And now a PS3 libtiff exploit? Give me a break…


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  1. mamosuke says:

    Copyright ,ya, you shoud do that 😀

    When I found the article on QJ for the first time(if not on QJ,I would never mind at all),I got excited.

    The word “exploit” is used easily too much ,anywhere…..

  2. gdspsp says:

    it is amazing how you can get credit for sooo much without doing anything at all…..(jk)
    start locking files with a password maybe?
    i did post a correction on another forum after i read their news post about this 5.50 “crash.” i checked your blog because i knew if you had a hand in this, it would be posted here.

    p.s. good morning 10 am est


  1. May 14, 2009

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