Eggsclusive: the tiff exploit works on all models! (yes, 3000 too)


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20 Responses

  1. Fibertek

    word… Im still using a vader-style 2000 but I have a bunch of people at work that suckered to get 3000’s after they came out..there’s hope for these folks yet 🙂

  2. VirgilX

    Thank goodness, it’s for real~~~

  3. inkubux

    This is the gift of the goddess

  4. amorphophallus

    whatta beautiful! (kitten too)

  5. mupengju

    congratulations to you?
    your friend?mupengju

  6. leetang

    good news for us
    bad news for SONY

  7. leetang

    Good night··The time is 23:54 in China.

  8. psp

    3000 was to break the V3 we will remember it? Hope you answer

  9. lanyudidi

    you are so cute for explaining why you want pspers to comment in english not in chinese~~~~
    but i really want to know that
    how do you get the materials for hacking psp?

  10. NyghtcrawleR

    So we are getting closer to ad-hoc being worked on/thought about implementing soon if this allows you some homebrew goodness on your 3000 are we Wololo? 🙂

  11. wololo

    @NyghtcrawleR: definitely! When the HEN is out, first thing I’ll work on is having Wagic to run on it (in case it is not already compatible). When this is done, I’ll start working on network features!

    @lanyudidi: I have 2 PSPs, a Phat and a 3000. The architecture being very similar, I do most of my research on the PSP Phat, and usually, any firmware hack found on the Phat will work on the 3000 too. I have no extra hardware, except a USB cable to plug my PSP to the computer. For the rest, I mainly use PSPLink, which is open source software (you can find it on

  12. NyghtcrawleR

    HEN cant come soon enough! haha

  13. jeerum

    wololo, who confirm that tiff kernel exploit is real?

  14. wololo

    The tiff exploit is not a kernel exploit. The tiff exploit is what led to the Hello World, and is different from the Kernel exploit Davee is working on. In the end however, the HEN will need to use both the User exploit (to start) and the Kernel exploit (to access useful functions).

    Also I am not directly in contact with Davee so I can’t confirm if the Kernel exploit is real or not. however he has a good reputation and was involved in the tiff (user) exploit as well, so I trust him.

  15. jeerum

    but have we some tutorial, how find kernel mode exploits?

  16. wololo

    Nope, no tutorials… 🙁

  17. jeerum

    but i have found this. poc, but kmode 🙂
    we can use this fo study

  18. Arash

    Lol i typed expecting an easter egg and i got this page 😛 was not disappointed ! ahh the memories of the tiff exploit 😀