Where is the 5.51 Firmware?

3 weeks ago, Davee released the ChickHEN, a cool piece of software that enables homebrew on all PSPs, including the psp3k and the slim ta88v3.

Davee’s work relies on a tiff user mode exploit (that has been patched in firmware 5.50), and on a Kernel exploit that he found. Usually, when such a vulnerability is made public, Sony reacts quickly and they fix the issues, with a new firmware containing only a “security update”.

But nothing happened so far…

Are the engineers business people at Sony considering that the Kernel exploit is not a threat on the PSP as long as we don’t find a new user exploit?

Did sony give up on the PSP to work on the PS3? Or is it rather that their PSP teams are so focused on the E3 that they have no time for firmware updates? Or that they don’t care about the PSP security anymore, since the security on the upcoming psp2 (or psp4000, whichever it is) will be way stronger?

What do you guys think? Why didn’t sony release firmware 5.51 yet?

  1. eric’s avatar

    SONY is not as foolish as you think .i guess SONY is waching now until they decide to fix it and release a new ofw.And sth like new psp,psp2,psp4000,…etc,they are rumors.there is no official anouncement.however,everything is possible,who knows.
    PSPfans only care about hacking and playing .other things go to hell.


  2. cypriotbro’s avatar

    well basically i think it’s because in 5.50, as we all know, they have removed tiff compatibility, meaning that to find a new exploit we would have to adapt the current hen to it which wouldn’t be too easy.

    anyway, i’m accually exited for the psp2/psp 4000/ psp3g (whatever its gonna be) as it will probably be majorly updated and i’m sure that there will be atleast a few new security faults.


  3. wololo’s avatar

    tiff is still compatible with 5.50. They just removed the support for external alpha layers


  4. NyghtcrawleR’s avatar

    They may be waiting until the new psp comes out/announced at E3. We’ll have to wait and see.


  5. phicha’s avatar

    maybe true that sony is tired with old psp and focusing on psp4000 :P



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