PSP Exploits – finding crashes with Fuzzing


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  1. Cow says:

    Which program did u use to compile ur code?

  2. wololo says:

    My code is written in Ruby, it doesn’t require a compiler, just an interpreter. I just use cygwin and the ruby package, But I think there are ruby interpreters for Windows as well

  3. Unpro says:

    thanks. i find this extremely useful… maybe i’ll find something cool sometime soon. 😛

  4. Darkness says:

    I tried this with a gif image and lots of unsupported data, BUT i found that some of the images (opens and closes instantly) has resolutions of 96, then 97 then 98 (all ‘something’ x 100) the first resolution was the same as the file name. Quite interesting =]

  5. reverze says:

    don’t it just make you cry ???

  6. Oby1Chick says:

    Really great tutorial.
    There is an error for me in the ruby script you wrote though :
    I had to change “y[i]=j;” to “y[i]=j.to_s” or it would give me an error (Cannot convert fixnum to string).
    Good job !

  7. TBG says:

    When I run the code, it does some spaces in the file and decrease the size. ¿Why? I copy exactly the code like you.

  8. patrick says:

    have you tried this on sense me channel or the comic book reader channel. because one of my song crashed in the comic book reader channel.

  9. reapersmist says:

    Ok i have shot in the dark question Wololo. Say when u crash the psp with ur .Mp3 Fuzzing it crashed at song 33 so is there maybe a way to possibly have song 33 or 34 or even 32 be a string of code to manipulate the psp?…. Was wondering cuz i guess from what i understand when the psp crashes certain walls are temp broke security i guess but at that point is when u can inject code and what not? isnt that how HBL works?….. Just a noob to the PSP scene recently <just an old time Html writer lol ty any pointers or advice would help.

  10. ASKidwai says:

    Will LUA work as a scripting language?

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