Exploit for the Game Archer Maclean’s Mercury released by Freeplay

Freeplay released his exploit for the game Mercury a few hours ago. The reason is that the vulnerability has been patched in firmware 6.20, making any further work on this exploit useless. Sony also immediately updated the game on the PSN store so that it now requires firmware 6.20.

Matieuhlh, member of the team prometheus (the team who created the Pandora Batteries), and a respected hacker on the PSP scene, revealed that Freeplay actually stole the code from a private SVN. To prove this, Mathieulh released the original sources of the exploit, as well as the sources for a kernel exploit that has been patched in firmware 6.00.

Further development of these exploits will most likely lead to custom firmwares and/or HEN for PSPs up to the firmware 6.00. This is of course interesting only for owners of Ta88v3 and of PSP3000. Owners of PSPGo can still pray for a future XMB exploit, and owners of older models of PSPs can use pandora batteries, independently of their firmware. As usual, if you like homebrews, don’t upgrade. And avoid buying a PSPGo :P

People interested in working on these vulnerabilities (user and kernel) can download them here


  1. n00b81’s avatar

    @wololo: can’t find out for sure.. some people mentioned this exploit only works with PSN version and not UMD?

    P.S – maybe this will lead to eloader, but not HEN, unless a kmode vuln is found of course..


  2. yyoossk’s avatar

    Phantasy Star Portable2 DEMO bug??Results??What do you think?
    at=DEADBEEF v0=00000000 v1=00000001 a0=0925AB4C a1=09FFF500 a2=00000000 a3=09FFF4F0
    t0-7=00000001 00000002 09FFF500 00000000 00000000 08E70000 090A0000 DEADBEEF
    s0-7=00000000 00000000 00000000 0925A9F4 0925AA54 00000000 00000000 00000000
    t8=DEADBEEF t9=DEADBEEF k0=09FFFB00 k1=00000000 gp=08E64FC0 sp=08FFF4F0
    fp=00000000 ra=08B075E0 lo=00000000 hi=00000000 PC=08B07934 badvaddr=8EE95AA4


  3. wololo’s avatar

    That’s not enough to give you a clear answer, but I don’t see anything really good (no 61616161…). :(
    is it a fetch instr error, or a bus error ?
    Please copy the entire PSPLink dump, thanks :)


  4. zehh’s avatar

    how do i run the game on my psp go


  5. wololo’s avatar

    @zehh: you need a PSP with a custom firmware. Buy an older model of PSP, or wait…


  6. WalangAlam’s avatar

    Is there anybody working on a HEN for 5.50 and above based on this kexploit? will somebody work on it?


  7. wololo’s avatar

    @WalangAlarm: not that I know about, but now that the exploits have been released, it’s more a matter of time and motivation for any dev. I believe that the devs who usually work on HEN and stuff like that will not work on this one because it feels “too easy”, but I’m sure other people will want to work on it.


  8. WalangAlam’s avatar

    i hope m0skit0 and noob81 will work on this. I still have friends who are in no homebrew 5.50.



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