MOHH exploit – m0skit0′s eLoader alpha release (Devs only)

Devs m0skit0 and ab5000 have been working on an eLoader for the MOHH exploit in the past months. Today, m0skit0 released an alpha version of his work, named “Half Byte Loader”. He mentioned that this is currently only useful for devs, as it doesn’t allow to run homebrew yet, but let’s hope this will lead to something good in the weeks to come.

An important point to mention is that it is the first open source eLoader that’s been released, in 4 years of PSP hacking. Many thanks for that :) This could probably become the base of future homebrew loaders, and this will at least be a useful source of information for lots of devs around here!

source and download: advancedPSP

  1. devilfox_01’s avatar

    is this will turn into a hen.,


  2. wololo’s avatar

    I don’t think so. It is user mode only.


  3. devilfox_01’s avatar

    ah.,so we still need the game to run the eloader.,i hope they will develop a homebrew enable so it will be easy to run the game.,and this will let people play if they dont have the game.,


  4. yyoossk’s avatar

    please visit and look
    movie bug


  5. wololo’s avatar

    ???????????I’ll have a look :).


  6. devilfox_01’s avatar

    wololo can i ask something.,can i install the chickhen on psp 3001 5.05.,


  7. wololo’s avatar

    I think you can try… If it doesn’t work in its current state, it could probably work with a little update, I guess…


  8. devilfox_01’s avatar

    do you think installing a chickhen on 5.05 will brick the psp.,


  9. n00b81’s avatar

    It won’t work – Davee made the chickHEN to detect if your PSP is running 5.03. If it isn’t, it will exit out of the exploit (or crash, haven’t tried).

    But no, if you did manage to install it, it wouldn’t brick.. and it really isn’t “installing” like most HENs, because everything is run in RAM, nothing is flashed. 5.05 is vulnerable tho.



  10. confused’s avatar

    im confused will m0skit0 make it to run homebrew or is he finished?


  11. wololo’s avatar

    I think he’s done and expects other people to start working with his source and come up with something that the end users can use.


  12. steve’s avatar

    @ wololo: can u help him to create a homebrew?


  13. v5/51’s avatar

    this exploit is getting nowhere =[


  14. wololo’s avatar

    Well, if you’re a dev and have interest in hacking, just “take it” somewhere.
    If you’re not a dev, learn C++/assembly and start working on it.

    If you’re not a dev and are not willing to learn programming, you can’t really complain…


  15. CrapLoad’s avatar

    buy used psp ver 5.03 and stop complaining… tomorrow may never come..haha!!!


  16. ??’s avatar

    so this is the very begining of the HBL project…XD


  17. Jamy’s avatar

    Who could have known it would turn into a hen :o :)



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