Fake!! JPEG “Exploit” on OFW 6.20 by tontunaspi

Damn I miss the days when we would all rely on Freeplay to debunk lame youtube attempts at “hacks”. Anyways, since Freeplay’s youtube Channel is gone, somebody’s got to do the job.

So, you might have seen this video on major PSP news sites:

Well, too bad, it’s as fake as fake can be.

cypriotbro gave me enough information to understand that this thing is fake, but a video says much more than text, so here’s my own hack:

Pretty cool, huh? Too bad it’s a crappy fake. The “Fake” file is courtesy of Ruyor at upsp.ws’s forums. You can download it there and try for yourself.

It seems the “thumbnail” generation function on the PSP has some kind of bug: A black image can have a green thumbnail in some circumstances. I wasn’t aware of that bug, so the fake almost got me when Magixien showed me the video. I turns out the bug doesn’t happen on older firmwares (I was testing on 5.00 m33).

So yeah, nothing to see here people, you can go back to sleep, and insult tontunaspi on his youtube Channel, lamers deserve it. Datel’s exploit is much more interesting.

As usual, you should not trust something unless you can test it by yourself, or if the people announcing it have been long enough on the scene to be trusted. Remember: so far, the PSP has never been hacked by somebody who “came out of the blue”, only by people who were “known” on the scene.


  1. H@lo World’s avatar

    hi wololo, i´ve a question on Datel´s more interesting exploit =) : is the ps3 signature the same as the psp signature?
    And the fake exploit of tontunaspi , i think he did this to bring davee to release their hen exploit


  2. wololo’s avatar

    H@lo World: I don’t know much about the ps3, but I’m pretty sure the encryption system is different. If I were Sony, I wouldn’t put “all my eggs in the same basket”, and I would at least choose a different encryption algorithm for two different hardware categories. To avoid losing all security if one of the machines gets hacked.


  3. Ruyor’s avatar

    Thanks for mentioning me :D

    Actually, it’s not a bug, it’s a feature of JPEG files with the EXIF header. I found a free program called Photo Studio that allows you to extract a thumbnail, customize it, and put it back. The edited thumbnail will work in Windows and the PSP (5.50+) (that’s all I tested) ;)

    As for the thumbnail not working on 5.00, maybe they changed the way the thumbnail is grabbed, Possibly:
    5.03 and under = miniature of true image
    5.50 and up = Thumbnail from header
    But I’m just guessing on that part :P

    Here’s where I got that program: http://www.stuffware.co.uk/photostudio/



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