Of custom cards, Momir basic, and design

I just updated the create your own cards article to match Wagic 0.6.0. People who want to add their own cards to Wagic will want to read that.

If you don’t understand why you would like to create your own cards, please have a look at 2 releases we got recently on the forums: a Final fantasy 7 set, and a Slayers set. Anime fans will definitely enjoy those (keep in mind that they are still work in progress).

I’d personally love to see a whole star Wars theme for Wagic, with custom cards, graphics and sounds, that would be awesome!

Don’t hesitate to look at the forums from time to time, where more than 1000 new cards can be downloaded, as well as custom graphics, and various tools

There’s also an ongoing discussion about design improvement for Wagic. If you have things to suggest for the User interface or the game flow, or if you just want to see what it could look like in future releases, have a look at this thread

Finally, I also updated the FAQ, where you will find explanations on how to unlock the Momir Basic mode. Enjoy :)

  1. VirgilX’s avatar

    I’m the first.


  2. VirgilX’s avatar

    Do you know any messages about the hack of PSP3000? We r our waiting it….


  3. gdspsp’s avatar

    hello, welcome to Wagic. in the future please make your post pertinent to the topic at hand. and remember google is your friend


  4. NyghtcrawleR’s avatar

    Yeah this isnt psp-hacks or one of those sites where you spam first. Its pointless and ridiculous and nobody will take you seriously.


  5. Gilger’s avatar

    Don’t mind me, on my way to page 10!



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