5.. i am very very sad.


  9. wololo’s avatar

    jemina0514: my blog and my work are not for people like you. Just buy the game if you ever want to see a “tekken 7″


  10. jemina0514’s avatar

    domo arigato


  11. D0nk3yPunch3r’s avatar

    yay !!! then that means some fun apps in the future!!


  12. jemina0514’s avatar

    @w0lolo may i kn0w where ya fr0m? what c0untry..?


  13. wololo’s avatar

    I’m French


  14. jemina0514’s avatar

    im fr0m the philippines


  15. ???’s avatar

    Aren’t you from Japan, wololo?? or are you a french guy in japan or a japanese guy in France?


  16. jemina0514’s avatar

    yeah.. y0ur pr0file in mf0rmature indicates that y0u’re fr0m japam..


  17. wololo’s avatar

    I’m French but I live in Japan. Although I’m not sure how useful this information is :)


  18. jemina0514’s avatar

    ahi i c. salamat


  19. ml’s avatar

    Hi, this exploit and the loader created for it is awesome! I was so annoyed when my psp 3000 came fresh out the box with 5.50, my aspirations of ever playing pokemon blue on the train destroyed.
    And i have been following the scene since waiting for something like this!

    I had a question though for you. I am aware that at the moment only simple HB can be loaded, and it’s just umode. But i am also aware that the kmode exploit that davee used in chickHEN was not patched until the release of ofw5.51 – which is why i think alot of people are not upgrading from ofw5.50 – so my question:

    Would it be possible to use davee’s kmode exploit (used in chickhen) with this savegame exploit and thus make the HBL able to launch any HB or even a HEN? I know this only really helps those on 2000v3 and 3000 ofw5.50, but just a thought.


  20. jemina0514’s avatar

    ei u kn0w h0w to dec0de the chickhen r2? what was the c0mpiler used by davee to c0mpile that..


  21. jemina0514’s avatar

    ei u kn0w h0w to dec0de the chickhen r2? what was the c0mpiler used by davee to c0mpile that…


  22. flofrucht’s avatar

    thx wololo..
    thats the best news 4 go user 4 ever..


  23. jemina0514’s avatar

    w0lolo y0ur so great..


  24. wololo’s avatar

    jemina0514: Davee probably used the same compiler we all use, psp-gcc, which is basically gcc.

    For discussions on the code of Chickhen, I suggest you go to m0skit0′s forum at: http://advancedpsp.tk/foro_es/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=22


  25. jemina0514’s avatar

    d0mo arigato w0lolo-san ur such a great pers0n


  26. Psp’s avatar

    When wil I be able to launch pspident04?
    Its really importent, because I have a 3000 with 8c and Fw6.20.
    I herd that there is a small chance that my Psp is hackable, so Iam about to do everyting that may work.
    I hope its a ta-88 v2 …


  27. wololo’s avatar

    @Psp: your psp is not downgradable, you can stop dreaming now :(


  28. jemina0514’s avatar

    me too..


  29. Hack’s avatar

    But I read that, when you buy a Psp and it already has a firmware under 4.?
    it is hackable.You can see witch firmware it has had on the original Psp box.
    There is a letter for example G. I got this Information on a Website but I forgot the Name xD.
    So I tink you can see it on the letter, if its hackable or not.But Iam not 100% sure about that.


  30. wololo’s avatar

    @Hack: not for the psp 3000.


  31. jemina0514’s avatar

    yes all psp 3000 with greater 5.03 is unhackable and bel0w is semi hackable using the chickhen or any equivalent..


  32. Psp’s avatar

    Yeah its a shame of mine, because the Psp had firmware 3.90 or something like that (Internet-Radio not includet).
    But I did not understand very much about Psp so did an Upgrade to 6.20.


  33. pspivan’s avatar

    como se usa las rev 51 no logro cargarlas alguien me puede bdar un tuto graciias


  34. pspivan’s avatar

    how to use the failure to charge 51 rev anyone can give me a tuto thanks


  35. Psp’s avatar

    I dont know, but I have a 3004 8c and 6.20 and r49 with h.bin from r41 works ( http://download.mastercoding.net/psp/hbl/ )
    r56 also works ( http://salwh.vs.land.to/files/HBL_newest.zip )


  36. Psp’s avatar

    Do you know the Tiff-Crash?
    It works even on 6.20, but there are just Tiff-Pictures like Chickhens.
    Tiff is not supportet on 6.20.
    So why does this work but Chickhen doesnt.


  37. jemina0514’s avatar

    tiff is supp0rted up to fw 6.20. but the tiff must be a pure tiff, meaning to say n0 c0de. i made a simple tiff picture and my psp rec0gnize the picture
    the cue is.. what if i put the c0de of chickhen in 0ther medium. say in mp4 f0rmat? will it w0rk? can s0me0ne d0 it f0r us. c0s my pc is ruin right n0w. thanks


  38. wololo’s avatar

    @Psp and jemina0514: you guys need to study more the differences between user mode exploit and kernel exploit, and why both are needed for a HEN. Additionally, try to look for differences between finding exploits in games and finding exploits in the vsh.

    Tiff, mp4, etc… would all be a vsh exploit. Finding them is difficult because the vsh is coded by Sony with security in mind (unlike games which are coded by external companies). Here’s one way to look for such exploits: http://wololo.net/wagic/2009/11/08/psp-exploits-finding-crashes-with-fuzzing/

    Regarding tiff crashes, I’ve written a blog post that explains why the recent ones are not exploitable : http://wololo.net/wagic/2010/01/30/tiff-crashes-a-breakpoint-is-not-exploitable/

    For more info, please read my posts in the category “hacking”, they basically give you all the answers to your questions :

    jemina0514: you might want to fix your keyboard, it seems your letter o and the number 0 are all mixed up. If that’s intentional, then please keep that kind of writing for other sites, thanks.


  39. jemina0514’s avatar

    im so sorry wololo. thanks alot


  40. Psp’s avatar

    Yeah thanks a lot. I didnt think that is was so difficult to find an Expolit.



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