Hello Go – PSP Go Hacked

Congrats to Freeplay, and whoever else is behind the exploit (I’m suspecting it’s MaTiaZ, from the “everyone who deserves it…” line)

So the PSP Go got hacked, but Freeplay mentions he will not release the exploit. It makes sense, as the game will be removed/patched from the PSN as soon as the exploit is made public, making the exploit useless. Just use this for hope :)

By the way, this means I was right from the start ;)

Edit: The google ads make me laugh, suggesting “anti hackers” websites when I post stuff about PSP hacking :)

  1. Lekim’s avatar

    I love the music in the video XDD


  2. Unpro’s avatar

    i was suprised… only 2 days and theres already a hello world :p


  3. n00b81’s avatar

    Well, they’ve had this for a long time.

    A lot of people think he just found this, and are all like, zomg, hello world already :P





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