Wagic on the PSP3000 – Thanks Davee!


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  1. Temet

    Je n’ai jamais joué à Magic mais j’ai eu un pote qui y jouait quand j’étais môme.

    Après avoir regardé ta vidéo, je dois dire qu’il est très impressionnant visuellement. Dommage que tu n’aies pas les droits pour utiliser les designs des images, ce serait du niveau d’un jeu commercial que tu as réalisé à toi tout seul!

    Encore bravo.

  2. NyghtcrawleR

    oh, network features how i love thee….

    haha, but nice and whatever direction wagic goes in i’m cool with, whether thats network or just generally increasing it.

  3. new comer

    well done

  4. phicha

    sir, you are a truely noble man ^^


  5. Rob Z

    As an owner of multiple PSPs in the past I love the homebrew scene. Right now I have 2 PSP 2k’s. One has a broken screen but it still works with the TV out function. They are both to OFW 5.03 and I have been waiting for a long time for a new exploit. This has allowed me to play the wonderful card game on my portable. ChickHEN R2 does not allow WiFi to work. I don’t know how many people are out there right now with only ChickHEN, but I personally don’t need to see WiFi working immediately. I would personally rather see more abilities coded into the game. Regardless this is amazing and wololo is the bomb!


    Davee! I LOVE YOU ,

  7. cs ol

    davee! good GUY,some chinese
    ?? ! ??? ???5555555555555

  8. cs ol

    Wagic??????? what’s this?can you tell me ? thank you

  9. wololo

    @cs ol: out of curiosity, why did you come to my blog if you don’t know what Wagic is? (or at least if you don’t have a bit of an idea…)
    To answer your question, Wagic is a PSP Card game that allows you to play against an AI, as said in the Title of my blog. It uses the rules of Magic the Gathering.

  10. n00b81

    Nice post, wololo 🙂

    It felt just like yesterday when we thought the psp 3000 was “un-hackable” 😛

    Hopefully we will have more excitement like this to come in the psp scene 😉


  11. mamosuke


    Sorry for my stupid comment.

    I heared some news about a new LibTIFF Crash on FW5.50 and it is said released from you.

    I wrote an article about its news on my blog ’cause we were glad to be found another exploit(or possiblity to be an exploit) on the newest FW of PSP.

    But I can’t find any proof of it…means you really announced…at here or some forums.Is that a same TIFF you found in the past? Or modified one?

  12. wololo

    Hi mamosuke, The tiff crashes I’ve found in the past for firmwares 5.xx are not exploitable. It is highly probable that they still crash the PSP, but long research has been done, enough to say that no exploit is going to happen with those.

  13. mamosuke

    Thanks wololo.

    I got it.

  14. S1mm3

    this is really great web site 🙂
    btw, what is libtiff ?
    for lumines exploit lumines is a video game
    gta exploit gta is a video game
    medal of honor exploit moh is a video game
    so what is this libtiff ?

  15. wololo

    Google will give you more information than me, but it is the library used to display images in the tiff format.

  16. unknown

    Hey wololo,
    im asking if you can like try to make a new loader that can run iso cuz most of the other hackers are deep into their sleep.

    also can you help me out with this hbl because i am a total noob…

  17. Darth Agnon

    Wow; the history of Wagic, eh? Glad that it’s still around, though it now looks much different.

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