Is your PSP hackable?


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  1. eric says:

    good work .this is very helpfull to those noobs.thank you .

  2. khalim says:

    i don’t get it…why does sony efforts so much on making it so unhackingly? i mean seriously…i use my psp for playing homebrews, emulators, ebooks MORE than i use it for umd games…and i’m pretty sure every does the same…just like the memories..i doubt people would buy higher than 2gb msticks for just savedatas and some music.
    why don’t sony don’t get it till now? if they don’t want to make it hackeable…let 3rd party developers create their homebrews under supervision of sony, i’m sure people don’t buy psps just for umds.

  3. wololo says:

    Well, Sony made good efforts recently with the Minis, and by decreasing the price of the Devkit. Still homebrew developers probably don’t have the time and money to turn a simple hobby into some “serious” business…

    For example Wagic could become a Mini. But it would become much more restricted, as it would need to be bug free, which basically means we would remove lots of “dangerous” features such as the ability to create your own cards. Also it would become much more stressful for me if it became a real business, if people pay for my games I’d have to pay much more attention to bugs…

    Lots of homebrews offer much more features than what official content provides, but they could never make it into an “official” content because of the insane number of bugs/vulnerabilities (often in direct relation with the cool features they offer) they have.

  4. Magicwings says:

    I just got one thing to add. I have (alright, actually had, since it broke) a PSP-1000 that was hacked via ChickHEN. Just like to point that out since your handy little chart is slightly misleading into thinking that PSP-1000’s can only be hacked with Pandora. The PSP was Firmware 5.03 when it was hacked, it’s not like I did anything special, other than use ChickHEN on a PSP-1000.

    And if Wagic became a Mini, you’d also probably be under more fire from a certain company with a certain card game with a similar sounding name to Wagic.

  5. wololo says:

    @MagicWings: regardin Pandora on the PSP1000. This is very true, but I still don’t understand who in their right mind would go through the hassle of using a hazardous technique (software downagrade through chickHEN) when they can use a Pandora. I intentionally don’t mention the usage of chickHEN for pandora-compatible PSPs since I strongly believe people who can use a Pandora shouldn’t even think about using other techniques. It’s not like a pandora battery is expensive, it’s much more convenient and less risky.

    You are right about the legal thing. If Wagic became a Mini, I would probably have to create new rules for the game 🙂

  6. Magicwings says:

    @wololo When I hacked my PSP, I actually did make the choice between Pandora and ChickHEN. I went for ChickHEN because honestly it seemed more practical. The way it worked seemed less complicated when I started, so I’d say the ChickHEN is more practical. But, I havn’t tried Pandoras yet, so I can’t say if its any better.
    But compare “Get a weird battery” or “run this weird program”, and ask which one people will probably try on first impression.

    And on a side note, why does everyone capitalize the W?

  7. wololo says:

    Magicwings: I’ve used both software techniques and pandora+DDC kits over the past 4 years. Trust me, Pandora is way better, and the only reason anyone would want to use anything else is because they haven’t tried the battery technique. Which is your case. Try the battery once, you’ll never go back to anything else 🙂

    The W… in wololo? or in Wagic ?

  8. toBsucht says:

    btw psp go is now hackabel

  9. NeedsUpdate says:

    This article is terribly outdated, please update.

  1. November 26, 2009

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