Merry Christmas – Wagic 0.10.1 released!


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13 Responses

  1. TaLZ

    hope you could work out a network gameplay to be able to challenge other wagic players..thanx..

    i really like wagic..thanx all u guys..

  2. stips

    Yey! Thanks a lot guys for a wonderful holiday present. WohooooOO! Lots of add ons and bug fixes, seems like wagic is getting a lot better as time goes by. I love you guys!

  3. garlen

    Thank you, it’s very nice present indeed. I last played Wagic in August or so, then the next version refused to start on my WinXP, but this one runs again … like magic. And after half year it looks like a different game, so many changes. Well, I wish you a Merry Christmas too! Now, where’s that gamepad?! ;o)

  4. Tosa

    thanks a lot!!!!!!

  5. oxMUDxo

    Freaking A!!
    The purple screen is fixed and there are Quest, Achievements and a Cheat Menu hidden some where!!

    !!It just keeps getting better!!

    I could get nothing for Christmas this year and I’ll still be very happy now.

    Super Mega Thanks to Wolo and everyone else for the grate work.. 🙂

  6. Pedro

    What can we say…

    Simply AMAZING…

    A very big THX from Portugal to the people that made this dream come true…

    My favorite game on the PSP:)

  7. Tidinas

    Amazing!!! This game is fantastic!!!!!

    Thank you!

  8. ken

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Wololo and all the little helpers! I will spend my christmas day playing WTH. lol Thanks again.

  9. Szei

    Brilliant update. Thank you!

    Just want to confirm though, no windows version yet, right?

  10. Szei

    My mistake, seems like only part of the folder was extracted for some reason o.O

    I reextracted and have the windows version now. Thanks again!

  11. oxMUDxo

    This is the new crack!!

    Let me just say I’ve been playing Wagic for almost a year now and I was always some how able to put it down.
    But now there’s these new Shop Missions!!
    I’m non stop trying to buy cards to make new decks that will do these special things to complete a shop mission, so I can make extra money to buy more cards to make decks that dose something special to complete more shop missions so I can make more extra money, and etc.

    lol, This will never end.
    Time to check back in the nut house… Thanks Wololo.

  12. bianca lee

    super duper nice update wololo! thank you! i think there is a bug though..when i go to check the stats of my deck my psp crashes… y is it like that?

  13. Anderson Lima

    I really want to speak in portuguese, i’m not good when writting in english:

    Muito obrigado pelo menu de idioma, vai ser realmente muito útil!
    Gostaria de saber onde baixar as imagens das cartas. Tenho um pack aqui, mas ele é da versão 0.8.1… Não consigo encontrar um pack mais recente no site (fórum), entretanto. Poderia facilitar isto?