Datel’s Action Replay on the PSPGo?

Did Datel hack the PSPGo? n00b81 sent me this interesting link today.

Datel is a company known for their various tools for many consoles. Their most famous product is probably the “Action Replay”, a series of software tools that allow you to cheat in many games (extra lives, extra gold, extra weapons, that kind of stuff…). Action replay is available for many console, and Datel have sometimes been criticized for making easy money on open source software (such as some code by Booster and the Prometheus team, related to the PSP IPL).

Datel was supposed to release an equivalent to the Pandora battery for the PSP 3000 in 2008, the “Blue Lite Tool”. Their press release, made on the site, was apparently only a buzz, as the battery was a standard pandora battery (it worked as expected on old PSPs, but didn’t do anything more than a regular battery on PSP 3000 models). It is still unclear if their Blue Lite Tool was a fake from the start, or if the lawsuit they got from Sony at that time was related to the tool.

Today Datel announce that they have a way to run the Action Replay software on the PSPGo. From the page in the link above:

Works with the original SONY PSP the PSP 2000 & 3000 plus the new PSPgo.

For such a tool to work on a PSPGo, it means that either Datel has become an official Sony partner (I highly doubt that), or they found a new way to run unencrypted code on a PSP Go, or their product description is lying (which happened in the past with the blue tool).

No doubt the hackers will get their hands on this product and debunk the scam if it is one.

Thanks again to n00b81 for the info.

  1. WalangAlam’s avatar

    is the AR in umd? or is it a file that you are going to save in your memory stick?

    so its a signed eboot? i don’t get it.


  2. wololo’s avatar

    Me neither, that’s the interesting part…It does look like a signed EBOOT on the video…


  3. n00b81’s avatar

    I don’t really understand this either. It does look to me like they’re launching an app from the XMB. However, say they were able to sign their own EBOOT, great – but how do they tell what user is using it? Surely it can’t be as easy as copying the files from one memory stick to another.

    Oh well, I already know of a few people that have ordered this thing and will fill me in on the details when they get it :) (if they get it before Sony sues them again xD)



  4. WalangAlam’s avatar

    oh i have it. its a windows apps just like the official media manager. will play with it later. im willing to share it for the purpose of testing.


  5. n00b81’s avatar

    If you’d like to pass it over, I would take a look at. Perhaps it could be useful..


  6. WalangAlam’s avatar

    you need a username and a password and looks like everything will be signed by codejunkies/sony online server.


  7. giovifree’s avatar

    i have found some video on youtube of action replay, the kit is :
    one memory stick, one battery adapter, one software cd

    they should be

    one magic memory stick
    one pandora-matic “put your battery push one button wait green led and now is pandora battery”
    cd windows software, i think for manage saved game, update cheat code,convert video for psp

    but they publicize AR for all psp ?? they found new pandora


  8. n00b81’s avatar

    huh? Link please? :)


  9. WalangAlam’s avatar

    according to cloudy i got the wrong old version. at least i know now that everything will be signed through codejunkies online server just like the sony media manager


  10. n00b81’s avatar

    Yeah, I just saw that, thanks giovifree. What I want to know is – wtf is that “battery adapter” for?


  11. n00b81’s avatar

    nvm… thats an old commercial disregard that whole battery thing ;)


  12. n00b81’s avatar

    Actually, let me rephrase that. That was an old action replay show in the vid, but the guy put “PSP 3000″ at the top. Probably to grab traffic, thats all :|



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