(devs only) Valentine: Half-Byte Loader port to the Patapon2 demo exploit

For a month and a half now I’ve fantasized about this release. I didn’t expect it would happen like that…

Anyways, as you probably know by now, malloxis leaked an exploit for the Patapon2 demo on the PSP a few hours ago. The good news is:  Sony can’t patch it unless they do a firmware upgrade, so PSPGo owners who want to get the joys of homebrews can have hopes, as long as they don’t upgrade (no doubt a patch will be out soon).

The bad news is: we are not ready. Our hope was to release a full working eLoader for everyone to enjoy homebrews, but this is not going to happen yet. Instead, we’ve decided with m0skit0 to go public in order to get help.

What we have currently is a partially working eLoader. It loads some homebrews, most of them crash at the loading screen, nothing that a player would call “interesting”. So this is for devs only. Documentation is poor, but we’ll get there.

We are publicly asking for help on developing this beast. If you think you can help, first try to compile the eLoader, understand its inner working, and load a homebrew. Then improve it and send us a patch. I’ll open a forum here to discuss these matters, but another one already exists on m0skit0′s forums as well.

Here is the project’s SVN:


For non devs, here’s some hope, a video demonstrating that Wagic almost loads fine through this exploit (again, don’t whine, it looks like crap, because we haven’t had enough time to work on that…but at least that’s proof we’re getting somewhere)

  1. Skuad’s avatar

    niiiice ^^ but this time send it only on pspgen website !!


  2. Dr. Soup’s avatar

    There’s somethin’ people may forget about: Before Sony patch this exploit and release a new firmware, they’re also looking in every demo for vulnerabilities. Not bad? I think it’s a waste.


  3. rob3D’s avatar

    This would give me a reason to get a PSP go. The only reason I use a my PSP now is for emulation and Wagic on the go.


  4. TioSolid’s avatar

    Outstading work Wololo! I was pretty sure something was comming because of all your tutorials. First your posts in the thread about this exploit in the “M for mature” (I guess) forum and after that, lots of good tutorials about exploits, Sparta SDK and stuff :P

    Hope you guys can get into a working e-loader soon, at least before all the n00bs starting flaming around saying “WHY THIS THING DOES NOT WORK ON the firmware 6.21″ and that kind of stuff.


  5. Fanjita’s avatar

    Wololo – check your email…


  6. n00b81’s avatar

    @ Dr. Soup – Don’t you think that’s why we didn’t want it released until the eloader was done?


  7. zero233’s avatar

    you are amazing Wololo, excellent job man. so should everyone be mad at malloxis for releasing it so early?


  8. Tetris999’s avatar

    Greets to wololo and all the psp dev’s that worked on this exploit; i hope that you guys can get the eloader working for this one. With that said and done, i’m still very happy (others as well) that you’re still working on this eloader without deterring yourselves from the fact that some people do not listen.

    It’s great to see you guys still around on the psp scene and i’m sure a lot of people are happy with what you’re doing; thanks again :)


  9. Dr. Soup’s avatar

    I know, I originally wanted to comment on the previous article, but clicked the wrong one. I know you didn’t want it release.


  10. sumedh (india)’s avatar

    i like what you guys are doing …………i hope that you guys develop a e-loder soon so that i can buy a go cuz ………here in india there is no psn card or online purchare so that psp go is like old ipod only vid am mp3

    ps…………………good luck n keep up the good work


  11. lucas netherlands’s avatar

    i hope that i can download psp games on my psp 3000
    ps……………………………sorry for my bad english


  12. manzo’s avatar

    so i can downgrade from 6.2 using a pandora homebrew? I’m not so close to this hi-tech things, but i’m sure to hate the 6.2 firmware…


  13. wololo’s avatar

    manzo: no, this is not for downgrading, this is for playing homebrew games on official firmware


  14. mounzi’s avatar

    do you think that we can run an iso loader ? Because Many persons want it has not to be obliged to carry their games.
    ps : sorry for my bad english..


  15. wololo’s avatar

    @mounzi: this post has the answer to your question:


  16. abc’s avatar

    I dont understand how to play wagic on hbl.If I want to start my psp crashes.
    Do you already know the realease date of a version of wagic, witch is playable on hbl.


  17. H@lo World’s avatar

    hi, wololo
    i found an tiff crash, which exists in jpeg compression of tiff.
    But it has an Breakpoint -_-” . I think it´s very difficult to find an exploit in this compression and i think it´s nearly the same way like CoD3r gets his crash. So i believe we shouldn search for vulnerabilitys in jpeg compression
    to the half byte loader of patapon exploit.
    aren´t we able to code and run something like a psp shell (for example irshell without iso support) ? And through this shell our homebrew?


  18. wololo’s avatar

    regarding irshell: the issues would be the same as what we have now


  19. wololo’s avatar

    @abc: the Version of Wagic that I run for the demo was slightly modified to run with HBL. I’m working hard to have Wagic running on HBL, but we’re not there yet, I can’t give a date.


  20. D0nk3yPunch3r’s avatar

    homebrew without iso support OHHH i can here so many people crying i would love that pirates could just suck a fat one on that.


  21. Hellnow’s avatar

    Can you send me the crash scan (with PSPLink) ?


  22. me>I>me’s avatar

    I’ve got great news I have talked to Vettefan88 and he said that once you exploit user mode it is fairly simple to access the kearnal mode


  23. sumedh (India)’s avatar

    i heard that iso can be runed on HBL as noob was in a forum said that i has to rin some patch to run iso get working on the HLB hote they revield it to the world pleeeeeease ity would be like wish come true


  24. CosmicVortEx’s avatar

    UMD DUMPER 0.2 RUNS ON HBL r107 (model:- PSP 3004 v6.20)


  25. gfhff’s avatar

    this post is dead…..


  26. nana’s avatar

    help me with the process, i have downgraded my psp go to 6.20… please help



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