The Latest PSP Firmware unbreakable? Let me doubt that…

Disclaimer, before people start a stupid buzz, this is NOT an exploit.

You’ve probably seen a few websites saying that the latest firmware by Sony was the ultimate wall against hackers, that the PSP firmware had gone through a huge security audit to fix all bugs and vulnerabilities before the PSP Go comes out.

Well, I know for sure that Sony didn’t fix that one, so I’m convinced the “security audit” (if it ever existed) probably wasn’t that huge :)

And again, this is not an exploit. Actually, it’s almost sure it’s not exploitable, so don’t get any expectations here. Just to show that there are still (and there will always be) security holes on the PSP. When one proves to be exploitable, the hackers will be here, it’s just a matter of time…

  1. S1mm3’s avatar

    A question:

    let’s say you hackers hacked the 3000 and made a CFW for it, let’s say it is this OFW (6.00), then sony released a new OFW let’s say (6.01) does that mean you have to work again to exploit it ? or maybe you only have to include the features of the (6.01) into the (6.00) ?

    sorry for this question, you know I am not a hacker, but trying to be so =:D


  2. Unpro’s avatar

    How are you sure this isn’t exploitable? don’t we have to wait until someone makes 6.00 cfw and then run psplink?


  3. wololo’s avatar

    @S1mm3: it depends on the hack, but generally, yes. Since the hacks exploit a vulnerability in Sony’s firmware, they usually patch it when they believe it hurts their market. They do that with a new update for their firmware, so the hunt for bugs/exploits has to start again

    @Unpro: I found this vulnerability on firmware 5.00. I actually think it’s been here for a while. So myself and other devs (more skilled than me) were able to test it on 5.00, and we believe it is not exploitable. I don’t want to release the file for people to test it, since last time I did that, the file ended up being used for stupid fakes.


  4. Dikkat’s avatar

    Gives you the files?


  5. wololo’s avatar

    The right people have had access to the files. I won’t distribute it publicly, since last time I did that, it led to stupid fakes. see:

    Again, it’s pretty sure this is not exploitable.


  6. Dikkat’s avatar

    Please Give the mp3 files:):)


  7. smith’s avatar

    we will be waiting for any tiny hope to install cfw on psp 3000 5.50


  8. U3Robot’s avatar

    Make it yourself! It’s easy. There is 256 mp3 files. First file have wwwww… caption. The other have wwwwwww…….TPE1 caption.


  9. Castigra’s avatar

    “”"”Make it yourself! It’s easy. There is 256 mp3 files. First file have wwwww… caption. The other have wwwwwww…….TPE1 caption.”"”"

    Other example, please.


  10. coolrain’s avatar

    Good job man~!


  11. Unpro’s avatar


    if its not exploitable why does everyone want it so bad… i think this is a case of reverse phycology, say they can’t have the files so they want them.


  12. unpro2’s avatar

    stupid me. i updated my psp slim to cfw 6.01.. is there any way i can downgrade it?.. pls help.. T_T


  13. indrora’s avatar

    Yep, go use a pandora (0xFFFFFFFF) battery and an MMS, reflash to 5.00M33-6 from a PSP-Grader and go :)


  14. unpro2’s avatar

    whew.. tnx for uplifting my spirit.. lol..


  15. unpro2’s avatar

    wait, wait.. does this mean that releasing this latest ofw.. they didn’t fixed the hacking thing about pandora?… i was heard this latest ofw(6.01).. have you tried downgrading from 6.01 to a lower cfw?.. or do you know someone?.. tnx..


  16. wololo’s avatar

    @unpro2: Sony can’t fix the pandora vulnerability with software. The vulnerability exists in Hardware. As long as you have a “pandorizable” PSP, you will always be able to downgrade from OFW.


  17. unpro2’s avatar

    wow.. thanks once again.


  18. Faisal’s avatar

    hey I got a PSP 2004 Slim .. well stupid me too cuz I upgraded it to OFW 6.10 … and is there any way I can downgrade it to CFW 5.50 or sumfin?? HELP!?



  19. wololo’s avatar

    @Faisal: it depends on the model of your motherboard: if you have a ta88v3, you’re screwed. Otherwise, no problem to downgrade, you can buy a pandora battery and create a magic memory stick pretty easily.
    Google for ta88v3 to understand if you have such a motherboard


  20. Faisal’s avatar

    @wololo: thanks man! I had an idea but now i’m sure :D .. emm one more thing or rather 2 more things :P

    1. the motherboard how to check ill try my best to check I can find..
    2. the magic memory stick! well is the memory card formatable and be used again for other stuff after its been converted to magic memory stick?

    ps. I got the tutorial n all on how to make memorycard to magic and how to downgrade it from ofw 6.10 just want to know about thoes 2 points if you can help..

    thanks agn..


  21. Faisal’s avatar

    wow my I checked my psp’s box and it has the letter ‘G’ that mean its freakin ta88v3 isnt it :( .. pls pls do let me know if its confirmed that ‘G’ means its ta88v3 and i’m screwed!


  22. wololo’s avatar

    The only way to be 100% sure is to test with a pandora battery, but if your psp has this letter ‘G’ and originally came with a firmware 4.01 or higher, it’s probably a ta88v3.

    If I were you I’d get a Pandora battery and a DC8 kit (borrow it from a friend and/or get it on the internet, the former method is recommended), and try it. it’s the only way to be 100% sure.


  23. perp’s avatar

    plz plz help me i have psp 3000 6.10 can i downgrade it???? plz plz


  24. wololo’s avatar

    no you can’t for now.



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