Writing a binary Loader


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  1. CoOL KiD 1880

    off topic but y is yur win chinese?

  2. kiddyshaq34

    I’m having problems with my exploit. the binary loader doesn’t run, and the game just froze. It’s just that nothing is happening. 🙁 PS. How do I set a breakpoint on the binary loader?

  3. KHRIS

    como rodo iso no psp 3000 farware 6.37…
    como desboloqueio….
    ou pelomenos rodar emulado…
    to com um emulado mas nao consigo rodar no farware 6.37 psp 3000….
    so da dados conrronpidos

  4. xerpi

    I have a problem, the EBOOT.BIN of the game (iso) doesn’t contain the “sceKernelDcacheWritebackInvalidateAll” function, so I can’t replace the “sceKernelDcacheWritebackInvalidateAll” adress in the loader.S because this function doesn’t exist in the game.

    • wololo

      is there any other cache related function that are available, such as maybe sceKernelDcacheWritebackAll? Try to use this one for now maybe.

  5. xSpectrum

    Is it possible to use this with the PSP Go?

    Also, I can’t check the games on my Vita, I have made a new account. How big is the chance that VHBL would still work with the exploit?

    School is starting to simmer down, so I would really like to try, even though I only have a couple of PSN store PSP games.

  6. john

    couldn’t you create a save game hack using cwcheat by putting codes and directories to the executable file?

  7. Ruggiero

    Hi Wololo, can you tell us some ways to crash psp games please?

  8. Dark_Alex

    sloppy, post new work.