Libtiff crash on 5.50?

I saw today a buzz on various websites about a youtube video showing a tiff file crashing OFW 5.50, apparently a file created by me.

I am not directly related to this video.

I haven’t looked at the file yet, but it is possible that this is an OLD file I created a while ago and which has proven to be unexploitable beyond firmware 4.20. See here and here (note how old these posts are)

There is also a possibility that someone else found a crash and decided to use my name in the file for some reason, but I find this highly unlikely.

So my official statement right now is the following: Not a fake, not an exploit, just a crash

  1. raing3’s avatar

    LOL. I was wondering why I couldn’t find where it was originally posted by you.


  2. eric’s avatar

    sorry,forgive me ,wololo,i did translate a few of your articles on your blog into CHinese without your agreement.However i said every article was from your blog and you are the writer .so would you mind if i kept on doing this? sincerely thanks.


  3. wololo’s avatar

    @eric: no problem at all :)


  4. eric’s avatar

    thank you very much.i am glad to hear that .


  5. electronic punk’s avatar

    thanks for the information sir. this will clear some air. :-}


  6. Lekim’s avatar

    Take a look on that, it has been done by ryder


  7. 17-M33-C5’s avatar

    Uhmm, if the tiff format change into other picture formats, would it work? Just try something.


  8. M33-C5’s avatar

    And uhm, anyway 5.03 CFW is available. :)


  9. Jeetu’s avatar

    i dont get it,by crash so you mean it bricked or it just powerd off?


  10. wololo’s avatar

    Freeze then power off.
    There is no way to brick a PSP with a simple crash, without “intentionally” attempt to work on the flash memory.


  11. Jeetu’s avatar

    and do you know about the hc recovery flaher ,what will happen if i use ChickHEN on the psp 2000 with the ta-088V3 ,en THEN use hc recovery flaher to switch from hen to m33,will it brick,cus i saw a video where it didn’t (, and also if i use the same method on the 3000 will it brick?


  12. Jeetu’s avatar

    i think that guy in the video doesnt have a psp 2000 with ta-088v3
    think he has lower,every where on the internet i read that it not compatible with the psp 2000: ta-088v3 and the ta-090v1(this is actually unconfirmed) and the psp:3000 ta-090v2
    but still whats your opionion?


  13. wololo’s avatar

    if you use hellcat’s Recovery Flasher on a ta88v3 or on a PSP3000 YOU WILL BRICK IT, so just don’t do it.



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