Confirmed:Datel hacks all models of PSP & PSPGo for Christmas


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27 Responses

  1. pacman says:

    i have the solution to this dillema!!! They hired Dark Alex ^^

  2. devilfox_01 says:

    dark alex is gone.,

  3. westD says:

    It seems that they used UPDATE digital sign, also it seems that this ‘UPDATE ‘ is not worldwide, it doesn’t start on my japanese slim (required proper regon update), but works on european slim.

  4. Rios says:

    When you start pc program, you try to chose japanese language.

  5. westD says:

    I’m sure that I’ve clicked Japan, but let’s try again. Thank you.

  6. mamosuke says:

    This is the ultimate console hacking I think…That’s great!

    I am going to translate your interesting article into Japanese,and I will send you my trackback.

  7. m0skit0 says:

    And what about the illegal of signing as Sony? For sure Sony can sue them. What do you think?

    PD: I really love your blog 🙂
    PD2: sorry I posted this comment on another entry, please delete it 😛

  8. wololo says:

    Yeah, there’s a possibility Datel might get sued for this, but I’m sure they’ll either try to legally protect themselves OR they’ll try to make as much money as possible with the software as long as it’s out 🙂

  9. Kachin says:

    if this is reverse engineering it dosen’t matter if sony sue them but if they’re using sony signing ilegally wow that could end pretty bad

  10. Reiichi says:

    I’m new to PSP, I have a PSP 3004 with firmware 5.70, so, with this Action Replay it’s possible to hack even my PSP? And play games downloaded on torrents? And if not, is there a way to do this? I read that now it’s possible on 5.50 firmwares, but on 5.70?

  11. wololo says:

    Reiichi: The only info publicly available for PSP 3000 is that you can play homebrews on a PSP 3000 up to firmware 5.03. For firmware 5.50 it is very likely to be doable (through the MOHH exploit) if some devs decide to work on it, but definitely not for 5.70.

    This breakthrough by Datel, despite being technically impressive, is not for the end user, we need hackers to have a look at it first, or hope that Datel will release a homebrew loader.

    Finally, please do not mention piracy here (I assume that’s what you mean with “games downloaded on torrents”), as this is not the kind of thing I want to discuss when I talk about hacking.

  12. Azeryn says:

    Anyone else find it odd that once you load it up and goto Options > Info, that it lists “Battery Tool”?

    • Albie85 says:

      Don’t no if this means anything but datel is a pandora as well. I’ve had pandora from day 1 best thing they ever released!

  13. napster23 says:

    yes Datel could create their own Custome-Firmware, but the problem is that datel wants to make money ^ ^.
    Custome-firmware who sells a 20euro ^ ^

  14. bigbootybob says:

    now we need someone to reverse engineer their reverse engineering.

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  16. Cecil says:

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