My favorite Magic card is “grizzly bears”

Yeah. That’s right, grizzly bears are my favorite. Why you ask? Well because it’s a vanilla creature. They have a power and a toughness, that’s it. Not stupid abilities that will be a nightmare to code, no fancy casting cost involving sacrifices or X or hybrid mana or saying “Beetlejuice” 3 times. No token generation, or triggered effect, or “choose one”, or “when it’s the first Friday of the month and if your opponent is older than you, then you deal Y damage to Z creatures where X is the sum of your age plus the color of the eyes of your opponent divided by 2″. Nope. Just a plain good vanilla creature that will never make Wagic crash :) I love you, grizzly bears!

Seriously though, what’s your favorite card in Magic?

  1. ZhangKhaiEn’s avatar

    Good ol’ Blaze :D


  2. Lemunde’s avatar

    Yeah, there’s a lot of cards out there with insane rules written all over them. The ones that really annoy me are the ones that you can play from your graveyard. I can’t remember what the ability is called but you spend some mana and get the card back or something. It’s a pain because you have to keep up with what’s in your graveyard.

    My favorite is the Penumbra Kavu. Moderate attack and defense and it spawns a black version of itself when it dies. I would really like to build an entire deck out of nothing but penumbra creatures but I don’t buy Magic cards very often.


  3. Rob3d’s avatar

    Phantom Warrior. Not too complicated and something about being unblockable just seems awesome.


  4. Niegen’s avatar

    @Lemunde: The ability you are talking about is flashback. And my favourite card happens to have it: Momentary blink


  5. Snaxington’s avatar

    Balancing Act.
    it wrecks the game state.


  6. kaio’s avatar

    Llanowar Elves! Helping Magics mana base since 1993. (I could see that as a flavour text on them, lol!)


  7. Tosa’s avatar

    my favourite cards are: yagmoth’s will,force of will,goblin lackey,necropotence, ancestral and illusion of grandeur!!!!!!


  8. Jeck’s avatar

    Giant spider. Reach and 4 toughness make it well suited for defense, especially if you can get it into play early enough. And for attack, well, a few instants or enchantments can turn it into something quite deadly.


  9. gdspsp’s avatar

    one of my favorites was coded into wagic: clone. My opponents still cringe when this great utility create hits the battlefield.


  10. Szei’s avatar

    Ageless Entity. I have an extended deck based around that card. It’s a little slow (always loses against artifact affinity), but wins at least half of the games it plays and the wins are always epic. The deck reaches insane life totals with Beacon of Immortality, Wall of Reverence, and Ageless Entity. Then it burns the opponent for 20+ damage in one turn with Soul Fire or wins with Mayael’s Aria (when Ageless has 9 power at your upkeep you win). Pretty much, if you have a Mayael’s Aria out, play Ageless, and then play any life gain card the next turn, you win. The major downside to the deck is destroy creature cards which is why it can never truly be competitive.

    I wonder if Ageless Entity can currently be coded in Wagic. Effect: Whenever you gain life, Ageless Entity gains +1/+1.

    Aside from Ageless, my favorite cards are the Arcbounds, particularly Arcbound Overseer (most of the Arcbounds are useless, but I like the art).


  11. Cilindr0’s avatar

    My favorite card its Counterspell xDDDD


  12. Dr. Solomat’s avatar

    My absloute favourite is Shahrazad from Arabian Nights! Amazing! ;)


  13. Jack’s avatar

    First of all, thanks a lot for your incredible work on Wagic!!

    My favorite card is Yavimaya Enchantress. I have a whole set based on it.


  14. Josh’s avatar

    I have way to may favorites to list. but its a toss up between Chaos orb and Royal Assassin


  15. Incantus’s avatar

    Hey Wagic,

    My favorite cards is Honor Guard, for similar reasons to yours. It was the first card I implemented after Plains, since it’s a pretty simple creature, plus it has a simple ability. Getting it working meant I had a lot done, since it tested a whole bunch of things – activated abilities, until end of turn effects, modifying power/toughness, etc. Of course, the way I do all those now is completely different, but it was enough motivation to keep going. :)


  16. merkantini’s avatar

    Wololo, what you said about grizzly bears really made me smile, because it reminded me of my usual answer to Magic #1 question, “What do you think is the strongest card?”
    I started playing Magic more than 17 years ago and I’ve always been the “master”, so I’ve heard this question countless times, and my answer was always the same: Basic lands are the strongest cards of Magic :-)

    They are needed for (nearly) every spell, they are so important that without them you can’t play spells and you will eventually lose even with the strongest deck.
    Needlessly to say this answer usually disappointed the hearer, who was expecting to hear who knows what cool card that would do the most amazing thing hahaha :-)

    So, I totally agree with you. Usually simple is the best!


  17. oxMUDxo’s avatar

    Right now My favorite card is….

    Avatar of Woe.

    “She cost 2 Swamps and 6 others but if there’s 10 or more creatures in the graveyard she cost 6 less.”

    “She has a ability to tap and kill a target creature it cant be reincarnated and it cost nothing to use.”

    I’ve been playing allot of 2 on 2 teams and its been doing good.


  18. nantuko’s avatar

    and he is my choice: basking rootwalla;) I was really happy when it was implemented in magicwars for the same reason as Incantus said;) But not only ability made me fall in love with rootwalla but its amazing art %)


  19. lemmor’s avatar

    well, my favorite card (Pooh the Grizzly Bear) was already been picked. way back (1998 if i remember it correctly) when me and my friends are still active playing the actual game we love to call them as “Perfect Creature” 2 to cast 2/2 period :D (oh and i forgot flavored text!). i still have my collection album buried on a box with the sets this creature came out (excluding 10th Ed onward).

    nice pick walolo! :D


  20. John Rohan’s avatar

    Once upon a time, Grizzly Bears were great. They were a staple card of the game, because they were the only 2/2 creature you could get for only 2 mana (with only one being colored mana), that didn’t have a drawback. And only Green had that creature.

    I wish WotC had kept to that standard, but alas, now there are plenty of 2/2 creatures for 1 colored and 1 non-colored mana, and they all have some extra ability, making Grizzly Bears obsolete (Wild Mongrel, for example).

    And of course, WotC also printed Tarmogoyf for 1G, making pretty much ALL green creatures obsolete. That’s my LEAST favorite card in Magic.

    I would have to vote for Mishra’s Factory as my favorite. I throw it in almost all my decks in real life. I hope Wagic can emulate it sometime. There’s something so great about such a versatile land, with a creature that can’t be countered.


  21. NyghtcrawleR’s avatar

    Force of Will. Sadly not implemented yet :(

    Key for a great counter deck. They never see it coming. You dont have to worry about tapping out all your mana and not being able to counter the next big card your opponent is about to play and has waited since you have no mana left.


  22. Yoda01’s avatar

    I would have to say Uthden Troll. Low casting cost and the regenerate ability makes this a great defender card that keeps coming back again and again!


  23. Magicwings’s avatar

    Ancestral Mask. Green enchantment-aura for 2G. “Enchanted creature gains +2/+2 for each other enchantment in play.” I have a green deck that is focused around this card. I have like twenty lands, fifteen creatures and the rest are enchantments. And I have three Ancestral Masks.

    I also really like Lightning Helix for some reason. Lightning Bolt + Healing Salve in one card, for the combined cost.


  24. Urmpfgah’s avatar

    Argothian Wurm. Not yet implemented in Wagic. :( Having a 6/6 trample for 4 mana isn’t bad. Best it in a G/R land kill deck. The bad side though is my opponents usually concede once it hits the floor. :) I wish to see it sometime soon in Wagic!


  25. JON4TH4N’s avatar

    my favorite is Runeclaw Bear, {1}{G} for 2/2 and no extra abilities, oh wait… that’s a new version of Grizzly bear! lol


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