Wagic on Mac OS

J, the incredible mad scientist behind the port of JGE (and therefore Wagic) for Linux is back and made awesome progress on a Mac port. We’re not entirely there yet, but this screenshot shows you that it’s coming :)


J also fixed a bunch of issues for compilation on 64bits OSes, but some of his changes are not in the SVN yet. They should be there soon though. Thanks a lot Dude :)

JGE++ is the only library that allows you to compile a game for the Sony PSP, Windows and Linux from the same source code. The latest version of JGE is available on our SVN.

  1. J’s avatar

    The changes are now in.
    Mac is now an officially supported architecture, and linux 64 bits is too.
    Be warned that at the moment, there is no sound on architectures where there is no working version of fmod-3.75 (meaning at least anything 64 bits, including mac).
    Other unices should work too, but have not been tried at the moment.

    Mac version currently uses X11 support. There is no plan at the moment to make it Carbon-based, but this might change later.


  2. El Topo’s avatar

    I absolutely can’t wait to play this on Mac, thanks for the effort.

    Let us know when a download is available.


  3. Papipo’s avatar

    How can I build this in Mac?

    I sucessfully built JGE, but Wagic complains about missing lib_gif.h, even if I installed libgif via macports.



  4. wololo’s avatar

    @Papipo: I’ll try to get the answer. Unfortunately we have close to no mac users, so we might have broken the compatibility at some point.
    Wagic doesn’t use the gif library at all, but it is included in JGE. What I’d suggest is to edit the code in JGE to remove gif support.


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  6. justin’s avatar

    Is the mac version ever going to be released?



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