The End of Dark-Alex

Alek, webmaster of the site, announced yesterday that their forums would be closing soon. Just after that, the forum was actually closed, and cannot be accessed anymore. has been an incredible source of help for all PSP players around the world for more than a year, and it is a sad day for sure.

For all lost souls, I opened a General PSP Discussion thread in the Wagic forum, if you want to talk with us about anything related to hacking, homebrews, etc…


Edit: Alek explained that the forums where closed for cost reasons, and that the rest of the Dark-Alek site is still functional.

  1. Upaut’s avatar

    Darn, and I was hoping for a new M33 firmware…


  2. n00b81’s avatar

    Heh, Dark Alex has “left” the scene before, only to reappear with new updates.

    However, this time it was just his forums that were closed, so there’s a good chance he could come back. But if he doesn’t, the scene will move on.



  3. AleK’s avatar

    The forums are closed down due to expenses. Dark-Alex isn’t leaving the scene or forgetting about us. So please don’t have the “mental image” that he’s ditched us for good. The forums are only down, the rest of the network isn’t. If you have any issues, feel free to contact the staff throughout the network.


  4. vinny’s avatar

    eh … he’s not really gone, the forums are down because of costs … =P


  5. wololo’s avatar

    Thanks a lot for the clarifications


  6. eric’s avatar

    it dose not matter much.
    …to be continued …
    we will waite and see …


  7. StepS’s avatar

    Dark-Alek: there’s a typo, wololo



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