Bugs, bugs, bugs

You may be wondering why I haven’t done a new release yet. So far Wagic has had a release every month or so, but given the huge size of the project, it is not possible anymore.

Anyways we are working on lots of things for next release, including major UI changes. I wanted to keep the surprise, but I can’t refrain myself from posting a screenshot of what the shop’s going to look like in next release:

Seriously, have you ever seen a homebrew with such cool original graphics??? We’ve been joined by a few talented designers and programmers recently. The background for the shop was made by Jhotun, and the card back by Jeck. Hopefully you’ll like the new graphics as much as I do, and let me tell you that this is not the only cool change that next Wagic release will have!

Oh, yeah, forgot the main point of this post: we are working on lots of bugs for this release, which is why we are a bit slow. I updated the bugs list and you can post in this thread any other issue you encounter with Wagic 0.8.1, but if you are brave enough to get the SVN versions, please post your bug reports on the dedicated page. This will be really appreciated!


  1. Pedro’s avatar

    Great Wololo!!! It simply looks amazing:)


  2. Rob3d’s avatar

    This Looks awesome, And from the aliasing on the cards on the table it looks as if we will be selecting those for purchase instead of the old linear layout. Is that the case? If so it’s a very cool idea.


  3. wololo’s avatar

    @Rob3d: this is exactly it :)


  4. Khalim’s avatar

    keep it up! however i’ll say…don’t make it too complicated… a simple layout is cool, sometimes there’s no need to change the perspective to make it better…’cause if that’s how the shop will look, it will be kinda hard to see the cards.


  5. kaio’s avatar

    @ Khalim:

    I don’t think that it will be to complicated or not even recognizable. Remember, there will be a preview of the card on the right side, and before the cards itself where much smaller than these, I believe.

    This is a really nice shot, btw! Wagic’s next release will be the most professional PSP-homebrew out there, I think :). Good job, wololo (and all the coders and artists who support this game)!


  6. NyghtcrawleR’s avatar


    I wouldnt worry about that with the preview.

    Anyway, I didnt realize there would be the cards that cycled on the table when you showed me the shop image before wololo.

    All I can say is wow….. I love it!


  7. oxMUDxo’s avatar

    Looks grate!
    I love the work you have been doing.
    Seeing the Shop like that has got me real excited about how the new game play will look!”If there is a change there..”

    I’m guessing no hoping that the top down view will or has been change to something like in the Shop where you are looking at your opponent and the high lighted card is displayed in the box to the right….
    Please tell me I’m right!
    lol, I know I’m asking way to much on that but how cool would that be!

    Anyway this is by far the best HomeBrew on the PSP.

    lol, I’m going to shout it.


  8. Polecat’s avatar

    I am stunned at this. I mean seriously, been looking for something just like this for YEARS. Runs amazingly, and I am left wondering if, with a larger group working on it, it would have completely sold multi-millions as a commercial product ( there’d have to be at least a partial install PSP disk is slow as fuck). Just wish I had the kind of money to reciprocate the joy I’ve gotten from this sort of gift.


  9. Jay’s avatar

    I’m a competitive Magic player as well as a CS major, so I was shocked to find Wagic today when digging through PSP homebrew on Google… !!!
    I was playing the latest version that was on pspupdates.qj.net and I want to say it’s very, very well done so far.
    Looks like you guys are working hard! I’ll get a bunch of my friends here at school playing the game. ;P Looks great.



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