Way to keep a secret malloxis

So if you don’t know already, an exploit for the demo of patapon2 was released by malloxis today.

Although I’m always happy when new exploits are found, this saddens me deeply because that’s not how things were supposed to be. For the record, malloxis found a crash in the game patapon 2, and was able to overwrite ra. That was back in February. I wrote the binloader with the help of N00b81 (as Davee would say, not that it’s difficult, but still), the SDK, adapted the hello world, based on Sparta’s SDK by Freeplay and mattiaz. To prove it, I have all the necessary files on a SVN (currently private), and this article on how to write a binary loader that I wrote after adapting the binloader.

There was an agreement with malloxis that this exploit had to be kept secret unless we could come up with something “useful” for it. But this confirms that the PSP scene has trust issues, so, way to go malloxis, probably nobody will help you anymore (and, let’s face it, you need help when it comes to these things).

M0skit0 and myself have been working on adapting m0skit0′s eLoader for this thing. It’s far from being ready yet, but it doesn’t hurt anymore to announce it I guess.

I want to apologize to the following people: maku, Flyer, pspLow, who all independently found the same exploit and accepted my recommendations of not releasing the name of the game until something was ready. I also want to apologize to the scene, for this exploit will probably be patched in Sony’s next firmware while we have nothing useful yet. Blame the guy who leaked the exploit.

from    wagic thehomebrew <wagic.the.homebrew@gmail.com>
to    malloxis <XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX>
date    Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 9:59 AM
subject    Re: Project Valentine: current status
mailed-by    gmail.com

Cool, I actually have the files on my harddrive at work:
attached is:
-encrypted savedata with the binloader
-hello world h.bin (to put in ms0:/h.bin)
-source code for the binLoader.

Note that all I did was adapting the code from SpartaSDK, so if you want to see how it is done I suggest you look at the spartasdk (google for it), I just changed the addresses to match valentine.

The hello world itself is roughly the same as the one in spartaSDK, I just changed the text to put our names :)

Please don’t leak that, I trust you on that :)


  1. ken’s avatar

    Sorry to hear that. I was so happy a few minutes ago, that the devs actually found another exploit. So does this mean another exploit go wasted? I think this one has a lot of potential too… sad


  2. xStokeRx’s avatar

    everyone just wants the fame but what i does i just get them blackballed and kill it for everyone else good to hear that u found this and i am stoker to posibly one day play wagic on my go


  3. Dr. Soup’s avatar

    Sad… You can’t trust people anymore at the PSP ‘Scene’.
    However wololo you are/were someone of the last few serious people here.


  4. Gadoo’s avatar

    are you goin to release the full source nao?


  5. FrEdDy’s avatar

    Malloxis ruined the hope of thousands of PSP Go!/3000 owners,he mustn’t break that agreement;now 3 of the most intelligent and gentle hackers (maku,pspLow & Flyer) are without any chance to put their names in this exploit,cause malloxis’s egoism.
    Now I hate him!


  6. WalangAlam’s avatar

    maybe you could incorporate this to your bin loader tutorials so at least we could learn from it and not just wasted. too bad malloxis broke an agreement.


  7. askal’s avatar

    haaaaist. I was really happy hours ago. And even contacted all my friends that there is HOPE for the psp go. Tsk greedy malloxis.


  8. mamosuke’s avatar

    This is the first time to feel so sad to hear that an exploit is released on PSP…


  9. Fahad’s avatar

    Dear wololo, Sorry to hear these news. I am one of those persons who are waiting to play ISO’s on 6.20. But the things going here is quite disappointed to me. I never expected that this way. Shame to malloxis & I dont know why he done that (only for credit is ridiculous !)


  10. Timboy67678’s avatar

    What a loser, taking all the devs cred. There hard work all for nothing


  11. Timboy67678’s avatar

    im very sorry to hear that wololo:(


  12. ThirstyCow’s avatar

    OMG, so thats how it is.

    I did think that this was a legit release.

    This is truly one of saddened exploits (just like the archer Mclean exploitm but worse), im sorry to hear this wololo


  13. gdspsp’s avatar

    Hey Wololo,

    long time no post or email. I wish ppl did not have their own agendas when many more could benefit from a group’s teamwork and efforts. You have always been a shining spot for us (the inept) and have even help to teach and encourage us. your group has our backing. Malloxis just lost huge amounts of credibility with the scene.


    @Fahad- great. now more video game studios will go out of business. I hope your 12 years old.


  14. Timboy67678’s avatar

    @gdspsp you cant tell whether hes a pirate or whether hes talking about backups. :D

    most likely pirate :@


  15. Java4Life’s avatar

    Hey… Well after reading the facts about what happened I can see how you are pissed about the whole situation and I sorry that this happened to you wolol. However as an end user who has been seeing all these save game exploits coming out in recent times and seeing nothing from them… Today when I got to see something happen on my PSP, It was the BEST moment ever. I understand that its nothing usefull, but I was starting to give up on the whole psp scene.

    Look once again i’m sorry that this happened to you.. But Thank you so so so much for making this!!!!


  16. d4rk_wizard’s avatar

    Malloxisssssss is so stupiddddddd. . . . I really angry to hear that. . . hoping for the best psp scene from your team now, wololo. . .


  17. VV’s avatar

    Poor wololo
    sorry for you.


  18. malloxis’s avatar

    hey whats up guys? :D


  19. Muffinface’s avatar

    I think ALL of you are suffering from inflated EGO.

    The point is the loader. Not, so much ‘who was first!!’.
    Since the time window is short before Sony patches things, why dont you take this time to stop complaining and channel this into making the eloader and releasing it. Yes, Malloxis may have messed up. But, suck it up and finish the task at hand.

    It’s YOU vs SONY


    Get a clean perspective on the mission. What’s done is done. Move on to the next step as if this action was a part of the plan in the first place.

    The cornerstone of genius is flexibility.


  20. Muffinface’s avatar

    And yes, I have TREMENDOUS respect for you Wololo. You are a talented and organized individual.

    But, let’s lick our wounds once we get the job done and get off the battlefield.


  21. Elessar’s avatar

    I’m agree with Muffinface.

    Today, tomorrow or at the next day of the final release of the exploit, !!!!SONY will pacht it¡¡¡¡,whats all the deal of hidding it.

    We know now that if SONY makes another Firmware, who cares, no body will update, becouse we know there is a good job on 6.20 and at today EVERY1 is under 6.20, every1 would find the exploit usefull, and as u can see, EVERY1 is exited for the good news.


  22. Fanjita’s avatar

    @Elessar : I think you seriously underestimate how many people will upgrade regardless, and then bitch and moan when they can’t run homebrew when the loader is finally released.

    I know from bitter experience – and it’s a lot.


  23. Guest1586’s avatar

    I Agree with Muffinface and Elessar, with this knowledge we KNOW not to upgrade, and also download the demo before they patch that. It sucks that malloxis couldn’t keep his mouth shut and tried to take credit from you and the other devs. And ya many people who didn’t see this new will upgrade anyway and whine but that happens with all the releases anyway. I made the mistake of upgrading my psp 3000 to 5.50, I didn’t whine about it (until now lol) but mistakes happen I learned my lesson and moved on. This time I won’t upgrade. Waiting for you loader. Excellent job devs, good luck.


  24. VV’s avatar

    I can’t help thinking that Malloxis feel the unnecessary pressure when other guys find exactly the same exploits. He cried for attention and did such a reckless thing.

    More communications could have stopped this.


  25. zero233’s avatar

    very sorry about what happened wololo. i guess it’s a safe bet that malloxis wont be working with you guys anymore huh?


  26. WalangAlam’s avatar

    Thanks for releasing the source code wololo. Wow, everybody is here. Malloxis, Fanjita…Have anybody seen Dark_Alex :P


  27. npt’s avatar

    To Wololo, n00b81, maku, pspLow, and Flyer,
    So sorry to hear that this happened. I was pleased with the sudden rush of exploits AND the whole scene being smart again and not learking, in binary or game name. You can say what you want about the “scene” but even though you now have malloxis following in Freeplays footsteps (who wants to be there?) Wololo you have come on in the last while like a wildfire. You are good at giving advice to noobs, and I’ve watched your whole psp career with glee. You sir, are a good guy. Cheers to you and the work you’ve done; and cheers to the binloader being released when it’s ready… though you might want to make lemonade from lemons and release it soon as no 6.30/6.31 yet.




  28. Krispyllama’s avatar

    I’m excited about the new exploit and hello world bin. It is a shame that people have to ruin this but as it’s a demo we really wont need to worry about sony patching it as it’s freely floating online. I dont have any skills in this area but how hard would it be to convert, say 5.5 bin loader to 6.2? If I remember correctly 6.0 started a new kernel correct? Where could someone such as myself go to learn about the newest psp structure? I look forward to seeing a custom 6.2 soon :) keep up the great work.


  29. Dark_Alex’s avatar

    @WalangAlam : I am ur father….


  30. lame boys’s avatar

    nothing against him. I’m tired of these childish issues of you ppl. lets grow up. secrets? wtf.


  31. iheartbassnphotek’s avatar

    As a nub to the community, i’d like to say that i’m stoked to learn more so i can help you kids out. malloxis=lame.


  32. wololo’s avatar

    @lame boys: I think lots of psp devs (including me) have proven many times that they know what they’re doing. If you don’t accept the fact that sometimes secrets are needed to protect an exploit, then you haven’t learned enough from mercury and gripshift.

    Now PSP Go users will have the choice between upgrading their OFW OR stay in 6.20 with “something promising for homebrews”. That’s extremely different from a choice between upgrading and “thousands of working homebrews”, don’t you think?


  33. D0nk3yPunch3r’s avatar

    i may be a little late on this news but WOW, i have a psp 3001 with updated firmware and just as noob as can be i started to try and put cfw on it all night until i saw the words S.O.L. that was very dissapointing and just played passum until i thought about it and started looking around and saw the the article about it AND then read that it was leaked and not only that try to take all the credit just a little bit crushed it. i mean just to see my psp load into something was just awsome for me.

    and from what i have been reading it hasnt hindered the progress which is great but wow THANK YOU FOR WOLOLO AND ALL THE DEVS for the work for people you dont even know it is greatly appreciated.


  34. Bobby’s avatar

    I like horse dick in my ass


  35. clockdryve’s avatar

    @Bobby…….you sad :) LOL


  36. 1HandPlay’s avatar

    @wololo what about bobby’s comment


  37. m0skit0’s avatar

    I can just LMFAO reading this and the comments almost 4 years later. Way to go PSP scene, I’m glad I left :D



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