The Games that inspired Wagic


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7 Responses

  1. Darknebula says:

    i love your homebrew!!! keep it up!! cant wait for a player vs. player release that’ll be awesome!!!! 😀

  2. bcdiscman says:

    I love Shandar (Still play it on my PC). Just downloaded “Defense Station Portable #2′ after reading your post – Great Game. Thanks!!!

  3. Elfo says:

    Shandalar was great, really…

    I cant help with programming at all, but if in the future you walk into making that ‘rpg-like-wagic’, i’m offering to help with storyline, design ideas, etc =)

  4. bianca lee says:

    help pls…why cant i play momir basic even though i unlocked it already?

    does it require momir vig+60 basic lands for me to play it?

    without momir vig i cant play it?

  5. wololo says:

    There is a small issue with Momir Basic if you created a new profile in Wagic. try to copy the file “Player/momir.txt” to “profiles/[yourprofile]/momir.txt”

  6. bianca lee says:

    got it to work wololo! thank you so much! more power to wagic!

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