Tiff crashes: a breakpoint is NOT exploitable!


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13 Responses

  1. jeerum says:

    if it is same tiff, what i have tested, then there is some interestin. i get sometime without breakpoint error.
    but maybe its just a coincidence
    but nice to see so many crashes

  2. PsPLow says:

    who can test this file in psplink? I’m an ofw 🙁
    I think that this File I modified is interesting…
    PSP freeze…but it don’t crash!! and it cannot powered off…
    Please try it…
    I uploaded file to http://hotfile.com/dl/26735751/8f2a311/strangeMP4.zip.html

  3. diesel701 says:

    REALLY GOOD POST wololo!
    There are too many people who ask if this tiff or this problem is exploitable and I’m annoyed to this many same questions….
    Now, I can link this for the reply xD

    @PsPLow if the file don’t crash the psp, I think it’s useless.

  4. FrEdDy says:

    If only freezes is nothing interesting I think

  5. H@lo World says:

    These many crashes are very interesting, but i noticed that there are many bugs since version 6.00.I´ve a few files that are corrupted on 5.XX but on 6.XX they aren´t. I don´t know why but that´s very interesting too. (One of my tiff files say on 6.XX “The System Memory is low”).Let´s see what happens. I think it doesn´t take long time until there comes a real exploit

  6. PsPLow says:

    I understand… but Psp crash if after you open mp4 video you stand-by psp… Please you try with psplink if it is possible..

  7. CoD3r-D says:

    Tiff crash by me :D:D

  8. Darkjj says:

    It actually works if you have 5.03 official firmware and play on slide show on slow…..but I have 6.20.

  9. Roberto says:

    If i made a crash off a bmp,tiff it would be useless but i have another idea what if we use that same photo from ChickHen or a diffrent version we could put that file as a picture on a music selection.Basicly change the picture a mp3 shows with that image.Im going to test this,hope I dont waste my time.

  10. Roberto says:

    I would ask wololo to test this also plz

  11. 1HandPlay says:

    i don’t get when is firmware 6.36 going to be released because it shown on wikipedia—????? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayStation_Portable_system_software

  12. ............ says:

    A breakpoint crash can be exploitable. If a stack buffer overrun is detected by the Visual C++’s /GS canary system, a breakpoint exception is raised. If the attacker can guess the canary value, it’s exploitable.