22’000 lines of code

The Latest SVN Revision of Wagic has 22’000 lines of code.

By comparison, the codebase was around 15’000 lines in November last year.

I don’t believe that code gets better when it grows. Actually, the number of bugs in a program is directly related to the number of lines of code.

Therefore I’m fighting to reduce the code while adding functionality. More than 5500 lines are currently dedicated to specific cards, and this could be dramatically reduced by improving the parser mechanism.

There are also a few areas with some ugly copy/pastes, and of course dead code here and there. The current version of Wagic could definitely fit in less than 20’000 lines if I did some good cleanup!

I’m using CLOC to count the lines of code in Wagic.

PS: I’m not counting the JGE++ library, which does most of the graphics work. JGE++ has around 40’000 lines of code according to CLOC.


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