Wagic 0.8.1 aka Wagic 2010 is here!

I’m sure you’ve all been looking forward to this release. Well at least I was :)

Usual thanks go to leungclj,Dr.Solomat, Abrasax, superhiro, and J for their help.

A Strategy game with 3000 units, more than 20 opponents, unlimited replay value…for free

For those who still don’t know yet (have you been living in a cave for almost a year?), Wagic is a fantasy card game in which you battle as a sorcerer with spells and creatures. If you think this is like Magic PSP station, you’re close, but Wagic is way more powerful than MPS. In Wagic, the rules of the game are fully enforced and you play against your PSP. Yes, it is a fully working strategy game with an AI and more than 3000 units.

In Wagic, you start the game with a few cards randomly selected, and a few credits that will help you to create your first deck of cards. As you progress in the game and win battles against the AI, you will earn credits to improve your army, unlock new cards and new game modes for more challenge. Wagic easily provides several dozen hours of gameplay, and if it’s not enough for you, it is highly customizable as you can create new decks for the AI, and add your own cards to the game (check the Final fantasy, Naruto, Star wars,… mods on the forums!)

Wagic is available for the Sony PSP, Windows, and Linux. It is open source so there’s always a possibility for it to be available on other platforms in the future.

If you look good enough, you can find French, German, Italian and Spanish translations for Wagic, I’ll make a post about this later.


Ok, now that I’m done with the obligatory self pimping section, let’s go to the changelog. As with every Wagic release, we are not only releasing bug fixes, but major new features and enhancements as well, here they are:

  • More than 1000 new cards. Yes, you’ve read correctly, Wagic has now more than 3100 cards to play with, of which more than 30% is entirely new. Wagic allows you to play with cards from the following expansions: 10the Edition, Shards of Alara, Alara Reborn, Conflux, Champions of Kemigawa, Eventide, Exodus, Fallen empires, Future sight, Ice Age, Invasion, Legends, Lorwyn, Magic 2010, Mirage, Mirroding, Merquadian Masques, Odyssey, Onslaught, Portal, Ravnica, Revised, Shadowmoor, Tempest, Times Spiral, Urza’s Saga… and this is not counting the user created sets on the forums at http://wololo.net/forum than can add thousand other cards to your collection
  • New Rules. Wagic now supports the new Magic 2010 rules, including the new combat rules, and the end of manabun
  • Various rules improvements: Damages don’t use the stack anymore, Spells with invalid targets fizzle,…
  • Two new game modes to unlock: Evil Twin (in which the AI plays with your deck), and Random mode (you and the AI play with random generated decks). Stay tuned on http://wololo.net/wagic to learn how these modes can be unlocked, and don’t forget that you can also unlock the extra difficulty mode and the Momir Basic mode!
  • Expansions now need to be unlocked (by winning games) before you can buy them in the shop
  • New parser keywords, including: doesnotuntap, counter, @movedTo
  • Parser huge improvements for triggered events, “lord” cards (think Slivers), discard, draw, life, damage, deplete, protection and more
  • Player’s deck improvements: no more 5 decks limitation, and you can now name your decks (using the same format as the AI decks) to make them easier to find.
  • Added a “premade decks” system for new players who want to play directly without creating their own deck
  • AI improvements: The AI can now use mana abilities from non “basic land” cards. The AI can also use “may” cards such as gravedigger and clone.
  • New AI deck: Soldiers
  • Shop improvements: hit “square” to refresh the shop cards (no need to quit and re-enter the shop like crazy to update the cards). Boosters’ price decreased. Mythic rares added to boosters.
  • Game flow improved, the game now does not offer you to counter your own abilities and spells by default (this can be changed in the options menu, but I’m sure you won’t need it :) )
  • Lots of individual card bugs fixed, too many to tell!
  • Memory usage improvements and memory bug fixes

Thanks for your support!

If you’ve been following this project for a while, you know that each new release is worth it, but allow me to do a comparison this time:

Duels of the Planeswalkers was recently released for the XBOX360. It features around 300 cards and costs around 10 dollars. Wagic now allows you to play with 10 times more cards than a commercial game. If you enjoy Wagic, please consider doing a donation :)

I’m reposting this video of a previous version of Wagic. If someone can make a cool video with the latest version, please do not hesitate to share it!


In the download section, as usual. Enjoy!

Note that the archive contains both the PSP and the windows version. Please check the readme for explanations on how to install the windows version!

  1. Cilindr0’s avatar

    Incredible work as always!!!
    Hope in next realease you include my spanish lang txt :D


  2. Cilindr0’s avatar

    Wll i have seen that there are new options that should been traduced, i’ll fix it

    And thanks for all you have doing!! Wagic is absolutely awesome!


  3. BlackMamba (moxdev)’s avatar

    Good job, impressive number of cards!


  4. AlaskaFox’s avatar

    Excellent, thanks Wololo.


  5. qcuy’s avatar

    thanks man, it’s great to play on psp wagic.
    saludos desde mexico.


  6. logicmage’s avatar

    Is wifi adhoc multiplayer still in the works? I just found out about this and its really incredible what u have done I will definitely send a donation your way soon.


  7. wololo’s avatar

    Yes, wifi mode is the thing I will try to focus on in the next months. I have no clue how long it will take exactly, though



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