Worldwake in Wagic

You can already play Avenger of Zendikar in Wagic 0.10

You can already play Avenger of Zendikar in Wagic 0.10

I’m happy to announce that thanks to the terrific work of Dr. Solomat, Wagic already handles 56 cards of the new Worldwake set.

Yes, that means you can already playtest some cards of this new set in Wagic.

Some of the cards will only work with the SVN version of Wagic, but most of them are working with the current 0.10.1 release.

You can get the file on our SVN, here. To install it in your Wagic folder, just save that file as Res/sets/WWK/_cards.dat (of course you have to create the WWK folder) in your Wagic installation, and you’re done.

You can discuss this set in Dr.Solomat’s release thread

The Wagic team is hard at work to provide more playable cards, bug fixes, and cool new features in next Wagic release, so stay tuned :)

Wagic is not published or endorsed by Wizards of the Coast.

  1. EdgeCrusher’s avatar

    Thank you wololo and Dr. Solomat.



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