Fake!! JPEG “Exploit” on OFW 6.20 by tontunaspi


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4 Responses

  1. H@lo World

    hi wololo, i´ve a question on Datel´s more interesting exploit =) : is the ps3 signature the same as the psp signature?
    And the fake exploit of tontunaspi , i think he did this to bring davee to release their hen exploit

  2. wololo

    H@lo World: I don’t know much about the ps3, but I’m pretty sure the encryption system is different. If I were Sony, I wouldn’t put “all my eggs in the same basket”, and I would at least choose a different encryption algorithm for two different hardware categories. To avoid losing all security if one of the machines gets hacked.

  3. Ruyor

    Thanks for mentioning me 😀

    Actually, it’s not a bug, it’s a feature of JPEG files with the EXIF header. I found a free program called Photo Studio that allows you to extract a thumbnail, customize it, and put it back. The edited thumbnail will work in Windows and the PSP (5.50+) (that’s all I tested) 😉

    As for the thumbnail not working on 5.00, maybe they changed the way the thumbnail is grabbed, Possibly:
    5.03 and under = miniature of true image
    5.50 and up = Thumbnail from header
    But I’m just guessing on that part 😛

    Here’s where I got that program: http://www.stuffware.co.uk/photostudio/